HellRaisers confirm B1ad3 as coach

HellRaisers have confirmed that dAT Team captain Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy has been brought in as a coach ahead of DreamHack Winter.

HellRaisers are currently preparing for the Swedish major as they look to end the year on a high note after a series of mixed results, which resulted in the addition of hot-shot Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

After crashing out of ESWC in the quarter-finals, the Ukrainian team only managed to qualify for DH Winter through the last-chance online qualifier, in which they beat ALTERNATE and myXMG.

HellRaisers have now secured the servives of Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy as they believe the experience of dAT Team's captain will boost the team's chances of success at the upcoming major.

B1ad3 to help HR prepare for DH Winter

In Jönköping, the Ukrainian team will take on fnatic, Cloud9 and Bravado Gaming in the opening stage, with the North American side being their first opponent of the tournament.

Below you can find a video interview with B1ad3 (with English subtitles) in which he explains what his coaching role consists of.

Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
World tod1 
2014-11-23 03:14
incoming HR player ban, b1ad3 emergency back-up like Titan with ioRek
2014-11-23 05:37
blad3 cl_emotions 0
2014-11-23 08:33
2014-11-23 13:19
2014-11-23 03:14
n1 boise
2014-11-23 03:14
2014-11-23 03:15
+1 :):):)
2014-11-23 07:32
you are gay? :)
2014-11-23 09:58
I read "b1ad3 vac banned" i should leave this damn site
2014-11-23 03:15
2014-11-23 03:16
b1ad3 vac banned
2014-11-23 03:18
World oml 
Will you switch your Pick em' from C9 to HR now? ;D
2014-11-23 03:18
wasn't you vacced too?
2014-11-23 09:14
2014-11-23 08:09
2014-11-23 03:15
I like how this moron "B1ad3" says cloud9 is "over-rated" and "not a top team". dAT was atrocious on lan. Did he go positive in a single match?
2014-11-23 03:23
hltv.org/?pageid=246&playerid=472&eventi.. so much red. B1ad3 makes michael3d look like get_right.
2014-11-23 03:25
he said americans are overrated. which is even more funny considering they got owned by iBP at cologne.
2014-11-23 03:26
Thanks for pointing that out hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=17531&gamei..
2014-11-23 03:28
2014-11-23 04:24
Also last time these teams met C9 (coL back then) sent dem ruskies packing their bags. It was a bo3 too.
2014-11-23 04:28
LOL HR almost lost to dAT at eswc qualies #ruskilpgic
2014-11-23 09:52
they dont want to cancel DreamHack so they wont ban just yet #conspiracies
2014-11-23 20:07
this moron blad3 won bronze wcg medals
2014-11-23 09:59
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
so? he's still low
2014-11-23 11:07
u r low and retard.zip it
2014-11-24 11:04
I can understand you defending your country, and I think that Americans aren't over-rated. He has the point though, and he never said he was good with dAT. He only showed his confidence with HR.
2014-11-23 10:13
Wow, that murican bh, what's your point? He didn't say a thing about his team. Is it the truth that sets your ass on fire?
2014-11-23 12:46
Solid hltv.org esque response. Clap clap.
2014-11-23 16:02
I mean, c9 for me is much like HR in terms of their game. I sympathize with all of the c9 players, but they are not so good at tactical aspect, like dignitas or nip
2014-11-24 20:04
gl guys! :D
2014-11-23 03:24
sounds good. GL
2014-11-23 03:25
1 mic ...
2014-11-23 03:25
Belarus 4rz 
1 girl...
2014-11-23 10:23
blade is an extremely smart guy. I'm hoping the players listen to him and have enough trust to use his tactics... he is like the CIS version of pronax
2014-11-23 03:38
moar then pronax,believe me
2014-11-23 09:50
Kinda sad he hasn't acheived anything yet with dAT, they need more experience on lan against top teams
2014-11-23 12:50
similar story for pronax before Dreamhack, went like 10 years in 1.6 with no major.
2014-11-23 13:57
GL@DHW boyz!
2014-11-23 03:39
no matter how good coach they got,the invidual skill of HR players(expect simple) is way too low
2014-11-23 03:47
true, but actually markeloff and dosia can step up when needs
2014-11-23 03:51
United Kingdom Alth 
