KaBuM.TD win MLG qualifier

December 21st, 2014 03:09

KaBuM.TD have qualified for MLG X Games Aspen following a 2-0 victory over Dexterity (16-8 on de_dust2 and de_mirage).

Held in São Paulo, the LAN Finals of the Brazilian qualifier for MLG X Games Aspen featured the top four teams from the online stage, who battled it out for a spot at the North American event.

Created last month following the merge of Brazil's two best teams, KaBuM.TD came into this event heavily favoured, and they certainly did not disappoint, moving past Família Reis, Lincoln "fnx" Lau's new team, on just two maps (16-8 on de_cache and 16-2 on de_overpass) in the semi-final stage.

FalleN's KaBuM.TD will travel to Aspen 

In the other half of the bracket, Dexterity, featuring former KaBuM member Henrique "HEN1" Teles, saw off Yeah with a 2-0 scoreline following 16-4 and 16-9 victories on de_cobblestone and de_dust2, respectively.

The grand final turned out to be a one-sided affair, with KaBuM.TD proving to be far too hot to handle as they easily disposed of their opponents, picking up two 16-8 victories to secure a spot at MLG X Games Aspen.

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Brazil Henrique 'HEN1' Teles
Henrique 'HEN1' Teles
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Lincoln 'fnx' Lau
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2014-12-21 03:10
Taiwan SCVready 
2014-12-21 03:10
so close
2014-12-21 03:10
2014-12-21 03:10
are you the teamfortresstv mason?
2014-12-21 05:19
his post isn't autistic retardedness so im guessing no.
2014-12-21 05:34
2014-12-21 12:23
brazilians hype all over again for nothing
2014-12-21 03:11
Apparently, just like you ¬¬
2014-12-21 03:13
I think that you don't know old brazilian cs teams, like MIBR. :D
2014-12-21 03:24
Brazil DUZ1 
ps: that smashed attax many times. spb.fotolog.com/photo/11/32/65/naqzher/1.. w00t
2014-12-21 04:22
World fns1 
2014-12-21 04:28
2014-12-21 04:55
This was what? 5 years or more? Please win an event now or stfu. Worst fucking way to idolize the past. Some of those dont even play CS anymore.
2014-12-21 12:53
8 years ago rofl
2014-12-21 16:04
Thanks for the correction. And they still hold on to it as if it was yesterday... Pathetic. :P
2014-12-21 18:30
guys, don't discuss with brazilians... he's not has arguments... oh wait... not have arguments at this time, just long time ago... anyway, it's nice to see one more chance to just participate in the world scene of CSGO... I can't believe in possibilities of qualify... but someday can be..
2014-12-22 15:51
you suck gringo balls
2014-12-22 16:32
kkkk bitch pls.
2014-12-22 16:33
Yeah. A lot of years ago but the 'world of cs' gave us the opportunity, one time. We did it. Give us another opportunity and we will smash 'you' again. No one can do anything without qualifiers to the championships. We can't get better and better if we don't play with the rest of the world. Imagine 10 teams playing in a small village in Germany, they haven't played against other teams in Germany/Europe. So, one time someone gave them the opportunity to play a championship outside the village. This is what happened to KabuM in ESWC. ;)
2014-12-25 16:54
2014-12-21 16:30
2014-12-21 21:25
Portugal Cyborgy 
no stream?
2014-12-21 03:12
Had stream, just was not very widespread :/
2014-12-21 03:16
Go KaBuM.TD #TodosPeloCSGO
2014-12-21 03:12
Lets go aspen
2014-12-21 03:14
Why wouldn't you include the LU in the news? FalleN ZqK boltz fer steel
2014-12-21 03:18
2015-01-16 04:25
Brazil Raphael Lima 
2014-12-21 03:18
2014-12-21 03:29
World zeLx 
now practice a lot
2014-12-21 03:32
Aaaaaaand fer's VISA was denied.
2014-12-21 03:41
coz the muricans thought he was a monster..?
2014-12-21 07:57
maybe fer no playing in lan event :c
2014-12-21 03:47
ferMONSTER and Boltz amazing players! the best brazilians today!
2014-12-21 04:03
2014-12-21 06:10
ez skins ez life
2014-12-21 04:05
xD There a good team
2014-12-21 04:05
looking strong, best team we could have. but we cannot expect much before they face some top teams.
2014-12-21 04:13
2014-12-21 04:13
2014-12-21 04:23
what pings do u have from brazil to NA?
2014-12-21 04:30
2014-12-21 04:44
2014-12-21 06:34
Denmark MakarovHAX 
I played on NA server yesterday and i get exact 156
2014-12-21 11:33
Brazil Collee 
