FACEIT S2 LAN viewer's guide

With the FACEIT League Season 2 LAN Finals kicking off in just a matter of hours, here is our official viewer's guide for the $44,000 event.

Held in Milan as part of the city's Games Week fair, the FACEIT League LAN finals will see the top four teams from the European division and the top two sides from the North American division lock horns in this three-day event.

These six contestants have been drawn into two groups of three teams, who will face each other twice in a best-of-one format. The top two sides from each group will progress to the best-of-three semi-finals, while the grand final will use a best-of-five setup.

It is worth nothing that every team in attendance will be in Jönköping next month for DreamHack Winter, so they will use this event as preparation for the upcoming $250,000 major.

In addition to the $44,000 up for grabs in Milan, an additional $9,000 will be given to the organisations in the form of travel support. Below you can find the prize distribution:

1. $20,000
2. $10,000
3-4. $5,000
5-6. $2,000

Action will begin on Friday with the entire group stage played out, while the semi-finals will take place on Saturday and the grand final on Sunday. Below is the full schedule for the FACEIT Finals:

Friday, October 24
12:00 France LDLC vs. United States Cloud9
12:00 Denmark dignitas vs. Sweden fnatic
13:15 United States Cloud9 vs. France LDLC
13:15 Sweden fnatic vs. Denmark dignitas
15:30 Poland Virtus.pro vs. France LDLC
15:30 Sweden fnatic vs. United States iBUYPOWER
16:45 France LDLC vs. Poland Virtus.pro
16:45 United States iBUYPOWER vs. Sweden fnatic

Saturday, October 25
09:00 Poland Virtus.pro vs. United States Cloud9
09:00 Denmark dignitas vs. United States iBUYPOWER
10:15 United States Cloud9 vs. Poland Virtus.pro
10:15 United States iBUYPOWER vs. Denmark dignitas
12:30 Semi-final #1 (Bo3)
15:30 Semi-final #2 (Bo3)

Sunday, October 26
13:00 Grand final (Bo5)

The casting lineup for the FACEIT Finals is quite impressive, with HLTV.org's own Tomi "⁠lurppis⁠" Kovanen included in a star-studded panel that looks as follows:

United States Scott "SirScoots" Smith - Host
Finland Tomi "⁠lurppis⁠" Kovanen - Analyst/Caster
United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia - Caster/Analyst
United Kingdom Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner - Caster
United Kingdom James "JZFB "Bardolph - Analyst/Caster
Denmark Casper "⁠cadiaN⁠" Møller - Analyst/Caster
United Kingdom Duncan "Thorin" Shields - Analyst

HLTV.org is already on-site in Milan to provide you with full coverage of the FACEIT League Season 2 Finals , including statistics, hot matches, galleries, and more.

