mouseSpaz qualify for MLG Aspen

mouseSpaz have qualified for MLG X Games Aspen following a 2-0 victory over Torqued in the grand final of the North American Championship Qualifier #1.

Sixteen teams from across North America locked horns in the first regional qualifier for MLG X Games Aspen with hopes of getting their hands on the highly-coveted spot at the event in Colorado, taking place next month.

There was no shortage of surprises during this qualifier, as the two favourites, iBUYPOWER and Denial, were both eliminated before even reaching the tournament decider following defeats against mouseSpaz and LunatiK, respectively.

FNS' mouseSpaz to attend MLG X Games Aspen

The grand final endeed up pitting Lucas "steel" Lopes's Torqued, featuring former compLexity member Derek "dboorN" Boorn, against the surprise package of the qualifier, mouseSpaz. Tarik "tarik" Celik's side gave a great account of themselves once again and quickly disposed of their opponents as they picked up 16-11 and 16-10 victories on de_dust2 and de_mirage, respectively.

Stay tuned to for full coverage of the remaining qualifiers for MLG X Games Aspen that will be held in North America, Brazil and Europe.

United States Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
fml hard luick torqued
2014-12-19 15:23
tArik <3
2014-12-19 15:26
2014-12-20 02:55
haha im more glad steel didnt make it RIP torque
2014-12-19 15:24
device | 
Estonia nubchik 
rip in morgue
2014-12-19 18:29
Estonia rYm 
2014-12-19 15:23
New NA Rankings 1. MSpaz 2. IBP 3. Denial 4. Torqued 5. C9 Edited
2014-12-19 15:29
Mspaz won 2-0 against IBP
2014-12-19 15:28
Edited. Ty
2014-12-19 15:30
Yes dont forget 1 BO3 > months of results
2014-12-19 15:38
2014-12-19 15:46
So they are better, are you retarded?
2014-12-19 15:48
LOL ... Guess You're the retarded one
2014-12-19 15:51
It's pretty logic if you loose to somebody youre worse than them. Or Did GB get that wrong? BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNN
2014-12-19 16:14
you can't say burn about your own comment, that's like licking your own balls
2014-12-19 16:53
2014-12-19 16:59
Perfect example of csgo community... stupid little ignorant kid
2014-12-19 17:43
no, im still right. Mspaz is better than ibp
2014-12-19 18:18
no way.
2014-12-19 20:55
because its online where it really counts
2014-12-19 15:52
ebola wins ?
2014-12-19 15:34
Wait for more then one group of games to determine rankings. lmao iBP and C9 weren't ranked better then all the EU Teams in S16 Summmer ESEA Lan of 2014 because they went 1st iBP and 2nd C9 at that singular lan same goes for this qualifier.
2014-12-19 16:22
1Fnatic 2Fnatic 3Fnatic 4Fnatic 5Fnatic
2014-12-19 16:34
never heard of these teams
2014-12-19 20:56
1. c9 2. mspaz shahzam will carry c9
2014-12-19 16:49
2014-12-19 15:24
2014-12-19 15:24
2014-12-19 15:24
2014-12-19 15:26
Spain Ayrr 
ez for ptr. Live in the present boys, they got nothing on them!!
2014-12-19 15:28
probably the best match for making skins, i was 100% confident in these guys, congratz and thx for 50 value mS looking like a new top1 NA team!
2014-12-19 15:28
I wanted Torqued to win but I still bet mS. Got dat 40 value
2014-12-19 15:39
steel so mad
2014-12-19 15:28
Poland eiur 
moe is so fuckin bad, hes gamesense and aim are way below even for na standarts.
2014-12-19 15:29
This is nuts. Never expected mS to get so good so fast. If they do good at the MLG event then we have ourselves the next top american contender.
2014-12-19 15:29
....they aren't new. They played as NetcodeGuides for a long time.
2014-12-19 15:31
device | 
Estonia nubchik 
he didn't say anything about them being new.
2014-12-19 18:32
>Never expected mS to get so good so fast I guess I interpreted that to mean that he thought they were a new lineup. if he didn't mean that, my mistake then.
2014-12-19 18:55
twerked need an official fifth player before they will make big wins again
2014-12-19 15:29
Brazil dng0 
2014-12-19 15:30
m0E aka 0-7
2014-12-19 15:31
torqued just missed their opportunity to go to lan finals. iBP will step up in the second qualifier for sure. And by looking at steels tweets, the second qualifier of MLG could be the last for torqued as a team (assuming they will split up if they fail to qualify again)
