ESWC format released

The ESWC organisers have unveiled the format that will be used in both the male and the female CS:GO tournaments.

The French event will run from October 30 to November 2, in Paris, with 24 teams from all over the world facing off in the male CS:GO tournament, featuring a $50,000 prize purse.

According to the ESWC, the male tournament will kick off with a group stage in which the 24 participants will be drawn into four groups of six teams.

The matches of this round robin stage will be played in a best-of-one format, with the top two sides from each group progressing to the playoffs, which will use a best-of-three match format.

The female tournament will start with two groups of four teams, also played in a best-of-one format, with the top two sides from both groups moving on to the semi-finals.

Below you can find the schedule for these two tournaments:

  Male tournament Female tournament
Thursday, October 30 Groups A and B Groups A and B
Friday, October 31 Groups C and D Semi-finals and 3rd place
Saturday, November 1 Quarter-finals and semi-finals Final
Sunday, November 2 Third-place decider and final  

The draw for all the ESWC tournaments will take place on the week of October 13th, with the seeding system being based on the teams' results in recent international competitions.

2014-10-04 21:02
Lithuania basch 
2014-10-04 21:02
n0thing | 
India FuzioN* 
2014-10-04 21:02
2014-10-04 21:02
United States boots 
2014-10-04 21:03
good good
2014-10-04 21:19
Afghanistan HSM- 
2014-10-05 02:19
2014-10-05 04:38
2014-10-05 05:44
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
2014-10-05 05:57
Afghanistan HSM- 
2014-10-05 06:07
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
2014-10-05 06:09
2014-10-05 10:33
2014-10-05 10:55
2014-10-05 10:56
I like trains ...
2014-10-05 11:29
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
2014-10-05 11:49
2014-10-05 13:17
lolerino ahahhaha
2014-10-05 14:01
2014-10-05 22:32
Made me lol very much. Ty
2014-10-05 13:38
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8
2014-10-07 23:23
2014-10-05 14:08
World owints 
2014-10-06 02:42
2014-10-06 21:19
Love this format. Think three teams should advance from a six-team groups tho.
2014-10-04 21:03
they should have a LB and 3rd/4th placed teams from groups will go directly into that.
2014-10-04 21:05
Definitely not.
2014-10-04 22:39
Twistzz | 
Latvia `DinGo 
why not?
2014-10-04 22:40
Nobody needs a bracket for losers. It's just a waste of time.
2014-10-04 22:44
2014-10-04 22:51
It significantly increases the chances of the best teams making it further into the tournament.
2014-10-04 23:20
Teams who lost 3 of 5 games in the group stage are clearly not the best.
2014-10-05 07:35
Not true at all, with only 2 teams from 6 progressing, the likelihood of an upset is huge, especially as the games are bo1.
2014-10-05 12:08
As I previously said, I think three teams should advance.
2014-10-05 12:35
I guess that'd be ok, but that only makes for 5 games in the playoffs. There is much more action with a LB.
2014-10-05 12:46
We would love to do that but not enough time unfortunately
2014-10-04 21:06
2014-10-04 21:03
Group of 6, only 2 advance, with bo1 matches? I see favorites getting out early...
2014-10-04 21:05
5 matches though, maybe 1 or 2 upsets, but not much imo
2014-10-04 21:07
Well, there will be at least 2 strong teams per group. That means one of them has a guaranteed loss. And with cobblestone and overpass, I can easily see some of them going home early.
2014-10-04 21:56
f0rest | 
India chulbul 
2014-10-04 21:06
same format like gfinity or ?
2014-10-04 21:06
4 teams advanced in gfinity but only 2 groups in the tour right ?
2014-10-04 21:08
2014-10-04 21:46
2014-10-04 21:08
mason | 
Tunisia mason~ 
2014-10-04 21:09
With the diversity of teams going I would've preferred to see a double elimination playoff system so #3 and #4 in the groups still advance to lower brackets. With this format 66% of the teams will be sent packing after their first day in a 4 day event :/
2014-10-04 21:10
One problem: time. Each team will play at least 5 matches. In a tournament with GSL groups some teams play only 2 matches.
2014-10-04 21:13
2014-10-04 21:11
Denmark zaney2k 
I still think its pathetic males and females are separated in CS....
2014-10-04 21:18
2014-10-04 21:23
Denmark zaney2k 
Because males don't have any advantages over females in CS, it just doesn't make sense.
2014-10-04 21:28
Actually males have. It's just social, males spend more time in gaming in general, so there are more male players, so males are globally better. That doesn't mean male are smarter ingame than female but just that females doesn't give themselves the opportunity to perform as good as male.
2014-10-04 21:31
Denmark zaney2k 
Yea sure there are more males that play CS, but doesn't have anything to do with it. Females teams have just the same opportunities as males have to get better.
2014-10-04 21:40
Even thou you're right, we saw what happened with Epsilon.Fe when they played vs Male teams. Also, it's better that they give a spot to a team from another country then a female team so CS gets more "famous" in that country.
2014-10-04 21:45
Your thoughts are completely on point, but this isn't really what it comes down to. Do we want females in competitive gaming scene? We do. Players do, organisations do, sponsor do.More the merrier. Do they have a resonable shot at getting a place for themselves if we keep putting them against male teams? They won't.Not now, anyway. But if we give them chances like this, maybe their scene will grow enough to compete with males.
2014-10-04 21:55
Denmark zaney2k 
Yea but if they only get to compete against other female teams, they won't get better. ESWC have had a separate tournament for females since 2003.
