Maikelele set to sign for NiP

Ninjas in Pyjamas will soon tie down Mikail "Maikelele" Bill to a contract, the organisation's CEO has revealed.

Mikail "Maikelele" Bill was brought in as a stand-in by NiP for DreamHack Winter following the retirement of longtime member Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson, who had been with the team since their creation.

At the Swedish major, NiP came just one step shy of winning the top prize of $100,000 as they fell short against LDLC in the grand final.

Maikelele will commit to NiP soon

With the players currently taking a break - which forced the team to withdraw from the ESL Pro League -, NiP CEO Per Lilliefelth has now indicated that Maikelele is poised to sign a long-term deal with the organisation.

"We noticed pretty quickly that he was accepted by the team and the right man for the job, so there’s really nothing to think about," Lilliefelth told

"He will of course be signed as soon as possible. We’re going to sit down with him and get the details sorted out.

"I thought he was amazing and I like him in a lot of ways. He’s a great person who’s always fun-loving and positive. And he’s a real ambassador for the brand and a damn good CS:GO-player."

NiP have two events coming up: MLG Aspen, in late January, and IOS Pantamera, at Inferno Online Stockholm, on February 7.

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Sweden Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill
Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill
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Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' Johansson
Robin 'Fifflaren' Johansson
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2014-12-09 23:57
2014-12-09 23:57
2014-12-10 08:23
2014-12-09 23:57
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Would have hoped for Schneider, but alright... :(
2014-12-09 23:57
srsly? hah
2014-12-10 00:00
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Yeah. He plays at the same level as Maikelele, and is a swede as well. However, I dont think that Maikelele will dissapoint. He did really good at Dreamhack, so their choice will probably be the best in the end.
2014-12-10 00:02
if nip wanted rifler yes if not fuck him
2014-12-10 00:31
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
When f0rest used AWP, he was crazy. If they replaced Maikelele with Schneider, and made him rifle, and then made f0rest AWPer, I think it could work out.
2014-12-10 00:38
stupendous idea
2014-12-10 00:43
Rofl go to bed kid
2014-12-10 00:51
Nope. Just nope
2014-12-10 00:58
sergej | 
United States t0xic93 
possibly the world's best rifler to commit to awping full time when you already found a good awper and rifler (allrounder). smh...
2014-12-10 01:03
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Haha. Nice job with the harsh attitudes, folks. :) I just came with an idea, no need to talk down to me. Their lineup atm is great, and it works for them. I was just hoping for Schneider to play instead of Maikelele, but seeing how Maikelele plays; it looks as if that is the right decision.
2014-12-10 01:24
I thought it was an interesting idea. But I agree the course of action they have taken is the best one.
2014-12-10 07:34
China Ava1ondraGon 
f0rest is one of best rifler in the world. He should not play with awp all the time. His aim is extremely good, so his awp apparently works for him.
2014-12-10 09:44
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Ehm.. No offense to you, lzyawp, but "His aim is extremely good". His aim and gameplay was extremely good, but as must other people, his skill level goes down a bit as the time goes by. No doubt that he is a good player, but he has been better. A lot better. Extremely is "overvalued" in this case. My point of this was in the scenario that Schneider joined NiP, they should make f0rest AWPer, and Schneider rifle. That is; if Schneider DID join NiP. I know, I know. It's a weird lineup, and they would lose some skill by it, but that is only IF Schneider joined NiP.
