dignitas beat LDLC to win MLG qual.

dignitas won the first European Championship Qualifier for MLG X Games Aspen following a 2-1 victory over LDLC (16-5 on de_dust2, 9-16 on de_inferno and 16-13 on de_nuke).

Fresh off swapping their ingame leader following a run of poor results, dignitas proved that change is sometimes necessary as they became the first European team to qualify for MLG X Games Aspen next month.

The Danish team, who now have in Finn "karrigan" Andersen their commanding voice, kicked off their campaign with a 2-0 victory over uber n00bz before moving past Titan and Virtus.pro with similar scorelines to set up a thrilling final with DreamHack Winter champions LDLC.

karrigan's leadership seems to be working for dignitas

The first map of this best-of-three series, de_dust2, went the way of dignitas, who cruised to an emphatic 16-5 victory. LDLC, who had defeated ESC and Epsilon in the previous two stages, then levelled things up with a 16-9 success on de_inferno, but dignitas proved to be the stronger team on the decisive map, de_nuke, as they sealed a 16-13 win.

19th December 2014

The second open European qualifier will be held on Saturday, December 20, while the second Championship Qualifier is scheduled for Sunday, December 21.

Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2014-12-20 02:34
online yeah, dignitas will choke on LAN like usual.
2014-12-20 10:47
Denmark 3picanteater 
Well they do have a new ingame leader, who knows :)
2014-12-20 15:11
n1 ldlcry gonna cry
2014-12-20 02:34
i saw what you did...I like.
2014-12-20 08:53
ldlcz cannot into eco rounds anymore :d
2014-12-20 12:41
United States darkun 
very nice ldlcry if you made up.
2014-12-21 19:08
Sweden dellx 
2014-12-20 02:34
Brazil vittJ 
gj karrigan
2014-12-20 02:34
dignitas > Reason > Wolves ranking Denmark, i can see dignitas on top 5 again
2014-12-20 03:14
Haha lol don't act like you know the Danish scene. Wolves >>>>>> Reason and they just recently beat them 4-1 in maps @ LAN a few weeks ago
2014-12-20 08:37
with gla1ve ^^
2014-12-20 10:48
They are playing with fetish now.. and fetish is better player and better igl then gla1ve.
2014-12-20 11:00
Dont get your hopes too high up. :)
2014-12-20 11:23
Yeah that was probably why he was kicked from dignitas.
2014-12-20 12:05
Gla1ve would never get a spot with diggy tho
2014-12-29 19:17
ave | 
Denmark Mrnobody 
Better player, where?
2014-12-20 13:13
ave | 
Denmark Mrnobody 
Just cuz he called in dig, doesn't make him better then gla1ve, gla1ve is better aimed and has way better t sided tacs.
2014-12-20 13:14
As a player, gla1ve is like way stronger individually. Not as good an IGL though.
2014-12-20 18:21
What's up now, Frenchies?
2014-12-20 02:35
2014-12-20 03:05
2014-12-20 02:35
2014-12-20 02:35
Finland wormi 
2014-12-20 02:35
And people said they shouldnt kick fetish, he was old and he was shit, Titan now should do the same with Ex6tenz
2014-12-20 02:36
Your analogy between Fetish and ex6 really sucks, they are far too different ingame leaders and players in first place
2014-12-20 02:37
2014-12-20 03:04
Theyre the same, both have the shittiest mid round calls ever, shit fraggers, and they base their game in set plays.
2014-12-20 03:07
i wouldnt say ex6tenz does set plays anymore ever since titan went picked up shox back then, he's just shit and idk why iorek is still a stand in, he's pretty shit at GO. I know for a fact fetish was a set player, it's why he was shit.
2014-12-20 03:58
Iorek is still a stand-in because it's the holiday period, there's no rush to pick anyone up soon
2014-12-20 04:23
Ummmm did you see how he played ScreaM in the entirety of Titan... He made him play completely different to how he does in Epsilon and he was bottom fragging cause ex6tenz is a shit player and leader. In epsilon Scream is a top tier player, ex6tenz never knew how to play scream...
2014-12-20 12:49
Karrigan isn't really known for his fragging either
2014-12-20 04:22
I assure you that he is not as shit as fetish/ex6tenz plus they didnt get him for his fragging, they got him for his leadership which is loose and compliments talented fraggers that dig have
