ASUS ROG final teams & qualifier *

Final three teams invited to ASUS ROG Winter 2015 are, mousesports and 3DMAX. The online qualifier will be held on ESEA on January 10-11.

After inviting NiP, HellRaisers and Titan in the first wave of invitations to the $25,000 tournament on January 30-31, the organizers of ASUS ROG have added three more teams.

Joining the trio from our December world ranking are, mousesports and Aleksi "allu" Jalli's 3DMAX, who will be debuting with their new roster on their home soil.

Sweden NiP Ukraine HellRaisers France Titan
Finland 3DMAX Germany mousesports Poland

Two additional spots at ASUS ROG Winter will be given out via the online qualifier, which will be taking place over the coming weekend, on January 10-11 on ESEA.

The qualifier has been moved from ESEA to FACEIT, and you can sign up for it until it fills up here. The schedule has also been released:

Saturday, January 10
15:00 Round of 64 BO1
16:00 Round of 32 BO1
17:00 Round of 16 BO1
18:00 Round 8 BO3
Sunday, January 11
14:00 Upper bracket semi-final BO1
15:00 Upper bracket final BO3
15:00 Lower bracket final BO1
18:00 Consolidation final BO3

Winners of the upper bracket final and the consolidation final will qualify for the main event. Times are only estimates, as each match is expected to start as soon as possible.

