LDLC: "We were mentally strong"

December 4th, 2014 20:31

We took an opportunity to talk to LDLC about all things before, during and after their $100,000-worth triumph at DreamHack Winter.

After a string of 2nd places in tournaments leading up to DreamHack Winter, LDLC managed to win it all at the last major of the year, taking down NiP in the midst of Sweden 2-1.

The Frenchmen also survived a turbulent quarter-final duel with their biggest rivals fnatic, albeit via a forfeit, and then later took down Natus Vincere in the semi-final.

LDLC interviewed by HLTV.org after their big triumph at DreamHack Winter 2014

In our lengthy interview with all five LDLC members, we cover a range of topics from preparation, match analysis, the Overpass fiasco, grand final to individual player contribution, their contracts, upcoming tournaments and the future of CS:GO.

To start off, tell us was there anything missing in your preparation for DreamHack in hindsight? Is there something that you would like to do differently when preparing for the next major?

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: Actually we lacked time to practice the maps better, you may not believe this but our preparation was kind of bad. We felt like we could have done way better, we were all feeling tired of these really intensive 1.5 months of bootcamping / events.

But I think in the end, at least I don't regret any second of the time I spent with the boys. Next time we have to prepare for a tournament we will focus on more communication within the team, as well as maybe some changes in the pure gameplay part, still have to fix some ideas.

Let's go over your run in Jönköping. In the group stage you beat ESC and NiP to advance as first seed. Did you prepare specifically for either opponent? Anything notable, such as anti-strats or good calls that you remember?

Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: Of course, we prepared for both of the matches, not like anti-strats but just by the knowledge of how the team is playing overall and with a big focus on the veto to play maps we are comfortable and strong on.

You played five different maps at DreamHack, all but de_mirage and de_nuke, which you’ve previously played at times. Were you prepared for all seven maps, and how come you didn't play de_mirage in the playoffs?

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: We were prepared on every single map, at different levels. Historically, every team that we have faced had really good results on de_mirage (except for NiP, and mirage was left in the last 3 random maps).

We automatically banned mirage against Fnatic and Na`Vi, regarding how good these two teams are on that map. We had a group and a bracket that helped us avoid nuke and mirage, which are probably our two worst at the moment.

shox takes us through the quarter-final against fnatic 

In the quarter-final you took fnatic down on de_dust2, and were beaten on de_cache. Can you walk us through those two maps? What were the key moments in each game?

Richard "shox" Papillon: Dust2 was a tough game, we were losing 6-9 on the first side and I really think we could have had more rounds. Anyways, after that we really had a great T-side and managed to get all the key rounds so we reached the lead 10-1 and won the first map 16-10. I guess it was a really great T-side from our part.

The key moment in this game was the T pistol round and the T gun round when they were 2 AWPs and we took the round. After that we had the moneycycle with us and we could play our game properly.

After the first map, fnatic decided to play really agressively on cache when we were CT, we didn't really expect that and they had a fast and stack gameplay during their whole T-side, with a really bad moneycycle on our side, we didn't find the solution to block them and we fell 4-11 on the first side.

After that  we knew it will be really hard, even if overall we have a good T side on cache, it wasn't enough to come back from our shaky CT side. The key moment in this game was clearly the CT side, we should have won the pistol round but we failed it and never managed to get few rounds in a row to get some money.

Next up was the now infamous de_overpass game. First of all, what were NBK and kioShiMa’s communications when they were first killed by olofm in the boost spot?

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux: First we thought he was jumping with scout on the B balcony, then we thought it was the boost I made against NiP. Then we realized at 13-13 he could see everyone so we were a bit confused to find a solution, it was too late.

LDLC trying to figure out how fnatic's boost worked

What did you initially think when olofm got those kills from the boost spot? Did you for a second think it may have been some other place, as one of your players ventured there once more to be shot by his SCAR-20? What was your mindset about the situation at the time?

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: We realized where he was about 10 rounds in. Before that, we were just moving targets for him and couldn't do anything; everytime we were going to a bombsite, fnatic were heavily defending it, or we couldn't even reach the entry points!

During the game we tried to adapt by rushing some zones fast, but the general mindset was, at one point, that we were powerless. We couldn't find a single answer to that play and were definitely heading to a loss. It was a very tough side and end of the game.

You clearly went through a wide range of emotions regarding the protest in the fnatic game. Now that the dust has settled, how do you look back on the entire situation? Has your opinion on it changed?

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: Well first I want to say that there are, I think, no hard feelings between us and fnatic, obviously this event didn't put any of us in a comfortable position, but despite being rather young players, we are all adults, and we are smart enough to know we need to put this thing behind us.