2014-12-20 04:26
Fetish isn't a shit fragger...
2014-12-20 06:55
one online bo3 doesn't mean kicking fetish was the best idea, not saying it was a bad idea.
2014-12-20 03:30
India anxF 
Ex6TenZ is the reason why kennys is carrying. 1) ex6 create strats relying on kennys. So kennys frag more. 2) ex6 never frags. So kennys frag more.
2014-12-20 05:12
Now imagine if Happy can play around KennyS also? It's the same IBP do with skadoodle they always play super defensive and letting skadoodle open the map up, Ex6TenZ is just like a meat shield, he never does shit other than calling ofc
2014-12-20 10:41
Serbia firegon 
even meat shield has more than 1:19 ... i'd say if you take a real nova or guardian player, he'd be able to kill 1 or 2 people, with some lucky ass headshot or backstab
2014-12-20 11:11
cyx | 
Bangladesh Stoffi 
Let them show themselves to a major first before you make your conclusions. They won smaller events before with fetish.
2014-12-20 08:48
easy for the most chrisj team out there. internetlegends.
2014-12-20 02:36
2014-12-20 03:04
wait... I left a nuke game 11-2 to LDLC. that means dig got all CT rounds? that map needs a rework lmao
2014-12-20 02:36
LDLC won 1 round as T
2014-12-20 02:39
LDLC threw away a good number of rounds with yolo rushes. Also, Dignitas had some pretty good clutch moments that made a big difference.
2014-12-20 02:53
device | 
Estonia nubchik 
device didnt choke, that's what the difference was
2014-12-20 03:13
Of course hé didn't it was online
2014-12-20 09:58
Everyone knows dignitas has the strongest CT side in the world
2014-12-20 10:42
Not rly tbh.
2014-12-20 10:49
in nuke probably, but atm not in the otger maps
2014-12-20 11:14
No it does not.
2014-12-28 23:46
dat comeback tho
2014-12-20 02:36
New formation for Dignitas and play Veryy good, gj dignitas
2014-12-20 02:37
LDLSHIT more like it.
2014-12-20 02:38
lost skins?
2014-12-20 09:41
I think he lost his brain on one point of his life.
2014-12-20 10:50
I think he doesn't have one in the first place.
2014-12-21 09:16
Poland hqs- 
420 karrigan
2014-12-20 02:38
anyone has the vod? dignitas I hope you will win a major, nicest team out there & the players are working/studying so they even have a future out of the gaming world which is nice
2014-12-20 02:40
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
wp dignitas. still i dont think this result matters to much!
2014-12-20 02:42
Spain Ayrr 
Oh, they win against 3 of the best teams in the world, n1 Dignitas. Top3 incoming?
2014-12-20 02:44
online... we will see. dignitas always upsets online altough they have a much better line up now.
2014-12-20 03:24
2014-12-20 02:46
dignitas is the most talented team (individual skills) in the world. They needed a good experienced igl as karrigan. I want to see a fnatic vs dignitas atm.
2014-12-20 02:51
HAHHAH... no. ldlc, fnatic, even nip (-xizt), vp (-taz) and ibp, etc. all have more talent than them.
2014-12-20 03:03
that ibp gave it away 2/10
2014-12-20 03:16
skadoodle is a better awper than cajunb . azk is a better rifler than karrigan. swag is a better rifler than dupreeh. hiko is a worse rifler than device but compared to everyone else on that team he's better. and finally, dazed is a better rifler than xyp9x. ez mode. idiot.
2014-12-20 03:27
Nice comparison mate. You compare people who have different roles, I rate 10/10
2014-12-20 05:17
u mad coz bad dig much strongest then ibporno
2014-12-20 07:53
cajunb is way better allround than skadoodle, so much for your analogy and it is mainly device who handles the awp now. Also if you really wanna compare it should be AZK and Xyp9x, karrigan and DaZeD and the switch between cajun and device. Not that such comparisons can be used for much, also since you only focus on one area of the game, the aiming. Theres a lot more to this game than just aiming, which you would know if you had any ingame experience at a decent level.
2014-12-20 10:07
xyp9x is one of the best clutchers in the World he made so many of them yesterday, he's probably the best in dignitas to keep calm when the situations happens
2014-12-20 11:18
what a retard xD pls don't make me laugh more
2014-12-20 12:45