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Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Møller
Casper 'cadiaN' Møller
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Prefer to have one game at a time rather than two.
2014-10-23 18:44
1 reply
They play each other twice so more than likely you'll get to see each matchup throughout the day.
2014-10-23 19:20
Really great casting crew, can't wait for this.
2014-10-23 18:44
2014-10-23 18:45
Malta WATSKy
2014-10-23 18:45
horrible times the first day, wtf
2014-10-23 18:46
what do you think how are the odds that the first game starts in time??
2014-10-23 18:46
2 replies
Zero | 
Slovakia harek
i bet they'll start within 15min ;-)
2014-10-23 20:16
FaceIT gonna FaceIT
2014-10-24 07:08
oh god im going to have to deal with cadians voice, oh god oh god oh god no.
2014-10-23 18:46
I can't see any of the matches. Why no evening matches?
2014-10-23 18:47
6 replies
yeah the schedule only suits people with no work/school etc. im going to miss a few games but not all as i work early morning until early afternoon
2014-10-23 18:48
3 replies
I am going to miss the entire group stage due to school and other stuff.
2014-10-23 21:06
Pm shift rocks Xd i will watch vp with ldlc and c9 and then only semifinals xd
2014-10-24 02:30
1 reply
Yea. I come home from work cause I work nights NA and I can watch it all :D so awesome!
2014-10-24 02:48
Italy ciliatus
The fair will close at7:30 pm, that's why I guess.
2014-10-23 19:08
dont worry you will surely be able to watch the VODs if u wanna see the matches u missed
2014-10-23 23:44
Can we have like atleast dreamteam for this event and the full stats of each match? Anyways, looks awesome!
2014-10-23 18:48
GL Cloud9!!!!!!!
2014-10-23 18:48
ez for Ldlc
2014-10-23 18:53
Belarus Starvoid
2014-10-23 18:54
nvm :Pp
2014-10-23 18:59
2 replies
they all play each other twice
2014-10-23 18:58
All matches x2
2014-10-23 19:18
lurppis <3
2014-10-23 18:58
games start at like 3 AM eastern time :((((((( why faceit, why?!
2014-10-23 18:58
5 replies
3 PM here ;)
2014-10-23 19:08
It's an EU event. Do you expect them to start at midnight local time?
2014-10-23 19:23
3 replies
well I don't know what time it will be when the games start in italy, however, since there are american teams playing I'd expect they'd make it a bit easier for americans to watch the games ;)
2014-10-23 19:29
If they just played evening lan events it would work for US as well :/ Apparently the organizers of this even go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 6 :(
2014-10-23 22:17
1 reply
I'd rather start in the morning and have free evening to chill, strat and party than the otherway around and I guess everyone thinks the same.
2014-10-24 07:10
nvm xD
2014-10-23 18:59
2014-10-23 19:00
once again fucked by schedule
2014-10-23 19:00
- badian and will be good
2014-10-23 19:01
1 reply
Europe midi
Don't you want some cs lessons son?
2014-10-23 19:07
midnight PST what the fuck well I'll enjoy the replays I guess
2014-10-23 19:01
2014-10-23 19:01
3 replies
2014-10-23 19:15
2 replies
= 0
2014-10-23 20:15
1 reply
India c0rvus
You Win I
2014-10-23 20:57
United Kingdom jMz86
FACEIT S2 LAN viewer's guide: "Here is a list of all the times the games are on, go ahead and ignore this because the schedule is never held at any CSGO LAN event ever".
2014-10-23 19:04
Pretty sure people work and have school on fridays...
2014-10-23 19:04
Russia jjh
ewwwwwwww dat schedual, kinda sucks
2014-10-23 19:06
I really wish we actually had quality casters. There's only one up there out of the whole lineup.
2014-10-23 19:10
13 replies
Don't see anything wrong with ddk nor jzfb? They make an entertaining duo... Are you always such a negative nancy in your posts?
2014-10-23 21:25
12 replies
Jzfb is alright. Ddk is on par with rizc for the worst caster I've ever experienced, imo. And no I'm not, but CS:GO's quality of casters is a sore subject for me, because it's fucking dire. P.S, Stop projecting. "lmao they've either won or come 2nd in every major... please stop " "Yes because telling people they need to die is really the solution to someone else's opinion..." "Yes because LDLC, who have some of the most accomplished players in the game would stoop to that level... " "Yes because scream should play like every other csgo player instead of having his own unique playstyle... logic." "It's called concentration..." "god you're an idiot..." Yep, I'm the negative nancy.
2014-10-23 23:05
11 replies
who are you quating? redeye?
2014-10-24 00:21
1 reply
DONKEYKONG's previous posts
2014-10-24 01:52
What happend to rizc by the way? Any clue there? He just vanished :P
2014-10-24 09:37
2 replies
No idea
2014-10-24 14:48
1 reply
How odd... :D
