iBUYPOWER win CEVO S5 Finals

October 12th, 2014 13:51

iBUYPOWER have won CEVO Professional Season 5 Finals with two best-of-three series, 2-0 and 2-1, over Cloud9 in the grand final.

Cloud9 looked dominant in the upper bracket, defeating iBUYPOWER easily 2-0 on Friday while Braxton "swag" Pierce's team struggled, even against NetcodeGuides.

After Denial was knocked out in fourth place, iBUYPOWER defeated NetcodeGuides to get another shot at taking down Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen's Cloud9 in the grand final.

shroud's monster performance wasn't enough on de_cache

iBUYPOWER quickly dominated the first series, winning 16-13 on de_cache and 16-9 on de_dust2, to get to the second series and a chance to win the event.

Second series saw C9 lose de_train 14-16, barely escape with a 16-14 win on de_dust2, but ultimately fell short in overtime on de_cache 17-19.

Broken tag

CEVO Pro Season 5 Finals standings:

1. United States iBUYPOWER - $5,000
2. United States Cloud9 - $2,500
3. United States NetcodeGuides - $1,500
4. United States Denial - $1,000

The top two finishers, iBUYPOWER and Cloud9, will next be on show at FACEIT League Season 2 Finals on October 24-26 at Milan Games Week.

Canada Kory 'SEMPHIS' Friesen
Kory 'SEMPHIS' Friesen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Braxton 'swag' Pierce
Braxton 'swag' Pierce
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2014-10-12 13:51
2014-10-12 13:52
player stats pls
2014-10-12 13:52
2014-10-12 13:55
2014-10-12 13:56
Czech Republic GzzM 
2014-10-12 15:03
They're on the cevo website.
2014-10-12 17:30
2014-10-12 13:53
At least they are winning even only in USA soil than showing a good chance in Europe but only "showing". Not winning. If c9 will show us more about teamplay, then they can easily win vs iBp.
2014-10-12 17:17
it looked bad, but in a way its an improvement for c9. if you look at all 3 bo3s together, they took turns blowing each other out 2-0. then they traded 16-14 games, and finished in 17-19 OT. The first 2 series cancel each other out, and the third was literally as close as it could be.
2014-10-13 09:03
still, c9 had whole bo3 advantage
2014-10-13 12:23
I know, but iBP have this weird strength when they play on lan in america. They did the same thing to titan at the beginning of the year at esea.
2014-10-15 01:39
stats? we need statsssssssssssssssss
2014-10-12 13:54
2014-10-12 14:58
United States bfrank 
shrouds monster performance? when?
2014-10-12 13:55
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
1-2 more lans and he will be top 3 NA.
2014-10-12 13:57
United States bfrank 
used to play with him when we were both 13 in 1.6 lol
2014-10-12 14:07
This... this is why I am nice to everyone
2014-10-12 14:44
murican boy didnt watch the game? LOL
2014-10-12 14:00
38ish kills on cache isn't a monster performance? Not sure you were watching the same game as everyone else.
2014-10-12 14:01
United States bfrank 
2014-10-12 14:04
Israel selukvey 
Dat 3cz kills on cache A site to make it 15-15 was hugeee
2014-10-12 15:58
LOL where were you ?
2014-10-12 18:04
2014-10-12 13:58
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
Hiko without form iBP very deservedly won
2014-10-12 13:59
If Hiko didn't play that bad would've been a win for C9
2014-10-12 13:59
gj iBP, but where's stats? :/
2014-10-12 14:01
Turkey rusty james 
took you a while. show some respect to the god damn na scene. you literally pre-prepare articles before matches over on shitty eu tournaments of the same caliber.
2014-10-12 14:01
show some respect, stop being an asshole
2014-10-12 14:04
Turkey rusty james 
to fucking lurppis? yeah, right..
2014-10-12 14:04
lurppis very friendly guy... XD
2014-10-12 14:10
no, just to the work hltv.org does. Doesn't really help to whine like a little girl about a news being a couple of hours late
2014-10-12 14:40
Denmark Arize 
Wtf dude? Just wtf???? Show some respect for people working their ass of, without allmost getting no money. Please don't be such a douchebag...
2014-10-12 14:13
Turkey rusty james 
no. hltv staff are mostly aggresive and unfriendly towards the general user base. this is a fucking platform with almost no competition, its not my problem if they re not getting paid. this place still makes money. stop with your romanticized bullshit.
2014-10-12 14:27
Denmark Arize 
dat logic
2014-10-12 16:51
Turkey rusty james 
"that logic" makes perfect fucking sense. cheers.
2014-10-12 17:52
maybe because lurpiss didnt want to write the article @ 2 am?
2014-10-12 14:46
Finland thei 
hltv.org/?pageid=153&ref=dropdown you're free to apply to the news writer position and write all day about the NA scene
2014-10-12 15:40
Lithuania aMii 
2014-10-12 19:03
Israel selukvey 
Eu tournys hours = admins awake hours. na tournys hours = admins sleep hours. Althought this tourny was in eu hours..
2014-10-12 16:01