ASUS ROG Winter 2015 will offer $25,000 in prizes and be held on January 30-31 in Helsinki, Finland. The grand final will be shown live on Finnish national TV channel YLE.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Kairos1g 
2015-01-09 20:09
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
2015-01-09 23:19
Germany lpSykl 
2015-01-10 00:54
2015-01-09 20:09
2015-01-09 20:09
Germany Rosal 
2015-01-09 20:09
Who is Z and who is W? XD
2015-01-09 20:10
2015-01-09 20:11
You don't say :P
2015-01-09 20:13
Finland Jyubei 
2015-01-09 20:12
North America lint 
gl Z and W
2015-01-09 20:12
Sweden pyth 
Nice GL all teams :D
2015-01-09 20:13
U gonna play qualifier with your team?
2015-01-09 20:51
Sweden pyth 
2015-01-09 22:12
Yayy gl :D
2015-01-09 22:40
Of course it's online Kappa
2015-01-10 11:39
pyth plz come to finland
2015-01-09 20:54
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
Wouldn't be surprised if Orbit won the other spot in the qualifiers :^)
2015-01-09 20:55
Sweden pyth 
i would love too again :)
2015-01-09 22:12
Awesome :D GL in the qualifiers!
2015-01-10 09:33
better bring some snus w/ u if u do! ;)
2015-01-10 17:04
Nice try <3
2015-01-11 10:11
3Dmax to win it all you heard it here first
2015-01-09 20:14
2015-01-09 20:15
NiP or VP will take this.
2015-01-09 20:15
2015-01-09 20:15
2015-01-09 20:16
Europe midi 
are Z, W and Aleksi "allu" Jalli's 3DMAX fiftee minutes before N1 lurppis
2015-01-09 20:16
W ez win
2015-01-09 20:16
the only invite ldlc gets is for qualifiers xD
2015-01-09 20:17
Norway Crush<3 
Cmon LGB!!!
2015-01-09 20:21
Informing all teams just 17 hours before 1st qualifier showing how bad you are at time management.
2015-01-09 20:24
Sweden pyth 
They actually announced that qualifiers were going to be played tomorrow & sunday :P
2015-01-09 20:44
I got what you said. But when? Back in December?
2015-01-09 20:47
not realizing the qualifier was announced ten days ago and complaining about it publicly shows how stupid you are
2015-01-09 21:06
u show em boy :)
2015-01-09 21:09
I am a bit surprised that person who is responsible for the ASUS ROG tournament is saying such a bold words. I am sorry, but this is ridiculous that I missed something what happened ~240hours back. What is more, this article was focused on invited teams, not on the dates of upcoming qualifiers. You lack of professionalism. //You should read some books/articles about 'Communication processes', of course if you know how to read.
2015-01-09 21:58
the bold words are what are gonna keep asus rog on schedule. i don't blame you for missing it, i blame you for whining about something not being published without looking into to seeing whether it was published or not. the information was also on asus rog's official website. edit: hilarious you're suggesting i should read when you're the one complaining about information that was out for over a week.
2015-01-09 22:14
Never thought you're so narrow minded teenager. Firstly, you called me stupid, now you call me idiot. I really like your aggressive communication style, its nice to see that you're trying to protect yourself, little wolf. :D:D The article you wrote 10 days ago, was concentrated firstly on invited teams, then on prize pool, casters and for the last it was about qualifier. At least you wrote now acceptable heading - "ASUS ROG final teams & qualifier". You could write just "ASUS ROG final teams".
2015-01-09 22:33
you got rekt m8, just stop, it's awkward
2015-01-09 23:47
rekkkkkt, stop trying
2015-01-10 12:56
tshhh dickie, go bark somewhere else. auh-auh auti.
2015-01-10 13:43
Where is the news post on the assembly website? I can't seem to find it
2015-01-09 23:59 (linked in our earlier news post, too)
2015-01-10 02:15
2015-01-10 03:05
Voiko niitä lippuja ostaa ovelta?
2015-01-10 13:06
kävijälippuja saa ovelta
2015-01-10 14:18
#53 U just got rekt'd so badly :)
2015-01-09 21:49
2015-01-10 12:18
3dmax and mousesport LOW teams
2015-01-09 20:24
Every tournament needs some "not-so-good" teams.
2015-01-09 20:48
yeah i know they need some support from all
2015-01-09 21:23
Finland Hunajaperse 
3DMAX ez win, ez skinz, ez lyfe
2015-01-09 20:24
Germany 'ezpz 
Go Titan! I hope RpK will be in a good form.
2015-01-09 20:24
almost n1.
2015-01-09 20:25
No Fnatic with cheats yay
2015-01-09 20:31
They are at the other tournament at the same time @ Denver, CO, USA.
2015-01-09 20:48
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
Did 3DMAX and mousesports get invited over Na'Vi and Dignitas, or did they just not want to attend? Good for me as a fan though, atleast one Finnish team there. Hopefully we see MMM there too.
2015-01-09 20:33
All events try to get the best teams,its upto the teams to decide.
2015-01-09 20:37
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
lurppis was the one who invited them so I was just wondering ^^
2015-01-09 20:38
3dmax deserves a slot,dunno about mousesports. I think with allu,they can upset a few teams,maybe not the top3,but the rest.
2015-01-09 20:39
Well it's same time as MLG so Dig wasn't able to come same comes with LDLC and Fnatic.Idk if Na'Vi even attend to qualis. I think atleast teams like Menace,MMM and RCTIC gonna go to qual and from other countries teams like Orbit,LGB,CPHW and probably Overdrives payteam :D
2015-01-09 20:48
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
I knew fnatic will attend some smaller lan at USA after MLG, didn't know about LDLC or Dig or Na'Vi though. Also, hopefully Overdrive picks up some pro's again, it's always fun to watch them :D Also, not sure if Menace is a team anymore, or if they are just tryPANTS now, ex-Menace player sAw joined MMM (suNny, aslak, naSu, sAw, xartE(?) )
2015-01-09 20:52
Well Na'vi isn't going to MLG :D you understood wrong my Finnish bro
2015-01-09 21:16
NIP is playin in MLG and ASUS rog.
2015-01-10 04:57
They obviously invited 3DMAX because they are a finnish team and this is a finnish tournament. There are many teams that would have deserved the spot more if it wasn't because of that. Understandable that they invite the best finnish team though, and with allu they can do good.
2015-01-09 21:24
VirtusPro/NIP to win event,unless titan surprises.
2015-01-09 20:36
Expected choices.Well pasha said earlier that they were invited and 3DMAX ofc 'cause hometournament and Mouz need LAN tournaments and they started to bootcamp also
2015-01-09 20:45
so what teams willbe in qualifyer 10,11th?? penta?
2015-01-09 21:04
allu will wrenck the mouz :)
2015-01-09 21:11
No not face it, god damn it. Also I bought ESEA premium for this, shiiiiiit.
2015-01-09 21:15
It's not like you are Russian so $7 aint much for you
2015-01-09 21:42
lollll switched to faceit so fnatic don't have to play on ESEA client gg
2015-01-09 21:16
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
fnatic wont attend
2015-01-09 23:01
3DMAX hype!
2015-01-09 21:17
2015-01-09 21:26
Slovakia montty 
what why is this happening ? why on faceit??
2015-01-09 21:25
3DMAX + jOELZ > world
2015-01-09 21:26
+ esc and orbit/F3
2015-01-09 21:37
2015-01-09 21:37
@lurppis GPlay seems to be attending the qualifiers on the faceit page yet they have a player (dream3r) who has been VAC-banned a while ago. Just giving a heads up.
2015-01-09 21:53
Finland mjro 
Nice, I'am looking forward this tournament! gl evRIboDY
2015-01-09 22:09
Finally I can see NiP play!
2015-01-09 22:16
Interested in the reason why Mouz is invited and not Penta.
2015-01-09 22:19
surprisingly good team list for a finnish event. should be pretty good
2015-01-09 22:19
2015-01-09 22:29
Ukraine SuperMetal 
ez for Allumax
2015-01-09 22:36
plz add to csgolounge
2015-01-09 22:44
CSGO LOUNGE add this matches!!!!! First good Tournament of the year =DDD
2015-01-09 23:02
another ESEA league with silver teams? ._.
2015-01-09 23:03
Remoy | 
Denmark remoy 
csgolounge plz
2015-01-09 23:06
Oh, VP. Now I want to go to spec really.
2015-01-09 23:15
I miss Na'Vi :(
2015-01-09 23:18
me too -3DMAX or HR
2015-01-10 00:11
Yeah, lets take off "hometeam"
2015-01-10 00:22
gl allu
2015-01-09 23:28
no Navi No party
2015-01-09 23:38
lez go glhf errybody
2015-01-09 23:42
lego ))
2015-01-09 23:48
CSGL add this matches please!
2015-01-10 00:06
zehN | 
Finland jemmis 
n1 n1 n1 n1
2015-01-10 00:17
titan gonna win with rpk
2015-01-10 01:01
United States darkun 
BALLIN! something to watch this weekend! also a badass tourney with new 3dmax, mouz, titan memebers.
2015-01-10 01:07
2015-01-10 03:55
2015-01-10 13:59
qualifier is someone going to stream?
2015-01-10 14:06 will stream our games gonna be many games because easy for us.
2015-01-10 14:21
can someone please post the list of participating teams? too lazy registering on face it:D
2015-01-10 14:25
2015-01-10 14:46
gogogogo LGB
2015-01-10 14:46
Bulgaria JackZombozoo 
GPlay <3
2015-01-10 15:23
s1mple | 
Turkey Hemta1 
Titan got this.
2015-01-26 22:38
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