LondonC lose CS:GO team

London Conspiracy have announced the departure of their CS:GO team.

Earlier in the month, the UK-based organisation unveiled a new Norwegian CS:GO team, featuring two players from the previous squad, Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel and Håvard "rain" Nygaard, and three up-and-coming talents.

Despite having only a handful of results to show, the players have now surprisingly parted ways with London Conspiracy, with the team being expected to sign for LGB eSports, according to a report in Gamermag.

RUBINO & co leave London Conspiracy 

Contacted by, former team manager Robert "LillRobbaN" Jonasson admitted to feeling "betrayed" by the players' "lack of loyalty", adding that this matter was "poorly executed".

Meanwhile, London Conspiracy stated that they will "continue supporting the CS:GO scene", so a new team should be signed in the coming weeks.

London Conspiracy had the following CS:GO team:

Norway Ruben "RUBINO" Villarroel
Norway Håvard "rain" Nygaard
Norway Sebastian "ensa" Aas
Norway Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad
Norway Morten "zEVES" Vollan

Norway Sebastian 'ensa' Aas
Sebastian 'ensa' Aas
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Håvard 'rain' Nygaard
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Morten 'zEVES' Vollan
Morten 'zEVES' Vollan
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Ruben 'RUBINO' Villarroel
Ruben 'RUBINO' Villarroel
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2014-12-27 19:19
fuck no.
2014-12-27 19:52
fuck yeah.
2014-12-27 23:29
El Bee Gee #never4get.
2014-12-28 00:30
World scrape 
Stands for LesbianGayBi eSports
2014-12-28 23:28
rubino :(
2014-12-27 19:19
They are still together just not playing for London Conspiracy!
2014-12-27 23:16
Dosia | 
Norway Skagos 
2014-12-28 12:22
2014-12-29 13:53
2014-12-27 19:19
bad team, cya
2014-12-27 19:19
Better than every Finnish team, but you're right, they're bad. Cya.
2014-12-27 21:44
And why the fuck would that be relevant? Worse than any top 10 team. C-Y-A.
2014-12-29 01:38
2014-12-29 12:11
fake and gay.
2014-12-27 23:26
RIP never got past group stages anyways ("__")
2014-12-27 19:20
This team has never attended a tournament.
2014-12-27 19:26
That's even worse then. You shouldn't have said that
2014-12-27 19:35
...There was no tournaments since this team started
2014-12-27 19:37
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
+1 wouldn't get out of groups at any noteworthy lan anyway even if they did go
2014-12-27 19:45
Probable, yeah. If they got lucky with groups - maybe. :b
2014-12-27 20:04
Austria db42 
faceit cups? mlg?
2014-12-27 22:04
Brain.exe has stopped working. If you didn't know, this is a new lineup, with 3 really good players, and now for once they have a proper igl compared to what they had before. Also, this lineup was made less than a month ago give or take, and there hasnt been any tournaments for them to attend.
2014-12-27 19:50
What's worse than not passing groupe stages at events? Not attenting them.
2014-12-27 20:45
There wasn't any tournament for them to attend. That's the third time you're told this.
2014-12-27 21:04
Don't feed the troll.
2014-12-27 21:19
Why's that worse? They haven't been a team for more than a month or so you fucking idiot. Old LC with Rain and Rubino got to the Quarterfinals of a Major, dumb twat.
2014-12-27 21:45
Yeah they made special edition of LondonC stickers for cologne in their honor
2014-12-27 21:15
Norway kakkopp 
@G3 they did
2014-12-27 20:12
2014-12-29 13:53
Yeah norwegians top1 sweden Kappa
2014-12-27 19:20
damn rip
2014-12-27 19:21
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
ex-LC going to LGB and schneider, pauf, dennis and co. to LC. Called it.
2014-12-27 19:22
2014-12-27 20:14
2014-12-27 19:21
It's not like the UK has done anything exceptional in the past 60 years any ways. Can't say I am surprised.
2014-12-27 19:21
2014-12-27 19:23
with the money for your war on iraq, world hunger could've been solved for 25 years. very exceptional, good job.
2014-12-27 19:30
If you really believe world hunger can be solved with money in the long run, you're a fucking moron.
2014-12-27 19:47
i dont though, clearly you need to contemplate this some more.
2014-12-27 19:48
Exactly how would American flow of money solve hunger in North Korea?
2014-12-27 20:49
you are entirely too stupid to talk to.
2014-12-27 20:50
I suppose you regard your world view as intelligent..? Throw enough rice on the Africans, and the problem will be solved, right? World hunger is obviously a complex matter, and money alone is not going to solve it as whole, be it 25 years or eternally. Thoughts, ideas and education will stabilise the world, and to realise this the developed world will need to get blood on their hands, and people within the most troublesome countries will need to step forward to transform their countries' future. Overpowering inefficient, toxic dictators (Saddam, for example) is actually not a bad idea, regardless of the motives.
