s1mple: "I'm sorry for my actions"

Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has commented his departure from HellRaisers in an interview with HLTV.org.

Recruited in September as a replacement for Dauren "⁠AdreN⁠" Kystaubayev, Aleksandr "⁠s1mple⁠" Kostyliev impressed the fans and proved his critics wrong with a number of impressive displays, both online and on LAN.

Boasting a whopping 1.19 rating, one of the highest in the game, the Ukrainian prodigy was still given his marching orders by the team earlier on Wednesday together with Yegor "⁠markeloff⁠" Markelov as HellRaisers landed dAT Team duo AdreN and Egor "⁠flamie⁠" Vasilyev.

s1mple vows to continue his journey elsewhere 

Contacted by HLTV.org, s1mple explained that one of the reasons for his dismissal was the fact that he could not attend the upcoming Katowice event due to his ESL ban, which expires in 2016. He was banned by ESL in 1.6 a few years ago, with the ban being extended at a later point after he was caught using a new account before the expiry of the original suspension.

The 17-year-old admitted that his recent inflammatory comments about German people on his stream also contributed to his removal from the team.

"I was told about my removal from the team yesterday," he told HLTV.org. "I was pleased to play with such experienced players, they taught me a lot.

"ANGE1 called me and told me he had bad news. I immediately knew what was going to happen.

"I was removed from the team because of my ESL ban and because of a bad reputation. I am sorry for my actions. 

"I was upset that no one, except the manager and the captain said farewell words.

"I would also like to apologise to everyone in the CS:GO community and the profanity of the words said about Germans.

"I love all nationalities, I was just mad at some specific people, and I am sorry about what I said.

"I would like to thank everyone that supported me. I hope I will soon find a team and continue my journey."

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nice of him
2015-01-15 00:50
He was the best thing that ever happened to HR. Goodbye s1mple :'(
2015-01-15 02:28
yah a least he wasn't a total dick about the whole thing
2015-01-15 03:36
he is lying :p cuz he needs a new team
2015-01-15 14:27
So obvious he did this on purpose to get kicked from Hellraisers, hes too good in this team. Now Navi will change Starix for him and Starix will go to HR.
2015-01-15 16:59
Please answer this so i can post a thread :) not a spammer and really friendly, want to contribute to this forum.
2015-01-15 21:20
answer sent m8
2015-01-18 13:17
He has to say it in order to continue his career... He also rips off skins from Fans and sells them. I still dont like this Guy.
2015-01-15 21:58
2015-01-16 12:58
2015-01-15 00:50
Apology not accepted.
2015-01-15 00:50
Who d f u r? LOL
2015-01-15 01:47
Macau fAKEs2j 
y u eak ke at?
2015-01-15 01:57
"Who the fuck you are?" 10/10 English skills
2015-01-15 10:36
its over 9000
2015-01-15 12:04
2015-01-15 00:50
Rip hr
2015-01-15 00:51
Sweden pyth 
He's young, hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and come back stronger!
2015-01-15 00:51
2015-01-15 00:52
2015-01-15 00:54
Halton | 
Spain akproxx 
well everybody is mad with germans online is not his own fault
2015-01-15 01:00
Spain talking
2015-01-15 13:43
well, spain cant be hated because your country community consists 4 players
2015-01-15 14:31
+1 Just like everyone else, he needs a second chance. We all make mistakes
2015-01-15 01:01
2015-01-15 09:50
KUKLY needs it too then :D
2015-01-15 12:22
He will, just like cLy did.
2015-01-15 13:03
Iceland fatboislim 
he will, in about a year.
2015-01-15 15:01
+1 mate
2015-01-15 01:03
2015-01-15 01:05
2015-01-15 03:38
2015-01-15 01:09
True. Still deserved to be dropped, damaging to the reputation of professional orgs with his attitude. RIP markeloff though
2015-01-15 01:10
2015-01-15 01:13
Nice pyth +1 rep!
2015-01-15 01:13
2015-01-15 01:17
yah exactly hes 17, but getting kicked off a good team and banned from ESL at a young age is bad haha
2015-01-15 01:38
hahaa +1. he is in veeeeery bad situation right now.
2015-01-15 04:40
no.. he still be 2nd best awper or 3rd lol
2015-01-15 09:02
yes but hes esl banned and got kicked from the team. but hes in dat now so hes good now
2015-01-16 20:29
will be a good experience for him
2015-01-15 14:29
Sweden klvmeister 
2015-01-15 03:12
+1 Apology accepted
2015-01-15 04:27
In 2016...