I want to personaly apologize to cArn, we all got heated up, and I regret sending a tweet regarding him. It's not an excuse but we were feeling so cut off that we started getting desperate and mad, and we all know we should have handled it with more care, we felt the need to tell everyone our misery at the moment.

I don't want to re-open this case, as I said I want to have some closure about that event, even though it shadowed a part of this amazing tournament. The only thing I would have to say is that DreamHack also could have handled the situation a bit better... Anyway thanks to little robban (Robert) who was really a nice guy.

LDLC didn't expect to meet the new NiP with Maikelele in the final

In the grand final you took on NiP. Were you surprised they got that far? In our pre-event interview, NBK expected NiP to come in and surprise "some teams". Did their play exceed your expectations?

Richard "shox" Papillon: Tbh we didn't expect NiP to go that far even though we saw in the group stage they were clearly better than before. With what HellRaisers showed in the group stage and on internet practices, I think it was a surprise for everyone to see NiP just dominate them in the quarter-final.

For the semi-finals, the first two maps were not surprising at all, but with Inferno as last map, we really thought that Virtus will take it, but NiP showed a perfect CT side and managed to go to the final again. It was really a surprise for everyone I guess to see them go so far with a new player. They had a really good event.

Can you talk us through the first two maps that you split with NiP? On de_dust2 you had a decent defensive half and seemed in control after changing sides. However, on de_inferno you stood no chance. What happened?

Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: We just had a good start on the defensive side so we were able to take a few rounds which is enough for a CT side on dust2 and after that, in T side, everything was good, we were able to win all our duels, the communication in the team was perfect, the rotation etc... everything was just perfect.

But when we changed to Inferno, it was a totally different match and we were another team, NiP played very well, they perturbed us and they won all the keys rounds in the match so it was a one way match for them.

It all came down to de_overpass - again. What were your honest thoughts after scoring four rounds on the terrorist side? Is that along the lines of what you expected? Were you confident you could win it, given a pistol round win?

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux: We had a pretty bad T side, we knew it gonna be really hard to come back, but we never doubt about what we are capable of! There were many rounds I can remember that were so close and so intense, it was really a good match to play.

Happy: "We've said in the briefing before the map that I wanted all my players to give everything they had left"

At 13-15 NiP had two tournament points. What was your plan going into the following round? Who was the most vocal player on the team? What were the things you were telling each other?

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: We were on the CT side, so there are no real "plans", you basically need to hit your shots and make the right decision in the heat of the moment. We've said in the briefing before the map that I wanted all my players to give everything they had left, to cry in the end whether we win or lose, and I think we did exactly that, we were strong enough mentally to overcome our deficit and managed to push into overtime and win the whole thing.

I think the most vocal person on the team at that time was SmithZz, he really showed he wanted the win over anything else.

In overtime scores often flip around as teams spend that two minute break figuring out exactly how to perfectly counter each other. This time your strong defensive play held up, and you managed to close out the game. What were you saying to each other going into the six most important rounds of your career, at least until now?

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux: We just said to keep going like this on CT, they didn't find a solution, we didn't have to push or whatever, just trust each other at each bombsite like during the come back, we just needed to secure now and finish the match on T side.

What were you thinking during the one-on-one situation in the final round of first half of overtime? How relieved was the team after you won that round?

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: Well I remember that round exactly, we were 2v1 but Maikelele killed NBK, then I was coming up from CT spawn. I flashed him and I knew he was going to take a shot, so i waited, peaked after he shot, and killed him when he tried to CZ me down. It was a pretty exciting moment but I was feeling really confident to be honest so I don't feel it was such an important moment. It just boosted the team confidence I would say.

NBK was the motivator throughout the tournament 

A question for each - Can you all pick one player and talk about his contribution to the team at DreamHack Winter? Talk about his roles, any key moments you may remember, etc - anything memorable.

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: Well, it was my first major with Happy. As everyone knows, he's the leader of the team and contributed a lot. Although I rarely saw him staying alone on a server to study tactics, he always managed to come with new ideas and new tactics! And regarding the event, he's been brilliant. He has been able to both out-smart our opponents by his tactical choices and by his gamestyle. So let's say that I'm pretty happy baiting for him, and to let him kill everyone! ;D

Richard "shox" Papillon: Well I will talk about NBK, he had been really constant the whole tournament but he really stepped up his game when we needed him like in the semi-final and the grand final. Moreover, I know Nathan from a few teams now and he did what he usually doesn't really do. When we were in the circle before our games, he always said some key words and pointed out things that are important and what we have to be focused on.

He had a really good mentality during the whole tournament and helped us a lot with the team-spirit. Moreover when you have someone like him in the team who you can leave alone in any situation, he'll always get 1 or 2 kills which are so important, that's just a gold mine.