2014-12-19 15:39
link to twitter?
2014-12-19 15:39
2014-12-19 15:42
should have been more spot for european teams... What will this team do?
2014-12-19 15:34
American tournament priority to Americans.
2014-12-19 15:45
Are you implying we dont deserve chances to prove ourselves? I put in 30-40 hours a week in this game WITH a full time job so id say i fucking deserve a chance to prove myself at big events. You dont get better by just sitting on the sidelines of big events...
2014-12-19 16:40
why dont you start by proving yourself at small events first, like ESEA and CEVO
2014-12-19 17:06
Sure, give us more events. Let me know when you can hold more for us!
2014-12-19 20:30
Like there arent plenty of small LAN events in NA you could go to and get experience from. Whats the point of just waiting around for all expenses paid trips to aspen, and then bombing there. how do you think all these players like n0thing and swag learned to play on LAN? do the same
2014-12-19 21:44
Lol, you think there are LANS in NA other than CEVO and ESEA? And who do you think paid for the LAN's weve already attended. You think i didnt pay out of pocket? Get your facts straight, bud. Im yet to attend a LAN event where i didnt pay out of pocket so im "sitting around waiting for all expenses paid trips" is downright disrespectful and you should be ashamed.
2014-12-19 22:19
ETS LAN,socal LAN, the one that both iBP and coL went to, Iron gaming that had na`vi and NiP that would have been great exp. (even elevate a team that doesnt have a sick sponsor went to that one.) you can go to local LANs by yourself to get more comfortable in a LAN environment, you dont need to go with your full team necessarily. i dont mean to be a dick here but every LAN youve been to this year its always the same story, your players just arent as dominant as they are on online, and thats not gonna get fixed by never going to LANs.
2014-12-20 00:43
So im going to spend 500 on a flight, 400 dollars on a hotel, 100 on food ect, maybe even car rental for a LAN that has a payout that EVEN IF WE WIN wont cover my expenses. You do realize that not everyone on my team can do that. On top of that, i cant leave work to fly out to some bo-dunk LAN every month. My job wouldnt allow that and it would look bad on me. You dont actually think about what its like to be poor and have to balance a job and be a pro gamer. Its not so black and white bro. Think about it.
2014-12-20 03:42
I understand all that shit, and thats why when you get the chance to prove yourself at a LAN like ESEA, you do it then and there. Most teams in NA dont even get one chance, your team has already had three this year. How many more are you going to have before we give someone else a shot. But anyway now you have another chance. Go to MLG and be the best NA team there, beat dignitas and NiP like other NA teams have done in the past. And get a god damn sponsor already, stop doing charity-work for shit orgs that dont give you any backing.
2014-12-20 13:12
Holy shit you're a douchebag
2014-12-21 11:46
Glad you guys qualified,fuck NIP who perform only at majors and dont qualify for any event,fucking freeloaders.
2014-12-19 17:09
Keep the haters away from you. You and your team totally deserved the victory and a LAN spot! :) Best of luck at Aspen
2014-12-19 17:31
I'm not a hater
2014-12-19 19:10
Can't wait to see your girly looking ass at LAN. Maybe you will get a haircut before you leave.
2014-12-19 18:26
The "<3 mOE" gives it away. #godbless
2014-12-19 20:29
Hehe, but seriously cut your hair.
2014-12-19 22:52
okay I didn't mean that sorry but I still think that considering the number of good teams in Europe (just look at the way you've come through and look at teams like dignitas which is a stronger team than yours: to have a spot they have to beat titan, VP, and LDLC while you only have to beat ibp which you did well, good job btw)and the difference of skill between EUROPE and NA, I think that some spots are "wasted" for such an event... But of course it's MLG in DENVER, COLORADO, USA so it won't attract too much people if there isn't enough American teams. Hope it's readable
2014-12-19 19:08
