CPH Wolves accuse manager of theft

November 20th, 2014 01:00

Copenhagen Wolves' CS:GO division have accused former team manager Johnathan "Mini" Daniels of stealing $18,000 from the team's ESL One Cologne sticker earnings.

A former manager of Reason Gaming, Daniels was brought in by CPH Wolves to handle the team's day to day affairs, and he was eventually tasked with being the liaison with Valve regarding the stickers for ESL One Cologne.

According to team captain Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander, Daniels was the only one who could cash out the team's sticker earnings, having been the one who uploaded the images to the Steam Workshop.

mini allegedly took $18,000 of the team's sticker money

Due to the team's roster swaps in the wake of the German event, the players' focus was on rebuilding the squad rather than collecting the proceeds from the sticker sale, but shortly before ESWC, Daniels went completely off the grid.

"It came as a shock to me when Pimp called me 2 hours before take-off to ESWC and told me that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels had disappeared," Rossander told HLTV.org.

"He had erased every one of his Steam friends, closed his Facebook account and whenever anyone tried to call him he would block the number.

"I did everything I could to get a hold on him, and at the airport I called him from my girlfriend's phone, and he picked up.

"When he heard my voice his phone “suddenly” stopped working, and he said he could not hear me and hung up. At this moment I realized that he had stolen our money, and I had no clue what to do."

Each player on the team that attended ESL One Cologne was owed approximately $8,500, which means that Daniels had seemingly run off with almost $50,000.

After CPH Wolves' chiefs contacted Daniels, he then called gla1ve and promised to wire the money that was owed to the players and justified his actions with the fact that he was angry at not being able to attend ESWC with the team.

"On Wednesday, me and everyone else had $4,900 in their accounts, so mini had kept $3,600 from every player, which means he had stolen $18,000 from the team," Rossander continued.

"We tried calling him after this, but no one has had any luck getting in contact with him. We again found him on Facebook with his new alias "John Parsonson", but this account has since ben erased by him.

"We have tried everything, from contacting his family to calling him on his home number, but without any luck. Last thing we heard was from his own mother, she told us that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels wasn’t available at the moment, since he was on a vacation.

"At least we now know what he spend the money on, I guess. We have no idea how to take it from here, but we haven not totally given up yet!."

The news will certainly fuel the debate of how the money that teams make from Valve's major events should be handled. Since no contracts were signed and Daniels was the link between the team and Valve, it seems very unlikely that a case could hold in a court of law. 

Below you can find gla1ve's statement in full:

"When we joined up with Copenhagen Wolves we were in great need of a manager who would take care of all the practical stuff during our travels and online tournaments. Johnathan "Mini" Daniels wanted to be a part of our organization, and having heard only good things about him combined with Finn “karrigan” Andersen knowing him as a solid and trustworthy person, from Reason Gaming, one of his former teams, we decided to take Johnathan "Mini" Daniels in as our manager right before ESL Cologne.

"This turned out to be a big mistake. Johnathan "Mini" Daniels seemed to be a nice person in real life, and I think I can easily say that we all got fooled by his two-faced personality, since everyone got along with him. When I look back now, it is pretty obvious to me that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels planned to steal our money from the start.

"His first move was to make sure that he was the one who took care of all the communication with VALVE when it had anything to do with the stickers. Being a former Reason manager Johnathan "Mini" Daniels knew from being with Reason in Katowice that only the person who uploaded images of the logo for the stickers, could cash out the sticker money.

"After ESL One Cologne, Copenhagen Wolves' team fell apart, and we remade it with a new lineup. While Pimp and I had our heads full with sorting everything out with the new lineup, Johnathan "Mini" Daniels wrote me that the money would be on his account soon. At this time no one on the team had much time to communicate with Johnathan "Mini" Daniels, since we had practice and had to prepare for ESWC so it came as a shock tp me when Pimp called me two hours before take-off to ESWC and told me that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels had disappeared. He had erased every one of Steam friends, closed his Facebook account and whenever anyone tried to call him he would block the numbers.

"Knowing that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels had 50.000$ of my team's money, I did everything I could to get a hold on him, and at the airport I called him from my girlfriend's phone, and he picked up. When he heard my voice his phone “suddenly” stopped working, and he said “hello hello can’t hear you” and hung up. At this moment I realized that he had stolen our money, and I had no clue what to do.

"I called Copenhagen Wolves' owner, who contacted some guys in England, where Johnathan "Mini" Daniels lives. They called him and talked to him for around an hour, and then Johnathan "Mini" Daniels realized what he had done.

"All of a sudden his phone worked perfectly and he called me when we landed in France. He told me that he was really sorry about wanting to take the money and that he was just angry that he didn’t get the chance to go to ESWC with the team which he had been looking forward to. Knowing that this guy had 50.000$ of mine I didn’t want to seem mad, but I was, I was very angry. But I told him that I was glad that he changed his mind and made the right decision.

"At this point it was just important to me to get the 50.000$ transferred to the players' accounts. At this point mini owed all of us around 8500$ each and he promised to wire it all at the beginning of the following week. On Wednesday, me and everyone else had $4,900 in their accounts, which means min had kept $3,600 from every player, which means he stole $18,000 from the team.

"I and a lot of other people have tried to call Johnathan "Mini" Daniels after this, but no one has had any luck getting in contact with him. We found his Facebook with his new alias “John Parsonson”, but this one  has since been erased again.

"We have tried everything, from contacting his family to calling him on his home number, but without any luck. Last thing we heard was from his own mother, who told us that Johnathan "Mini" Daniels wasn’t available at the time since he was on a vacation.

"At least we now know what he spent the money on, I guess. We have no idea how to take it from here, but we haven’t totally given up yet!"