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: I will pick out ... It's actually really hard because during this event all my teammates had a really good personality and mental approach to the tournament. I will pick all of my team, I will not say this one gave more than anyone else. NBK gave crazy speeches before games that I never seen him do before, Shox knew how to adapt totally to his new role within the team and he did it brilliantly, kioShiMa had crazy skilled moments especially during the final and SmithZz gave his heart out during the games. Obviously I forgot a lot of things, but I can tell you I witnessed my team turning from one of the best into simply the best one, and it was magical to see.

Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: I want to talk about shox, he is not the same player as before in the other teams, in this one he is the mid round caller, he has a lot of responsibilites on his shoulders and he is doing the hard job, things like being first in a rush (and he hates that) but he does it for the good of the team and that's the point I want to push on. That's what we want in our team, trust each other and everyone can do the work.

According to SmithZz, kioShiMa will be one of the best players next year

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux: I would say Kio, he's the least experienced player in the team and I'm really proud of him. I'm playing really often with him on defense, he did his job, even more sometimes. I can remember at 14-7 when we were force buying against NiP on overpass, we had 2 CZs on A, and he managed to get 1 kill and put the other two on low health. That was the turning moment of the match for me. 

I'm sure he will keep improving and he will be one of the best player of the next year!

This must feel like the ultimate validation that you made the right choice when the French scene was shuffled in September. With KQLY now VAC banned, was there ever a scenario in play where he would have landed in your team?

Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux: I think we have a really good lineup, there is a really good mood in the team, everything is perfect. We made the right choice and we are all happy with this line up, couldn't have been better!

NBK tweeted in disappointment once MLG announced NiP had been invited to the Aspen event instead of your team. Does this win only add insult to injury in a sense? Have you been in direct contact with MLG about possibly receiving a delayed invitation?

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: Yes, I have been in contact with MLG very briefly. I sent a full mail describing our team, our achievements and stuff like that. The only answer we received was when they announced publicly that NiP and Fnatic were invited. Sadly, very few teams have got their numbers regarding social medias and popularity! So that choice was understandable, but still frustrating as a player. Also add to the fact that we had to qualify for every event beforehand. But the beginning of a team is always tough; now I hope we proved ourselves!

At that time, NiP were on their downfall and weren't really deserving the invite (as the invite was based on the last major only). But after their performance at DHW, the invite is justified. And obviously, Fnatic fully deserve their invitation, and I can't wait to try to qualify and prove once again that we deserve to be there too!

Virtus.pro's new, possibly "the most expensive of all-time" contracts were just announced. Are your contracts expiring on January 1? Have you already negotiated a new deal with LDLC? Can the French organization pay you enough to keep you after this win?

Richard "shox" Papillon: Our contracts are basically expiring at the end of December, we are still in negotiation with LDLC for a new deal for the next season. We have some really big offers regarding us, but if LDLC can make the right deal, we'll defintly stay with them.

The team's manager and motivational coach MoMaN

What kind of role does MoMaN have in your team? Is he merely a motivational figure, or does he act as a coach in terms of in-game calls? Do you think your team could benefit from adding a coach in the future?

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: MoMaN is acting as both our manager and our motivational-coach. He's a key aspect of our team regarding everything that touches the players, our communication and solving "deep" problems. He is someone that has been around for more than 10 years, and his personality makes him very approachable and easy to talk to, and therefore to solve all our problems out of the game.

I know that in the future he will also try to look into the teams and how to approach different matchups. Maybe we will need a full-time coach once we reach our weakest point (that will happen at one point) to help us move forward, but I don't believe that it is a requirement to win.

Speaking of calling, how is Happy as an in-game leader? How differently does he call, compared to Ex6TenZ for example? Does he make all the decisions in-game, and if not, how much does e.g. shox contribute with mid-round calls?

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: I've been playing with Happy as an in-game leader for a month, so I don't know him 100%. Regarding the preparation, they have the same approach. Knowing how to counter the opponent, relying on a panel of prepared tactics.

Happy takes care of most of the T-side; what happens between the spawn till the time we get ready for the tactic is all up to the players. He relies on us to work on how to take positions, how to be careful and not lose to snipers or aggressive players. And if we lose rounds because someone in the team failed by lack of research, he goes "Oh well, we're gonna lose then" while Ex6TenZ would've hit the table with his fist and took the matter in his hands. By that approach, we can keep our gamestyle and work altogether. On the CT-side, we have to take care of our spots and work on them; you either work and succeed, or you don't and you fail.

In-game, we trust Happy 100%. He has his gameplan, and if we try to interrupt and change it, we lose 16-4 (against NiP on inferno, for example). We are "allowed" to call almost anytime, but the big calls are mainly from shox, Happy and me when spotting specific weaknesses.

