FACEIT with $20,000 NA tourney

FACEIT have announced they will host a $20,000 North American tournament called The John Wick CS:GO Invitational on October 22nd-24th.

In cooperation with Twitch and Lionsgate, FACEIT will hold a $20,000 tournament to celebrate the release of the upcoming movie by the aforementioned studio - John Wick, starring Keanu Reaves.

The John Wick CS:GO Invitational will feature 8 teams in a single elimination bracket, four of which have been directly invited whereas the other four will be found via two open qualifiers.

Cloud9 and iBUYPOWER will however be in Milan, Italy next week for the FACEIT League Finals, so the four invites go to:

United States Denial United States NetcodeGuides.com
United States eLevate United States Area 51

To sign up for the two open qualifiers, the teams can go here:

Top two teams from each qualifier will join the four invited teams in the quarter-finals on October 22nd.

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2014-10-18 21:42
1 reply
Pasha: Tournament with 20k to win? Nah... i will just stream :)
2014-10-19 19:54
Poland hillock
2014-10-18 21:43
2014-10-18 21:43
that some weird sheduling
2014-10-18 21:43
2 replies
2014-10-19 02:47
I assume they present the times in CET, (European time).
2014-10-20 12:07
weird timing but gives the lower level teams some more motivation i guess
2014-10-18 21:43
keanu is good but not best
2014-10-18 21:44
is m0e still playing for a51 ?
2014-10-18 21:44
1 reply
2014-10-18 22:18
Poland trishowsky
ezpz ncg guides
2014-10-18 21:44
2014-10-18 21:45
Americas need dis!
2014-10-18 21:46
NetCodeGuides to win it! GOGO TARIK ! :d
2014-10-18 21:46
United Kingdom smoggy:.
sweet news for the up and coming teams from NA.
2014-10-18 21:47
it d be better for ibp to stay in usa, at least they d win some money
2014-10-18 21:47
1 reply
2014-10-19 02:41
That's great for the NA scene, and terrible for the organisers. Shitty scheduling.
2014-10-18 21:48
2 replies
This whole event is to promote the movie john wick which releases 24th... where do you think all this money came from?
2014-10-18 22:01
1 reply
Zero | 
Slovakia harek
our taxes ?
2014-10-18 22:14
good price
2014-10-18 21:50
where the fuck they get a lot of money
2014-10-18 21:52
3 replies
Austria db42
m4 and usp orion are they skins plus somethign else too
2014-10-18 22:03
1 reply
P90 trigon.
2014-10-18 22:30
2014-10-18 22:23
area ez
2014-10-18 21:53
n1 guys
2014-10-18 21:53
Denmark jjh
lol c9 and ibp gonna miss easy money in this tourney while most likely not getting to top2 in the Milan. and semi-pro teams will get a shitload of money in this one, gl hf
2014-10-18 21:58
I think that was the whole point of scheduling it at this time- it gives a boost to the NA scene at a time there isn't much going on while also giving Faceit something to do since most other Euro teams will be preparing for the upcoming lans.
2014-10-18 22:03
2014-10-18 22:05
I never heard of a movie sponsoring a video game tournament lol.
2014-10-18 22:08
3 replies
"An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him." HA! Now you do.
2014-10-18 22:07
1 reply
Yeah I just looked it up.
2014-10-18 22:08
No, but this is a good thing :)
2014-10-18 22:31
faceit is doing great things for the scene x
2014-10-18 22:11
Bad timing if both iBP and C9 can't participate. Not gonna watch a bunch of t2 teams battle it out for free money. Boring tournament with no good teams.
2014-10-18 22:12
Great move for the rest of the NA scene to show what they're capable of. The whole "boring tournament" aspect that some people have stated should perhaps broaden their horizons and get behind this to help build a good scene.
2014-10-18 22:25
1 reply
2014-10-19 00:04
Did someone not tell the community organizers that: 1) The two best teams in NA will be at another tournament. 2) The skill disparity between the two best teams and the rest of NA is HUGE and hardly anyone outside of NA will care about second tier teams.
2014-10-18 22:29
8 replies