Are you out of your mind? Hellraisers have one of the most individually skilled lineups in the professional scene. The issue they have is that they don't have the team play and tactical aspect to be able to exploit the ridiculous aimers they possess.
2014-11-23 07:55
Twistzz | 
Latvia `DinGo 
2014-11-23 08:04
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
sure, if we talking about cs1.6
2014-11-23 11:09
Alright pal.
2014-11-23 11:48
2014-11-23 08:09
markeloff and dosia are beasts on lan wtf u want?
2014-11-23 09:29
are you completely retarded? individual skill of each player is really high
2014-11-23 10:53
Russia Drinkins 
Dont be angry. 90% hltv users think the same: low skill, bad aim, -fifflaren/-kucher. So they understand cs game sense.
2014-11-23 10:59
When dosia is on fire he is fucking nuts. Sadly not that consistent.
2014-11-23 12:06
cool stuff going on
2014-11-23 03:48
Isn't blade a player of lower caliber? and now he'll coach for HR? welp hope it works out.
2014-11-23 03:53
b1ad3 has been known in the ru&ua scene as the best ingame leader for years and years, just saying.
2014-11-23 04:14
I suppose, HR came to him.. alrighty.
2014-11-23 05:33
so why he always gets to play for 2nd tier teams ?
2014-11-23 10:55
Russia Drinkins 
IDK about cs 1.6. about CS GO: Because there are in CIS only 2 teams with sponsors. Only fg 10 players who receive a salary. Navi have already a great igl. HR is a team of friends. Btw her Dat Team is TOP3 team in CIS. And always moves closer to HR. Without sponsors/special motivation.
2014-11-23 11:07
he doesnt, he's always played for top2 ukrainian teams. or the best ukrainian teams, with one single exception - navi.
2014-11-23 14:38
Ukraine LKAT 
Blade is now "a player of lower caliber". But in the past he was one of the best players in Ukraine (and CIS as general), with starix and strike (sltv) he managed to get bronze on WCG 2007 for UA. So, I think, he is experienced enough to be a coach.
2014-11-23 07:50
2014-11-24 11:05
I'll take your word for it, didn't really follow CS scene much back then but everyone seems to give him props for his knowledge of strats and leadership.
2014-11-25 12:40
2014-11-23 03:53
Nice to see an interviewee not afraid to talk some shit and be confident. Even if hes completely full of shit it's much more entertaining than the standard "we are all good teams anyone can win we will try our best" interviews.
2014-11-23 04:02
gl boys
2014-11-23 04:10
I'll just leave this here...youtube.com/watch?v=yh9x-YmxOdE&feature=..
2014-11-23 04:39
2014-11-23 07:49
nice manager hr have there :D
2014-11-23 08:34
North America NaughtyWalrus 
B1ad3! <3
2014-11-23 04:47
lol HR out in groups incoming
2014-11-23 04:55
gl b1ad3
2014-11-23 04:56
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Does this mean dAt team is dead or ... am I missing something
2014-11-23 04:57
Didnt he say something about dat being on a break? Im not rewatching that autistic interview so you can double check yourself.
2014-11-23 07:32
Ukraine LKAT 
Ye, dAT team just took a little break till DH ends
2014-11-23 07:44
a gril <3
2014-11-23 05:26
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
2014-11-23 05:35
"At least, we have Africans." - B1ad3 2014
2014-11-23 05:39
2014-11-23 11:57
France JPK_ 
B1ad3 to coach s1mple on his way to VACation Kappa
2014-11-23 05:56
I really wan't to see them succeed!
2014-11-23 05:59
inb4 they get 16-0'd by bravado
2014-11-23 07:16
Belarus SLB 
haha, r u really??
2014-11-23 10:28
Venezuela cubek 
Big words for a guy who hasn't won anything in his whole cs career (1.6 included).
2014-11-23 07:45
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
top3 wcg, such a noob
2014-11-23 07:50
2014-11-23 13:37
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
s1mple get vac
2014-11-23 08:03
2014-11-23 08:19
wow, nice news
2014-11-23 08:26
HR win dreamhack winter
2014-11-23 08:31
main Blade tip: when ur a on 2v1 situation in your favour, make sure that you don't help your teammate when he's shooting with the enemy
2014-11-23 08:51
they do not help, info 146% :(
2014-11-23 09:06
think he understands the game very well and can make some tweaks to HR yeah good to see tbh shows u that even HR value b1ad3 his knowledge of the game and that dAT are a underestimated team by many
2014-11-23 09:06
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