2015-01-15 08:20
beo | 
Vietnam pornoVN 
+1 pyth
2015-01-15 09:04
wisdom pyth +1
2015-01-15 12:10
official pyth i love u
2015-01-15 18:15
poor guy. he'll find a team soon enough
2015-01-15 00:51
2015-01-15 00:51
2015-01-15 00:51
really hope he rises back to the top
2015-01-15 00:51
RIP hellraisers!
2015-01-15 00:51
2015-01-15 01:04
Slovakia giveitup 
2015-01-15 00:51
go back to DAT?
2015-01-15 00:52
2015-01-15 05:19
Belarus 4rz 
Good idea ;)
2015-01-15 06:07
LOl, nope.
2015-01-15 00:52
2015-01-15 00:52
admin delete this plz
2015-01-15 10:30
Finland NUCL3AR 
Im totally out of this whole s1mple drama, what have he said?
2015-01-15 00:52
youtube.com/watch?v=nA1-Rj2mp4o After germans shows no respect towards him and his team
2015-01-15 01:02
Finland NUCL3AR 
2015-01-15 01:04
they continued game without s1mple 5vs4
2015-01-15 01:25
Germany Chris Walker 
Didn't they just got tired of waiting for like half an hour or more in a game of a fucking unimportant cash tour?
2015-01-15 01:46
2015-01-15 02:03
Germany Chris Walker 
Yeah then it's a totally understandable reaction Kappa
2015-01-15 02:15
cya in next year )))
2015-01-15 00:53
can u answer one thing? any changes in NaVi?
2015-01-15 00:56
2015-01-15 13:26
-GuardiaN +s1mple :)
2015-01-15 00:58
nooo plz ck/sk need more international people
2015-01-15 06:06
ya he has a solid future in this game after his esl ban expires.
2015-01-15 01:00
2015-01-15 01:13
2015-01-15 04:19
GL to you and na'vi in this year seized! I'll be rooting for you guys once again!
2015-01-15 01:01
Halton | 
Spain akproxx 
- seized + s1mple will be great
2015-01-15 01:01
can navi win something next year?? i think no
2015-01-15 01:18
Shame that by then Na'Vi will either disband or just keep losing. ^^
2015-01-15 03:18
Seized, -Starix +S1mple, thank me later.
2015-01-15 05:34
You're the fucking retarded! HAHAHAHAHAHA
2015-01-15 12:29
Says the Russian.
2015-01-15 12:52
Serbia =/= Russia
2015-01-15 13:08
Everyone knows Serbia is just where the Russian's store their inbreds.
2015-01-15 13:21
Gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8, don't h8. You just failed with flag, deal with it.
2015-01-15 13:23
Typical Danish feggot called Tommy Scrotelicker.
2015-01-15 13:43
Typical no flagger flaming country's
2015-01-15 13:46
You self-owned twice. I'm not danish, you as fakeflagger could realize that :(
2015-01-15 13:48
Listen Danish Tommy Scrotelicker, I saw you on Russian Serbs profile checking out his flag so you could be sure, learn your flags feggot.
2015-01-15 13:55
go NAVI,i expect great things from you guys this year! love from ukraine.
2015-01-15 07:45
cya in next year instead of me (c) seized kappa
2015-01-15 09:01
We all know emotions can get the best of us. Sad for S1mple that his ban is until next year in ESL but he will find a new home soon as any cis team with a brain can spot his potential.
2015-01-15 00:53
2015-01-15 00:53
Feel sorry for the guy, at the end of the day I think skill outweighs behavior. Sometimes you gotta be willing to play with people you don't wanna play with (hint hint ibuypower) If HR didn't try to go for WorldEdit before AdreN they made a huge mistake. Nonetheless, s1mple(secondary AWP) WorldEdit(AWP) bondik B1AD3(maybe become coach and find replacement for him but idk who) markeloff
2015-01-15 00:54
On paper this team looks shit
2015-01-15 01:06
its the best you can make from CIS lineup unless they join navi
2015-01-15 01:26
Yes and that's depressing. I still believe that you can have quite a solid team if you pick some of the young blood in the CIS community. That russian LAN was impressing last week, some solid players.
2015-01-15 01:38
Denmark zaney2k 
Nope this is by far the best CIS lineup outside of NaVi: Dosia s1mple WorldEdit flamie markeloff
2015-01-15 01:40
well outside of HR obviously too because s1mple got kicked off
2015-01-15 02:56
2015-01-15 08:49
Astana Dragons 2.0 confirmed!