Denmark Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossander
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Sweden pyth 
lol :O
2014-11-20 01:00
Watch out pyth. Ill be ballin in my Js baby
2014-11-20 01:15
ban jw from dhw
2014-11-20 04:55
Why the fuck are you not playing competitively ?
2014-11-20 09:33
One day baby, one day ill be the best.
2014-11-20 09:38
Aren't you already?
2014-11-20 10:08
Im a beast, probably the best Gold Nova 4 out there brother. I got no time to put in to a game anymore :/ Work, my team, girls and stuff. You know priorities. But one day.
2014-11-20 10:51
dude cs > all yet im still bad
2014-11-20 12:10
hahahahaha +1
2014-11-20 20:50
Slovenia dn1 
Are you the brother of zneel ?
2014-11-20 15:31
the brother of zneel is r9bban
2014-11-20 16:35
lol csgo scene it became ridiculous
2014-11-20 04:06
this today I visited HLTV after very long period without internet, I was like WTF? KQLY vacced, 50k theft fifflaren lurppis wtf:/
2014-11-20 20:12
:D feels weird right ?
2014-11-20 23:18
Wtf just report him to authorities... why the fuck would someone think that you always have to have some signed papers? there is other proof and it is sufficient to get a penal case started. this could even work as a civil suit but that depends on danish legislation.
2014-11-20 07:12
+1000! But maybe pimp want to teach him a lesson !and beat him to death. You don't f*** with a matafaka PIMP!
2014-11-20 08:10
They said there hasn't been any written contract as such. It was totally about the trust between team and team members. So unfortunately, he cannot be sued.
2014-11-20 08:17
Of course you can. A contract is an offer and an acceptance and not a piece of paper. 99.99% of contracts made are not written down but they are nevertheless enforceable in court. CPW: go sue. And feel free to PM me if you would require a bit of preliminary assistance.
2014-11-20 11:11
"we gave him our money and he ran away with it" "go search for him and bring our money back" yeah, that oughtta work
2014-11-20 12:48
2014-11-20 10:44
Spain thinkii 
2014-11-20 01:01
lol :o
2014-11-20 01:01
France mani^ 
ex Verygames staff?
2014-11-20 01:02
2014-11-20 01:14
maybe he also stole back then?
2014-11-20 03:50
I actually doubt it cause I think NiaK has been the more that kind of guy there and he's been behind this all this entire time, I doubt Mini was the one handling the money stuff.
2014-11-20 06:49
this guy has been everywhere man, I remember him working for vitriolic years ago
2014-11-20 11:04
Peru Op1e 
2014-11-20 01:02
idiots maybe you should learn from your mistakes and don't be stupid and let someone you don't trust/know irl manage your finances.
2014-11-20 01:03
how can you not trust your manager? who has been a manager for various top esports organisations.
2014-11-20 01:04
because "e-sports" is still a joke in many ways?
2014-11-20 02:24
would you trust a "manager" how you trust your mother? no, so stfu
2014-11-20 02:35
does your mother handle your finances?
2014-11-20 09:08
Ofc, these eastern europeans don't move away from home until they are 28 and forced into marriage.
2014-11-20 09:39
good englando
2014-11-20 09:25
obviously for reasons like this may happen lmao
2014-11-20 05:21
and it wont happen if you give the responsibility to a player?
2014-11-20 06:39
I never said you shouldn't trust players either? xD
2014-11-20 16:07
gief it to ceiling cat and it will be fine :o
2014-11-20 17:30
well since it's supposed to go to the players in the end anyway maybe they should just give it to the players??:DD
2014-11-20 17:55
This is the dumbest shit ive Read lol, its not like the pucken up a HOBO from the street to take care of their money..
2014-11-20 01:08
he was a friend of karrigan and vouched by karrigan. rofl karrigan. what is his excuse?
2014-11-20 01:12
ok. sorry who is this kid? a professional with liability? or nah?
2014-11-20 01:16
He was a manager for VeryGames and Reason Gaming for a lot of years, seems obvious that they trusted him. Solution would be to add another guy who is able to check everything. And Mini needs to get the OK from that person.
2014-11-20 03:53
Then they split all the money give nothing to the players and run. What they need are contracts. A duurr.
2014-11-20 05:33
Wow can't he get serious jail time for this?
2014-11-20 01:03
i dont think so since legally VALVe gave the money to the sticker uploader and probably there's no signed paper that said that he should transfer that money to the players rightaway, otherwise he'd be a fugitive lol
2014-11-20 02:07
Yes, absolutely.
2014-11-20 13:33
World rokam 
yeah, another DRAMA, more please!
2014-11-20 01:04
Idd give is more! Feels like lately people started realising there is big money in the Cs scene, and are trying all dirty ways possible to get hold of them first.
2014-11-20 01:28
Germany SPU9 
poor kid...
2014-11-20 01:04
2014-11-20 01:04
2014-11-20 01:04
n1 free moneys
2014-11-20 01:04
he went on VACation
2014-11-20 01:04
hahahaha wellplayed
2014-11-20 01:05
2014-11-20 01:05
Moarrrrrr drama
2014-11-20 01:04
Drama everywhere, csgo scene resembles a cheesy reality tv show atm :DD Sucks for CPH players tho, hopefully they can get their money back.
2014-11-20 01:05
Denmark rizc 
Wait what?!
2014-11-20 01:05
ayy lmao
2014-11-20 01:05
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
lol, what's next ? ChrisJ is not onliner?? Love the drama lately :D
2014-11-20 01:05
Portugal dracø 
lol free skins!
2014-11-20 01:05
2014-11-20 01:06
A case for Judge Judy :-)
2014-11-20 01:06
Document everything and have the guy thrown in jail for theft.
2014-11-20 01:06
They did not document any of the sticker money transfer and money distribution amongst the players, so it is too late really.
2014-11-20 04:37
2014-11-20 01:06
2014-11-20 01:06
2014-11-20 01:07
2014-11-20 01:08
2014-11-20 01:09
2014-11-20 01:07
Mini once upon a time such a nice guy, y u do dis :'(
2014-11-20 01:08
Denmark rizc 
My first thought exactly - WTF? I think i played mixes with that guy in beginning of CS:GO, seemed like a decent guy.
2014-11-20 01:10
Yeah same here man, I even had a mate who was in the same team as him. I heard about this incident a few weeks back but deep down was hoping the rumours were false. HLTV Confirmed I guess :D :(
2014-11-20 01:14
Denmark rizc 
Wow ... That is some messed up shit.
2014-11-20 01:17
Worse for me, i was playing with him everyday right up until the day he disappeared off my friends list. Had no idea he had that in him. Made me feel pretty betrayed honestly cause I considered him a good friend at the time.
2014-11-20 01:58
Money can corrupt people, still unbelievable when it is somebody close to you who you never thought it would be.
2014-11-20 02:16
stfu emilio u are busted!!
2014-11-20 03:10
Stfu you were born in 2003.
2014-11-20 05:38