In victory or defeat friendship prevailed

LDLC wish for bright future of the scene

Did you speak to Valve privately about the state of the game? If so, what were the things you told them you were unhappy about, or wished to change or improve in CS:GO?

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer: I used to do that with Ido a long time ago, I really like this guy and they are all very kind and listen to us, even though I get that they are... really patient with changes. Well I mean, the game is pretty much all good, the 2 real issues everyone is discussing at the moment are the CZ and the scout jump. And I would add also the cheating issue. I would say for my part finding ways to improve major tournaments and having a "clean" scene.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that CS:GO will continue growing, at an even more rapid pace, in 2015. Where do you think the scene is headed? What do you expect, and hope, from 2015?

Richard "shox" Papillon: I think the scene is headed in steps of LoL, it looks like since few months that we managed to get more importance than Dota2 scene or Starcraft2 scene.  For 2015, I hope that we'll have more big events and that Valve will increase the prize money of 4 majors in a year so we can touch more viewers, more sponsors etc.. And the game will grow again and again.

I don't want an International or w/e, we need 4 majors/year so it's a good argument for the visibility of the sponsors during the whole year. And if we want CS to grow up and maybe one day to be as huge as LoL then we'll have to put more money in. And I guess with all the skins/stickers Valve had during this year, they clearly have enough resources to do it.

Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: I think that if CS:GO wants to keep such a huge progression, VALVe has to put up a bit more into the game. By either linking the eSport cases straight to the tournaments and seeing the evolution of the cashprize progressing case after case, or by simply putting more money into the game. I would also love to see someone hired by VALVe to take care of the eSport side of CS:GO!

Regarding my expectations for 2015.. I don't really know! I appreciate the work that everyone is putting into the game, the big organizations looking to improve the viewership and the professionalism. Let's say that if I expect something, it would be to keep the same amount of majors, with more money and a different format.

Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey: I hope CS:GO will continue to grow for us (all players) & for the community, we want to play this game as much as we can and have a good spectacle in the next tournaments!

Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer:  It's already pretty neat, I feel though that it will keep improving. I'm amazed at how people keep getting into the scene, the numbers of viewers througout the year just kept getting up, it's crazy. Well we all know how it works "basically", more viewers, more audience equals better seeing and interest, more sponsors and money, more money better life qualities for players and better events etc etc. I hope we will keep growing and keep improving on the professional aspect of the game, it's all that I wish for CS:GO which has become a major source of entertainement for both the pro scene and the public.


Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt: First of all I would like to thank the whole LDLC management team, who supported us since day 1 of this team and who made the trip to come see us live in Sweden. They have been helping us and gave us the chance to develop exactly how we wanted.

Also thanks to Ballistix, AOC and CoolerMaster! Also special shoutout for the support we received during the event: your messages gave us the extra motivation we needed to put the problems we had on the side and motivate ourselves 100%. Also thanks for the opportunity to review this whole event!

Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D

LDLC will be taking part in ESL's upcoming Winter 2014/15 Pro League, as well as the European qualifier for MLG Aspen later this month. A few of their players are also expected to make the trip to Belgrade, Serbia for ESEC 2014 LAN Finals where they'll represent France.

Interview conducted by Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen and Petar "Tgwri1s" Milovanovic.

