Titan win DreamHack Stockholm

Titan have won the French battle over LDLC 2-0 (16-4 de_mirage, 19-15 de_cache) to win DreamHack Stockholm and $10,000.

Opening map de_mirage saw Titan jump to a quick 5-0 lead, before LDLC could get on the board. Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans's troops quickly restored monetary control though.

Up 6-1, LDLC were forced to save after an ill-advised force buy attempt, and found themselves soon trailing 1-8 as Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey failed to conver a one-on-two attempt.

A round later he succeeded at that, but once again Titan quickly won the next round to force Richard "shox" Papillon's team on a save round. LDLC trailed 2-12 before finally winning round fifteen.

Second half saw LDLC win their pistol round to keep their hopes of a comeback alive, but Titan won round two, and cruised to a 4-1, 16-4 overall victory on the opening map.

The grand final was a battle of the French 

On de_cache it was LDLC's turn to jump to a 5-0 lead before Titan replied, but A quick hit towards the A bombsite gave Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt's side a commanding 7-1 lead to start map two.

Titan then got their defensive play together, and a double FAMAS kill boosted up in the A site by Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez led to him and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub splitting the opposing team next round.

After a save round LDLC's once-commanding lead was cut to 5-7, but in-game leader shox's one-on-two heroics, and a good call on a mid-to-B split got it back up to 9-5.

Final round of the half saw Titan go for a desperation buy and mid-round aggression in middle led to two kills by in-game leader Ex6TenZ, and a round to make it 6-9.

Titan tied te game up at 9-9, thanks to Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian's three Glock-18 kills in A. LDLC got a clear stop in the A site on round four, but Titan evened it up with a mid-to-B split.

kennyS had some huge plays in the grand final 

At 10-10 two AWP entry kills by kennyS gave Titan their first lead on de_cache. LDLC's saved AWP couldn't hurt Titan, and kennyS got two more AWP entries to make it 13-10.

LDLC's save made their once 7-1 lead a 10-14 deficit, but a desperate triple AWP setup got them the next round, before Titan forced game point with a successful A attack.

kioShiMa's team got a stop in A, and two aggressive B site pushes saw LDLC force the match into overtime, with momentum once again barely on their side.

Two B-splits got Titan the opening two rounds, and three kills by Maniac in a two-on-three made it 18-15. The game was then decided as Titan stopped LDLC's bombsite A hit for a 19-15 win.

26th September 2014

 Titan K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Kenny 'kennyS' SchrubkennyS 44 - 35 +9 - 1.21
France Dan 'apEX' MadesclaireapEX 44 - 34 +10 - 1.20
France Hovik 'KQLY' TovmassianKQLY 41 - 29 +12 - 1.18
Belgium Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' DroolansEx6TenZ 37 - 27 +10 - 1.14
Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' QuiquerezManiac 37 - 36 +1 - 0.97
 LDLC K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Richard 'shox' Papillonshox 37 - 38 -1 - 0.98
France Nathan 'NBK-' SchmittNBK- 36 - 40 -4 - 0.93
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' FieykioShiMa 30 - 41 -11 - 0.79
France Vincent 'Happy' SchopenhauerHappy 27 - 40 -13 - 0.71
France Edouard 'SmithZz' DubourdeauxSmithZz 31 - 44 -13 - 0.70


DreamHack Stockholm final standings:

1. France Titan - $10,000
2. France LDLC - $5,000
3-4. Sweden fnatic - $3,500
3-4. Finland 3DMAX - $3,500
5-6. Denmark dignitas - $2,000
5-6. Sweden NiP - $2,000
7-8. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves - $2,000
7-8. Germany ALTERNATE - $2,000

You can find our photos from DreamHack Stockholm here. We will be adding more highlights from the tournament in the coming days.

France Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt
Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez
Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Hovik 'KQLY' Tovmassian
Hovik 'KQLY' Tovmassian
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Richard 'shox' Papillon
Richard 'shox' Papillon
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Belgium Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans
Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Fabien 'kioShiMa' Fiey
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Congratulations to $10,000, Titan.
2014-09-26 23:58
WOW 10 grand? :OOO. That is actually more than they have earned all 2014 x)
2014-09-27 01:39
6 people.
2014-09-27 02:38
Slovakia kubiaxk 
+ taxes + organization cut
2014-09-27 08:42
Austria gex0r 
no taxes ^^
2014-09-27 11:26
Orga doesn't take anything from such a small prize, Titan is rich orga and they literally don't take anything, similar to Na`Vi and NiP.
2014-09-27 12:09
please stfu next time if you have no idea.
2014-09-27 13:14
Not rlly. They won another DH invitanional before and earned 10k
2014-09-27 03:06
The first dh invitational was a $7.5k first prize
2014-09-27 13:09
Good game titan
2014-09-26 23:58
so deserved!
2014-09-26 23:58
Very good tournament. I'm sure the 17 people crowd made some noise in the end. Also, that 2-1 bo3 match was amazing. Wait....
2014-09-26 23:58
Slovakia kubiaxk 
dont forget 200k ppl watching it on stream
2014-09-27 08:43
Mexico Jessica Alba 
Yep, they made a lot of noise too
2014-09-27 14:12
I was there when the games started, at 20.00, after two and a half hours of annoying music me and all my friends left.. quiet sad that some ddosers can do this. But the SC2 event was awesome.
2014-09-30 11:21
2014-09-26 23:58
the games beeing 2-0 almost all the time was... boring :( sad because DREAMHACK made it look cool.
2014-09-26 23:58
19-15 not interesting enough ? You want 3 matches with 22-20 ?
2014-09-27 10:18
Dont be a dick. The final was boring to death. That 19-15 went from a 15-10 with Titan throwing so yeah. And the semis were a walk in the park for both French teams
2014-09-27 12:13
Expected after demolishing fnatic. Ex6TenZ, you're the ***king mastermind, I have to say this again. KQLY improved his rifling skills, and it seems that they can even win some major in the near future. Good luck Titan, I'm very happy that I was mistaken saying that they would fail again.
2014-09-26 23:58
how is that mastermind? they won because of kennys and apex entries its not that they had such tactics or setups lol. edit:// and actually ex6tenz stepping it up fragwise.
2014-09-27 00:09
2014-09-27 00:05
Faking a bomb site? Smoke and fb calls? Positioning for crossfire angles? What i saw was a great execution of both great tactics amd fragging skills. And the mastermind of all that is ex6tenz dude. You gotta give credit where credit is due. Even NIP and Fnatic can attest to that
2014-09-27 00:14
biggest bullshit i ever seen but w/e fanbois aint gonna admint if they are wrong. have a nice day
2014-09-27 00:15
Nahh im not a fanboy, im actually rooting for LDLC. But like i said, i always give credit where credit is due. I think most people here would agree with me. And you too sir..hope you have a nice day
2014-09-27 00:24
It's not like ex6 is like 'ok guys remember to crossfire and work with your team!' And the others go 'durrrrr.. Oh yeah that's how to play basic cs!' All top pro's have inherent game sense and team play Titan won because of t side entry frags.
2014-09-27 01:36
2014-09-28 14:47
2014-09-29 10:43
2014-09-27 00:15
They won because of their T sides
2014-09-27 00:16
World Soupy 
kennyS MVP.
2014-09-26 23:58
wp titan
2014-09-26 23:58
Sweden home of CS. Hahaha look at that crowd...
2014-09-26 23:59
no Swedish teams - no crowd.
2014-09-27 00:08
Game delayed for 3 hours - no crowd.
2014-09-27 09:16
normal working day .. what do you want ? :)
2014-09-27 11:39