2014-12-27 22:12
And so you're judging a person for some random executive's decisions. LOGIX FTW
2014-12-27 19:54
2014-12-27 19:55
2014-12-27 20:01
omgodzzzz keilogger!!!!11!!!
2014-12-27 21:46
United States Cheezyshooter 
While I don't agree with JustinD, I find your comment even more ridiculous. First of all, who the fuck are you to tell us how to spend our money? You don't even have a flag next to your name lol. Trying to hide where you're from huh? We can spend it on who we want, what we want, and however we want. The USA is my country, not yours. You have no right to dictate anything lol. Second of all, what good is solving world hunger for 25 years lol? Do you know why there is world hunger? There is world hunger because other GOVERNMENTS are FUCKING THEIR OWN COUNTRIES UP and their CITIZENS with it. You can bitch all you want about the USA, but at least our government is that bad. Another reason why there is world hunger is because certain people live in completely uninhabitable parts of the world. For example, some people live in the Sahara Desert of Africa... ITS A FUCKING DESERT. You can't grow your own food there. We can airlift you food for 25 fucking years and they'll be starving 3 days after that. You know why? BECAUSE YOU CANT GROW FOOD IN A DESERT. Finally, in the end, it just sounds like the world still needs the USA besides all it's bitching and moaning lol. Why should we be the only one donating and solving world hunger huh? I don't see any other countries stepping up to the plate. Looks like we'll be the only ones STILL handing out money while the rest of the world sits on its ass. Hopefully you can at least understand some of this. Probably the longest post I've ever done. Good day.
2014-12-27 21:38
France cedd 
what the hell is wrong with you talking such stupidity here ??? keep your stupid thoughts with other stupid americans on stupid american websites thanks
2014-12-27 22:25
"Hopefully you can at least understand some of this. Probably the longest post I've ever done."~ And such a waste of time and rubbish. you're the typical murican guy
2014-12-27 22:42
First of all; We live as human beings on the same planet. The humane thing to do when we see some one struggeling is to help. Second of all; Some governments ARE "fucking" their own countries... but is it fair for the citizens that live there, that we forget about them, and let their government to continue to fuck them over? Third; If you think that is the reason there is world hunger you live in a nutshel. You can go in the streets in rich countries and se ppl starving to death. And YES you can grow food around the oasis in Sahara. Do you really think that USA is the only one donating to help world hunger? Maybe USA has the largest amount donated, but there are many other countries that donates a bigger percentage of their income than the USA. Hopefully you can stop living as an ignorant scum the rest of your life. Have a good day. P.S Sorry for bad grammar
2014-12-29 06:05
2014-12-27 22:38
Reading this comment i realised that i don't understand people.
2014-12-27 19:51
"any ways" learn to spell instead of eating 10x donuts you fat fuck.
2014-12-27 21:52
2014-12-27 22:30
And what has the US done?
2014-12-27 21:58
Uzbekistan burgerzz 
2014-12-27 19:23
2014-12-27 19:23
5 players that completely out skills you, in every possible way.
2014-12-27 21:50
2014-12-28 00:13
u mad?
2014-12-28 01:44
LGB ez
2014-12-27 19:23
2014-12-27 19:23
I love how almost everyone thinks the team is disbanding because no one bothers to read the article. They are gonna be picked up by LGB.
2014-12-27 19:24
LC top 50 lel bunch of onliners, hope lgb dont pick the,
2014-12-27 19:24
You're retarded. All of them perform just like they do online, offline.
2014-12-27 21:50
oh boy xD LGB inc xD
2014-12-27 19:25
zehN | 
Finland ludiMacak 
LGB boyz
2014-12-27 19:25
2014-12-27 19:25
gl boys
2014-12-27 19:26
Did they even play any official match after LondonC to lose two? I'm talking about:
2014-12-27 19:26
Dude they got a new team. That is about the old LC team. You can see the team in the article.
2014-12-27 19:28
You didn't understand me, but I know that after those 2 were; Rubino, rain, ensa, jkaem, zEVES and that even though they were playing one match?
2014-12-27 19:35
They played in an online tournament a few weeks ago where they beat 3DMAX and MyXMG and had a close BO3 against Penta.
2014-12-27 19:46
Ohh i just missed it, thanks for reply
2014-12-27 19:49
2014-12-27 19:27
2014-12-27 19:28