hahahahaha. u are totally deluded. an have no clue, swag better than dupreeh, yes??? NO loooooool. dazed better rifler than xyp OMG. u need sleep ASAP.
2014-12-29 11:46
"even"? common man, f0rest and Get right are the two best players who have played the game
2014-12-20 03:25
i don't care too much about past glory. they should have quit when they were no longer willing to put in the hours if they wanted to be considered the best riflers in the cs history books.
2014-12-20 03:28
They just got a second place on a major tought
2014-12-20 03:34
yes. they are still willing to practice for a few weeks prior to the biggest tournaments but not for the rest of the year. i have nothing positive to say about players like that. it's just negative for everyone in the scene except their own lazy asses. nip are on vacation/complete real life mode doing nothing but promotional work for nip for 9 months of the year and spend the remaining 3 to actually practice ahead of the majors. hate it. toxic team at this point if they keep up this pattern of punching the small tournaments in the face.
2014-12-20 03:36
So they work for just 3 months (according to you) and are the most successful team of 2014? Well, they are doing it right.
2014-12-20 10:13
They're not the most successful team of 2014 in my book. They were successful in the beginning because the CS:GO competitive scene was still underdeveloped - how anyone fails to see this is beyond me. But NiP fanboys will forever be irrational kids who love their mancrushes. I like some of them, too, but if you can't see what I just said it is purely because you don't follow the NiP players enough. Just go to their social media profiles and check out what their everyday lives are like. They are the definition of what haters typically call "sellouts" who sepend more time making NiP chocolates and burgers than they do deathmatching.
2014-12-20 19:53
Not a fanboy, really. Trophies plus prize money. If they aren't #1 of 2014, they are pretty close. All for "three months work".
2014-12-20 19:55
ebola arrived in Norway.
2014-12-20 12:46
explain how i am wrong instead of revealing that i am not with such an empty comment.
2014-12-20 19:50
HAHAAHAHAH yes. we laugh at u for that statement, pure firepower, dig is tied with the best 4sho.
2014-12-28 19:49
dream on. this isn't 2013. (back when dig was indeed tied with the best in terms of individual skill).
2014-12-28 23:33
aww 2013 loool WW was good that year. nothing called DIG in cs:go @ 2013. so wtf? an NO they have the most skilled lineup in terms of pure firepower. mayb ldlc or nip but rest.. just no. an dont say VP or navi or somee shit..an no i didnt say fnatic, cuz i just dont like em. but they just have a deeper understanding of the game as a whole an better teamplay atm. respect for that(pronax/Devilwalk/carn) is the guys to thank for it IMHO .
2014-12-29 11:43
Lel, TaZ, a legend of CS, winner of tons of tournaments, is being called untalented by some fucking gook online?
2014-12-28 23:48
ez skins ez life thx dignitas
2014-12-20 02:55
Now go eat a burger you fat, disgusting misfit.
2014-12-28 23:49
dignitas on their new team honeymoon after divorcing and remarrying. won't last forever (would be nice, though).
2014-12-20 03:00
sergej | 
United States t0xic93 
2014-12-20 03:15
Well played! Im pretty bummed that i missed it but i guess i just gotta watch the VOD tomorrow.
2014-12-20 03:17
Get rekt NBK!
2014-12-20 03:20
2014-12-20 03:24
karrigan = jw's older brother
2014-12-20 03:30
Sweden Kasidro 
Hata told u cz nerfed and ldlc is gone. Bye bye crying French baguettes
2014-12-20 03:30
Poland aLEKAYYY 
Now it would be true, if only LDLC hadnt won most of the forcebuys with P250s ^^
2014-12-20 03:43
Sweden Kasidro 
Hehe yeah. Just happy haha
2014-12-20 04:02
Are they crying?
2014-12-20 03:39
Norway duffz00r 
Dignitas stronK <3
2014-12-20 03:44
2014-12-20 03:59
Norway kakkopp 
2014-12-20 04:03
Russia Shokflow 
Nice HotDogs are back
2014-12-20 04:32
guess they will choke @ LAN like before, oh well
2014-12-20 04:46
<3 karrigan!
2014-12-20 05:08
2014-12-20 05:13
Just online. It didn't prove much
2014-12-20 05:40
LOL dignitas era is coming