I think this is intentional to give other teams a chance in tournaments and some cash for their hard work.
2014-10-18 22:31
6 replies
But if the purpose is to promote a movie, you'd want maximum exposure; i.e. as many viewers as possible. Not many people one watch if it's tier two teams.
2014-10-18 22:58
5 replies
I'll probably watchn if it is at reasonable times.
2014-10-18 23:15
I'd wanna see my favorite t2 play on LAN without the 2 NA giants, C9 and iBP. This would mean they actually have a chance to win something and make decent bank. It would boost their morale and determination and perhaps become another T1 NA team.
2014-10-19 02:56
2 replies
It's never going to happen because they can't commit enough time to become a top tier team even in NA.
2014-10-19 03:09
1 reply
You just have to BELIEVE!!!
2014-10-19 06:01
You underestimate American fanboys.
2014-10-19 07:42
The dates are like this because the movie will be in cinemas on the 24th.
2014-10-18 23:12
Single elimination bracket is the worst.
2014-10-18 22:41
ez 4 eLevate
2014-10-18 22:43
I promise i will torrent this movie and watch it while playing csgo and fast forward it too.
2014-10-18 22:51
N1, gonna sign up! anyone in NA scene thats DMG/LEM+ msg me. need one more
2014-10-18 22:55
Those USA teams... only good one is NCG. others are like Random DMG's lmfao
2014-10-18 23:08
2 replies
eLevate? Desi was on manajumas with shroud, Warden, storm, and xp3 were big names in 1.6, and rush is a great player, just not as well known as the other 4.
2014-10-18 23:39
MM rank has nothing to do with actual competitive cs. pasha is LEM, and he won ems katowice while being MVP of the tournament :DD
2014-10-18 23:59
$10k for Tarik and co, not bad :P
2014-10-18 23:11
Hoping eLevate can pull themselves together and win something for once.
2014-10-18 23:24
gl keanu
2014-10-19 00:40
United States Nin_mnb
2014-10-19 01:04
cheaters allowed?
2014-10-19 01:05
1 reply
m0e doesn't play on a51 anymore
2014-10-19 02:41
2014-10-19 01:45
ez 10k for NCG
2014-10-19 02:06
OH im gonna make a team for that
2014-10-19 02:13
If iBP or C9 would stay and compete in this lan they would probably make more money than the one in Milan. I mean sure C9 could go big and win it oversees but I don't see iBP making it too far. IBP should stay home and get a safe $10k without international flight/hotel/etc eexpenses. I don't see them doing this though, they need to prove their prestige on European turf after them failing to launch at the last major. Idk why I just typed this meaningless wall of text. Perhaps I'm just bored and need more CS.
2014-10-19 02:51
1 reply
iBUYPOWER is traveling for ESWC anyways so they wouldn't be home for the tournament regardless. It makes more sense for them to be in Europe to get more practice against top teams than beating 2nd tier NA teams...
2014-10-19 03:07
FACEIT is so retarded. Yeah, lets host a 20k tournament without and anti-cheat client and not have the 2 best NA teams compete. Oh, and I think FODDER is going to win this tournament with his amazing "skills".
2014-10-19 03:03
1 reply
also, let's host the qualifier of this tournament at literally the exact same time which the dreamhack NA qualifiers (which is also hosted by FACEIT) are going on
2014-10-20 05:31
Denial with nitr0 ez skins ez life
2014-10-19 04:24
Terrible scheduling! Lets be honest, not much international viewers will be watching this competition, the 2 best team for NA is not even in it. Plus, this is basically free money for iBP and C9 for sure!
2014-10-19 04:42
This is ridiculous they were better off staying home and winning this easy money.
2014-10-19 06:54
like the movie :)
2014-10-19 08:29
very nice
2014-10-19 10:46
What a waste of money :/
2014-10-19 12:23
desi 2 carry elevate
2014-10-19 15:58
Should have added these 20k to the 50k tourney to make it 70k, would have been huge!
2014-10-19 19:21
EZ for Netcode.
2014-10-22 07:52
United Kingdom peaks
Nice scheduling. Not even worth watching...
2014-10-22 07:55
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