Yeah shit, I mixed with him once aswell :o Seemed like a nice guy, at the time...
2014-11-20 06:15
He got deep into some drug problems. Don't judge unless you know the full situation.
2014-11-20 10:07
United Kingdom QNo 
Oh, then it's totally okay to steal and betray people.
2014-11-20 10:27
true, you shouldnt judge people, who steals 50k
2014-11-20 12:43
I am sure that no-one really cares about labeling him. The players just want their money back.
2014-11-20 13:47
Unfortantly money does a lot of things to a person :(
2014-11-20 10:46
How you think i feel mate. played daily with the guy for 3 years nearly. prolly one of my best online friends :S
2014-11-20 11:17
for 18.000$? pretty smart
2014-11-20 01:08
ruining your reputation completely for 18.000$ is smart? LOL.
2014-11-20 01:23
Internet reputation ? Who cares about that
2014-11-20 02:23
it is not only internet reputation lol.. when he will try to get a job in the future he's probably will have a hard time getting it, if you google his name this is the very first thing that appears.. so I don't think that stealing 18000 dolars is only "an internet thing"
2014-11-20 02:28
United States berserker~ 
2014-11-20 09:41
If pimp & co. will call the police then Internet reputation will turn as social reputation. So, this isn't the small thing.
2014-11-20 04:22
Italy rbz 
2014-11-20 13:28
that was sarcasm mr ukraine
2014-11-20 02:27
Contact the police?
2014-11-20 01:08
lol k
2014-11-20 01:09
what the fuck this guy, police should arrest this *******
2014-11-20 01:09
no way, he is abroad in some mexico or thailand living like a king, dk police can do shit
2014-11-20 01:14
he will come back. It would be wise to inform the police and press charges against him.
2014-11-20 01:23
he ll bribe police then and run away again. a retarded idea
2014-11-20 01:25
lol wtf, man, you think he can "live like a king" on $18k? and that you can just bribe the police in denmark and he'll be fine? you seriously don't have a clue dude
2014-11-20 02:06
+1 rokam obviously Eastern Europe poster
2014-11-20 02:39
At least he got rid of his american flag. Twas embarrassing that lad..
2014-11-20 02:49
go to asia = forever money
2014-11-20 11:22
I think he can live 3 Yeats in Thailand or somewhere else with 18000$, but i dont know if he is back in denmark I would let him arrest vor drive accidentally over him
2014-11-20 12:54
lol you're amazing
2014-11-20 04:00
Denmark fyhn 
You wont live like a king for long for 18k$, not even in Thailand ^^
2014-11-20 04:30
With 18000$ he can live like a king maybe in Angola. Not even there perhaps. Makor, you are getting dumber every day.
2014-11-20 11:23
because they have no contract, he has technically done nothing illegal :/
2014-11-20 01:35
lol fool, you dont need a contract on paper, oral contract with a handshake is also a contract. you brits are so far behind it s not even funny
2014-11-20 01:44
Romania tr$ 
LOL as if that would stand up in court
2014-11-20 01:51
you tard, be aware each country has different laws
2014-11-20 01:52
im sure he is aware of that, your comment is pretty much retarded, as you just think that danish court of law is the as your country. You need proof such as documents, you can not just arrest people without any grounds, that would be highly illogical.
2014-11-20 02:18
Congratulations. You have discovered a child on the internet.
2014-11-20 05:41
2014-11-20 08:38
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
lol hes right, you dont necessarily need written documents. there are such things as oral contracts which have the same legal consequences ^^
2014-11-20 08:31
No he is not, Oral agreements may work in lower ranked justice systems such as rokam's country. It's not bulletproof as contracts and documents are in a court of law. In this case CPH would appeal to Denmarks justice system as the organisation is registrered there.
2014-11-20 08:37
If a declaration transmitted by telegraph or made orally by an agent is inaccurate as a result of an error on the part of the telegraph service or inaccurate expression by the agent, the person making the declaration is not bound by the declaration as made even if the person to whom it was made acted in good faith. In various kinds of businesses, standard terms and conditions are relied upon during the ordinary course of business. A distinction should be made between agreed documents and unilaterally worded documents, such as terms of business and conditions of sale While agreed documents are generally considered to express the intentions of both parties, the Danish courts will often interpret unilaterally worded documents in accordance with the abovementioned draftsman’s rule if these documents do not express normal trade usage, customs, or the ordinary course of business between the parties. If unilaterally worded documents contain provisions which do not reflect normal trade usage, such provisions must be emphasized to the other party before concluding the agreement in order for the courts not to set such provisions aside.
2014-11-20 08:54
In Denmark an oral agreement is as binding as a written agreement. Though hard to prove, I think CPH Wolves would be able to make a case out of this, seeing how there's a lot of evidence pointing towards "Mini" having stolen the money on purpose.
2014-11-20 09:15
its the same everywhere. oral agreement = contract.
2014-11-20 12:47
bENNY | 
Europe Naitee 
I actually have quite abit of knowledge in this field due to my education/job but #329 pretty much said everything.
2014-11-20 19:31
well so if there is no contract just search him and when he appears beat this retard up
2014-11-20 12:31
If mini seriously did steal that money,ive lost all respect for a good friend..
2014-11-20 01:09
Dear god that suck seriously bad for all the CPH guys ... I feel so sad atm
2014-11-20 01:09
Spain akproxx 
LOL ez money ez life
2014-11-20 01:10
2014-11-20 01:10
btw.. danish cs.... if I say Bluefox? What do you say? xD
2014-11-20 01:11
United States tHm 
Fucking bluefox :D He's still hustling. He got busted for running an underground, illegal poker club or something too, he just never stops.
2014-11-20 11:21
Apparently working with a guy looking for a new org every three months isn't paying off. Poor decision on his part ofc, but also CPH management.
2014-11-20 01:11
made my night
2014-11-20 01:11
LMAO. It's becoming a dirty scene with ddos, hacks to qualify for big tournaments (so big money) and now this.
2014-11-20 01:11
Belgium kLp^ 
2014-11-20 01:12
uRa | 
Morocco urachicho 
Rofl beware from managers in DHW then..
2014-11-20 01:12
MORE DRAMA :DDDDDDDD hltv is more interesting last days then anything else more, more..
2014-11-20 01:12
Costa Rica Gomezio 
2014-11-20 01:12
Sweden Frodo Baggins 
he's the fucking ddosser for skinsssss
2014-11-20 01:13
Rofl, he really wanted a awp dragon lore fn i guess.
2014-11-20 01:14
2014-11-20 01:15