2014-10-24 15:09
lol looking through my old posts like the weirdo that you are... Good job, you were being a negative prick, which is what half your posts are too, but i don't really need to go into them and start posting them on the forums like you do. I guess you need that extra attention though
2014-10-26 18:17
5 replies
So in other words, you're a hypocrite. Glad we got that sorted pal. P.S. Please stop projecting.
2014-10-26 18:29
4 replies
Don't call me pal... you're a complete idiot, same old crap you spouted on cadred... you clearly haven't grown up at all. Using my posts against me is quite amusing. p.s get a life you sad delusional little man
2014-10-28 23:58
3 replies
Bit salty there pal. Next time when you attempt to criticize somebody else take a step back and evaluate yourself first. I'm not here for you to project your own flaws to.
2014-10-29 00:09
2 replies
haha delusional as always i see, you're the one bringing up my previous posts
2014-10-29 17:55
1 reply
Please explain how I'm being delusional. You're calling me out for being negative when literally all your posts sound like you're about to top yourself. At least take it upon yourself to form a coherent sentence if you're going to try and argue. You've essentially resorted to repeating yourself over and over because you can't think of something to say. First sign of madness, pal.
2014-10-29 20:14
why would anyone pay cadian to cast?
2014-10-23 19:13
-cadian omfg that kid blows
2014-10-23 19:16
Brazil markkrj
*---* S2 Faceit too
2014-10-23 19:16
1pm easy time, ez enjoy. No bets too risky.
2014-10-23 19:18
Wow finally some good game times for me, except the first 4 games
2014-10-23 19:20
no anders, no fun.
2014-10-23 19:21
pls deleterino cadian pliies
2014-10-23 19:25
finally some good cs after these horrible online games with multiple ddos shit attacks -,-
2014-10-23 19:27
Bo5 grand final Finally I hope dhw too
2014-10-23 19:31
great to see a bo5 final
2014-10-23 19:31
-cadiaN +AndersONFIRE
2014-10-23 19:32
2 replies
2014-10-23 22:34
No NiP no screaming
2014-10-23 22:35
this gon be gud! :D
2014-10-23 19:35
Brazil Akaerri
2014-10-23 19:36
-cadian +a rock Seriously the most jokey English I've ever heard
2014-10-23 19:43
Pls dont let cadiaN cast.. Then I have to mute when the game is going on too..
2014-10-23 19:49
faceit is doing great things at the moment for the scene! helping org's with travel expenses, hosting this John Wick tourny in NA. Its much appreciated!
2014-10-23 19:54
Czech Republic Skeng_
-badian +knochen
2014-10-23 21:00
Hungary faltopfake
i hate thorin
2014-10-23 21:03
1 reply
Watch his videos on youtube and you'll change your mind.
2014-10-23 23:00
Denmark Julefar
Duncan "Thorin" Shields <- BUT WHY ?! I really hate him, can't we get someone else instead of Duncan ?
2014-10-23 21:22
does anyone know how they pick/veto maps in group stage?
2014-10-23 21:40
1 reply
same like in eu quali
2014-10-24 00:20
So bad i can't come to Milan :(
2014-10-23 22:12
ez for kappadia
2014-10-23 22:18
TBH I hope there are major time delays so I can actually watch some of these games lol.
2014-10-23 22:37
Do the teams get to select the map they will be playing when being home team or is it random?
2014-10-23 22:48
Thooorin and lurppis are actually great if you can get past your irrational hate for them.
2014-10-23 23:01
map pool?
2014-10-23 23:17
Why there isn't an italian caster? ;_;
2014-10-23 23:59
1 reply
There are. kimera will be casting. This list is for the official English stream.
2014-10-24 01:23
finally, thank you for the viewers guide! :)
2014-10-24 00:02
Schedule is pretty nice. Great matchups. And who the hell invited CadiaN? :S
2014-10-24 00:17
fuck, when i ll came back to home tomorrow i ll have 12 maps to see which is like ~10h :o
2014-10-24 00:18
NiP didn't even qualify, LOL
2014-10-24 00:29
1 reply
We won't be seing NiP on LAN until DHW, which is the only thing they don't need to qualify for :)
2014-10-24 09:47
starts at 8:15PM grand finals at midnight excellent 8)
2014-10-24 00:59
Taiwan SCVready
bo5 grand final yessssss
2014-10-24 03:38
2 replies
And it's a legit bo5, no bullshit map advantage or stuff like that :D
2014-10-24 14:20
1 reply
Taiwan SCVready
Yeah!! This is exactly what I'm talking about!!
2014-10-24 16:31
is there going to be gotv/withcasters for these finals?
2014-10-24 04:05
Going to Milan today :D
2014-10-24 05:58
REDEYE, fucking legend. ITS SO pleasent to hear his voice, after listening to those other idiots for a year.
2014-10-24 12:28
stream something
2014-10-24 14:54
WHY THE FUCK are we watching both of the matches between two teams?!?!?
2014-10-24 16:33
anyone seen cadian yet?
2014-10-25 13:20
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