dAT sweep ACES to win MCS Finals

January 10th, 2015 22:07

dAT won MCS Open Season 1 Finals after a very one-sided grand final 2-0 versus ACES (16-6 de_inferno, 16-3 de_nuke), getting the first place prize of $5,000.

MCS Finals kicked off yesterday with thirty-two teams battling for sixteen playoffs spots in eight groups. Some of the most interesting names among those who qualified for playoffs were dAT, Nostalgie, ACES, Check-Six and Moscow Five.

The biggest favourites of the tournament Nostalgie, whose lineup boasted three players of HellRaisers, ended up disappointing their fans in the round of sixteen, as they surprisingly lost to ACES.

B1ad3's dAT take their first tournament win of 2015

The other favourite in dAT managed to go through the bracket without losing a map, despite having troubles with Piter in the quarter-finals, and Anton "tonyblack" Kolesnikov's Comeback right afterwards.

In the end it was ACES who joined dAT in the grand final, but it was a clear-cut sweep from the CIS lineup. Starting off on de_inferno, Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy's side managed to get eleven rounds as Terrorists, which was easy for them to turn into a 1-0 lead at 16-6.

de_nuke ended up being even more one-sided, as dAT started off as Counter-Terrorists. After getting a 13-2 lead, they didn't leave any room to breathe for the Russian side, as they finished the game only four rounds afterwards. 

10th January 2015

The third place decider saw Comeback in a tough battle with Belorussian 97club, as on de_mirage, both of the sides were won by Comeback in the tightest manner possible for a 16-14 win.

de_cobblestone was no easy task for the Russian lineup, 97club got all the way to eight rounds as Terrorists, but tonyblack and co prevailed in the end at 16-13.

10th January 2015

MCS Open Season 1 Finals final standings:

1. CIS dAT - $5,000
2. Russia ACES - $2,000
3. Russia Comeback - $1,000
4. Belarus 97club - $700
5.-8. Russia 4SPB - $350
5.-8. Russia Moscow Five - $350
5.-8. Kazakhstan Check-Six - $350
5.-8. Russia Quit - $350 

Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Anton 'tonyblack' Kolesnikov
Anton 'tonyblack' Kolesnikov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
well played dat team :)
2015-01-10 22:08
2015-01-10 22:08
Expected :O
2015-01-10 22:08
Lithuania mao~ 
Nostalgie :D
2015-01-10 22:08
Brazil Lucasxp 
-kucher +flamie
2015-01-10 22:09
Ireland skend 
-7 +1
2015-01-10 22:09
Brazil Lucasxp 
Talk to my 5 Stars, insignificant
2015-01-10 22:13
swag | 
Latvia `DinGo 
2015-01-10 22:32
7-1 omg haha
2015-01-11 13:48
lol 7-1
2015-01-11 12:48
Russia NeonTHedge 
-HR +daT team
2015-01-11 00:10
Russia NeonTHedge 
-HR +daT
2015-01-11 00:11
Russia RCTV 
change name of 97club to GGWP.pro
2015-01-10 22:09
That was a one event deal.
2015-01-10 22:10
Russia RCTV 
i don't think so :)
2015-01-10 22:10
Prove it. It was treated just like a single event deal always has been. No announcement, no press, clearly just tagging up and cash in hand.
2015-01-10 22:12
Russia RCTV 
huh, it's a hard, but u can try to understand a short conversation between aztek (owner of GGWP.pro) and somebody here: skillz.lv/ru/news/1938/ggwp.pro-otpravya.. u can also just believe me :) btw, they have 1 year contract if i'm not mistaken
2015-01-10 22:21
Neat. I hope that news ends up on HLTV. It's cool seeing smaller teams get bigger and bigger sponsors as CS continues to grow again. It looks like they're getting a 6 month, performance based deal with the option for another 6 months. That's pretty solid.
2015-01-10 22:31
Russia Drinkins 
wow. 3th team in CIS have sponsor.
2015-01-10 22:43
dAT planting themselves ever so firmly at the very top of T2 teams. It's really wonderful to see how they've grown their strat catalog and advanced their gameplay.
2015-01-10 22:09
They showed some good strats versus HR, but they were unlucky because they lost all knife rounds :D
2015-01-10 22:30
I don't think the knife rounds make that much of a difference, really. I do like how they don't have to rely on starting CT to get rounds on CT sided maps. They do look occasionally weak or like they might lack some tactical depth on a few maps like Mirage and Cache, but that'll come with time. They have a couple of maps that most teams won't want to play them on, already. That's a great sign of a team making progress.
2015-01-10 22:33
On the last map it would make a difference, because they lost the knife round and they were starting on T side. It ended up 12:3 for HR, then they were doing a little comeback as CT, but it was late cause they didnt have enough rounds. Yeah if they keep going like this, im sure they have a good chance to be as good as NaVi.
2015-01-10 23:18
They still need to get to 16 to win. If they started CT, did a 11-4 and then HR 12-3'd them, the result is the same: They lose.
2015-01-10 23:20
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
there is a thing called moral, if you get raped 1-13 on T side, it might lower your affect your performance, and change mindset, do you at least agree on that?
2015-01-11 12:44
Having played at a high level, it's less of a factor as commentators and the like would lead you to believe. There are individuals who can lose effectiveness if things appear insurmountable, and that can fuck up a team's gameplay and use of tactics as a whole if they start bitching or calling GG before things are over. But if individuals aren't majorly affected, then the team should be running fine even if they're looking at a 12-3 scoreline after their T side. Teams that don't have a Debbie Downer or have had drill sergeant or hypeman type IGL's (former Dignitas with Fetish, LDLC with Happy, former iBP with Steel) will keep on trucking until the last frag happens.
2015-01-11 12:49
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
i listened to a lot of pro teams voice comms during matches, russian/german/murician/polish and they are faar from " trucking until the last frag happens", especially younger players have bad composure, they are just kids who play games a lot, not trained sportsmen, knowing aspects of human psychology and how to collect themselves. NaVi can start arguing during several rounds after making 1 crucial mistake, zeus swearing and making bad calls, same with a lot of american teams, vp stop communicating at all. And in this case we have dAT team, where people don't even have salaries, ofcoure it could affected them m8, even best teams start tilting sometimes.
2015-01-11 13:00
Those are the ones that shit the bed when it start going wrong. There are examples that don't and appear to be indifferent to scores and will continue to play to a 16 round goal rather than investing everything in trying to win the current one. Dignitas built up a reputation for doing this. iBP with Dazed and Steel was extremely scrappy. LDLC has never looked like they would shut off, even on LAN. And not even against iBP with Dazed and Steel. Na'Vi is the opposite. And you're right in that one whiff that allows a retake or entry or a poorly placed smoke that lets the other team mow them down can send them spiraling for several rounds or even an entire half. We saw that at DHW against Dignitas, certainly. It happens to them and it happens to most teams. dAT might be one of them, but I doubt it given how coherent their defenses were on CT after their T sides. They didn't have time to adjust and that was their undoing.
2015-01-11 13:05
Japan rrtyui 
they won only 225000rubles, not 5k$, very sad :(
2015-01-10 22:10
they win 5k$
2015-01-10 22:21
Japan rrtyui 
2015-01-10 22:25
n1 dAT :)
2015-01-10 22:12
2015-01-10 22:13
2015-01-10 22:28
But i still cant get where the fuck dat Nostalgie mix gone?
2015-01-10 22:37
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
lost to aces, 1st round
2015-01-10 22:38
Knocked out in brackets by Aces, 2-1.
2015-01-10 22:42
So seized, s1mple, angel, kucher + OverDrive (yeah he sucks), just lost to them? Bullshit.
2015-01-11 01:24
I keep trying to tell you nerds that team > pug. But you don't listen.
2015-01-11 01:28
Even playing pug style they should easily win with the amount of skill and experience they have.
2015-01-11 10:11
Doesn't matter. Team vs. pug = team wins 95% of the time.
2015-01-11 10:17
When they completely out class them in every subject they should win no matter what. This sounds to me like GE's vs a MGE team.
2015-01-11 10:21
Except that team > pug. Can't you see that the pug lost?
2015-01-11 10:29
Apparently you can't see my point. But aye, that's cool. Have a nice day.
2015-01-11 10:58
It doesn't matter who is what on paper. Stats don't win rounds, strats do.
2015-01-11 11:04
AdreN | 
Russia LBC_DOGG 
Over v ahue naverno, dumaet "kogo ya v timu vzyal" xD
2015-01-11 03:09
gj dAT and surprise of the week obviously ACES who played really good up until the finals
2015-01-10 22:43
2015-01-10 22:47
aces gj razgi and plaz < 3
2015-01-10 23:36
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
actually the first place is like 2500$ if you convert it to dollars, clearly not 5k
2015-01-11 01:01
~3700$ but still noone cares how much they have won
2015-01-11 02:13
I like to watch this team play. I hope they stay together and evolve over time because they have a bunch of talent in this current team.
2015-01-11 03:01
+1 They seem to get better quickly. Hopefully they get a big org. To back them so they can quit their current jobs.
2015-01-11 10:13
Russia Drinkins 
In last interview Adren gave little hope that they will have partners/sponsors. Waiting for news...
2015-01-11 12:48
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
can you share link?
2015-01-11 15:25
Russia Drinkins 
youtu.be/lWGT71DT5fs?t=4m Once again, little hope :)
2015-01-11 22:18
Good to hear.
2015-01-11 22:14
World bigb1rd 
Agreed. Hope that flamie doesn't fuck off to HR as everyone seems desperate for him to do. They have loads of potential as dAT, are great to watch and seem to be a likeable bunch. Would like to see them attend another bigger Euro LAN aginst top teams.
2015-01-11 17:11
gj dat
2015-01-11 08:59
this is lol
2015-01-11 10:30
Norway dybe 
dAT is one of the teams I love to watch. They have a lot of increadible taccs, and they have insane talent. Lets hope they find a good org and keep playing together.
2015-01-11 14:55
gREAT going DAT
2015-01-11 15:47
Ukraine petruska 
2015-01-11 17:07
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