2014-12-10 15:51
China Ava1ondraGon 
I agree with you. f0rest is acutally not as good as berfore, but in terms of AWP skills(CSGO), I don't think f0rest is good enough to become an full time AWPer in his team. But pratice and desires can make him better if he has these stuffs.
2014-12-11 11:24
worst idea i ever read m8 f0rest best rifler in world u want make him awp u see where problem is ?
2014-12-10 02:27
F0rest good but not best NBK best
2014-12-10 07:33
Not sure if blind or just fanboy
2014-12-10 08:28
baguette spotted
2014-12-10 10:36
Just telling the truth... you guys can't stand a baguette being the best in the world
2014-12-11 10:20
not sure if troll or just baguette fanboy either way ur relarded m8 i don't answer u any more :)
2014-12-10 19:41
make 1 of the top 3 riflers in the world awper isnt a good idea e: even if he can awp godmode, still..
2014-12-10 08:57
Buy brain
2014-12-10 09:12
Why make one of the best riflers in the world an awper? Makes no sense. f0rest is slightly above average with awp, but on the other hand insane rifler.
2014-12-10 13:11
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Omg is there a reading disorder virus spreading currently? I said IF he was going to play for NiP, that would be their lineup. I said that in the end , Maikelele would be better as AWPer, because f0rest as AWPer wouldn't work out as much. Read, then comment.
2014-12-10 15:46
omg reading disorder omg
2014-12-10 19:41
I think you've watched too much of schneiders stream which has led to you fanboying him abit too much. Schneider looks good now because hes playing MM against supremes and GE's, he has had a past in fnatic where he was a good rifler, but Maikelele raised his level this year BY A LOT, he transcended from his old skills and became a REALLY REALLY good player, but schneider is the same old player, just a good rifler. Not saying hes bad, but maikel is better than schneider in both rifling and awping.
2014-12-10 15:56
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
I do watch his stream from time to time, yes, I am a mod there. I just want to clear the air by saying I am not a fanboy. :) You are right. Maikelele is a better AWPer. I am not sure with the rifle part though. Schneider usually plays FaceIt though, and I don't think he is too bad. If NiP needed an AWPer; they should choose Maikelele. If NiP needed a rifler; they should choose Schneider. Deep in my heart; I would have loved for Schneider to play for NiP. Sadly, they weren't looking for a player of his caliber. Maybe he can join the swedish dream team-thingy with Delpan, Twist etc. :)
2014-12-10 16:19
Yeah, because f0rest isn't the best rifler in this game Kappa
2014-12-10 17:03
f0rest is nowhere near consistent with awp -f0rest +schenider though
2014-12-10 20:00
hes toxic as fuck
2014-12-10 11:23
seriously? noo....
2014-12-10 00:57
same level lmfao !!!
2014-12-10 10:30
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
Alright. I will admit that Maikelele is better with the AWP, no doubt. But as a rifler, I think that Schneider is a lot better.
2014-12-10 15:48
2014-12-09 23:57
Sweden dellx 
2014-12-09 23:57
Finland AScir 
2014-12-09 23:57
2014-12-10 02:18
gl maik!
2014-12-09 23:57
By: MIRAA Time: 2014-12-10 00:00 okay
2014-12-09 23:58
2014-12-10 00:46
2014-12-10 2 * 14 + 12 = 40 4-0 - 1-0 = 3 illunimerti cnfrmd
2014-12-10 19:45
2014-12-09 23:58
-NiP- Fapelele
2014-12-09 23:58
Deserved, gj and gl Maikelele :)
2014-12-09 23:59