2014-11-20 01:14
World N1CSPlayer 
Real Life Scammer LOL
2014-11-20 01:15
It's just sad, lol. People who actually care about being Manager's, I mean a real manager they don't get the chance to manage cph and other teams for being "unkown" and then some retarded that is known he has the chance to manage some professional team? I mean, people should start spending more time to hiring REAL managers for their teams, that's just my opinion. This is just "LMAO". So he has $20k and now he's gone. Well, say goodbye to ur money I guess :D
2014-11-20 01:17
they made that much money from stickers? holy fuck
2014-11-20 01:18
one thing bothers me: why even give $24500 back? never go full retard - well in this case, he should have done.
2014-11-20 01:18
Here comes the journal "What's in it for the managers?"
2014-11-20 01:18
India transformer 
2014-11-20 03:27
Lurppis pls
2014-11-20 14:32
ez money, ez life, I got rekted.
2014-11-20 01:20
Germany R3cn 
rip [*]
2014-11-20 01:24
Portugal dracø 
time to headshot him
2014-11-20 01:25
2014-11-20 01:28
I can't really imagine his life being easy after this. Lie after lie after lie, all friends and acquaintances left behind, fake identities, this story constantly resurfacing even when he tries to do something legit... Those things bite one in the ass very sharply. Unless you actually stole millions, of course, but that's what politics are used for.
2014-11-20 01:30
hopefully not, he doesn't deserve anything coming easy at least
2014-11-20 01:37
He is done in eSport thats for sure, but nobody will find out about this if he is searching for job for example. I dont know how often people actually search for their job applicants names before job interviews. I just hope this will somehow hunt him as a person and for rest of his life. He might not even a fuck about this, but atleast this shouldnt go unheard.
2014-11-20 01:44
youtube.com/watch?v=d55HohHua8I What Goes Around Comes Around dont worry
2014-11-20 01:55
Bluefox 2.0
2014-11-20 02:15
trust me they do it often, people from HR do some research about their aplicant and in most cases, Facebook and Google are the right place to find weird/dirty stuff
2014-11-20 02:33
Well, I am sure he would have been fine either way. Just be glad he didn't take all the money because the result would have been the same. He'd have the money and there'd be nothing you could do
2014-11-20 02:44
Denmark Sander 
They do very often, my father has a company and when he chose who to get to an interview, he makes some background check. I have several times been contacted by old users on gaming.dk who want some comments deleted because of their future. So i think this will hunt him for some time, but it is still your word against his so he can make up a good story for this :/
2014-11-20 07:49
They do it but it's often superficial. If there isn't something on the first page, they won't dig deeper. So someone has to make sure that when you search for his name, this appears on the front page.
2014-11-20 11:20
dude... he doesn´t give a fck about eSport for 18k...THATS for sure
2014-11-20 16:04
nice friends you have, just wow
2014-11-20 01:46
2014-11-20 02:29
never trust a sAucer you fool
2014-11-20 02:16
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
because a game they played is a big tell on what their personality is like. fucking moron
2014-11-20 03:45
2014-11-20 03:57
2014-11-20 14:31
:( Next time set up another guy so the manager get's double-checked at important stuff like payments. I guess everyone would have trusted him so there's nothing to do in that regard...
2014-11-20 03:57
bet they clicked on some keyloggers
2014-11-20 01:22
2014-11-20 01:23
Rofl sad story. Still the way how Valve sends the money looks unprofessional from what I read here, if it doesn't change it wouldnt surprise me at all to see this kind of story happen again.
2014-11-20 01:23
Well to send the money to the officical manager of the team sounds professional enough for me. the thing is, the team should have their own bank account to which more than just one person has access. something like that.
2014-11-20 01:28
It's the player's money. It should go directly to the players who put the team in the event and in a position to have stickers made to begin with.
2014-11-20 01:31
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal antCB 
it depends on players contracts. it could well be ORGs money, and they (the org) would decide the fate of that money.
2014-11-20 01:42
The contracts should give the money to the player's that earned it. If the Wolves didn't ask for that, then they boned it.
2014-11-20 01:44
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal antCB 
the contracts should do for whatever the terms they agreed upon. I know what you mean, suppose they hadn't yet updated their contracts with the ORG and no sticker money is mentioned there. According to the laws in my country (they're different everywhere else, I suppose), the ORG couldn't be forced to give them any money.
2014-11-20 01:49
They were probably being held under the general "tournament winnings" clause, which is necessary to keep most organizations afloat. But the sticker money is a direct result of the players putting the work in to advance the team through them and into the event. There aren't travel and lodging fees associated with that as long as the quals are online, which they have been and will be for the foreseeable future.
2014-11-20 01:51
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal antCB 
there's also needed compensation for the graphic designers who drew the logo, right? and this is assuming they work for CPWolves and it wasn't some contracted job.
2014-11-20 01:56
Frankly, the logos are usually a one and done deal for a few years with larger orgs. I've only worked with or been in three orgs out of dozens that have had a full time graphics person.
2014-11-20 02:07
You are right that is insane ! I mean you are just a random manager but somehow Valve decides to wire all stcikers money to one same account ... Could have been an even more elaborate theft involving bigger teams
2014-11-20 01:32
yeah idk. btw I guess they had contracts or something regarding stickers money. They should be able to go to the court and get their money back, we aint talking about 100$ here.
2014-11-20 01:33
He should have kept the $50K, if you are going to steal then steal it all and live like a king. y u do this? ;(
2014-11-20 01:24
yea i dont get it, either make amends and give everything back and still have dignity, or steal the full 50k$, get a new life somewhere and start fresh :D
2014-11-20 02:24
lol new life? 50k is a barely enough to buy a room somewhere i don't even know where or a shitty car.
2014-11-20 05:55
2014-11-20 01:24
2014-11-20 01:25
I thought 50k / 5 players = 10k each
2014-11-20 01:25
Org takes some $$$ too.
