Denial win John Wick Invitational

Denial eSports won FACEIT's John Wick CS:GO Invitational following a 2-0 victory over the former NetcodeGuides team (16-13 on de_season, 16-12 on de_mirage).

Held by FACEIT in collaboration with Twitch and Lionsgate to celebrate the release of the 2014 film John Wick, this $20,000 online tournament featured a total eight teams, who were placed in a single-elimination bracket.

With iBUYPOWER and Cloud9 in Europe for the FACEIT Finals, the title was contested by the tournament's favourites, the former team, who played this tournament as MouseSpaz, and Denial eSports.

ShahZaM's Denial win $10,000

Just days after picking Nick "nitr0" Cannella up, Denial took the lead in the series with a 16-13 victory on de_cache after going into half-time with a five-round lead. On de_mirage, Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan's side found themselves down 5-10 at the break, but they managed to turn things around to celebrate a 16-12 victory in the end.

25th October 2014

John Wick CS:GO Invitational Final Standings:

1. United States Denial eSports - $10,000
2. United States (MouseSpaz) - $5,000
3-4. Canada savage - $2,500
3-4. Canada SapphireKelowna - $2,500

United States Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
good job
2014-10-25 12:49
n1 denial
2014-10-25 12:49
Delpan | 
United States FEJSPALM 
im happy for shahzam
2014-10-25 12:49
2014-10-25 12:50
Iceland bist 
nice cash for NA event, gj
2014-10-25 12:50
Croatia erd- 
yes SHAZAM my boy !!! <3
2014-10-25 12:51
Ns Denial
2014-10-25 12:53
2014-10-25 12:53
dat name doe
2014-10-25 12:55
Russia rassvet 
Shahzam never lose. Best guy <3
2014-10-25 12:55
Damn, this are actually pretty nice prize pool, gj denial.
2014-10-25 12:59
''this $20,000 online tournament featured a total eight teams, who were placed in a single-elimination bracket.' atleast we found out why they won xd
2014-10-25 12:59
nice!!! thanks for the 563 value!!! keep it up !!!
2014-10-25 13:01
wtf is john wick?
2014-10-25 13:02
new Movie, type on youtube. :)
2014-10-25 13:03
Watch the movie trailer man. It's an awesome movie!
2014-10-25 13:03
watch the movie trailer man.its an awesome movie!
2014-10-25 13:04
watched the movie trailer. its not awesome movie. whats wrong?
2014-10-25 13:16
watch the movie trailer man.its an awesome movie!
2014-10-25 13:18
nah sry kenau whatevs is in it
2014-10-25 13:27
and that's a bad thing since when? O.o
2014-10-25 13:30
he must be 10yo and he didnt saw the matrix :D
2014-10-25 13:36
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
more money than c9 and ibp will get
2014-10-25 13:04
2014-10-25 13:05
LOL Salamander
2014-10-25 13:05
Collapse9 should've played this instead.
2014-10-25 13:18
$20k online single? Bullshit tournament.
2014-10-25 13:22
It cannot be more ez money ez life than this..
2014-10-25 13:31
I cant believe how the odds so imbalanced :) good for me
2014-10-25 13:39
haha 39$ of your winnings in an ultra violet, harsh times
2014-10-27 20:27
:p the vulcan is nice though, keeping it. the ultraviolet is going to used for some underdog bet, just waiting for the rigth match ;)
2014-10-28 12:49
while the cats away
2014-10-25 14:33
This tournament is the strangest I've seen. I feel like it was announced barely a week ago, and now they played the grand finals already, not to mention it was all online. Pretty cool I guess but also super weird. Would be less weird with a smaller prize pool but this is pretty huge for such a tiny tournament with sub par teams.
2014-10-25 15:12
incoming prize winnings controversy.
2014-10-26 08:33
this team needs mosbeck to be the ultimate onliner team. if they were on eu fnatic would ve never won a match.
2014-10-25 16:11
ty for 143$ Denial! :D
2014-10-25 17:34
"Just days after picking Nick "nitr0" Cannella up, Denial took the lead in the series with a 16-13 victory on de_cache..." So was the 16-13 win on de_season or de_cache? It says season in the headlines, but it says cache in the article. I was just confused haha.
2014-10-25 20:26
Denial is solidifying themselves as the 3rd best team in NA. GG's Nitro was a good pick-up it seems...
2014-10-26 05:56
Nahhh, I still think NCG is better cause they perform much better on lan.
2014-10-26 08:52
Well Denial has a new team since playing at CEVO Lan... -Juv3 +nitr0 is a big change. We will see at ESEA Lan how they play at lan with this lineup.
2014-10-27 19:06
Yah but they ironically took away their most lan experienced player. They still have 2 former cheaters (possible 3rd) who are unable to do anything on lan.
2014-10-27 19:12
only because its ONLINE. when shahzam goes to lan.. its a joke
2014-10-26 06:41
i said when area 51 left their orga, Denial would be an even better pickup.
2014-10-26 08:32
2014-10-27 13:59
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