2015-01-15 02:52
WE reject invite
2015-01-15 01:22
sick player,but still immature and that stupid ass shit he has done recently was just awful.He really needs to grow up and stop actlng like 10 years old kid.
2015-01-15 00:54
he is only 17, his brain biologically hasn't really even matured yet
2015-01-15 00:59
Germany Chris Walker 
With 17 he should still know that this is fucking stupid haha
2015-01-15 01:47
at least now he knows :D
2015-01-15 12:11
Good luck s1mple, you're a good player man. Good that you know when to apologize aswell. GL in future, cheering for you and markeloff
2015-01-15 00:54
what did he say about germany people?
2015-01-15 00:54
hard to believe that all of the sudden he feels regret.
2015-01-15 00:55
It's not all of a sudden, trust me. I've seen him commenting about it in other threads. We all make mistakes and say things that can make many people from one community, or country, mad due to the fact that we were mad at a specific person from the community / country. I'll give him a second chance, everyone needs a second chance. He isn't that old after all.
2015-01-15 00:59
he told 100500 times that he said to only 5 germans who was in game, not whole country. but trolls and haters start force some videos/pictures and everyone think that simple is racist. ofc it didnt make him good guy, but come on, no one is ideal, everybody make mistakes.
2015-01-15 01:08
Germany Chris Walker 
Then why did he say "Germans" instead? And "sieg heil"?
2015-01-15 01:48
I say terrible things sometimes, particularly online. Racism, stereotyping etc. I'm not actually a bad person. Quite the opposite. Sometimes you just lose a sense of when it is appropriate/acceptable to joke or rage about certain things. Sometimes if someone pisses you off you just want to piss them off back. And sometimes you can upset some other people by doing it. In other news HOLY FUCKING HELL IT IS WINDY.
2015-01-15 03:29
2015-01-15 03:51
2015-01-15 04:30
Germany Chris Walker 
Then he can be mad at them without "pulling in" all people of the country they're coming from and mentioning something they can't influence (that countries history)...
2015-01-15 06:10
You kind of missed the point of what i said.
2015-01-16 00:08
Germany Chris Walker 
Not really, he should just learn how to keep cool.
2015-01-16 00:18
Perhaps he got set off too easily, but every person has a snapping point...
2015-01-16 00:24
when ur english is bad u make lemonade
2015-01-16 00:53
Germany Chris Walker 
What exactly is wrong except a missing apostrophe?
2015-01-16 02:09
It's so fucking windy here in Denmark
2015-01-15 10:18
United Kingdom jMz86 
You are right.. it is windy :P
2015-01-15 10:26
bramz | 
Tunisia bramzz 
Markeloff is the smartest, i think he left HR because he knew that hellraisers without s1mple gonna insta fall, nice markeloff & s1mple
2015-01-15 00:55
markeloff is the smartest player this game ever seen :) if he teams up with s1mple they can destroy HellRaisers and maybe Na´Vi
2015-01-15 00:57
United Kingdom Alth 
A lot of the people damning him about his actions are hypocrites. Everybody has blurted something out in the heat of the moment on CS at some point in time that could be deemed offensive.
2015-01-15 00:56
Except the moment he "blurted something out" cannot exactly be called a "heat of the moment" as it was not ingame. So, no, I still damn him.
2015-01-15 02:05
I don't know the context, but I'd wager it was just after he lost a game to some germans cheating in MM or something.
2015-01-15 02:07
Maybe. But even if he lost to some german cunt cheating on mm it still doesn't make up for his reaction.
2015-01-15 02:11
Of course it doesn't. But as I said, everybody has done something similar at some time or another on the game when angry.
2015-01-15 02:13
Of course everybody has done that, but generally everybody isn't a professional player, saying something like that on a livestream with a significant number of viewers. That's where the difference lies. It's very similar to other "celebrities". Remember that leaked pictures stuff a few months back? Everybody was laying into the celebs for making these sorts of pictures in the first place, because they're setting a "bad example". The fact that just about 90% of all teenage girls nowadays take those kinds of pictures and also regularly have them stolen and published, completely didn't matter.
2015-01-15 10:54
They were playing some cash tour against germans and they were waiting like half an hour for them while they were disrespecting towards them, so he lost it and quit the server and said that.