The event had such a big potential but was overall boring. They made everything they could to make it entertaining though, dreamhack's prod never disapoint us on such things.
2014-09-26 23:59
Kevin back!
2014-09-26 23:59
2014-09-26 23:59
boring final tbh
2014-09-27 00:00
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
now ex6 retire. Heard it here first
2014-09-27 00:00
Argentina E4G` 
wp Titan
2014-09-27 00:00
Man I feel bad for LDLC, well fought though, great teams.
2014-09-27 00:00
KennyS what a tourney.. GG WP
2014-09-27 00:00
Poland oFi 
i really need soundtrack from this these event (i mean music during ddos attack on mirage)
2014-09-27 00:00
90s hits google/youtube
2014-09-27 00:01
nip made 2000 bucks ? wa really nice
2014-09-27 00:00
lol... well considering they didnt really have to travel from another country?.... I suppose? other than that that prize pool is pretty low even for second n first place.
2014-09-27 00:07
WP titan
2014-09-27 00:00
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
gj maniac !
2014-09-27 00:00
KennyS what beast
2014-09-27 00:00
Best crowd EU
2014-09-27 00:00
2014-09-27 00:00
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Pleased for ex6tenz. Proved everyone wrong and showed just how well this lineup can work. Awesome games, shame about the crowd!
2014-09-27 00:00
Germany Bongskie 
2014-09-27 00:01
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
Deserved, LDLC played bad
2014-09-27 00:01
Conclusion: Most awkward event in CS:GO history.
2014-09-27 00:01
paying for tickets then having to wait several hours for games to continue... not good PR for DreamHack. They had similar issues when they opened their studios as well, I'm starting to wonder if they can continue using volounteers.
2014-09-27 00:01
And i thought Sweden is good in one thing but nevermind.
2014-09-27 00:01
2014-09-27 00:01
2014-09-27 10:21
+1 good guy kennyS not willing to backstab and it pays off :)
2014-09-28 04:14
2014-09-27 00:01
2014-09-27 00:02
Korea saddummy 
Well played Titan, deserved it the most plus showing emotion i really enjoy watching these guys :)
2014-09-27 00:02
Only if LDLC could have stopped those b pushes. Gz to titan
2014-09-27 00:02
Croatia VuKA 
2014-09-27 00:02
Titan <3
2014-09-27 00:02
Happy that kenny has a title finally.
2014-09-27 00:02
Titan top 1
2014-09-27 00:03
After 4 hours of battle divided on 5 maps, Titan clutches it and wins 4-16, 19-15, 8-16, 13-16, 16-14, congrats to th- Wait, they only did 2 maps lel. Worst grand final organization so far.
2014-09-27 00:04
2014-09-27 00:04
was good game congratz titan
2014-09-27 00:04
"Ex6TenZ should retire" they said.
2014-09-27 00:05
Germany 'ezpz 
"With Ex6TenZ they'll never be top 3 again" they said.
2014-09-27 00:08
That tournament doesn't count, I say
2014-09-27 00:17
2014-09-28 04:14
Yeah it's not like NIP, Fnatic and LDLC where there, totally no competition... Oh wait...
2014-09-28 04:59
Great team! good game!
2014-09-27 00:06
ex6tenz is mvp imo, awesome stratcalling and he fragged extremely well. clutched a few rounds too
2014-09-27 00:07
:'( rip 200$ worth skins.
2014-09-27 00:07
2 Titan's wins = 2.01$ for me (placed 2.09$). Now at least I have something to bet :-D
2014-09-27 00:26
2014-09-27 00:07
2014-09-27 00:07
2014-09-27 00:07
congratz gg wp
2014-09-27 00:08
KennyS mVp
2014-09-27 00:09
France rsi_rise 
GG guys!
2014-09-27 00:09
deserved, apex+kennys = godlike team. Just my opinion, if they would drop happhy or maniac with shox this team would be pretty much unbeatable
2014-09-27 00:11
Happy and shoc are on the same team -_-"
2014-09-27 00:17
Netherlands xdanny 
Apex KennyS Happy Shox Kio/nbk = win
2014-09-27 00:31
apex kqly ex6tenz kennys maniac =win
2014-09-27 00:46
Apex KennyS Shox NBK +ScreaM, fxy0 or KQLY
2014-09-29 00:20
Shox NBK kennyS ScreaM Ex6tenz = win
2014-09-29 11:04
ahahaha where is the apex?
2014-09-29 16:49
this lineup doesnt need apex
2014-09-29 19:37
top3 "France" players Shox KennyS Apex need skill ;)
2014-09-29 21:05
NBK > Apex IMO
2014-09-29 23:43