2014-12-09 23:59
Norway amadijo 
YEAH! <3
2014-12-09 23:59
very nice my frend
2014-12-09 23:59
fapelele ftw <33 gz
2014-12-10 00:00
Poland tfg 
gl eksemele
2014-12-10 00:00
- Maikelele + eksem
2014-12-10 00:01
Spain akproxx 
try to seach eksem on google
2014-12-10 00:27
shows pornhub
2014-12-10 00:48
2014-12-10 00:55
Slovenia eTheBlack 
2014-12-10 00:52
2014-12-10 00:01
2014-12-10 02:18
Finally all thoose who hated on Maikelele can now be quiet!!! Have been a fan even before LGB. Such a good player man! :) // Proud_dane
2014-12-10 00:01
2014-12-10 00:16
So just because he joins NiP people wont hate on him? Logic........
2014-12-10 02:16
2014-12-10 00:01
shox | 
Sweden moonman33 
Well deserved, gz
2014-12-10 00:02
good, but no best. eksem best.
2014-12-10 00:02
maikelele best but not bestest. eksem bestest.
2014-12-10 02:36
Gj Maikel.
2014-12-10 00:02
Would be interesting to know if everyone on the team gets paid the same salary. Doesn't work that way in any sport, ever, and would have huge ramifications if it didn't in CSGO either.
2014-12-10 00:03
Yepp everyone in nip gets the same salary. Around 2500 euros.
2014-12-10 12:07
That's interesting. The important question is: With continued expansion of the game, who's going to be the first superstar caliber player to demand a higher salary than his teammates?
2014-12-10 23:04
Thats a cool taught :D
2014-12-11 00:08
lol what a joke.
2014-12-10 00:03
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
expected and deserved !!!!!!!!
2014-12-10 00:03
good signinglelelele
2014-12-10 00:03
Albania RoZo 
bad luck emilio..... Kappa
2014-12-10 00:04
Sweden 1up' 
2014-12-10 00:08
United Kingdom tomtmh 
Anyone know his overall K/D for DHW ?
2014-12-10 00:09
look at statistics and do it yourself :)
2014-12-10 00:15
2014-12-10 00:10
Expected, NiP can't find a better sniper in Sweden anyway.
2014-12-10 00:10
Best awper after kennyS, ye hard to find :o
2014-12-10 00:20
jw and olofm are already in fnatic and won't leave it, Delpan is extremely unstable and also has some attitude problems, twist seems to be much stronger with rifles than with AWP, so yeah, it was hard to find any better option...
2014-12-10 01:34
2014-12-10 01:41
Fulltime job, plays for fun sometimes, won't come back.
2014-12-10 02:26
Deserved :)
2014-12-10 00:11
2014-12-10 02:19
2014-12-10 13:53
Well there's only one song to celebrate this with
2014-12-10 00:11
Delpan :(
2014-12-10 00:13
this is like the worst idea ever...
2014-12-10 01:58
does he even fap?
2014-12-10 00:13
Let's fuckin go NiP :D
2014-12-10 00:14
2014-12-10 00:19
2014-12-10 00:22
He was pretending to be nice just to sign the deal, now you'll see his true face Kappa
2014-12-10 00:22
2014-12-10 00:26
Spain akproxx 
2014-12-10 00:28
maikelele u are not retardelele
2014-12-10 00:28
Pornmaikel <3
2014-12-10 07:36
Nice maikel. Gl Hf!!
2014-12-10 00:29
He seems like a good lad. GL!
2014-12-10 00:29
nice job man well deserved
2014-12-10 00:30
gz Maikel :) gl hf in NiP!
2014-12-10 00:30
2014-12-10 00:31
Sweden fued 
2014-12-10 00:31
method | 
United States f0xes` 
GL Maikeleleleelele
2014-12-10 00:32
Smart af move.
2014-12-10 00:34
good for nip
2014-12-10 00:47
deserved, decent player
2014-12-10 00:52
2014-12-10 00:54
Slovenia eTheBlack 
And Motar2k just donated him 1600$, gg
2014-12-10 00:56
2014-12-10 01:06
Greece her-1g 
insane player!!!
2014-12-10 01:35
Nice! Would have perfered this picture though -
2014-12-10 01:39
NiP was lucky and really hard caried by friberg during dhw. I would give him one more gig to show his skills and then sign him if he is really worth it. he is not even top10 awp player in cs'go.
2014-12-10 01:59
Philippines kApE^ 
Could you give me insights of the 10 best awper player in CS:GO atm? It will be great if you have a descent reference. Thanks! :)