2014-11-20 15:34
ez stickerz ez lyfe
2014-11-20 01:25
the skin game ain't no joke, it's a deadly hustle
2014-11-20 01:26
y u do dis mini u used to be cool
2014-11-20 01:26
2014-11-20 01:28
Same shit happened with CoD4 VitaNova.org when some dude from UK stole community's money and went on vacation.
2014-11-20 01:29
forgot his name ..
2014-11-20 10:32
His name was vanner
2014-11-20 13:47
Wooouw... Well this guy has actually stolen the money. I don't know how CPH Wolve$ do on paper works and everything, but I guess they can easily prove that they are stolen and report him to some sort of federal/transnational or simply English police department? On the other hand, I believe it sounds much easier than done. And really understand your anger, gla1ve... EDIT: If it was mini who was sitting on the money and thereby the paperwork that comes along with it, it might be harder to prove. BTW I don't get why he would give you the majority back and still run off with some.
2014-11-20 01:42
+1 something is not quite right.
2014-11-20 01:41
Thought the organisation would get the money...not the players.
2014-11-20 01:32
read the article, then you will know.
2014-11-20 01:36
read my comment again..."I Thought".
2014-11-20 01:52
haha Sick:D
2014-11-20 01:32
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Real life scam, rip. Hopefully there is legal action taken against him.
2014-11-20 01:33
2014-11-20 01:34
Norway Magnetic/ 
HAHA he is on VACation with volvo's money
2014-11-20 01:35
what a wonderful day for cs
2014-11-20 01:37
Switzerland Der_Blondi 
He's prolly sniffing some cocaine from boobs of some elite hooker, somewhere at Maldives or similar at the moment.
2014-11-20 01:38
Is playing with Tweeday atm. i.imgur.com/RULg8I6.jpg #rektson
2014-11-20 01:38
2014-11-20 01:39
why would you steal 18k if you could steal 50k for less effort? what an idiot :D
2014-11-20 01:42
a brit mate, a brit, they are not the best thinkers :D
2014-11-20 01:50
2014-11-20 10:58
"Since no contracts were signed and Daniels was the link between the team and Valve, it seems very unlikely that a case could hold in a court of law." What century is this? Of course they can hold a case without a contract.
2014-11-20 01:43
uk has retarded law, different than continental europe, they are still in dark ages in case of law
2014-11-20 01:51
It might be, but I doubt a case can't be held without a contract, considering UK's constitution is partly unwritten.
2014-11-20 02:30
Studying economical crime here i Norway, i also find it very strange that this would not hold. In Norway he would literally have to believe himself that the money was righteously his, and even if not, he would probably fall to the law "he should have known" then you also have contract laws, that include spoken agreements. "Like buying a gold necklace from ebay without receipt and getting convicted for laundering"
2014-11-20 09:17
Used the money to buy Skins to bet on CSGL
2014-11-20 01:43
what a jealous piece of $h17 ! "I'm just angry that I didn’t get the chance to go to ESWC with you guys" (so I'll keep the damn money for myself as a reward....) seriously ?!?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF EXCUSE IS THAT ?!?!?!?!?! I'm sure his mom is covering him :/ god damn, you cant trust no one these days!! PS: hope this goes to court, just for the fun of it ;)
2014-11-20 01:44
what the feck? :D
2014-11-20 01:44
force him to sell his body for money and make p1mp his manager. real convenient imo
2014-11-20 01:49
aayyyy lmao
2014-11-20 01:50
hahahah scammmer ez scam pz lyfe stat ak fire fn inc :D
2014-11-20 01:50
2014-11-20 01:51
2014-11-20 01:53
Report for scam confirmed.
2014-11-20 01:55
more money more problems, lets remove skins
2014-11-20 01:56
L O L O L mini used to be cool tho :(
2014-11-20 01:58
bad news, some players get fucked good news, teams will all change their behavior to avoid this crap in the future
2014-11-20 01:58
I remember him when he was in verygames, he used to be so fucking cocky because he was a towel boy for the team. He kept accusing us of cheating because no body knew who we are. such a faggot, id be happy to punch him for everyone in cw.
2014-11-20 02:01
If you have his address PM me it, pay me £2000 of the money and I'll collect the rest for you :-)
2014-11-20 02:03
Look at this guy, acting all tough on the internet
2014-11-20 03:13
Well he theoretically broke the law, a lot of verbal agreements (seen in the majority of courts of law as binding contracts) among other things.
2014-11-20 11:47
You would just go on vacation with that 2k.
2014-11-20 03:18
VACation Kappa
2014-11-20 06:00
stupid mini not for stealing but to giving back the majority LOL At least steal everything go to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, get some tan, bang some chicks , come back , with still 14K, buy a car , get a life HF If i was in your place i would do the same gg wp:) And i dont think they can do anything about it , since its money from skins and stickers and so on. Steam doesnt care/ Its like scamming a guy, he cant report you on police and make you go to court ;D Its the same thing here
2014-11-20 02:06
you are definitely retarded.
2014-11-20 03:19
naive much ? Money makes the world go around in case you didnt know
2014-11-20 20:15
Never go full retard
2014-11-20 03:41
naive much ? Money makes the world go around in case you didnt know
2014-11-20 20:15
Nice C/P - Nothing to do with being Naive.
2014-11-21 00:19
so free 18k for you its retarded , is that right ?
2014-11-21 01:27
2014-11-21 01:30
I would smile if a thread informed me you have died a horrible accidental death.
2014-11-20 13:54
naive much ? Money makes the world go around in case you didnt know
2014-11-20 20:15
How is what I said naive. Retarded much? I know how the world works. I just think youre a dick.
2014-11-20 20:18
so, if somebody just gave to you 18K, and you had 2 options : 1st run with the money and never see thoose guys again 2nd give them the money, and stay with them ,even tho at any time you can be "fired" or not Its not 100 euros, its 18k ffs xD In my country, thats around 38 Months of hardwork :D
2014-11-20 20:22
I wouldn't do it, but perhaps that's because I've always had plenty of money. Even if you aren't very wealthy, youre a dickhead.
2014-11-20 20:24
im not very wealthy but i cant complain about my lifestyle ^^ Even tho , i think i would do the same , 18k its always 18k. Thats like a free vacations and a average car ; a "good" car ; and a lot of things you can buy with 18k xD
2014-11-21 01:27
It's still robbing money from people that trusted you and called you a friend.
2014-11-21 01:27
yeah i know, but thats a moral question which you have to deal yourself nothing more.
2014-11-21 01:30
And I consider people that cross the moral line to enrich themselves futile to society and thus would like them to be removed from it. By death or any other means.