NBK? Are you mad? He hasn't had any memorable moments since 2012, you're entire living in the past or one of his fanboys that watches his stream all day.
2014-09-30 01:38
"NBK > Apex" lol, epic expert ...
2014-09-30 03:36
just a more intelligent player imo
2014-09-30 14:25
shox needs to stop buying awps
2014-09-27 00:12
Well played.
2014-09-27 00:12
method | 
United States f0xes` 
well played ex6 and company!
2014-09-27 00:13
Boring matches, atleast JW made 2 nice aces, but still boring.
2014-09-27 00:27
boring that sweeds got stomped...
2014-09-27 09:40
LDLC needs a decent awper...
2014-09-27 00:30
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Titan just beat the three teams that a lot of people would have said were top 3 in the world at the moment, or at the least 3 of the top 5. Imppressive achievement. They looked confident, like they new they could win it -something the old team seemed to lack often.
2014-09-27 00:37
Pretty much. Beating fnatic so easily was hell of a fucking surprise. NiP as less but still pretty surprising. Went in as a wildcard but won!!
2014-09-27 02:03
Look at the stats in the final and tell me again about how KQLY and KennyS were doing all the work, clueless LDLC-fans.
2014-09-27 00:38
gg titan
2014-09-27 00:42
Deserved. This Titan team is a bit underrated. I think player by player they really get close to Fnatics lineup. apEx, Kennys and KQLY are all three madfraggers. Ex6 is a great leader and Maniac is one of the most solid supportplayers in the entire game. I actually think hes the most underrated player in the game right now. Just remember his 1on5 vs NiP on Inferno during Dreamhack winter. This guy can step up and frag like crazy if he wants but overall hes always solid. Kinda like Krimz in fnatic. Really liking this new Titan team.
2014-09-27 01:03
This. ManiBest
2014-09-27 12:16
Agreed about Maniac. He might not top the scoreboard, but he's solid in doing what he's doing. You can see when they play he's calm and collected and usually hits his shots.
2014-09-27 21:58
WHT UP NOW SWEEEDES!!!! EZ PZ titan is my favorit
2014-09-27 01:04
As for NiP btw, I think they lost motivation after winning @ Cologne. Not because of Fifflaren being low-skilled or anything like this. They do need changes. May be to change their Source duo for twist & schneider? friberg & Fifflaren were bottomfragging too often. Idk if it could help, but I think this wasn't their last fail, definitely. They already had one - at G3, but then they managed to brace themselves and finally win something big. But then they failed again... Yeah, they do need a dedicated sniper, may be Delpan or twist, but not Maikelele cuz he's disgusting. But when GeT_RiGhT, f0rest and especially friberg do their best, they smash any team even when Fifflaren is bottomfragging, so Fiffy is not the main problem for them. They either should "refresh" themselves somehow, may be by changing lineup, or retire, because I don't think they're enjoying being destroyed by anybody.
2014-09-27 01:08
I think they ara lacking a full time job sniper too.
2014-09-27 01:10
At one point I did see an opening for Twist into NiP. Honestly, I think hes the only player that could fit their team. But considering Pita is their new coach I don't see Fifflaren retiring anytime soon. These guys make like 3500-4000 USD per month playing CS:GO. Who would possibly retire from such a job? And besides Fifflaren the other four are just too damn important to the team. But I feel like NiP is one of those teams that always steps it up a bit more for the majors. I mean, I haven't been impressed with them for about 2 years (considering the hype they get). Yet they have made the finals for all three majors. Says everything really. And as long as they keep being hyped, they keep showing up for the majors they don't see any point in making a change. And neither does the owners or the fans really.
2014-09-27 01:14