2014-12-10 02:40
kennys/jw/guardian/markeloff/delpan/smithz/pasha/skadoodle/snax/ frozt p.s frozt is very good sniper just have no team to show off his skills, so if he's going to play in torqued i would look at his performance p.s2 torqued have 6 players in roster but i think they can drop moe sonner or later because they don't need 2 dedicated opers and fr0zt have more exp and higher skill cap
2014-12-10 03:39
markeloff is not an awper anymore. We don't see delpan anywhere in the pro scene anymore. Snax is a main rifler not an awper, frozt doesn't even appear in international tourneys. Maikelele is a versatile player as shown in LGB and after that. He handles awp and rifle well. I would put him in pasha's level. Not in top 5, but somewhere in top 10.
2014-12-10 04:40
Delpan, really? U know we are not playing 1.6 anymore, right? He has achieved absolutley nothing in csgo so far. Cant believe how people still but him on their lists..
2014-12-10 05:40
i don't write about who archived more but who is better sniper markeloff pick sniper from time to time and when he did that he was good we could add to that list simple from HR he also didn't archive anything in cs:go but his perfrmance was way better than maikelele fr0zt did play a little in begining of cs:go and at the time he had good skills that's why i belive he will be great sniper in torqued, ofc if he will be sniper because they have moe to snipe
2014-12-10 10:13
markeloff/delpan/snax/ frozt you have CLEARLY no idea what are you talking about
2014-12-10 10:26
they are better snipers
2014-12-10 10:34
no,jesus not even close...r u blind? or do you even follow this game at all? markeloff sucks with awp in csgo delpan? joke.he is mediocre awper and mediocre player in general.he had literally 1 good event and thats it. snax isnt even dedicated awper lol... frozt? i will not rather even talk about him THIS ISNT 1.6 and maikelele is easily better awper than markeloff/delpan/snax/ frozt without any freaking doubt.
2014-12-10 10:46
Dude, he is a pole. Who cares about his retarded opinion, let him have it.
2014-12-10 12:19
markelof doesn't suck with op he is skilled in all weapons and he fit the role is most needed for a team delpan awp pure skill is way above that of maikelel snax often pick up awp when pasha don't fr0zt i seen him playing at begining of cs:go and for him it's same as delpan just pure awp skill if Torqued start playing some main turnaments fr0zt will shw his real skill -------------------------------- nip was hard carried by friberg and was already strong team, they just changed weak fify and with good bit of luck whent far in tournament
2014-12-10 14:00
markelof doesn't suck with op he is skilled in all weapons and he fit the role is most needed for a team we are tlaking about awp only and he sucks with that gun delpan awp pure skill is way above that of maikelel his skill in csgo is mediocre and im not even sure about this.jesus christ how can you be so blind snax often pick up awp when pasha don't 6% awp kills.just WOW yea definitely dedicated awper fr0zt i seen him playing at begining of cs:go hello its end of 2014 right now. just look at stats maybe and % of kills with awp before you will write another bullcrap
2014-12-10 14:35
Hahaha this polish dumbass with the "luck" comment, again so because friberg was on fire NiP wasn't legit second best team in the tournament? stronk third world logic.
2014-12-10 02:41
if i see nip in next 3 tournaments in top3 i will change my mind
2014-12-10 03:35
maikelele n1
2014-12-10 02:39
tbh said it for long time Maikel would fit in NiP he was always better in all ways then his teamm8s before, only had to get the chance now he did and he showed he can be mature thats why he was flaming and beeing "toxic" before bcoz he was just to good for playing with semi pro's now he can get equal players in a team and he shouldnt be raging hf well deserved bro
