Mobility to skip ESWC

Mobility Gaming have decided against attending the ESWC finals, has learned.

The Canadian team had earned a place at ESWC after finishing runners-up to iBUYPOWER at the North American qualifier, in Montreal, which was held in July.

After initially turning to the community to fund their attendance at the event, Peter "⁠stanislaw⁠" Jarguz's team tried to look for another organisation to represent in Paris.

However, such plans have gone up in smoke, as Mobility Gaming have informed the ESWC organisers that they will not able to attend the event.

To fill the slot left vacant by Mobility, the ESWC organisers have decided to allocate an extra place to the Portuguese/Spanish qualifier, which will take place from October 3-5 in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Below you can find the list with the teams that have already qualified and with the qualifiers and affiliated tournaments that have been announced:

United States iBUYPOWER Algeria E4US
Japan Cipangu.GO Poland
Sweden fnatic Sweden NiP
United States Cloud9 Brazil KaBuM
Denmark dignitas Germany Planetkey Dynamics
France France France France
India India Portugal / Spain Meet uP
Portugal / Spain Meet uP Norway Norway
South Africa Energy eSports
China China
Denmark Denmark Europe ESEA Qualifier
Europe ESEA Qualifier Europe ESEA Qualifier
Ukraine Na`Vi RussiaUkraine Starladder
Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
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too bad :(
2014-09-30 17:18
lamp | 
Russia lamp`
2014-09-30 17:18
2014-09-30 17:18
North America kire101
2014-09-30 17:19
and no value was lost that day
2014-09-30 17:19
Good decision giving Portugal/Spain another slot. :)
2014-09-30 17:20
2014-09-30 18:50
overgaming +1
2014-10-01 02:37
Portugal maguire
unlucky boys
2014-09-30 17:25
Go Cipangu!!
2014-09-30 17:25
France cedd
sad. Although they would've gotten rekt. Would've rather liked to see Elevate or Denial given the spot or something though
2014-09-30 17:27
Why not one more for Poland? :(
2014-09-30 17:29
why more for poland? you have only 1 good team...
2014-09-30 17:32
ESC is bad?
2014-10-03 23:35
Called it!
2014-09-30 17:32
+ AT gaming
2014-09-30 17:35
2014-09-30 17:37
2014-09-30 21:52
I think the reason they skipped was because davey and slip left the team, not because they are LAN dodgers :)
2014-09-30 17:35
Europe midi
Expected. I said they'd better sell their spot.
2014-09-30 17:40
I don't understand why NA would get a LAN qualifier in the first place. Now NA gets one less spot because of it.
2014-09-30 17:42
No, we deserve 3 slot, if the damn NA scene can stay together more than 3 month we can produce 1 more good team
2014-10-01 09:20
2014-09-30 17:43
easy championship for navi
2014-09-30 17:47
This tournament is looking pretty good.
2014-09-30 17:55
why give another spot to portugese/spanish instead of another country entirely, like uk? :)
2014-09-30 17:56
Because Spain and Portugal have K1ck Overgaming and Outbreak who are all as good if not better than The Lone Rangers
2014-09-30 18:28
outbreak suck. Overgaming just disbanded.
2014-09-30 19:19
not disband. left org for a better offer being announced soon. get ur facts straight
2014-09-30 20:49
TLR have some potential, they'd beat K1ck and Outbreak for sure.
2014-09-30 20:13
kick are shit. so are outbreak. overgaming is the only team that deserves to go. spot should go to UK ;)
2014-09-30 20:43
So sad :( No one to represent Canada except Shroud, Semphis, AZK and Steel...
2014-09-30 17:56
our teams really suck.
2014-09-30 18:02
2014-09-30 18:02
too bad a talented team will be missed.
2014-09-30 18:14
Yeah one of the three top French teams will be missed :(
2014-09-30 18:54
they can be invited it all depends on ESWC Organisation.
2014-09-30 19:42
lel called it
2014-09-30 18:14
i seem to recall these guys raised like 2k dollars from a crowd-funding program for this trip. wonder what happens to that money Kappa
2014-09-30 18:16
i think the money just gets refunded
2014-09-30 18:31
#25 No they didnt lol
2014-09-30 18:20
overgaming inc
2014-09-30 18:24
Portugal S!im*
k1ck and overgaming in eswc :) for sure
2014-09-30 18:27
Go KaBuM!
2014-09-30 18:27
how is system of tournament? 4 groups with 6 teams in?
2014-09-30 18:32
Will they return the money received from the community? :p
2014-09-30 18:37
you know they won't return the money and I said this would be a waste because they are not that good and would not get a sponsor either...just a waste and the reason I did not donate to them
2014-09-30 18:45
2014-09-30 18:50
Right choice , otherwise MG will go home on the 2nd day. :D
2014-09-30 18:53
wow, I would have gone through hell just to play at the ESWC. I think its a shame they didn't get to go, now that they earned the spot.
2014-09-30 19:04
should be the whole eu qulifier
2014-09-30 19:13
I feel really bad for them. Good luck for your future
2014-09-30 19:13
where goes the money they funded ?
2014-09-30 19:16
what happened to their aware gaming sponsorship?
2014-09-30 19:16
ha expected....
2014-09-30 19:17
GO KaBuM!!!
2014-09-30 19:39
Prize pool: 500000$ ty volvo
2014-09-30 19:57
this is why you don't make news about asking for donations for completely unknown teams in NA.
2014-09-30 21:06
and what about the money that some might have donated?
2014-09-30 22:00
2014-09-30 22:50
2014-10-01 11:36
2014-10-01 13:07
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