Yeah I wrote this previously, that NiP simply don't care about some "small" tournaments (small compared to 250.000$ ones), and they still can win vs any team even with Fifflaren in their squad, they proved this many times. They won a major, so nobody really cares about G3 or DHSI, that's right. But if they finally want to change something, then it definitely will be Fifflaren cuz he's not so good as an AWPer, and they really need one. And with twist or Delpan instead of Fifflaren they wouldn't need to strain so much as they do with him. But if they still feel themselves capable of winning majors, then they ofc won't change anything. Fail @ DHSI? Who cares, right? :-D They won 100.000$ a month ago.
2014-09-27 01:25
Well the problem is that guys like Maikelele and Twist were probably two of the most sought after players in the entire Swedish scene during the time when they played for SK and LGB respectively. Problem is that both of them have been without a team for a long time and are constantly teaming up with 2nd tier teams. Now its really too late to join a decent side since Fnatic are well established and have a perfect lineup now. NiP just won a major a month ago so seeing them change anything is very unlikely. They will stick to this lineup until the end of CS:GO. I have literally no doubt about that. Apart from those two there are no challengers whatsoever inside of the swedish scene. Theres really no decent team that can be made up of players that could compete with them either since the best IGLs are also within those two sides.
2014-09-27 02:10
Maikelele twist Spitfire Delpan emilio/schneider A team which can be in EU top10 and beat some top teams sometimes. Something like LGB. But... yeah, it won't happen cuz those guys do some weird shit instead of teaming up with each other.
2014-09-27 02:26
sorry but they win Cologne only because they have Friberg ... Fifflaren is not good yep but Friberg is beast .. 1 event mean nothing .. :)
2014-09-27 11:41
Also get_right went nuts in the final stages
2014-09-27 13:50
So happy for ex6tenz :) GGWP!
2014-09-27 01:20
Spain fd` 
kennyS MVP
2014-09-27 01:27
gg. kennys is the best! /_\
2014-09-27 01:36
Belarus Starvoid 
Jeez, French final in Sweden XD
2014-09-27 01:42
2014-09-28 05:04
chance maniac and epic team
2014-09-27 01:52
right change players just after winning tournament and stomping fnatic in the process...that tard logic
2014-09-27 09:43
LOL it cs go here everyone can win everyone
2014-09-28 21:32
Good game.
2014-09-27 02:44
Let the world rivalry begin! French era this time. Good to see all 10 players perform in well. Titan changing 3 times their IGL, so expected they will struggle when their individual skills won't work. But I hope shox will just concentrate on fragging anymore, not us IGL. If he's on fire(only if he's not IGL), that's enough to win a game like the 16-1 vs HellRaiser. GG-WP! Excited the next major lan event.
2014-09-27 02:44
Brazil Nobuga 
2014-09-27 03:04
KennyS strikes again.
2014-09-27 05:49
2014-09-27 06:41
Vietnam hcd 
Shox...That ace on Infer couldnt make him better than Kenny,Guardian,JW,Fxy0... Everyody call him all round players,but IMO,his awp skill is worse than Smithzz-who is nothing to compare with above AWPers. LDLC should make him return to full-time Riffleman and clearly forget about AWP.Titan have Kenny,KQLY and great to see them setup double AWP,but if LDLC setup double AWP,it waste of money ...
2014-09-27 06:47
hahahha i'm so glad Titan won what up now NBKGRILL? crying baby,backstaber,betrayer , get rekt
2014-09-27 08:37
You are noob Titan been on fire nothing else :D LDLC's bad day they all sayd that they bored
2014-09-27 09:11
exuses...Titan won they were better...deal with it i.imgur.com/pa25afc.gif
2014-09-27 09:46
Portugal Cyborgy 
its true though..titan were hot after a bo3 against fnatic..LDLC were not this small tournaments mean shit,titan will fail @ next big lan(not saying a major but every lan that has as a first place 20k dollars aha)
2014-09-27 16:19
you think they will fail because you dont like them....or tell me why they will fail...they won dreamhack by winning Nip fnatic and LDLC...your logic is apsurd there