2014-12-10 02:53
Nip comeback on tournaments n1
2014-12-10 03:31
2014-12-10 04:52
I thought he was amazing and I like him in a lot of ways. :DDDDDD What do you mean?
2014-12-10 05:02
dis nigga is great
2014-12-10 06:18
"..great person who’s always fun-loving and positive" lel
2014-12-10 06:21
K lol
2014-12-10 06:41
He dont deserve it.
2014-12-10 06:48
Russia rassvet 
2014-12-10 06:53
Sweden fued 
Thats why he was the best in the finals ?
2014-12-13 20:31
Nice, gl :D
2014-12-10 07:30
Taiwan SCVready 
2014-12-10 07:49
gz Mikail :)
2014-12-10 07:59
Maikelele will be new promoter for NiP with his sique Beatboxing. You heard it here
2014-12-10 08:13
I would love to spit some bars over that
2014-12-10 10:59
HAHA ikr, he is pretty decent
2014-12-10 13:19
Well deserved!!! NIP back to top rankings...
2014-12-10 08:24
Congrats Mikail!
2014-12-10 08:26
Expected, but still sad that they didn't pick up twist or eksem instead.
2014-12-10 09:07
+1 i think eksem should fit perfect...
2014-12-10 10:53
Fiffy ... :C
2014-12-10 09:16
2014-12-10 09:17
2014-12-10 10:03
If they really wanted him they would already have signed him.
2014-12-10 10:06
Since the beginning NiP said, that Maikelele will join as trial. Imo that's a pretty clear message: If things go well -> Maikelele joins NiP permanently If not -> Maikelele won't join NiP
2014-12-10 10:53
Slovenia eTheBlack 
I hope you never become CEO.
2014-12-10 10:57
I don't think they are totally happy with him that's all. There are stronger picks out there.
2014-12-10 12:30
Bahaha who in the swedish scene that is not in a team right now is stronger?
2014-12-10 13:13
yeah you see my point. They would rather have someone else if they can. And he does not have to be swedish is he? Or will it make a lot of the fanbase butthurt if he isn't?
2014-12-10 13:38
No they wouldnt want anyone else, thats why they are signing him. He has to be swedish, get rights english sucks ballz and he also said in a interview that they wanted a Swede. End of story.
2014-12-10 14:55
Denmark eoNs! 
give some insight, who is it? we need your opinion, sensei!
2014-12-10 13:32
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
2014-12-10 10:50
2014-12-10 10:58
hope for solek :(
2014-12-10 11:12
Really like his playstyle. Nice to see.
2014-12-10 11:19
i wish he signed for god
2014-12-10 11:48
pornelele best :D
2014-12-10 11:54
2014-12-10 12:02
2014-12-10 12:05
Gl mekelek!!1!
2014-12-10 12:36
2014-12-10 12:37
GLLL and GZ!!
2014-12-10 12:48
all it takes is 1 good round
2014-12-10 13:35
GL and GZ!
2014-12-10 13:36
GL eksem! CU @ QL instagib
2014-12-10 14:26
u r stroonkkk!!!
2014-12-10 14:27
Russia imzbe 
s fiflarenom viigrali bi.100%
2014-12-10 14:34
gl maikelele!!! you are not a retardele you are stronk :D
2014-12-10 14:55
was hoping for twist but hell maikelele is great player bro
2014-12-10 15:46
maxaki and DelpaN (AWP) > Maikelele (AWP) schneider and dennis (AK/M4) > Maikelele (AK/M4) but, Maikelele did a good job in DHW14.
2014-12-10 16:33
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
i lold so much at the AWP line srsly stop it you so funny to compare such noobs like maxaki and delpan > Maikel awp...
2014-12-10 19:53
Good for NiP, even better for Ukulele!
2014-12-10 16:39
200!!! yey
2014-12-10 17:13
He will be the best awper
2014-12-10 17:40
deserved, gl
2014-12-10 19:35
Maikel the ambassador
2014-12-10 19:43
NiP #1
2014-12-10 19:49
nip is f**ked with dat guy. rip nip
2014-12-10 22:12
he will never be as good as fiffy
2014-12-13 19:22
2014-12-17 10:18
2015-02-16 15:05
2015-03-09 16:18
2015-03-09 16:25
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