2015-01-15 02:48
well they are not gonna find replacement for this guy anytime soon :)
2015-01-15 00:57
gj to apologize. hope you find a new team
2015-01-15 00:57
its a gg for HR
2015-01-15 00:57
both joining dat and they are way better team than HR then? xD
2015-01-15 01:00
Lithuania Gyuu 
see ya in hell germans i totally mean it
2015-01-15 01:00
Today s1mple streamed matchmaking and then he just said - I wanted to check something and turned off the stream while there were over 1k people. Try to get your attitude right.
2015-01-15 01:00
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
and ? it sounds like reasonable explanation
2015-01-15 05:28
Lol..how could someone get offended by him? :D He's one of the best players out there. I hope he'll find a better team than HR since he was by far the best player in HR stats wise.
2015-01-15 01:01
Being "one of the best players out there" is irrelevant.
2015-01-15 10:55
Go Na'Vi s1mple-A-
2015-01-15 01:01
he's 17, give him a break.
2015-01-15 01:02
i would like to see simple and troubley fight lOl
2015-01-15 01:02
Bulgaria J4R 
We all have those days man! Hope for the best in your future!
2015-01-15 01:03
It's okay.. he was in a bad mood. I don't think strux1 and co. will be mad at him forever.
2015-01-15 01:03
s1mple you are a great player, keep up your good work
2015-01-15 01:03
Brazil romp  
markeloff back to Navi pls...back to your home
2015-01-15 01:04
But the thing is that they don't need him :>
2015-01-15 01:17
Yea, but he didn't think that way when he left them? Did he?
2015-01-15 14:18
Hes frikin 17-18 ye give him a break he is sorry for what he did and I hope S1mple is the new KennyS...
2015-01-15 01:05
new kennys? lol who is Kennys? ...
2015-01-15 09:26
KennyS is the new jesus
2015-01-15 09:59
France cedd 
you roll the dice you pay the price my friend
2015-01-15 01:05
ROFL. s1mple is very young and not only him but an infinite amount of people will utter some stupid shit like he did. his immaturity will (hopefully) wane over time. HR just lost their carry though kek gg
2015-01-15 01:05
100% agree
2015-01-15 01:09
Let's be real here, we all have made fun of a nationality online before. It doesn't mean we hate them. However to do it on stream? You have to be a bit stupid.
2015-01-15 01:05
too bad it doesnt matter how good you are when you have 0 manners
2015-01-15 01:08
but they didn't kick him for insulting germans lol
2015-01-15 03:37
they would NEVER mention that in a statement.
2015-01-15 12:12
Honestly he is young and definitely is still a bit immature :D, would accept such apologies instead of a fucking cheater :)
2015-01-15 01:09
lol faggot reddit kids bandwagon on a teenager for badmouthing germans... like none of the retards here / on reddit / any other cs go forum ever do that
2015-01-15 01:09
2015-01-15 01:10
he's 17 I think we have all done something we regret when we were 17 ^^
2015-01-15 01:10
To scam your viewers on multiple occasions for skins is a scumbag move, if you're +16 and doing that it's part of having a shitty personality imo. But whatever the case, s1mple way too good to not comeback in a good team.
2015-01-15 01:13
s1mple markeloff b1ade bondik worldedit
2015-01-15 01:11
that's a good statement to release. He's only 17. Will continue supporting him. Don't know what he did to get that ESL ban (it seems too long a punishment and not legal) but it's a lesson for aspiring players. All the best to s1mple.
2015-01-15 01:14
Does this mean that he will no longer be begging for skins?
2015-01-15 01:15
i will miss you ):
2015-01-15 01:16
Portugal wakens 
Just seems to me that he doesn't give a shit about being kicked.
2015-01-15 01:17
s1mple has a lot of skill, gl bud.
2015-01-15 01:22
it was stupid to rant on a live stream, most people say some stupid shit while in rage (especially when you are young) and personally i don't fee very offended by it... the ESL Ban where (hopefully) the ghosts of the past.
2015-01-15 01:22
Alexander Kostyliev @MEs1mple · 11m 11 minutes ago new team incoming!) im happy right now!)
2015-01-15 01:23
Denis Kostin @seizedwf · 5m 5 minutes ago big news sooon
2015-01-15 01:23
yup, s1mple to Na'Vi you read it on HLTV first.
2015-01-15 01:24
Vladyslava @Vladyslava_csgo · 2m 2 minutes ago return which all were waiting... gl my friend! seems markeloff to navi,what else would "return" mean?
2015-01-15 01:28
So zeus and starix retiring?