2014-11-21 01:31
yeah, start to save some money to kill 80/90% of the population in the world LOOOL
2014-11-21 01:36
I never said I was going to, only saying I wouldn't mind them dying. Only if they were poor enough to not be able to afford basic living condition, I'd mind.
2014-11-21 01:38
Sooo much drama surrounding a game. Why can't we just can't be friends andd play the game we love so much.
2014-11-20 02:05
but... but... skins & money...
2014-11-20 05:02
Estonia rYm 
typical manager
2014-11-20 02:09
2014-11-20 02:09
Find him and fuck him up....
2014-11-20 02:10
2014-11-20 02:12
Just shows how unprofessional most CS organisations nowadays are. Is CPH Wolves even an officially registered company (like mousesports, fnatic, SK, Alternate, etc)? Was he under contract? Did they use the company's banking accounts or were they stupid enough to use some private banking account? In first case they could sue this guy easily for embezzlement and he would be fucked (not only would he have to pay back everything, the fine for embezzlement are extremely high and in some countries he might even end up in jail, and with a fucked up Criminal Records Bureau check like that there's is no way he could ever make career). In second case: GGWP CPH Wolves, you lost. edit: Is "embezzlement" actually the correct translation? Freaking weird..sounds like something from snoop dog.
2014-11-20 02:22
Worst case they could always report him to HM revenue and customs (irs uk). I doubt he declared the 50K coming in from valve inc ^^
2014-11-20 08:46
"...Since no contracts were signed and Daniels was the link between the team and Valve..." rofl CPH wolves seems like a pretty professional organization
2014-11-20 02:13
I know right what was he being paid anyway?
2014-11-20 02:31
MIRAA, for the future, when you are using a quote that contains a mistake always put [s!c] after the word which contains the mistake. This indicates that it was the person who did this and not yourself while writing the article.
2014-11-20 02:19
mini penis
2014-11-20 02:24
money ruining the scene...
2014-11-20 02:28
he spent all the money on some dragon lores and m9 slaughters with ebola pattern
2014-11-20 02:29
ill buy one m9 ebola pattern right now
2014-11-20 07:44
This gonna be gud.
2014-11-20 02:38
this guy is the worst piece of shit i've ever seen on e-sports... it's shocking to me reading this, bcause its the 1st time i see this kind of shit on e-sports, u see this on the government, u see this on football and other sports... but never on e-sports... this guy has a MARK for the rest of his life, and if i were karrigan(much more angry they met theirselves in reason, karrigan trusted him) or one of those guys... i'll hunt him, search him... try to face him face 2 face... give him a lesson
2014-11-20 02:45
2014-11-20 02:47
Np guys,this idiot is over with eSports and probably he will be fked for the rest of his life. motar2k will pay the 5 players , np.
2014-11-20 02:59
lol about motar... top streaming donator, that guy is pretty rich!!
2014-11-20 03:18
United Kingdom OBLewis 
pimp go fuck this scammer up pls
2014-11-20 03:02
No doubt now that CS:GL must close. Kappa.
2014-11-20 03:03
2014-11-20 03:08
2014-11-20 03:25
hahahah but seriously, this is some gangster type G-Unit shit. especially the part where he is deleting all his accounts, friends haha and taking new aliases. lmao.
2014-11-20 03:19
Zeus | 
Russia cann0n 
real Danish omg just 18 k ... omg Denmark !
2014-11-20 03:19
Mini is british doe.
2014-11-20 03:24
2014-11-20 03:24
damn that CSGL addiction...
2014-11-20 03:34
Zeus | 
Russia cann0n 
Jail him or getting in court at least
2014-11-20 03:35
what a p.o.s (hltv confirmed)
2014-11-20 03:52
I hope cphw gear up with m4's and ice his b17ch a$$
2014-11-20 03:53
lock this guy up for theft... cmon.
2014-11-20 03:57
wtf really, Mini?
2014-11-20 03:57
Die stealers
2014-11-20 04:03
Lol to much drama lately. I'm sitting eating popcorns. Tbh just camp him and wait to stab his stomach.
2014-11-20 04:09
Does $18,000 even pay for a year's worth of rent in Copenhagen? What a fucking scumbag, not only he cashed out on trust he had built for a long time but completely shut himself out of an industry over peanuts.
2014-11-20 04:10
Interesting news we have here.
2014-11-20 04:25
BURN HIM AT THE STAKE... o wait, we don't do this anymore right? ... :(
2014-11-20 04:31
I do
2014-11-20 10:04
Denmark fyhn 
Hai guys! I'm looking for a team attending DHW to manage! I'll handle stickers and that sort of thing, don't you worry about that. Contact me at GeT_rIcH_oR_d1E_tRyIn@gmail.com.
2014-11-20 04:33
hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=672631#r671.. "What I was robbed 0_o and I didnt even know :D:D:D" Fetish didn't even know about this? Doesn't sound like they were handling this thing very well :D
2014-11-20 04:53
f0rest | 
Portugal KSED 
Different teams, mate.
2014-11-20 11:13
India c0rvus 
How could anyone do this ? This was unexpected from a guy like him. Why only $18K? If I was in his shoe I would've stolen the whole $50k. Yes.
2014-11-20 05:05
wow just wow
2014-11-20 05:14
skilled csgo scammer
2014-11-20 05:22
2014-11-20 05:31
Wait? How can you not sue him for this?! How come there has to be a contract for fraud? I mean this guy sued somebody for scamming a knife: fragbite.se/cs/news/35595/svenska-mattia.. How come a case of 18.000$ doesn't hold up in court?
2014-11-20 05:55
Well, considering there is a very small chance that he will have to answer for his actions, he pulled that off pretty well, even though it was probably the biggest douchebag move he could have made and his reputation is forever tarnished.
2014-11-20 06:02
unbelievably pathetic
2014-11-20 06:06
LMAO, ppl still don't understand that CS is and always will be the most shadiest competitive video game, it's 2014 and shit like that still happens lmao.
2014-11-20 06:06
Hahah so funny, managerito had climax of his life ;D For real some scumbag manager happens to notice some cash on his account decides to "depart" most likely wanking on his lovely new laptop at his mom's house for some inet bitches ;D Get life get a real job not a team like cph wolves to "manage" they are so semi pro... fuck this... valve sticker money really just causes more problems than anything good.
2014-11-20 06:10
Next step is manager joins ISIS
2014-11-20 06:28
This is fucking sad. Valve should really just distribute the sticker money manually to all the players that deserve it. There should be no fucking middle mans. Also, NEVER trust anybody from online, no matter how good their reputation might be or how nice of a person they might appear to be. People are fucking shady in eSports, that's just the sad truth. Most of the people who work in eSports just failed at life and have nothing better to go off from. They're mostly just a bunch of freeloaders that call managing a team "work". Pfft.