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2014-12-04 20:31
n2. n1 = Fnatic.
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2014-12-04 20:32
2014-12-04 20:33
They deserved it, even tho I wanted Nip to win.
2014-12-04 20:33
2014-12-04 21:51
same here, was rooting for NiP, but it was a worthy final match and the stronger tream won well deserved
2014-12-05 00:02
to be honest the whining incident drags them down form the ''deserve winning list'' NiP with no wrongs coming back strong is the actual team deserving that OT win- Not coming from the NiP Heart, just my brain =)
2014-12-04 22:18
Well yeah, that match was quite bullshit even tho that boost actually was heavily op, but that's how it works. We can blame the players for using it, we shall rather blame the creator/developers of the map. :)
2014-12-04 22:25
or valve for releasing it in the competetive scene before it was tested.
2014-12-05 18:54
How someone can deserve overtime win if they lose it in fair match?
2014-12-05 20:16
csgo lounge knows the truth
2014-12-05 18:21
It was a really close match, LDLC were slightly better. Both teams were worthy for the final.
2014-12-05 18:25
wonder if it would been different if it was NiP having the advantage for the 3rd map like nuke instead- answer: we all know the answer ;)
2014-12-05 20:45
2014-12-04 20:34
yeah just go read NBK's tweets of this incident. very mentally strong individual. true inspiration
2014-12-04 20:34
What i was thinking of when i saw the title.
2014-12-04 21:48
2014-12-04 22:28
same with shox, he retweeted things like encourage people to boo fnatic out etc. I had alot of respect of NBK and shox before that event, sadly they ruined much of that, themself..
2014-12-04 23:34
ditto that brother
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fnatic is way mentally stronger
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2014-12-04 20:34
N1 No 2. team
2014-12-04 20:34
Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D Apply cold water to the Burnt Area
2014-12-04 20:35
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the burn!!
2014-12-04 20:46
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they were afraid of NiP in the finals we saw their faces stop lying LDLC, choking in finals, just got lucky.
2014-12-04 20:37
Comeback and win in overtime... If this is choking for you... Well it's hltv so let's say kill yourself.
2014-12-04 21:22
what about the last 3 events before this? ESWC? Dreamhack Stockholm? FACEIT? they were not sure if they were going to win or not.
2014-12-04 21:42
I keep reading that without understanding how it could possibly make sense. NiP were the ones who failed to close two tournament points, LDLC closed the first they had. I see only choking from NiP in this final.
2014-12-04 21:47
NiP choked at final with a NEWBIE who just entered the team 2weeks ago. Fail comment m8. LDLC called no.1 for what? I would call Fnatic no. 1 at any situation then, NiP to take 2015 just wait and watch.
2014-12-04 21:50
"NiP choked at final with a NEWBIE who just entered the team 2weeks ago" In what world is that an excuse for choking? Especially when the so called newbie was their best player in the final. "Fail comment m8. " Failed at what? "LDLC called no.1 for what?" For winning a major and reaching several finals in a row. "I would call Fnatic no. 1 at any situation then" What's the meaning of using a ranking if you would call fnatic number one at any situation? Just use a ranking with one place and put fnatic there 365 days out of 365. "NiP to take 2015 just wait and watch." I don't mind if it happens, but what does this has to do with anything?
2014-12-04 22:00
"NiP choked at final? with a NEWBIE who just entered the team 2weeks ago" i missed my question mark there. the nip haters ohh god!
2014-12-04 22:44
Sorry, but the question mark doesn't change much about the meaning of your sentence. My answer remains unchanged. And I'm clearly not a NiP hater, I like NiP. But I'm not as blind as to say that they didn't choke in the final.
2014-12-04 22:48
Fnatic won major when pronax was in their team for only week.
2014-12-05 20:17
scene was different.
2014-12-05 21:15
Not rly.
2014-12-06 13:50
mentally whining
2014-12-04 20:38
2014-12-05 00:58
NBK poking at his old team that made him what he is right now, le proffesional baguette
2014-12-04 20:38
Same team that let him go
2014-12-04 21:45
they didn't just "let him go", he tried to backstab ex6, the guy who brought him into proffesional cs scene, get a clue
2014-12-05 00:04
srry fergot, heuheuheu
2014-12-05 20:06
shox left the team on his own titan cut scream and smithzz nbk left the team on his own (to rejoin shox and smithzz) Titan originally just wanted to pick up apex and maniac, but they needed to grab KQLY too when nbk left (bad move lol).
2014-12-05 02:46
<3 MoMan <3 Angry Birds
2014-12-04 20:39
Portugal zpkL 
mentally strong? ahhaha you didn't see your face when losing
2014-12-04 20:41
losing ? you're on another planet dude
2014-12-05 23:25
3 days laters lal
2014-12-05 23:30
Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D ahahhahaha
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ldlc and vp top 2 for sure!
2014-12-04 20:45
India pulp 
Damn still going hard on titan when they are down.