2015-01-15 07:06
no idea,await official confirmation
2015-01-15 07:09
Next team you join, just behave and you Will come far
2015-01-15 01:24
since you are not VAC baned and LAN proven, i support you! if you find a team soon and keep this form you playing with, you'll break top20 2015 for sure! good luck
2015-01-15 01:27
+ he doesn't lock players through walls...just saying :P
2015-01-15 07:08
Vladyslava @Vladyslava_csgo · 2m 2 minutes ago return which all were waiting... gl my friend! Seems markeloff to navi
2015-01-15 01:27
Belarus ALBiNh0 
seems Adren to HR
2015-01-15 07:33
That already happened,before that tweet.
2015-01-15 08:57
Belarus ALBiNh0 
controversial statement.. let us see though.
2015-01-15 09:00
Did anyone really care about his bad mouth? Or was the ESL ban the more important reason?
2015-01-15 01:28
Still have chance to get in TOP#2014 ?:D
2015-01-15 01:28
Thailand spna 
"I was upset that no one, except the manager and the captain said farewell words." I cri ;____;
2015-01-15 01:35
He is still young , everyone makes mistakes while young (and if you diden´t that is your mistake). Just grow and get experience and keep those frags coming :)
2015-01-15 01:38
Is he really sorry about his actions, or is he just sorry for the consequences he is suffering? I dont know. Of course he is going to release a statement like this ("Damage control") regardless of whether he feels any true remorse or not. He is an ex-cheater, racist and I believe I have also seen some topics about him scamming his fans(?). You can only go so far with this "he is young and stupid" excuse, at some point we might have to wonder if this guy simply is an asshole. Just maybe.. I dont know..
2015-01-15 01:38
Poor reputation is an understatement. I think most sensible organisations will hesitate before picking him up.
2015-01-15 01:58
you got what u deserved
2015-01-15 01:41
only 17. plenty of time for him in csgo. hope he will continue to improve and mature and come back next year.
2015-01-15 01:44
TORQUED pls drop moe, he dissed canadians during his fuck up of a game vs area51 a few days ago
2015-01-15 01:44
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
yeah, but he is from usa ;)
2015-01-15 06:16
Germany Chris Walker 
Got was he deserved
2015-01-15 01:49
most entertaining player to watch by far. a true star player who deserves to play on a top team. i think he learned his lesson at this point, need to behave. gl s1mple
2015-01-15 01:53
talk shit get hit
2015-01-15 01:59
one of my most entertaining players to watch, shame he's still a little young for all that attention. here's to you, s1mp.
2015-01-15 02:07
Estonia ATSO 
hai hitler
2015-01-15 02:13
that pistol ace is so cool, beautiful aiming
2015-01-15 02:22
This pretty much guarentees that both him and Markeloff are not joing Na'Vi together. Wouldn't be suprised if Na'Vi picked up s1mple as a youth player (not in the team). He has a ban and a bad rep, in 6 months this could all change.
2015-01-15 02:23
Why would they pick him up now, Pay him and not have him play in any meaningful way when a shitstorm is still around him. Doesn't look good for the org. In 6 months time or whenever it blows over and his ban gets lifted then you pick him up. It's not like there are a lot of teams in the CIS region that could lock him down. NaVi can pretty much take whoever they want when they want.
2015-01-15 03:17
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
they can pay him and teach him, use as standin, etc.. you know, a preparation for future change (somebody retire or so)
2015-01-15 06:21
All im saying is it doesnt really make much sense to do so. Navi can buy him at a later date and save some coin. They wont miss out on a chance. Only makes sense for NaVi picking him up now if they intend to use him in the actual lineup.
2015-01-15 06:28
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
ok.I just thought that couple of hundreds euros (for example) is worth it to keep him close by. anyway, we'll see
2015-01-15 06:34
Na'Vi has enough money to him as stand-in/backup player. They also paaying ceh9 as Na'Vi official streamer :D So i wont be surprised.....
2015-01-15 06:35
Just because you have enough money to do something doesn't mean you do it. You weight up the odds. Odds are they can get Simple in the future whenever they want. Is simple going to get picked up by Fnatic? by NiP? No. The only top level org this player will ever play for in the immediate 1 year future will be NaVi or Hellraisers again. How is paying ceh9 relevant to this scenario. Ceh9 isnt a player. They pay him for his knowledge and streaming services to the large Russian community for official matches. Completely different. Btw having simple as a backup just limits his improvements. What is he to do for 6 months to a year to potentially forever if the core 5 of NaVi would work out? Both parties are better off letting him go to a semi elite team like DAt to continue playing official matches with solid players to improve. Then if things arent working out in NaVi you pick him up or if he is just going nuts in that team you again pick him up.