2014-11-20 06:39
... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... I think after 15 times mentioning his name readers would have understood if you just wrote "Daniels". Anyway, sad that this kind of stuff happens.
2014-11-20 07:20
Its taken from the statement. You never often change a statement no matter how stupid it is written. Sometimes you dont even change the typos in them as well due to legitimity. But yeah. Its killing the mind :P
2014-11-20 08:57
its very clear to me that neither of you knows fuckall about keyword percentages and such. Gla1ve defo had a plan with writing his statement as he did. The statement is not stupid, its actually smart. And Aciz i do belive that you just helped the cause a bit! Gla1ve most likely appriciates!
2014-11-20 10:03
It's actually pretty smart. When people search for those exact words, there is a higher chance it will come up higher on the search. Meaning that if people in the future google his name to do some background checking, they are more likely to find this.
2014-11-20 10:11
Hmm, didn't think about that. Well, brain was slow at this time at morning :D
2014-11-20 10:16
You don't trust someone with freaking 50.000$ without a proper contract that would hold up in court. I would barely trust my closest friends to just hold 50000$ for me, let alone some dude you know from the internet. No matter how "nice" he is.
2014-11-20 07:37
You got scammed noobs Kappa
2014-11-20 07:43
valve should really work on these sticker money contracts from now on so this doesnt happen again and money goes directly to the players,and why did he not wait for a another major he could of have stolen more money :O
2014-11-20 07:46
Dumb bitch , probaly regretting all this shit now... Maybe he was in some kind of money crisis and he couldnt resist the chance.
2014-11-20 08:37
lol cheaterinos & robberinos
2014-11-20 07:49
vacation with stolen money, so swaglicious
2014-11-20 07:54
2014-11-20 07:59
lol best scammer ever
2014-11-20 08:07
I just can't understand, if there is such a big money in the game, why the fak youre not going to sign any faking paper? COME ON DANES!
2014-11-20 08:07
SS or didn't happen =D
2014-11-20 08:13
Honest to be i thought danish people are fair and honest.
2014-11-20 08:18
Hes not danish
2014-11-20 08:34
I read it again, anyway report him to the authorities
2014-11-20 08:51
Would really make sense if the danish ddos problems cool down for abit now...
2014-11-20 08:34
Let them always sign a contract if money is involved :)
2014-11-20 08:42
The problem would be solved if the money ONLY could be paid out to a' real firm and not to individuals.
2014-11-20 08:52
good old NoA days are back where managers do stupid things :(
2014-11-20 08:54
Sounds like Blue Fox story ;)
2014-11-20 08:56
Maybe just SUE HIM!? Also i have no idea how stupid someone can be to steal $18,000. Its not enough to do anything and u can go to the jail. Remember if u want to steal, steal like $1,000,000 and start new life.
2014-11-20 08:58
didnt knew that scammer goes to VACation
2014-11-20 08:59
Damn this hobbit theif :E Hope this get solved. 1UK ·(Money + eSports)^2 + Immaturity = the eSport scene overall.
2014-11-20 08:59
damn he's on vacation LOL
2014-11-20 09:05
thats what whappens when you give kids to much money
2014-11-20 09:09
miniscammer ace )))))
2014-11-20 09:12
Finland DessuHopo 
Why would you not put someone in a very trusted position under contract? that way you always have some leverage when it comes to legal-things like this. No contract usually means no job,so was this a hobby for him and he got his money from somewhere else?
2014-11-20 09:21
This is why CS:GO never will be as big as Leauge of Legends and Dota... I feel sad for Wolves and hope they'll get their money back.
2014-11-20 09:23
money is not that important important to understand that there are lots of such "first good looking" guys who can easily steal everything from everyone and such people should be in prison for like 18000 years )))))
2014-11-20 09:27
they trust him, but this cunt is a typical kid who doesnt respect other people and what is important he doesnt respect his former friends
2014-11-20 09:30
Not at all. Does royal club's management from LoL ring a bell for you? This issue is easy to fix, by valve giving the players their money directly and not through the management. Or, they could have contracted the deal which would have made this eligible for a law suit and the guy would be in jail for fraud. While this is a horrible situation, I don't think you can use that to determine CSGO's growth.
2014-11-20 10:17
i agree that contract is useful thing in every organisation,but it looks like they didnt even care about making a contract with him so they get what they get
2014-11-20 10:50
ahaha LOL
2014-11-20 09:37
well this is bigger than the stolen laptop LOL
2014-11-20 09:44
322 - Next Level
2014-11-20 09:54
ahahaha cheeky bastard :D
2014-11-20 09:59
I'm so fed up with these stickermoney scumbags ffs!
2014-11-20 09:59
UK scene finally got some international moneys :D
2014-11-20 10:04
wow what a shocker.
2014-11-20 10:07
good job i would have done the same !!
2014-11-20 10:12
Las Vegas baby
2014-11-20 10:17
You can absolutely take this to court, despite there being no official contract. Get a lawyer asap.
2014-11-20 10:25
Yo Pimp, pay me enough money, i come over with gipsy friends and hunt him, and then deliver him to you... u're choice !
2014-11-20 10:30
8500x5 is not 50k. Stop saying it's 50k. No wonder you guys got ripped off- can't even do basic arithmetic.
2014-11-20 10:38
prolly rest gors to cphw itself? dno
2014-11-20 10:56
No. They just can't add. Lulz
2014-11-20 17:57
Most likely contract is not even needed. UK cant have that bad justice system. Its pretty evident what that money for meant for. Enough witnesses and tracking of money transfers should make this pretty clear. Secondly, NEVER EVER EVER EVER * 100 trust somebody when money is involved. I feel sorry for you guys, but its partly or even mostly you own fault and the price you paid is a lesson in life. (sorry to say this) Thirdly, there is probably a reason why he sent some of the money back (in his mind anyways). Otherwise, he should have kept it all. I would immediately makes this police matter. I would definitely do that. He IS NOT solely under UK law if he worked for a foreign company.
2014-11-20 10:57
France rsi_rise 
Money money money...
2014-11-20 11:04
France -huhu- 
lel no contract and since he was the only one who could cash out the team's sticker earnings, having been the one who uploaded the images to the Steam Workshop. owned.
2014-11-20 11:04