2014-10-04 22:04
shoxie doesn't play a lot same with zet, lets send them to the females division then.
2014-10-05 00:38
males are still so much better than females so if you dont wanna see 16-3 matches it's better to seperate them.
2014-10-04 21:36
Denmark zaney2k 
That's no reason to separate the two, it just means you have to work hard as a female CS player, like it is for everybody.
2014-10-04 21:48
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
The same way that male and female 100m runners should all run together then? There's no difference right, the women just need to work harder.....
2014-10-04 22:06
Denmark zaney2k 
Wtf are you talking about dude? I'm talking CS here, an eSport game, not anything physical...
2014-10-04 22:14
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Yes it is. Reaction times (better for men), hand-eye coordination, logical thinking etc etc. Men and women are different, in many many ways. These things all affect how good we are at certain tasks, including counter strike. If you disagree with this and think men vs women in CS is genuinely completely even and balanced and just women being lazy and not practicing enough then you're a fucking idiot.
2014-10-04 22:17
Denmark zaney2k 
Thats a bullshit argument, and I seriously doubt thats the reason why the two are separated. And I've never said women were lazy in this regard...
2014-10-04 22:36
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
I don't y think that men and women are 100% equal in their skills, abilities, strengths and body/brain functions. Therefore it seems ridiculous that any competitive sport, event or game with prizes and money at stake wouldn't split the two sexes. Unsurprisingly all other competitive sports do this. Unless you can find evidence that women can compete in csgo totally evenly with men then they should stay separate.
2014-10-04 23:27
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
troll detected
2014-10-04 22:52
World doh 
he is right dude !
2014-10-05 08:43
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
troll detected edit: just kidding. but trust me, a vagine has nothing to do with cs skills, just your desire to be "man"
2014-10-05 15:03
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
exactly +1
2014-10-04 22:47
GO KaBuM.GA , GO BRAZIL, GO FALLEN!!!!!!!!!! Conquer the world!
2014-10-04 21:21
I hope female teams will do the show. Because finals like Alternate-Druidz was boring as hell...
2014-10-04 21:28
Can't wait. Am excited. Very yes.
2014-10-04 21:32
the group stage will be brutal
2014-10-04 21:34
Area will win this.
2014-10-04 21:44
Korea ws0 
group of 6 with 2 teams advancing from bo1s? LMAO this sucks badly
2014-10-04 21:56
Fuck, I am travelling with my girlfriend that weekend =/
2014-10-04 22:07
1 Day after Dh Winter ? not so good
2014-10-04 22:10
1 month before DHW
2014-10-04 22:12
Dh winter is until the 29. Nov
2014-10-04 22:41
ESWC ends on 2. Nov
2014-10-04 22:42
Oh shit, thought it starts at 30 Nov. sorry^^
2014-10-04 22:57
np, everyone can make mistakes
2014-10-04 22:59
God knows why most of the teams are even going...8 teams out of 24 will advance to next round..thats pretty sad...
2014-10-04 22:55
"with the seeding system being based on the teams' results in recent international competitions" What about teams that don't have international history, like Kabum and Energy eSports?
2014-10-04 22:56
Brazil notspecial 
go KabuM!
2014-10-04 23:23
Sounds good!
2014-10-05 00:27
really? sounds more like a waste of time for most teams.
2014-10-05 00:39
2014-10-05 01:08
because only 2 teams qualify from each group of 6 ? the weak teams now have 0 chance. And a lot of pro teams dont have chance to advance either. We have NIP,fnatic,C9,Dignitas,Navi,VP,IBP,LDLC,TITAN,3 from esea open qualifier (mouz and 3dmax will be 2 of them). So only 8 of these 11 will qualify... If we ignore the open qualifiers...1 of NIP,fnatic,C9,Dignitas,Navi,VP,IBP,LDLC,TITAN wont get to go to the next round... All im saying is they could have made more groups...or taken more from each group into next round.
2014-10-05 02:01
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
every time .. "pro teams" are sent off in group stage .. thats normal ..
2014-10-05 11:52
so it will be exciting because everything is possible in groups
2014-10-05 12:07
Each team will play at least 5 matches. In a tournament with GSL groups some teams play only 2 matches...
2014-10-05 01:36
they will play 5 matches in a league style..but it guarantees that the weaker teams/less known teams now have 0 chance of qualifying...the quarter finalists will be predictable...
2014-10-05 02:04
Cant wait to watch this
2014-10-05 02:29
nice !
2014-10-05 02:58
How cute, Teams like Kabum and Energy eSports are spending tens of thousands of dollars to play at ESWC only to be sent home the next day
2014-10-05 03:30
2014-10-05 06:15
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
but they gonna play against 5 different teams :)
2014-10-05 11:54
Each team will play at least 5 matches. In a tournament with GSL groups some teams play only 2 matches...
2014-10-05 12:06
This format is the best for the lesser known teams. They get more matches and they have a chance to win some matches.
2014-10-05 12:47
horrible format, nothing can be determined by a bo1.
2014-10-05 05:44
Each team plays 5 bo1.
2014-10-05 06:15
A final on Sunday ? DH could learn from this...
2014-10-05 07:45
CS:Go sucks donkey dick .
2014-10-05 13:35
Ohhh!! yeahhh!!! GL all teams... waiting desperately.... xD
2014-10-05 13:37
ill be there !
2014-10-05 17:23
2014-10-06 03:19
Norway kakkopp 
Like this kinda groupstage! But would be Nice with 3-4 teams in playoff and maybe dobble ele, more action more fun :)
2014-10-06 08:53
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