2015-01-15 08:19
Finally someone with some sense on hltv
2015-01-15 09:41
only when you fuck up you really learn. gl in the future s1mple.
2015-01-15 02:28
fxy0 tier of ruining own career
2015-01-15 02:38
On the other hand Delpan used to call people N word
2015-01-15 02:42
Rly? Im sure even the germans didnt give a flying fuck about what he said. Damn, community full of girls
2015-01-15 02:49
i did give a fuck. dude, i keep defending them russians even tho some of them act like total morons only because i am not on that racist train, i dont see nations, all i see is humans, they are part of me aswell, i see so many people hating them russians because the anti russia propaganda is real in the western MSM, i dont fall for their shit, we all got our errors but fuck, a real man is above that bullshit, when i saw that moron saying sieg heil motherfuckers etc all i saw is a pissed off kid that cant control himself. i am above that shit with the hate, i dont hate anyone, i dislike people yes, but i dont scream it all over the internet, i just cut off the contact, it actually is that easy to keep calm. it is the internet, suckers behind screens, they have a big mouth, nothing else.
2015-01-15 03:04
2015-01-15 03:17
cool. So, whats the point?
2015-01-15 05:59
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
sounds like a job application :D
2015-01-15 06:24
i thought the point was clear? no space for kiddys that cant control themselves and throw racist words all over the place.
2015-01-15 13:37
2015-01-15 04:10
Its no about the community. Noboby will back up team financially while one their member acts racist. Its also the fact that he has cheated, got banned and went on doing secondary accounts, which extended his ban. That two poor judgement right there. ON TOP of that, he insulted the entire nation.. Three wrong choices are able to convince anybody that fourth poor judgement might, and probably will, come at any point near future. Its quite simple decision to do, as there are abundance of quality players to choose from.
2015-01-15 10:27
Thats true, he deserves this. But being sorry for calling some1 motherfuckers? Thats weird
2015-01-15 10:29
next LU -simple -clearasil -clearasil -clearasil -clearasil
2015-01-15 02:57
2015-01-15 03:38
he's 17 man, you will look like him in 4-5 years
2015-01-15 10:48
Ok mr GayBoy.
2015-01-15 13:33
2015-01-15 02:59
[*] light a candle
2015-01-15 03:07
flamie & AdreN TO HR C: WOOWOO. I wonder where s1mple will go :o
2015-01-15 03:08
United States PrimeSalsa 
s1mple 4 life!
2015-01-15 03:10
United States Warfororks 
This is 2015 quit apologizing because people got offended. free speech 4 lief
2015-01-15 03:13
Free speech does not mean that anyone can say anything And expect no consequences. Go police officer in US and tell he piece of s**t and his mother ugly as a cow. See what happens..
2015-01-15 10:31
the upcoming EMS One Katowice major Does HLTV know something I don't know?
2015-01-15 03:36
Seems like u dont know something that everyone knows
2015-01-15 07:13
It's not been announced as a CS:GO major though. It's just been announced that ESL is going back to Poland for another LAN this year. Maybe HR kicked him because they actually know that it's a major?
2015-01-15 08:52
2015-01-15 14:24
It's disgusting how awful you guys are being to this guy. This is this guys passion and livelihood and you guys are throwing him under the bus. He didn't even do anything too severe. Give him a break. He is one of the best players in the world, particularly with the AWP and he doesn't deserve this kind of disrespect.
2015-01-15 03:55
No hes life is beg for skins. GTFO
2015-01-15 04:17
Oh... he cheated and got caught. Then did secondary accounts to go around that. After that he stereotyped and insulted entire nation. Which part of that should grant him respect? Understand that those events that we witnessed was probably tip of an iceberg. Lesson in life #1: Respect is earned through actions, not by been good in computer game as was clearly demonstrated here.
2015-01-15 10:34
Eh probably the shittiest reason to drop a great player. It's just random shit you say online. People joke and say typical shit like lol 'merica hamburger fatass. Thats just the easiest thing to talk shit about regarding germany. Sure it's in bad taste, but no one believes all germans are nazis lmfao pls some tough skin
2015-01-15 04:38
fatass and beeing racist are 2 different things...germans wouldn´t care about insults like "bratwurst beer fckers" or some shit...racism is in germany still one of the biggest problems cuz ppl are braindead ;) u can compare it with "i wanna shoot riceeater" and not "muricans are fat" everyone would be pissed... i don´t give a fck what he said about germans but not everyone is like me...a lot of germans would be pissed cuz of that :)
2015-01-15 05:39
After him carrying them all those games. Too bad about that esl ban.