2014-09-27 18:09
2014-09-27 10:00
the titan trio is amazing can't wait for next lan
2014-09-27 09:12
Finland XAF 
3DMAX > dignitas
2014-09-27 10:18
You guys do know that Titan's playing this good cus they're such a new team right? I mean, no other team knows how they're playin, so it's pretty difficult to meet them.
2014-09-27 10:40
You can say exactly the same thing about LDLC, right?
2014-09-27 11:12
Hungary adzeii 
Do you know that you made yourself look pretty dumb?
2014-09-27 14:11
Step 1: Disband your current team Step 2: Create a new team Step 3: Win event repeat.
2014-09-30 11:01
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
<3 KQly my favorite player
2014-09-27 11:15
Lithuania vca 
2014-09-27 11:18
ZywOo | 
France eXecutR 
kennyS the mvp of this dreamhack!
2014-09-27 12:01
yes definitely
2014-09-27 16:28
the only tournaments frenchs could win is dh invitational, eswc.
2014-09-27 12:12
Happy needs to step up and take the IGL role for LDLC. He was arguably the best IGL in France until this event, it makes zero sense to have him not do it. I don't care how good of a fragger he thinks he can be, LDLC needs him to lead. Let Happy IGL so shox can go off and do his thing.
2014-09-27 12:37
NBK is more emo than his girlfriend I swear, made the match all personal and it psych'd them out
2014-09-27 12:41
Algeria colzero23 
2014-09-27 13:42
gg che
2014-09-27 13:52
CarryS gg wp
2014-09-27 15:53
Germany fjdeN 
gz well played! the best team won
2014-09-27 16:05
Watched the finals i couldn't get hyped. CS:GO still not where it should be its slow and clunky. Needs the fast paced cs from 1.6. KennyS is the only player at the moment who is playing fast paced game and aggressive style. No more zet/Gux/Sunde type of players left even f0rest and Get_right have gone for the more mellow play wich is only due to the game been just badly designed. Also this beef between the frenchies isn't as interesting as i tough it would be. It is quite obvious that LDLC are lacking in the fragging department huge while Titan have KQLY/KennyS and sad to say but ex6tenz has been stepping up hes fragging quite a bit. Apex and maniac are quite stable as well. Over all very boring final no hype what so ever and the delays of the final made it even worse. At least hope it gave the swedes something to think about so they can recover and come stronger next tournament. Valve bring back bhop and wallbangs with preaty much everything with heavy shells,change the fucking recoil of deagle/ak/colts remove the stupid cz and other useless weapons get back to good old cs and this game might be fun to watch again..
2014-09-27 17:09
I agree. And the casters should not use x-ray all the time. I think it kinda ruins the experience.
2014-09-27 20:48
I like casters having x-ray 24/7. You can see a lot more, like timings, thrown grenades etc.
2014-09-30 11:04
yaaay :D congrats guys!!!
2014-09-27 20:29
2014-09-27 22:04
Congrats, although I think this will be their first and last win this year.
2014-09-27 23:17
after 2-0 against fnatic don't underestimate them, they might take next major with this line up.
2014-09-28 02:25
They might, but like I said, I personally don't think so.
2014-09-28 14:03
return to verygames
2014-09-28 10:25
Amazing final! Kappa
2014-09-28 20:27
I thought they just won the invitational event to get into the actual Dreamhack tournament?
2014-09-29 10:52
^ noob, ex6 is great lidder, he is such tactic player, yea. Maniac getting always important frags, u can chek some frags vs LDLC in cache in final for example. I will say this roster is incredible with some pracc from kqly with ak and m4!
2014-09-29 21:08
imo nip/fnatic deserved to win xd
2014-09-30 01:39
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
Congrats guys
2014-09-30 22:03
kennyS n1 world's team carrier with any doubt, gj
2014-10-02 16:59
congrat titan!
2014-10-05 00:49
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