best delay
2014-10-12 14:01
wp! best NA team.
2014-10-12 14:04
Amazing final better than Nip vs Fnatic in Cologne. I hope iBP and C9 can show high level in Milan.
2014-10-12 14:05
C9 will, iBP not as usual.
2014-10-12 14:39
+1 high hopes for c9 at faceit
2014-10-12 14:42
Israel selukvey 
+1 .. at cologne swag was the only player that preformed from the whole team.. Ibp in eu = diffrent team.. whats up with dat?
2014-10-12 16:04
actually the same with europeans in NA
2014-10-12 17:07
Israel selukvey 
but Cloud9 Performances are pretty good.
2014-10-12 18:58
2014-10-12 14:09
2014-10-12 14:12
14-16 16-14 17-19 Shit! I didn't realise it was so close :O
2014-10-12 14:20
and another 14-16 in the first bo3 series :P was pretty fun to watch the final, especially the last map :>
2014-10-12 14:27
Taiwan SCVready 
2014-10-12 14:30
Algeria colzero23 
2014-10-12 14:24
Iceland bist 
stats omg hltv.org pls
2014-10-12 14:27
this is by far the best match between Curse/iBP and Quantic/coL/Cloud9
2014-10-12 14:43
is c9 ever gonna beat them i mean srsly well played ibpy
2014-10-12 14:44
Poland Don_Alejandro 
Thanks to both teams and CEVO for an awesome final!
2014-10-12 14:48
Hiko where the f were you ? T_T Great series though, loved Shroud's perf on the last map
2014-10-12 14:51
ibp ez top16 DHW, cloud top8. as usual.
2014-10-12 15:13
IBP strongest usa team
2014-10-12 16:18
maybe valve should host a 250k tourny in seattle
2014-10-12 16:24
Macedonia balich 
Hiko bad day anywaaaay GG WP
2014-10-12 16:58
ez skins ez life I guess
2014-10-12 16:59
Hiko is probably one of, if not the best NA player. Everyone has bad games, it was unfortunate, but it happens. I don't really think this competition would mean iBP are the best NA team. Maybe they're the best team for NA comps, but internationally I'd bet on C9 every time.
2014-10-12 17:00
Agreed. However C9 struggles a bit with iBP and Hiko is extremely inconsistent. He's a great player when he's on and focused but when he's not he can become a major hindrance to the team. Is iBP the best NA team? No but they're certainly going to be if the trend continues. C9 gotta get their shit together.
2014-10-12 17:18
I certainly wouldn't say hes EXTREMELY inconsistent. Issue is, C9/complexity have always lost to iBP (AFAIK) but as soon as they come over for the major tournaments (where it truly counts) they've outperformed iBP nearly every, or even EVERY time.
2014-10-12 17:22
I think that's mainly due to them having more LAN experience together as a team than iBP. I don't think it has much to do with individual skill because iBP can almost outshoot C9 any day of the week.
2014-10-12 18:17
They had two weeks to bootcamp, and were there longer than that because they were at....Gfinity? I forget what it was called. C9 had 3 days of bootcamp with a new person to play at that level. Imagine if C9 had iBP's bootcamp time. C9 has and most likely will always outdo iBP overseas, I honestly don't get how they always lose to iBP when it counts....I personally think C9 is the better team aim-wise and just in general. Personal opinion of course.
2014-10-12 18:41
As itzgin said, I don't think that's a valid point. iBP have had way more time to prep IN Europe for the last major because they attended Gfinity. Cloud9 had Shroud come in and tbh, its the playstyle of Cloud9 that works for them against Euro teams. iBPs style is only good against US teams.
2014-10-12 19:04
c9 won the BYOC lan incase anyone missed it -> cevo.com/event/csgo-gxl-2014/bracket/2ki..
2014-10-12 17:14
Hiko online confirmed
2014-10-12 17:33
France cedd 
you guys are retarded, Hiko played badly on one map. Yes it was the last map and most important one, but he's definitely the most consistent player of C9 online and offline. shit happens, i think cache is not his map. well played to ibp
2014-10-12 22:31
Map has nothing to do with your consistency, it however has something to do with team strats and executes, so don't tell me he played garbage due to map... Shroud9
2014-10-12 23:37
France cedd 
that's not what I meant, players have a preference of certain maps over others to play, just like teams do. Hiko played badly on both cache maps of the two bo3 but well on the others
2014-10-12 23:56
agreed. n0thing is the one who is all over the place. Hiko is strong for c9 in 95% of games. He's basically the american get_right. And I believe 100% he is the best player in NA.
2014-10-13 09:08
Fatigue after playing 7 hours effects players, however shroud has had streamed for 40 hours and 24 hours and build up his fatigue resistance, however it did not help them to win :D
2014-10-13 16:46
c9 has easily the best player on either team iBP better get their excuses ready for the next lan.
2014-10-14 00:48
Gj ibp
2014-10-14 00:49
China Ava1ondraGon 
ibp knows how to win c9
2014-10-15 18:25
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