2015-01-15 04:52
gl to him in future
2015-01-15 04:53
damn ppl take things too srs...
2015-01-15 05:11
as a german i feel not offended, that nazithing is a worldwide phenomenon... everywhere i been jokes like that come up.
2015-01-15 05:44
Why is he ESL banned?
2015-01-15 05:47
Russia zldn- 
ASUS worried about rog line products, calling management of HR to kick angry kid or we are leaving our sponsorship.
2015-01-15 06:10
how do you know this
2015-01-15 07:11
Do you really think company like ASUS wants people playing under their name who insult others online? This happens all the time in others sports. Like T.Woods, he lost many sponsors by cheating on his wife, which isnt even on same severity level meaning to cheat on ones wife is just game in which the wife gets hurt. Insulting results bad image in minds of thousands of people.
2015-01-15 10:37
Apology accepted. Everyone deserves a second chance :)
2015-01-15 06:14
Am I the only one who does not give a fuck about the players opinion and in fact likes this provocative behave from them in order to get more rivalry?
2015-01-15 06:29
I think a topteam will wait so the can play esl pro, esl one... with him
2015-01-15 06:36
He's like the new markeloff. Good luck Aleksandr.
2015-01-15 06:50
I was huge fan of nim ;/
2015-01-15 06:51
if you play CS:GO at a professional level.. no matter your age, you will be expected to act professional... you start sluring racial shit, your gonna get canned.
2015-01-15 07:03
he was mad at some germans and said sieg heil.... wow great person, ban him for life
2015-01-15 07:06
he said "see ya in hell" .. germany is now his hell if he comes to a lan xDDDD
2015-01-15 07:12
Brilliant 17 min overview by ceh9 that covers all of the CIS hot topics, sad no EN subtitles though... youtube.com/watch?v=H6rw3_vmU9E
2015-01-15 07:14
i dont accept.. nazi! You're just saying sorry because you get esl ban & teamkick
2015-01-15 07:22
f0rest | 
Sweden gonace 
"I love all nationalities" - I call bullshit!
2015-01-15 07:23
Belarus ALBiNh0 
okay, see u in 2 years
2015-01-15 07:27
Gl dude
2015-01-15 07:53
forgiven s1mple <3
2015-01-15 08:06
s1mple, think before you speak. Just because you're in a proffessional level doesn't mean your're that fucking special.
2015-01-15 08:33
seems like he took it like a man not expected
2015-01-15 08:40
I hope that he'll come back when he is unbanned on ESL. I love his playstyle.
2015-01-15 08:45
He has been an idiot, but he is young. He will hopefully learn from this and come back a better person and player.
2015-01-15 08:59
s1mple > germany
2015-01-15 09:10
he will get a better team thats for sure! and he can learn from his mistakes.. just wait and see lol
2015-01-15 09:23
xosht | 
Georgia xosht 
Good News
2015-01-15 09:23
Finland Katalepsy 
Really dissapointing but understandable decicion from HR management. He cannot play in ESL tournaments which are huge in CS:GO. Also those comments didn't help him at all. Shame, it really is. S1mple is by far the best eastern european player (EX-CCCP). Awesome young talent. We will hear from he again. I would say he is easily in top10 players atm.
2015-01-15 09:29
I bet deep down he madly hates the germans. This kind of disappointment wont go away in such an young age.
2015-01-15 09:34
I think the main issues here was his ban - that's why he got dropped. His atittude is bad but people should stop acting like there only a few rotten apples in the whole scene. CS players aren't saints and they all like to talk trash. Today's society is filled with pussies that get offended by absolutely everything that's why everyone is backed in a corner trying to act politically correct.
2015-01-15 09:39
2015-01-15 09:45
2015-01-15 10:00
Navi -guardian -starix +markeloff +s1mple It would be great. (yeah maybe s1mple not better than guardian but at least s1mple know russian language)
2015-01-15 10:19
i hate and piss on 80% of germans also
2015-01-15 10:27
nothing wrong with that!
2015-01-15 10:44
2015-01-15 21:27
simple should join Navi and starix should leave. He has been underperforming his whole csgo career. He should know when to step down and let others try. This isnt working for him. Im not a starix hater or anything but hard decisions have to be made.
2015-01-15 10:31
This kid could be the best in the world and he blows it up... smh
2015-01-15 10:54
Well s1mple great player and was cool about the whole leaving team thing I believe he has a great future.