2014-12-04 20:47
United Kingdom pugh 
Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D SHOTS FIRED
2014-12-04 20:48
"we were mentally lucky"
2014-12-04 20:49
Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THAT WAS NECESSARY LOL
2014-12-04 20:52
they dont deserve for rekt
2014-12-04 20:55
this needs to be the new HLTV meme! That was definitely a Pasha top5 :D
2014-12-05 02:51
Totally unnecessary.. Unprofessional as fuck.
2014-12-04 20:55
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Pieter | 
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That last sentence :D
2014-12-04 20:52
cry stronk
2014-12-04 20:52
Fnatic are still number 1 ! NIP had a huge chance of winning this game too,so I gotta do it like this 1.fnatic 2.NIP 3.LDLC
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NiP 2 because of 1 game? Gtfo =D
2014-12-04 20:53
2014-12-05 00:58
2014-12-05 02:52
Still number 1 ? I'm sorry but winning a major > rank #1 Plus LDLC were always 2nd before Fnatic so ...
2014-12-05 23:26
Czech Republic baylife 
2014-12-04 20:53
LDLC is probably the least mentally strong team in history of esports a mentally strong team won't choke when they play against something new (fnatic boost) by losing 13 rounds in a row a mentally strong team won't cry on twitter after losing to a better team a mentally strong team won't then apologize and act as if everything is fine after winning the whole event, just because their crying to the admins affected their chances
2014-12-04 20:53
"a mentally strong team won't cry on twitter after losing to a better team" Yes because a team who uses an exploit to win is so much better. /s
2014-12-04 20:56
what do you mean with "/s"? the team that wins is always the better team, no exceptions that's why fnatic is still the best team in the world, at least for now
2014-12-04 21:07
Sarcasm Ok I gonna go form a team with balant cheaters and we will be the best team in the world with that logic Fnatic is the best but at dreamhack LDLC was stronger.
2014-12-04 21:10
sorry, but you'd never ever get the chance to play fnatic or any strong team, because you'd get banned for cheating in the qualifiers for any tournament "Fnatic is the best" yes
2014-12-04 21:13
No You said no exceptions that means even a VAC banned team counts.
2014-12-04 21:14
but you'd never get to play against fnatic? you would get kicked out from the tournament if you were blatantly cheating, and fnatic would never agree to play against you if that was the case
2014-12-04 21:15
Ok lets go make a team of KQLYs shall we. get a undetectable cheat and use WH and AA. Beat Fnatic because of hacks = Top 1 team Moral of the story VAC sucks
2014-12-04 21:18
yes, they were the better team at that moment, even if cheating if the KQLY team then got vac banned before fnatic could beat them, the KQLY team would forever be a better team than fnatic so what do you say? wanna find a team and use some undetectable cheats and get top 1, then get banned and laugh as no one would ever be able to beat us, and we'd forever stay top 1? i'll give you the mission of buying cheats and then i can find some teammates
2014-12-04 21:28
The logic, it's not adding up.
2014-12-04 21:51
I dont get it
2014-12-04 23:48
HS | 
Iceland MorsAlbum 
No... Just stop. ;-; It hurts my brain.
2014-12-05 17:31
LDLC is probably the least mentally strong team in history of esports calm down there. If you want to people to take your comments seriously, don't say stupid shit.
2014-12-04 21:32
i said "probably" besides, if you won't link me an even more mentally weak situation in history of esports, it's you who said some stupid, irrelevant shit. but i suppose you won't take your time to find anything like that, right?
2014-12-04 21:36
There are teams in the current competitive scene of CSGO that are less mentally strong than LDLC (dignitas, IBP, and HR). Current CSGO, as in not including other games and not including the entire history of CS. LDLC was able to win a major against a veteran team in a third map overtime decider. A feat that requires a certain degree of mental strength. You're just blinded by your TEARS from being so BUTTHURT, haha.
2014-12-04 21:43
mTw 2010-11 takes the cake for that one. 2nd place to Na'Vi, every single fucking time.
2014-12-05 08:22
How can you talk about mental strength when you're mentally retarded?
2014-12-04 21:38
Fuken rekt son
2014-12-04 22:15
2014-12-04 23:32
okay fanboy. sorry your team resorted to using a map exploit. a mentally strong team wins without cheats and exploits :)
2014-12-04 21:39
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
I agree, but you have to give credit to them for being mentally strong while not giving up against NiP on Overpass despite losing and having an entire audience cheering against them
2014-12-04 23:09
A mentally strong team don't forfeit match. Oh wait
2014-12-05 00:24
2014-12-05 07:55
nice wall of text, will read at train
2014-12-04 20:53
"Dust2 was a tough game, we were losing 6-9 on the first side and I really think we could have had more rounds. Anyways, after that we really had a great T-side and managed to get all the key rounds so we reached the lead 10-1 and won the first map 16-10. I guess it was a really great T-side from our part." That was the NIP game not fnatic :l
