Video: Skadoodle vs. NetCodeGuides

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Player: United States Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
Match: United States iBUYPOWER vs. United States NetCodeGuides
Final result: 16:11 (13:23:9)
Match date: 11.10.2014.
Map: de_cache
Event: CEVO Professional Season 5 LAN Finals
Weapon: AWP Redline
Action situation: iBUYPOWER leading 7-2

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United States Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
nitr0 | 
Canada burning47 
2014-10-12 04:35
2014-10-12 12:30
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
2014-10-12 14:14
Yeah, but why is there no HLTV post about ibp winning the LAN? Seems weird to write a viewers guide and post highlights but skip the results. edit: hah nvm, they posted it now, was just late i guess
2014-10-12 13:53
United States p0gs 
#1st, u ahole
2014-10-12 04:35
2014-10-12 04:35
2014-10-12 04:35
-n0thing +skadoodle
2014-10-12 04:45
yeah because they would really drop an amazing rifle/clutch player for ANOTHER awper...not
2014-10-12 04:53
2014-10-12 10:14
I was joking lol. N0thing is love n0thing is life
2014-10-12 14:29
can we just make a CEVO LAN fragshow for skadoodle no point in not doing so
2014-10-12 04:50
Argentina ccritical 
whole final was full of highlights :D
2014-10-12 12:23
oh my goodness
2014-10-12 05:13
Taiwan SCVready 
2014-10-12 05:16
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
2014-10-12 05:17
I wish Skadoodle was this consistent all the time. He's an amazing player when he's on point.
2014-10-12 05:44
Can I get some stats?
2014-10-12 05:50
You can tell Ska is in the zone when he runs around the map like he was using a rifle. When he gets close up to you and he doesn't give a fuck, you are in trouble.
2014-10-12 07:02
For anyone who thinks Ska is not one of the best AWP's in the world. Ask Kennys. :)
2014-10-12 07:05
"ska" is one of the best awps in NA vs NA, in EU he is trash...
2014-10-12 10:36
United Kingdom Qiz 
So from what your saying it sounds like you didn't watch the gfinity lan in london, where he dominated fxy0 JW and kennyS in the awp battles.
2014-10-12 20:26
3rd and 4th shot too nuts
2014-10-12 08:24
Lan right ?
2014-10-12 08:40
Yep, final. No VAC bs is suitable.
2014-10-12 10:43
Amazing performance from Ska this weekend, casters were saying something about his great LAN performance, does he have problems with consistency online ?
2014-10-12 08:57
Vietnam s h o u t a 
skadoodle is called "onliner" by c9 players before
2014-10-12 09:20
He has been called onliner since his Black Ops1/AVA days.
2014-10-12 10:16
He has consistency problems on LAN primarily. He's had some incredible performances at big LANs, and then some no-shows. People have called him online, but I think most people now know that's not the case. Semphis used to give him a lot more crap for it, but he's cooled down, probably because he understands he can play amazingly anywhere given he's having an on game.
2014-10-12 22:47
Ah i see, thank you for your reply.
2014-10-13 07:33
Portugal Cyborgy 
semphis called him that to make ska feel under pressure when playing against him..which he clearly didn't
2014-10-14 03:12
If he did it during CEVO LAN I never saw it. He called him out for being online back when he was playing for HMO/Curse all the time though.
2014-10-14 09:44
2014-10-12 10:27
2014-10-12 12:15
2014-10-12 12:25
I'd be impressed when he does even 1/5 of his usual plays versus an European team that knows how to play the game.
2014-10-12 12:35
wish editing didnt have this generic same sound music all the time
2014-10-12 13:11
skadoodle > kennyS
2014-10-12 13:26
stahp pls
2014-10-12 13:47
United Kingdom Qiz 
2014-10-12 21:00
You're drunk
2014-10-12 23:34
Ok for a yankee
2014-10-12 13:38
where is skaoodles first round ace?
2014-10-12 22:42
§ayy lmao
2014-10-16 21:54
ayy lmao
2014-10-16 21:54
ayy lmao
2014-10-16 21:54
ayy lmao
2014-10-16 21:54
ayy lmao
2014-10-16 21:55
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