2015-01-15 11:04
poor guy
2015-01-15 11:05
Simple is love simple is life facebook.com/Officials1mple
2015-01-15 11:56
germans is love i.imgur.com/tIDl5gB.jpg
2015-01-15 12:27
its true :x
2015-01-15 19:02
Words of a true virgin
2015-01-15 11:58
poor kid
2015-01-15 11:59
once a cheater,always a cheater
2015-01-15 12:26
This is a very good player and deserves a good team , despite what he did
2015-01-15 12:42
What a kid... Im really ashamed that this guy is a part of Russian/Ukranian nationality.
2015-01-15 13:32
learn french. -smithzz +s1mple top #1
2015-01-15 13:32
Belarus Starvoid 
get_fucked learn to behave
2015-01-15 13:44
s1mple is young arrogant motherfucker. Dont like him at all.
2015-01-15 14:01
NTG | 
Slovenia kalon 
i love how people just go "I'll make a public apology and things will be fine" after they fuck up. How about you think with your pee size brain before you speak dude..
2015-01-15 14:10
one of the best player i know and i hope that he can find good team and finally win something. Good luck Aleksandr!
2015-01-15 14:29
Who cares if he hurted some germans feelings. Germans superrace.. If you dont say Hi to german..They think we hate them or we think they are tards..Well last option haha....
2015-01-15 14:34
s1mple was the reason i was enjoing to see HR playing....
2015-01-15 14:35
Stop act like he is a 12yo kid. With 17 u just dont say/ do such things lol s1mple as that
2015-01-15 14:38
gg fagg0t :D "See you in Hell"
2015-01-15 14:42
2015-01-15 14:45
Everyone makes mistakes.
2015-01-15 15:06
Guys, what did simple ? what mistakes ??? please answer
2015-01-15 15:23
zee you in hell germans
2015-01-15 15:25
what he did ?
2015-01-15 15:35
Still, he carried the team most of the time with his insane of awp plays.
2015-01-15 15:44
Farlig | 
World mjuddi 
I hope he will come back even stronger, one of the best players out there today and it's a shame that we won't be seeing him with HR anymore... I hope some big team picks him up (Na'Vi wink wink)
2015-01-15 15:49
He is just like another JW, i hate the personality but his game is fantastic...
2015-01-15 17:39
2015-01-15 17:39
new top1 hltv confirmed
2015-01-15 18:40
shrek | 
Finland Jandtro 
2015-01-15 18:50
Simple's stupid shkololo. Now he'll suck a dick for a few years
2015-01-15 19:53
little hacker hate this piece of shit with ugly face
2015-01-15 20:20
2015-01-15 21:28
best trade ever
2015-01-15 20:33
Most of us probably said some stupid things when we were around his age, he shouldn't have done it but i hope he learned from his mistake. I'm curious to see how this works out with the new dAT and HellRaisers team.
2015-01-15 22:27
s1mple hellraisers best player gets cut, uh what?
2015-01-15 22:29
Ehh, he was also banned in CS:GO: esl.eu/de/csgo/ui/versus/match/3992925 esl.eu/de/csgo/ui/versus/match/4093980 Don't you do any fact checking MIRAA?
2015-01-15 22:58
He's only 17! And his response to all this is very very mature. Keep in mind he was probably 15 or even younger when he got his ESL ban. Seems a bit unfair that the ban is so long, given you do so much shit when you're young.
2015-01-16 00:11
lol he only apologized because he would have gotten beaten up on LAN
2015-01-16 14:36
he forgot about ban and created new acc which was banned too
2015-01-16 18:40
i saw his frag movie s1mple the movie made me think he's really a racist :P
2015-01-16 00:36
Respect to S1MPLE
2015-01-16 00:56
2015-01-16 06:55
HR to STRONG ! i do not understanding you man ((( HRRRR
2015-01-16 07:01
2015-01-16 08:05
in b4 he rages again tonight at cashtour and insults another country :D
2015-01-16 14:37
welcome to dat
2015-01-16 15:32
2015-01-16 18:38
Enough with the sweet talk. Just tell me, - what are you want s3impul3 ? -
2015-01-16 18:38
s1mple is f**king kiddo
2015-01-18 03:14
cya in hell
2015-01-18 10:51
2015-01-18 13:58
2015-02-23 17:06
gg simpletousecheats
2015-02-23 17:08
Simple lover nazi
2015-02-23 17:12
2015-04-10 01:29
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