2014-12-04 20:58
2014-12-04 20:57
AZK | 
United States Dood 
LDLC trashtalking Titan hahahahaha
2014-12-04 20:58
2014-12-04 21:00
I <3 how everyone calls them cry babies but think about it, there is no way that fnatic could win if they wouldn't have used that boost and if u say that using boost that allows u to see most important areas in the map is legit, then u are retarded.
2014-12-04 21:04
Would it be likely that fnatic would have won? No Was there "no way"? Bullshit. It's not like no team has ever scored 13 rounds in a row on a massively OP side of a map (and CT-overpass definitely fits that criteria).
2014-12-05 08:24
All the twitter whine say's otherwise.
2014-12-04 21:04
Nice Titan troll
2014-12-04 21:05
Mentally strong until fnatic rape them again. Won 1 freeroll tournament with so much struggle over NIP.
2014-12-04 21:07
mentally strong and crying like kids when fnatic won? :D
2014-12-04 21:10
2014-12-04 21:19
omg +42938423
2014-12-05 00:31
LDLC are alot of things but mentally strong isnt one of them
2014-12-04 21:22
They won a major, if they can win being mentaly weak, what about the losers ?
2014-12-04 21:25
Im just saying their twitter reactions were not exactly calm and collected
2014-12-04 21:26
After around 18h of uncertainties, not knowing whether they would be playing in the semis or not, and were only notified 1 hour before the game..im guessing their mental strength is allright. If it was me, i would have crumbled during the navi game.
2014-12-04 22:26
What are you talking about? They were going to replay fnatic (which they knew about the whole day) but fnatic forfeited. It's not like LDLC were going to be disqualified or anything. Why would they crumble against navi?
2014-12-05 00:04
They were going to play the rematch on overpass after NIP and VP had finished their game. After a long drained night, almost pulling out of the DH, then trying to soldier on eventhough the decision of starting the game from 0-0 was dissapointing, fnatic forfeited. Do u think they had enough preparation going against navi? Even the casters and interviewers empathize and acknowledge their mental fortitude..so why cant u?
2014-12-05 02:18
you didn't watch overpass against nip then ?
2014-12-04 23:35
2014-12-04 21:24
oh hallo LDLCRY and NBCRY sup? no more cry??
2014-12-04 21:28
2014-12-04 21:28
I only see a fankid crying here
2014-12-05 03:10
2014-12-04 21:33
And smoke dance? Kappa
2014-12-05 07:21
2014-12-04 21:37
World doh 
2014-12-04 21:43
2014-12-05 07:56
slurp slurp your tears
2014-12-05 23:27
after such interview -shitty nbcry +ScreaM <3
2014-12-04 21:47
"pour qui? pour quoi?" :)
2014-12-04 21:49
ZywOo | 
France Puppet* 
"Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC!" Ahah buuuuuurn!
2014-12-04 21:49
Ohh wait, if community wouldn't have posted those pics of pixelwalk they would have left the tourney, they got public support nothing else, the credit goes to us who supported them lol these guys think they survived because of their protest. what a joke. xD
2014-12-04 21:53
cry babies
2014-12-04 21:59
2014-12-05 07:21
Portugal dracø 
"Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D" HAHA, rip titan :(
2014-12-04 22:23
this title makes me so strong
2014-12-04 22:28
Yeah NBK's tweets during the QF was so stronk mentally. F***er.
2014-12-04 22:28
They didn't look mentally strong when fnatic was destroying them on overpass...
2014-12-04 22:29
fnatic was also not mentally strong when they can't accept their weakness in overpass and decided abuse the map every rounds
2014-12-05 03:16
This article is not about fnatic.
2014-12-05 17:12
So why you mentioned fnatic?
2014-12-05 20:44
Grow a brain plz.
2014-12-05 22:50
Grow up, fankid
2014-12-06 06:45
Omg NBK about MLG. More fans = more customers = more money... NiP got more fans than you, now go cry on Twitter.
2014-12-04 22:31
he's not really wrong , they don't get invites like titan does even though they're much better then titan. but i guess this will change
2014-12-04 23:41
It's all about money in the end. The organiser wanna make as much money as possible and if you invite à more popular team it Will drag more visitors and they Will sell more.
2014-12-05 01:38
And also drag sponsors.
2014-12-05 01:45
I may be wrong, but what free invites did Titan get, exactly?
2014-12-05 08:16
That little stab at titan there at the end lol!
2014-12-04 22:32
2014-12-04 22:57
"Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D" that sounds so childish and cunted :/
2014-12-04 23:05
because you know the behind the scene ;D
2014-12-04 23:42
this must be the best article in this site. that whiny little bitch was mentally strong and now he is also cocky for winning against nip. rofl.
2014-12-04 23:09
Best team at the moment <3
2014-12-04 23:16
All you losers crying about LDLC did "cry" - If you got cheated out of 100.000 dollars, you would probably be a little pissed too, when your life is centred around that.
2014-12-04 23:24
+1 even tho I didn't liked how they progressed to the semis, every other teams would do the same thing in that situation. These kids are jealous :)
2014-12-04 23:41
Humble as always... and cry me a river.
2014-12-04 23:38
2014-12-04 23:43
just luck baguettes
2014-12-04 23:42
they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC
2014-12-04 23:43
2014-12-05 00:11
Good read thank you lurppis and tgwrigsjddh
2014-12-05 00:29
the whole time i asked myself, who is that guy with the freaky cap
2014-12-05 00:57
its fun how all you saying nbk cry. ldlc cry, they lost and thats the point, yah lost of 100% illegal boost (if you disagree with it you are mentally retarded), and about crying talking cs go community (half of them 12-15 years old) (ppl talking in hltv forums 80% under 18) almost every match in competitive, esea, faceit, we have full of crying kiddos, so i wanna see when all these kiddos playing for 100k$ lost, won match because of illegal boost, and don`t saying a word buy tickets and go home :D yah exactly never gonna happen, and everybody would try to defend themselves from this kind of unfairness
2014-12-05 01:29
Go on, please explain to me how the fnatic boost was illegal. 1. Pixelwalking is and has been legal for a long time now. 2. They did not exploit the texture bug, which could be done only by scope towards T spawn (admins confirmed fnatic never did this). The T-spawn texture bug was in the line of sight for LDLC boost as well but they didn't exploit it (same as fnatic). 3. Immortal bug : This is the only semi-valid accusation. Players couldn't be killed from some obscure angles. However, this has to be dismissed as a map bug. This applies to both the fnatic boost and LDLC boost and no one should blame any of the 10 players for not testing their respective spots from every possible angle. In conclusion, while LDLC used a different spot to boost, they are guilty of exactly the same things.
2014-12-05 08:15
LDLC stronk
2014-12-05 01:57
"We were mentally strong" What? You broke apart after the Fnatic game and started crying, how's that mentally strong? I just don't understand why so many kids in this community sympathize with a team crying their way through the quarters to semi. Sure Fnatic's boost was more game-breaking but this was flat out ridiculous. LDLC didn't earn their spot in the final, they earned a good beating with butt slaps for reporting an illegal boost while using illegal boosts themselves according to the DreamHack rules. Straight out double standards. Hopefully you learned your lesson this event, cause I doubt people will be so stupid and immature to fall for your tricks once again if this would happen twice. Oh, and Fnatic is still the best team out there. :)
2014-12-05 02:39
Yes, with cheats and abusing the map every rounds then top 1
2014-12-05 03:27
2014-12-05 07:57
LDLC won a major > rank #1
2014-12-05 23:28
So much hate for LDLC in this thread
2014-12-05 02:47
" we were mentally retarded and could not locate the olofboost "
2014-12-05 02:50
thanks for the interview, great questions!
2014-12-05 04:41
I don't think anyone here considers NBK mentally strong. Guy cannot hold his shit together on social media.
2014-12-05 05:50
what is Happy's surname actually? In HLTV he's called "Cervoni" and on his social media his name is "some german shit". Im confused.
2014-12-05 06:16
Next major when CZ is nerfed, LDLC gonna get rekt.
2014-12-05 06:35
Valve just nerfed olofbooster and then after CZ nerfed, fnatic won't even in top 10 RIP fnatic
2014-12-05 06:56
LDLC will lose from CZ nerf more than fnatic. RIP LDLC.
2014-12-05 13:04
olofbooster already got nerfed in this update and JW will be the next. Oh wait! One or more players in fnatic would get VAC in the future. RIP fnatic
2014-12-05 15:42
LDLC: "We were mentally retarded"
2014-12-05 06:36
Never go full retard
2014-12-05 06:57
Then why do you go full retard 24/7 Sasgay-kun?
2014-12-05 18:27
I just know a fangay keeps whining here 24/7
2014-12-05 20:47
Very perceptive of you to notice what you do.
2014-12-05 21:00
Yes. I'm very perceptive and notice I'm watching a crybaby goes full retard.
2014-12-05 21:27
Typical LDLC fagboi going full retard and crying away. If you want to suck NKB's baguette like a faguette you're in the wrong place Sasgay-kun.
2014-12-05 21:31
fangay is still a fangay. Cries and whines in every threads after fnatic lost. Anyway, I will take care of your skins.
2014-12-06 06:38
"mentally strong" Still whining 24/7 at twitter. N1
2014-12-05 06:47
A whinning fangay detected
2014-12-05 06:58
2014-12-05 06:59
very mentally strong to cry everywhere, and win by forfeit . STRONK MIND
2014-12-05 07:32
2014-12-05 11:30
NBK crying again
2014-12-05 11:30
Awesome team and awesome players, was cool meeting you in ESWC Paris. Keep up the good work!
2014-12-05 13:05
2014-12-05 14:14
Didn't they have a complete meltdown on twitter?
2014-12-05 14:58
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
almost posted tl;dr but it worths the reading "Also small thanks to Titan - they wanted to create one of the very best teams, and they made it. Unfortunately, that team is LDLC! ;D" - NBK ROFL
2014-12-05 16:10
man nbk suck big time.
2014-12-05 16:23
fnc is better XD
2014-12-05 17:28
2014-12-05 19:07
NBK = crying girl who had first period
2014-12-06 01:25
sooo strong, they lost 3 rounds in row and start getting nervous =/=
2014-12-06 09:09
> cry like little bitches > we were strong mentally #justldlcthings
2014-12-07 04:15
Estonia ATSO 
2014-12-07 12:38
2014-12-08 20:01
2014-12-09 04:59
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