wNv Takes Out WEG Masters

May 2nd, 2006 19:49

The WEG Masters has come to a close with a spectacular performance from world ranked 2nd wNv Gaming over the world ranked 3rd CompLexity.

The WEG has completed play early this morning with wNv gaming coming out and absolutely dominating the matches over compLexity, now having held the WEG title for two straight years. The Chinese team has been in fine form since the first day of competition and controlled the WEG Masters from the get go, with Zhen Wei “44'alex” Bian leading their team to victory and the $70,000 USD prize.

The roster run down follows:


  • - Danny “fRoD” Montaner
  • - Tyler “storm” Wood
  • - Justin “sunman” Summy
  • - Corey “tr1p” Dodd
  • - Matt “Warden” Dickens

wNv Gaming

  • - Zhen Wei “44'alex” Bian
  • - Ke Fei “Jungle” Yang
  • - Jiang “Mikk” Pu
  • - Run Bo “Sakula” Wu
  • - Xing Ju “tK” Ma

CompLexity obviously not playing at there best needed to pull together as a team which they managed but alas they were just completely outplayed by wNv on both de_nuke and de_inferno. Although on de_nuke CompLexity showed some serious promise coming back from a 6-1 round count tying the game in the 7th round, although only taking one more round after that performance, Danny “fRoD” Montaner and Tyler “storm” Wood being the most predominant players for CompLexity.

Hard to believe, on de_inferno wNv controlled the whole map, only dropping a singular round to CompLexity showing no mercy for the unfortunately regular mistakes made by the CompLexity team. Ke Fei “Jungle” Yang teaming up with Zhen Wei “44'alex” Bian was the ultimate combination on this map and they didn't let anybody pass without being slaughtered.

The map statistics are as follows:

wNv Gaming ( 32 ) - CompLexity ( 8 )

de_nuke [ 16 - 7 ]

de_inferno [ 16 - 1 ]

This was an extremely well fought match by both teams CompLexity just falling short when it came to executing strats and controlling bombsites when they had the opportunities to do so.

The WEG Masters ended on a good note with all teams enjoying themselves and reported having fun dispite the serious level of competition. With Complexity runners-up to wNv the rest of the feild falls as follows:

1. wNv Gaming - $70,000
2. CompLexity - $20,000
3. South Korea Hacker.Project - $8,000 USD
4. Norway Catch Gamer - $4,000 USD
5. Russia Virtus Pro - $2,000 USD
6. Sweden SK Gaming (Sweden) - $2,000 USD
7. United Kingdom Four Kings - $2,000 USD
8. Norway Team NoA - $2,000 USD

On behalf of hltv.org we would like to congratulate wNv Gaming on their fantastic effort shown in the WEG and wish Complexity good luck with their future efforts.

Keep an eye on HLTV.org for a lot of post WEG Masters news and upcoming events on the calendar for the world’s best.

I personally think its a shame that compLexity didn't really show up for the match. I thought it would've been a closer match then this, but still it was entertaining to watch.
2006-05-02 13:19
Denmark NsK^^ 
Yes it was .. it was a niz match .. I would say that it was not very good play by coL when they l0st 14-1 :\ But my bet was on wNv so thats good :D
2006-05-02 13:26
lol i don't know about mine yet :S
2006-05-02 13:39
Sigh, I had 10k on coL :(
2006-05-02 14:58
i think i had 5 k, can't find it tho :S
2006-05-02 15:11
Were is Demo's in WEG?
2006-05-02 17:13
2006-05-02 18:03
gg wNv
2006-05-02 18:52
We at hltv.org don't have any of the demos from the WEG Masters, nor were we involved with the proceedings of it. Sorry to inform you of this. And I watched the GF match between wNv and coL and wNv just outplayed them with everything they could think of. It surprised me that a team like complexity could fall to such a dramatic number. Quite surprising although it was a very poor match by them.
2006-05-02 19:00
Finland Don 
lol...wNv always wins very easy :D
2006-05-03 18:41
yes but they can't do it out of China, its weird. They are a very talented team though and this time I think they can go a bit further, if they can get their visa's in order.
2006-05-03 20:02
Poland buKa 
gg, but even lose, coL the best :D
2006-05-03 20:06
CompLexity is did very well considering the odds stacked against them. wNv and Hacker Project are almost impossible to beat on their home soil, we can't understand it. But sometimes they under proform in international competitions. I hope they get their visa's sorted out because if they do its going to be an interesting future in competitive e-sports. Although i wish compLexity would give out an interview to me so I can inform you guys from the mouths of those who played, but alas no reply as yet. I will keep you all informed of its progress.
2006-05-04 16:02
2006-05-10 05:15
2006-05-10 08:36
#13 buKa coL sa niczym w przeciwienstwie do wNv\1 ;D
2006-05-10 08:37
lol coL tried to cheat by pausing and then unpausing when wNv werent rdy but wNv still won those rounds lol ne way Gg wNv
2006-05-11 10:19
1/ Pausing isn't cheating, 2/ Admins pause the matchs not the players. All players have the ability to pause, but a warning is cast to the team if it happens, either on purpose or acciedent (Spelling). If its an admin pause they inform the players of it, and re-inform them of the restart when all players are ready, so their really wasn't any 'cheating', it was just posponing the enevitable.
2006-05-11 15:17
on the chance of an purposful pause by a player, the offending player is warned and on the next occurance the match will be won by the oppossing team.
2006-05-18 21:13
wow nice prize :]
2006-05-18 19:40
vp..vp.....vp...;[[ they had 100% chance to def all teams... they lost only coL , problem is one,that 2nd group teams were much better then first..it was really hard for VP. ..i am very sorry for VP ;\..it's very strong team..))
2006-05-21 16:16
wNv are one of the strongest teams at the current moment mate.
2006-05-21 17:55
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