but i'm still not sure that hr can change, they are pretty much doing same shit for 2 years now. Or his play-style might not fit them at all, ~2 weeks is a small period of time to restructure everything
2014-11-23 10:16
U mean 4 days xd anyways i think it will as he plays kinda like dosia does atleast to me it seems this way.
2014-11-23 10:39
Russia Drinkins 
MB they can not change they playstyle generaly. But for prepare for 2 teams (C9 and Fnatic) its enough time.
2014-11-23 11:15
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
Then its only a one event trick, and even if they get out of groups, he helps them in playoffs and leaves after. HR will stay the same how they where before his coaching.
2014-11-23 11:21
Russia Drinkins 
I try to guess. If the experiment will be successful, Blade will advise HR in the future. Plus Blad3 and HR live and train in one city.
2014-11-23 11:28
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
n1, didn't know that
2014-11-23 11:29
They played a mixed style at ESWC. They had set strats for mirage, overpass not so much but still got 6 rounds as T and their CT side was solid (thanks to s1mple). Nuke against fnatic was horrible, I guess they didnt prepare much on it and losing on inferno to them isnt that bad, it actually suprised me that they even got 11 rounds. Here is an interview they did before ESWC, markeloff talks about their problems so they know whats wrong for longer than 2 weeks: bit.ly/1vBvazN Lets see if it was enough, but I hope it was
2014-11-23 11:39
The interviewer looks like NBK
2014-11-23 09:26
2014-11-23 14:15
She is beautifuel
2014-11-23 09:29
nice english m8
2014-11-23 11:40
waiting for some good strats by HR
2014-11-23 09:32
now VP should bring in kuben as a coach
2014-11-23 09:36
Yet they will fall out on group stage.
2014-11-23 09:38
Actually, they'll have more chances now, considering that they'll most likely face off C9 in the second game, after they beat Bravado.
2014-11-23 13:32
Old info, but its a good one, that guy knows a lot about this game, i mean like alot ALOOOOTT! \m/
2014-11-23 09:41
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
When he was making post game analysis for sltv finals i was sitting there like holy shit dis dude knows what he's talking about.
2014-11-23 10:17
Exactly! its always very hard to play against teams where Andrey were. He is defenetly a mindgenius of this game! Hope it will help HR, they kind of young,)))
2014-11-23 10:22
Can I see that post game analysis somewhere? Also, will I be able to understand it? Meaning - Is it in English or does it have any English subs?
2014-11-23 13:33
Russia Drinkins 
unfortunately, no man :(
2014-11-23 20:13
Russia Drinkins 
:D Same thing. I was impressed.
2014-11-23 11:17
why'd they waste money on a coach? still gonna lose in groups =/
2014-11-23 10:29
why u waist your money on burgers ? still gonna die =X
2014-11-23 10:34
Sri Lanka King Ye 
2014-11-23 11:07
2014-11-23 10:53
I hope this finally sorts the team out. They need a good result soon.
2014-11-23 11:05
I don't think they can pass group stage but good luck HR.
2014-11-23 11:05
Russia Drinkins 
Now, to be ready for game against Hellraisers, opponents have to look twice demos (+ Dat teams)
2014-11-23 11:20
f0rest | 
Lithuania TaigoN 
Time has come for HR to win something big. I hope they will do it in DHW.
2014-11-23 11:20
2014-11-23 11:23
best igl in cis
2014-11-23 11:28
zeus > Blad3
2014-11-23 11:39
very hot grill.. would sex
2014-11-23 11:43
saw it before
2014-11-23 11:46
dat gril
2014-11-23 11:50
I dont see any EN subs.. I am a noob, just found it
2014-11-23 11:54
did u like it?=)
2014-11-23 12:02
Yeah it sounds great. :) +had something to watch while eating breakfast
2014-11-23 12:13
who cares
2014-11-23 12:26
I care
2014-11-23 15:13
good bladeis very good player
2014-11-23 12:33
they know simple will be banned, and change player first .
2014-11-23 12:35
hltv confirmed
2014-11-23 14:38
2014-11-23 15:40
This reporter, wtfffffff
2014-11-23 16:06
Xyp9x | 
Denmark cOcun9 
Im gonna find that grill and satisfielele my self
2014-11-24 11:13
Russia AR4ER 
Nice news,B1ad3 FTW!
2014-11-24 11:18
flamie better :c
2014-11-24 14:47
GL Andrey!!!
2014-11-24 17:53
i hope hr will start winning something =D
2014-11-25 21:07
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