2014-12-20 06:09
gj dingnitas :)
2014-12-20 06:47
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
good job karrigan
2014-12-20 07:53
wait till teams adjust to karrigan and dignitas will once again be shit :]
2014-12-20 09:10
Digimons too stronk <3
2014-12-20 09:18
best dignitas
2014-12-20 09:35
VOD any1?
2014-12-20 09:41
Germany Lifant 
Why does it feel so good... because I'm Happy I guess beating top1(or top2 you fnatic fanboys) team in world is kinda nice!
2014-12-20 09:54
Its not about being a fanboy. fnatic is simply the most consistent topteam out there.
2014-12-20 10:10
Germany Lifant 
Its all about opinions. imo, LDLC is better than fnatic.
2014-12-20 10:34
That's not really up for debating. LDLC has never beaten fnatic on LAN, so it's pretty dumb to say they are better.
2014-12-20 10:46
Germany Lifant 
I guess DH Winter is not a lan?
2014-12-20 18:06
puu.sh/dCtLk/d73c6cb893.png + overpass 16-13 for fnatic. Yes DHW is a LAN. To me 2-1 in bo3 is a win.
2014-12-20 18:14
Germany Lifant 
Why is the 3rd map missing on the image? Oh wait, i know... fnatic forfeit after a 13-2 for LDLC.
2014-12-20 18:23
Where did you see fnatic forfeiting after 13-2? 1st. First half ended 12-3 for LDLC, so it couldn't even be 13-2. 2nd. I can get you a screenshot of 16-13 if you want. It's just not in HLTV archives.
2014-12-20 18:34
You just fucking failed at life fucking retard you should feel so fukcing ashamed, cant even get your fucking data correct fucking roflretard
2014-12-28 23:52
Yes, I think you might have that syndrome, amongst a few others.
2014-12-29 18:59
Fnatic is simply the best team. And beating ldlc online much wow.
2014-12-20 10:55
how can be ldlc better if they lost every single match on lan against them :) no, its not about opinions ,fnatic are just better
2014-12-20 12:02
Inb4 nbk crying about online quals
2014-12-20 09:54
The power of the cowbell and faxe kondi....
2014-12-20 10:09
Faxe kondi and karrigan can do amazing things :)
2014-12-20 10:56
gj. NaVi>Dignitas>LDLC>Virtus.Pro Kappa
2014-12-20 10:38
dignitas had their maps in favor, íf its was dd2, inferno , cache ez win for ldlc
2014-12-20 10:43
it's sad the veto is a big part of the game, and you veto wrong it's really your own fault, so plzz go away with your stupid argument.. and btw diggy won 16-1 in it against titan, I don't know if it would be as easy as you're saying
2014-12-20 11:23
dignitas not showing strength on maps they dont know like ldlc
2014-12-20 11:25
wtf are you talking about now?
2014-12-20 11:27
he is true fanboy of CZLC ..:)
2014-12-20 13:24
How the fuck do you know that you little shit retard, they haven't played enough maps for you to make a fucking statement. End. Your. Life.
2014-12-28 23:54
Too ez without FeTiSh.
2014-12-20 10:47
sup now baguettes? :D
2014-12-20 11:02
They're saving strats for Katowice lol who cares about MLG hahaha
2014-12-20 12:16
cz nerf killed LDLC
2014-12-20 12:49
LDLC aka fluke city
2014-12-20 12:50
Christ one player seems to have made a real difference, let's see it in a major doe
2014-12-20 14:10
where are the VODs? can't seem to find the recorded streams on the mlg player
2014-12-20 15:16
I feel like ppl underestimate DIGGY overall, sure they choked a couple times. but ppl seem to forget why its called choke, cuz they played THE BEST CS out of all teams in multiple tourneys, while then crashing out in quarters or semis. i still remember Gfinity, never seen a team play so good cs in cs;go EVER. anybody thinking they are not top 5 are a lunatik IMHO;) an i dont care that they just changed 1 player. the core players been there so long, they will win a big LAN soon. an when they do, they will run over everybody, an it wont even be close.
2014-12-20 15:21
yayayaya nobody cares
2014-12-28 19:53
LOL dude they never won over a top tier team on lan. They are just a second tier team face it
2014-12-28 23:40
Germany Hamsterdam25 
Look at this guy, he has no clue :D
2014-12-28 23:43
u must be new.... dont even reply.
2014-12-29 11:55
ldlc sucks
2014-12-28 23:50
2014-12-29 11:59
LDLC + nerfed cz = nothing
2014-12-29 19:13
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