Lol NA teams miss out on plenty of tournaments in Europe, like ESEC and Fragbite. Glad there are more American teams, and Sure International online qualifiers would be great, to ensure the best of the best are at the LAN, but not everything can be perfect.
2014-12-19 20:07
Let my start by saying that i dont believe we are in the top10 in the world. There are PLENTY of teams who deserve to play at this LAN that wont be attending. Its just a fact, not everyone can go. But without attending events like this, we wont improve. We could be the best team in the world online but choke on LAN all day if we dont have experience. I could care less if it makes me look like a fool in the process.
2014-12-19 20:32
I get your point, good luck in Denver :)
2014-12-19 20:34
2014-12-19 15:37
im sad for my boy steel but gl to mspaz since they re sick. i wanna caress cutlers head.
2014-12-19 15:37
agreed. Steel deserves a real team. But mSpaz earned it and have been playing hard since netcodeGuides. gl to them
2014-12-19 15:40
they should get picked up by EG.. if EG had a fucking clue.
2014-12-19 15:40
Just curious to see if tarik can replicate his 30 bombs every single online game at LAN. If he can, dude is legit crazy
2014-12-19 15:59
he played really well at the CEVO LAN
2014-12-19 15:55
Ptr > m0e
2014-12-19 15:53
Ptr was stronger than M0e this game by far
2014-12-19 15:55
mS to coL
2014-12-19 15:55
really really likely!
2014-12-19 16:03
unreal how often they kept getting eco'd. Win pistol? Eco'd the round after. Really threw the D2 map.
2014-12-19 16:02
Why i didnt bet on mouseSpaz... Noob betting cleaned me.
2014-12-19 16:04
steel said if his Torqued team doesnt end up at TOP 4 of the world by June 2015 he will officially quit pro gaming and go streaming full time :) There's a video somewhere on youtube of that as well :D
2014-12-19 16:04
This is a proof on how bad american teams are.
2014-12-19 16:13
2014-12-19 17:14
Lizard man Reltuc and skeleton FNS are going to LAN. ptr is the only sensible player on that team.
2014-12-19 16:14
lmfao skeleton. I saw a team pic of mSpaz and i thought they made a pic with a sick fan. Dude needs to eat some beef.
2014-12-19 17:40
Link to picture?
2014-12-19 20:10
Is ptr in this?
2014-12-19 22:53
From left to right: Hazed, JDM64, Reltuc, FNS, Tarik.
2014-12-19 23:13
I bird told me that moe and steel bet a lot of skins on themselves.
2014-12-19 16:38
Moe has long been known to be a thief and cheater.
2014-12-19 16:38
and a huge BOT.
2014-12-19 17:09
I think your "I bird" was wrong, no point of throwing in a qualifier for a international tournament.
2014-12-19 20:09
I think every NA news should be followed by the team's line-up. I never know where they are.
2014-12-19 17:03
Tarik best
2014-12-19 17:04
tarik carry hard as hell
2014-12-19 17:16
mspaz is arguably top 1 NA right now
2014-12-19 18:08
Portugal macpjoao 
The series vs iBP and torqued were amazing to watch on tarik's stream, hearing the voice comm. They have perfect communication, and ptr is always motivating them. I got more hyped watching this than DreamHack
2014-12-19 18:43
This was a classic case of a steady lineup taking full advantage of the recent roster shake ups. Congrats to MS for some well played matches. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the other NA teams get their shit together.
2014-12-19 18:49
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
deserved !
2014-12-19 19:39
Happy for ptr. Glad to see he's still going.
2014-12-19 20:12
Canada LilmaN 
tarik streaming these is just awesome. more to come, be sure to tune into his stream and follow his team on their journey.
2014-12-19 22:05
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
Deserved. TariK carried hard but team is awesome
2014-12-20 00:13
no respect
2014-12-20 02:03
Romania JeeFo 
When will the lan finals take place?
2014-12-20 10:10
Someone buy FNS a steak? Kid needs to eat. Holy sh.t
2014-12-20 18:38
India mSp 
Wp MouseSpaz....! Moe u need to play for team not for skin if u playing for team 100% u guys win but u alwys going fopr skin ur Good player show ur game plz...Ppl Expected from Moe:(
2014-12-21 11:13
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