did everybody miss this England POWERFUL friends? "I called Copenhagen Wolves' owne, who contacted some guys in England, where Johnathan "Mini" Daniels lives. They called him and talked to him for around an hour, and then Johnathan "Mini" Daniels realized what he had done.
2014-11-20 11:04
i just posted that u maddafaka ahahahahahaha no, simply u cant miss that D:
2014-11-20 11:10
"I called Copenhagen Wolves' owne, who contacted some guys in England, where Johnathan "Mini" Daniels lives. They called him and talked to him for around an hour, and then Johnathan "Mini" Daniels realized what he had done." Yeah, "some guys", the good mafia punching him just like the old school until he realizes what he had done :DDDDD
2014-11-20 11:10
The real crime here is that CPW made $8500 each for playing terribly at a tournament...Im about to make a team and just get raped in every match at dhw and still come home with enough money to support myself for 6-8months...
2014-11-20 11:13
Poland sajlent 
first of all, you need to qualify
2014-11-20 11:19
first of all, i was being sarcastic...but honestly being a gamer nowadays is the dream job if ur good. I cant imagine how much money fnatic is making right now...
2014-11-20 14:22
Poland sajlent 
still pasha is earning more than them together :D
2014-11-20 14:27
yea thats really awesome for him...i wonder how much he actually made this year
2014-11-20 14:30
2014-11-20 12:36
Call police?
2014-11-20 11:15
Austria gex0r 
esport club structures and player attitude need to grow up with csgo!
2014-11-20 11:18
Poland sajlent 
le shit storm has begun youtube.com/watch?v=t3uAdC6xkEY
2014-11-20 11:18
Fuck calling the police dramatize it more, beat him up
2014-11-20 11:30
easy money
2014-11-20 11:44
hes going to get the dragon lores lol
2014-11-20 12:03
Sweden PPH 
2014-11-20 12:07
I'd still like to hear/read what he has to say about that. Let alone the fact that he actually send them money (even though not all of it) sounds pretty odd to me. If someone steals, why doesnt he take all of it. He more or less passed already the hazzle of trying to get away with it. He cant really expect to be left alone by transferring only 66% of the money, does he? oO Strange stuff is going on in peoples minds
2014-11-20 12:14
i think it is related to some underworld rules so he have to return some $ but not need for all of the $. "I called Copenhagen Wolves' owne, who contacted some guys in England, where Johnathan "Mini" Daniels lives. They called him and talked to him for around an hour, and then Johnathan "Mini" Daniels realized what he had done.
2014-11-20 12:42
Maybe he has some money problems
2014-11-20 12:56
He went in bankation fo sur
2014-11-20 12:17
2014-11-20 12:21
report him to HM Revenues, he hasn't paid tax on that money surely, you wont get your money back but he will get FUCKED.
2014-11-20 12:28
Why doesn't the money of the stickers go trough the organization like they do for price money from the events since you pay less taxes (no idea if they could pay less taxes for the stickers)? If he goes on vacation i don't think so he can spend 18K like that so they will need a way to contact the guy asap.
2014-11-20 12:29
nice i'd do the same
2014-11-20 12:30
How can they _not_ know what to do? Lol. It's a crime, report it to the police...
2014-11-20 12:45
this :)
2014-11-20 13:00
After initially being told by the players that Johnathan had blocked every single member of our organisation and team’s phone, Skype, Facebook and Steam my immediate reaction was disbelief, this was a guy all of our players had nothing but praised. I reached out to some personal friends of mine from the United Kingdom and gave them his phone number, hoping they could talk some sense into him before this thing became public. I contacted people he had worked with before in his eSport career and generally was trying to find any way possible to get to talk with him. That same evening, I succeeded. It was a clearly distressed person that called me up later that day, claiming that he had never intended to steal the money and still had the full amount on his account. Given the delicate situation we were in, I tried to be as reasonable and forgiving as possible. He told me that he would immediately wire the money to every single player, all I had to do was provide the bank information to him since he had no desire to communicate with the players directly. I provided him with the needed information and he promised me he would send over screenshots and confirmations of the transfers as soon as they were sent. This was the last I heard from Johnathan, as he afterwards blocked my phone number and every single one of the people who I had asked to reach out to him. We were happy to hear that the players were starting to receive money, though sadly far from the amount that they should have. We have since tried several ways of getting in contact with Johnathan but without any luck. fragbite.se/cs/news/36161/ledningen-vi-h..
2014-11-20 13:17
why not go to police?
2014-11-20 13:21
"Since no contracts were signed and Daniels was the link between the team and Valve, it seems very unlikely that a case could hold in a court of law. " sad for them if it's true...
2014-11-20 13:34
2014-11-20 13:45
Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... and then a bit more Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... Johnathan "Mini" Daniels ... What a douchebag he is btw, hope the best for wolfes
2014-11-20 13:52
2014-11-20 14:14
"This time next year we'll be millionaires!"
2014-11-20 14:15
I was angry that i didn't get to go to ESWC with you guys so I stole $50k from you... What a sack of shit.
2014-11-20 14:16
NiKo | 
Slovakia DRUGI 
Hahahha, what a prick :D I don't know why, but I am laughing at it sooooo much :D
2014-11-20 14:22
2014-11-20 14:38
I suggest teams to do it like this in the future: - Upload the skins with either the official account of the organization or the team's captain; - Then share revenues accordingly by adding the Steam accounts of each player which was active; - Once it's accepted, it can't be changed, so from this point on you'll be safe.
2014-11-20 14:33
:DD ez money
2014-11-20 14:38
ahahaha :D:D:D:D
2014-11-20 15:01
Well this just goes on to show that you need contracts for everything regarding money. Especially in e-sports. Cant just blatantly trust anyone, so frankly they brought this on themselves.
2014-11-20 15:34
you need contracts for everything regarding money This.
2014-11-20 18:03
bad but... smart move from him oO for that money
2014-11-20 15:58
thats not smart thats just bold and brazen.
2014-11-20 18:55
2014-11-20 16:50
:( So that's why he's not on steam anymore
2014-11-20 19:02
2014-11-20 20:24
lol one of his aliases: "CW mini NEED CPH STICKERS"
2014-11-21 00:21
vk.com/c5g0andd0ta2?w=wall-81012222_6 qq all new grypa 3axodite cmotrite podpisbIBaitecb )))
2014-11-21 02:24
2014-11-25 06:20
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