130~200, depends on the location and how good the internet is. But I think it's 150 average. I have about 165
2014-12-21 14:48
against who can u play competitive games? Is the a scene in SA?
2014-12-21 16:15
Brazil Collee 
We can play with everyone from SA, I think. The ping is good for everyone
2014-12-21 16:23
I get 100, esea is totally playable
2014-12-21 22:30
Brazil Collee 
What's your internet speed? I have GVT 35 MB, but I get ~130 on ESEA, it's probably the location
2014-12-22 02:38
Yeah, it's probably the location, I live in the northeast. I have net virtua 10mb, believe it or not.
2014-12-22 02:43
Brazil Collee 
Lol, I also live in the northeast. Usually people from the south region of the country gets better ping than me on US servers with 10 mb. But I've always had a better ping than my friends from northeast, don't know why your ping is better with only 10 mb. My friends from northeast always have 130+ on US servers
2014-12-22 02:48
It has never been about the amount of MB but rather how the routing is done and/or if there is any technology used to counter packets loss or burst noise. Most ISP's used to have interleaving activated on most cable lines which adds latency (higher ping) as it counter the effects of burst noise (errors) on a telephone line, but it is possible for some ISP's to turn it off. It could potentially mess with the stability of your internet though (rarely happens).
2014-12-22 10:23
United States lybrel 
Well at least one "steel" will be going to MLG #REKT Kappa
2014-12-21 04:42
2014-12-21 06:06
I hue'd
2014-12-21 06:11
+1 lol
2014-12-21 17:00
2014-12-21 04:48
How many teams are going there? 6/8?
2014-12-21 05:08
2014-12-21 10:09
Congrats guys! We look forward to seeing Kabum at the $15k CS:GO Tournament at Clutch Con in Denver Jan 30, 2015!
2014-12-21 05:13
Cool stuff
2014-12-21 06:17
This is really appreciate! Ty :)
2014-12-21 07:27
CS:GO need more people like you clutchgamingarena <3
2014-12-21 22:33
Lets go Brazil!
2014-12-21 07:28
Very nice
2014-12-21 10:20
Brazil akak1 
2014-12-21 11:35
2014-12-21 11:36
Sri Lanka King Ye 
Great news. Too bad no one cares except 7-1's
2014-12-21 11:51
Netherlands xdanny 
2014-12-21 11:56
this team will be raped
2014-12-21 11:58
Congratulations to Kabum! However i think its sad they will get a spot over either VP, LDLC, NaVi or Titan.
2014-12-21 12:57
I'd rather have kabum then Navi atm.
2014-12-21 13:01
its funny to see all these brazilians hyped for nothing once again xD
2014-12-21 13:05
stfu.. this guys has almost no chance at international events, they not train with the high-level teams. I'm sure if they often throw against VP TITAN FNC NIP would be at the top as they all
2014-12-21 15:56
2014-12-21 22:58
KaBuM.TD's roster: Gabriel "Fallen" Toledo - KaBuM.TD's Ingame Leader Caio "ZQK" Fonseca - is a great AWPer, alternating the use of sniper with Fallen and is a player with a lot of experience in CS:S, in 2012 played the DHW and the ESWC by ProgamingTD and was widely praised. Lucas "steel" Lopes - has the necessary combination in the game: Aim + experience. Also had a great individual performance in the DHW 2012. Fernando "fer" Alvarenga - Aggressive, has a great aim and often decide the game at times that the team needs him most. Played in ESWC 2014 by KsBuM. Ricardo "boltz" Prass - The newest and also the least experienced within five, maybe, is the only one in which you have never heard. But keep an eye on him, is a great sprayer, never seen anything like it. That's it, now just see how far they can get in this tournament and that are yet to come. GL, Have Fun!
2014-12-21 14:04
Brazil Collee 
Boltz is a monster, I'm really surprised with his aim. His spray will surprise a lot of people. This line is really sick
2014-12-21 14:50
Brazil m1tzin 
2014-12-21 21:44
Brazil Collee 
So sick
2014-12-22 02:36
2014-12-21 15:54
2014-12-21 16:07
this new line-up of kabum is better than that played ESWC. #goKaBuM!
2014-12-21 16:31
Fer with passaport problem, i dont know if he goes.
2014-12-21 17:12
2014-12-21 21:27
K. Targetdown
2014-12-21 23:03
ez for KaBuM :D
2014-12-22 20:00
Brziiiiillllll! she lives!
2014-12-23 11:00
Canada reizel 
Expected... any other "good" teams in Brazil.
2015-01-16 04:35
It was just the beginning...
2016-04-10 02:40
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