They were doomed after losing Polly and Skurk anyway...
2014-12-27 19:29
you have no clue whatsoever
2014-12-27 19:37
2014-12-27 19:30
Portugal zfk_ 
LGB confirmed.
2014-12-27 19:42
The hype is over.. sad. Many free skins were won. never forget.
2014-12-27 19:43
2014-12-27 19:43
so they first steal the organisation from prb & skurk and then they leave it ? something I follow wrong ? ;x
2014-12-27 19:45
Portugal doshin 
2014-12-27 19:47
why not?
2014-12-27 19:47
A random Swedish mix > this
2014-12-27 20:13
Portugal doshin 
you say everything :p i hope new LGB w/ this line up: delpan and +4 good players ;)
2014-12-27 20:31
Hehe, nope.
2014-12-27 21:48
You should pick up a random swedish mix and sponsor Them for sure ;)
2014-12-28 00:06
2014-12-27 19:48
Not even two weeks old
2014-12-27 19:54
Remember that day when CPH Wolves and LC were promising ? It was a long time ago.
2014-12-27 19:57
This team was just made and is very promising.
2014-12-27 20:01
I really dont understand why lgb picks up this team...
2014-12-27 19:58
Denmark MakarovHAX 
Because they have potential and is the best team to pick up atm, but sure, the old LGB was legendary
2014-12-27 21:39
There's a lot of things you don't understand, hence why you should just shut your mouth most of the time.
2014-12-27 21:47
flipside to lgb with pauf and schneider confirmed 100%
2014-12-27 21:53
They didnt even play 1 match as LC ha
2014-12-27 19:58
2014-12-27 20:15
2014-12-27 20:19
"lack of loyalty", I lol'd. If it was anything, LC was holding them back from a lot.
2014-12-27 20:26
If you know something, just tell us?
2014-12-27 20:32
What would be the fun in telling people
2014-12-27 20:49
It would be great fun, I assure you :D
2014-12-27 20:50
If anything is going to be announced it should be from the team itself and not from someone else.
2014-12-27 20:52
I like this guy!
2014-12-27 21:01
lc was holding them back from winning more rounds?
2014-12-27 23:39
Denmark MakarovHAX 
Awful news they have a lot of potential D: What team Polly Pocket is playing now?
2014-12-27 21:35
2014-12-27 21:41
Not a cool move, but I guess they had their reasons.
2014-12-27 21:42
What a bunch of cunts.
2014-12-27 21:46
Who? Are you informed on the matter? No you're probably not. So why are you speaking out loud? Oh, because you're an unmannered fool who likes to spew bullshit.
2014-12-27 21:49
Nice try, Rubino, rain, ensa, jkaem and zeves
2014-12-27 23:35
2014-12-27 22:03
Portugal dracø 
Did this lineup even play under this org? They played as clutchit last time I saw them :o
2014-12-27 22:06
what a shame, a big loss to the scene
2014-12-27 22:18
They are not lost to the scene though, the lineup still exist and will join another org.
2014-12-28 00:20
Who cares, The norwegians scene is a joke. No stability at all. The only norwegian player that gives 110% is Centryz. Would like to see him on a high tier team.
2014-12-27 22:47
hey, what's about centryz nowadays?
2014-12-28 00:16
Playing for with KORN, DaY, andz and moen. I think they are doing good actually.
2014-12-28 12:37
2014-12-28 13:30
where he is? or is he doing bad?
2014-12-29 00:36
No stability? Old LC lasted for a long time. If centryz gives 110%, why is he in no team?
2014-12-28 00:17
huge potential, they need an org fast
2014-12-27 22:58
2014-12-27 23:14
A good opportunity for LC to build a stronger team. Don't think we'll be seeing much of these five.
2014-12-27 23:34
This team is not good enough to carry the LGB tag. They are gonna destroy the good memories we have of the Swedish team.
2014-12-28 00:35
Have you even watched them play?
2014-12-28 00:48
The guys right, Yeah they have 3 solid players, but the old LGB had 5 solid players and a team that could fight for the top, this team won't even grace the top5.
2014-12-28 04:23
Legit question: why are there no British/Irish players in pro CSGO scene? Would love to see a Brit team appear :)
2014-12-28 05:32
Monsen | 
Norway Piesso 
Legit answer: They aren't good enough.
2014-12-28 11:18
Legit answer: They don't stay together long enough to actually become good as a team.
2014-12-28 11:19
No one knows whatsup with the danish , Na and now the norwe scene. -.-
2014-12-28 08:03
NEO | 
Poland koperek 
oneeventloseandquit gaming
2014-12-28 08:29
Greece hekzy 
RUBINO squad > LGB If those guys go to LGB then PLEASE LC, make a star british so the british scene can finally get its shit together.
2014-12-28 08:33
I remember how they Pauf and Dennis played in the LC. I would like to see this again in a bunch of LGB.
2014-12-28 08:53
hope they find it Keppe
2014-12-28 11:39
why not a sweden team。。。
2014-12-28 13:05
LGB comeback ?
2014-12-28 13:40
NEO | 
Europe Inthawk 
2014-12-28 14:36
2014-12-28 17:21
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