ex-iBP involved in betting scandal

January 17th, 2015 02:46

An investigation conducted by The Daily Dot has gathered evidence of the former iBUYPOWER team losing a CEVO match on purpose.

The match in question dates back to August 21 and it involved iBUYPOWER, who are currently without an organisation, and Netcodeguides.com, a team who made headlines earlier on Friday when they joined Counter Logic Gaming.

Despite being highly favoured to win the match, iBP were thrashed 4-16, and rumours quickly surfaced about the possibility of Sam "DaZeD" Marine's men losing the game on purpose.

At the time, screenshots were leaked of Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan, who currently plies his trade in Cloud9, claiming the match was going to be fixed and that Netcodeguides would come out on top.

dboorn talks about iBP losing on purpose (Photo courtesy of The Daily Dot)

New evidence collected by The Daily Dot, which cites multiple sources, even from inside CSGOLounge itself, confirms that "unusual bets were placed just prior to the match by a player with strong connections to the players on both sides—wagers that garnered more than $10,000 in earnings."

Moreover, Ashley "Blacklotus" Leboeuf, a former girlfriend of Derek "dboorN" Boorn, posted online text messages in which the Torqued player confirms iBP lost on purpose and reveals what appears to be a match-fixing ring, of which, Duc "cud" Pham - a former Lunatik member, who was responsible for placing bets for several different people - was also part.

ShahZaM claims that he was going to bet on iBUYPOWER before being advised by Netcodeguides owner Casey Foster to change his bet.

"The day of this match I had placed a bet on iBUYPOWER. I brought up the bet while talking to Casey Foster, he then voice-called me on Steam Friends and told me to change my bet," he told The Daily Dot.

"He made it very clear the match was going to be thrown. I didn't want to get involved with any of it but I changed my bet, as I thought would be logical at the time while also sharing this information with a friend whom I assumed to have bet the same.

"I was wrong for a few different reasons; however, I regret first and foremost not contacting league officials and telling them what was going to happen.

"I didn't have all the details and didn't know any specifics as I was not the one engineering any of this. Also, given my past immaturity at the time, I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me.

"Once I found out my conversation with my so called friend was sent to Richard Lewis, I was ready to just tell him my entire story but I first consulted Casey Foster, who controlled my earnings for my partnership with Netcode Guides (a joint venture by him and then iBUYPOWER Team Captain, Sam “DaZeD” Marine), about it.

"He advised this would be a huge blow to the North American competitive CS:GO scene and cause iBUYPOWER to lose their sponsor, asking me to not say anything at all. The NA scene was fragile at the time, and in my eyes I was between a rock and a very hard place with the partnership I had with Netcode Guides, as it was my sole source of income for playing the game I love."

The investigation could turn out to be a huge blow to the former iBUYPOWER team amidst reports they are in talks with a number of organisations, including Evil Geniuses.

The FACEIT runners-up, who recently added Spencer "Hiko" Martin to their line-up, will attend MLG X Games Aspen and Clutch Con later this month.

United States Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
Shahzeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
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United States Sam 'DaZeD' Marine
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United States Spencer 'Hiko' Martin
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United States Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
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2015-01-17 02:47
2015-01-17 03:06
Matchfixing in a nutshell: Players getting real money through subscriptions and donations and stickers and tournaments through cases and then proceeding to steal further from their fans who believed in them by throwing a match for the sake of ingame pixels
2015-01-17 04:19
Throws in NA scene is like Flusha's cheat, so 'obviously' but 'undetected' so called: IThrowPower,Throwqued,and NetCodeThrow.com Also, "a former girlfriend" is funny tho.
2015-01-17 04:47
yea, the guy above me is right. that's like saying "no one would care about a bunch of murders if no one actually died. derp?
2015-01-17 06:26
Comparing in game pixels and a couple hundred bucks to people getting murdered and dying. Only on HLTV.
2015-01-21 20:18
2015-01-17 12:21
Throws in NA scene is like Flusha's cheat, so 'obviously' but 'undetected' the truth has been spoken
2015-01-17 14:12
Let's be real honest here, would people give a shit if skins weren't involved in this match. Definitely not
2015-01-17 05:07
there wouldn't be match fixing in the first place then
2015-01-17 05:18
stupid or stupid?
2015-01-17 10:16
2015-01-17 17:40
and your -1 is cause of? he doesnt understand that there is matchfixing outside of the skins on cs:go / other eSports. AKA money
2015-01-19 11:24
Netcodeguides needed the win to attend cevo lan so it is a possibility that this could have happened without the skins.
2015-01-17 12:23
Yeah they would care, skins aren't the only thing bet, you can bet real money using egaming and since selling skins for real money is a pain I'd assume that is the real reason for throws
2015-01-17 13:42
Maybe not, that's the point though, stuff like this wouldn't happen if there were no skins. Also they are disrespecting their own fans/donators by stealing their skins. I hope they all he get at least a year ban. This is cheating on another level. The fact they went to so many lengths to cover it up also. It's basically fraud. Someone posted earlier that they are just virtual items. No mate, they can actually be purchased for real money. My question is,when will the police start to be involved?? Lurppis laughed at me when I said betting scandals would start and police should be involved (when I brought this topic up to him early on in cs:go) Well look now mate and the potential money which could be made??? Is it such a Fucking joke?? How is this different to other sport scandals??there is a lot of money on the line!
2015-01-17 10:58
Even if skins weren't involved, real money still could which is just as bad if not worse. Videogame betting sites exist afterall :)
2015-01-17 11:16
i just feel that betting on video games is generally a bad idea. we have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. plus, this whole thing blew up because of people losing skins.
2015-01-17 16:44
So, you have idea about what is happening behind the scenes in football, or basketball?
2015-01-18 22:07
you think they don't make money with those pixels why is are all who live in the kangaroo continent retarded just asking
2015-01-17 06:08
The point is not what they do with the skins, its that even after subscriptions, donations, stickers and tournaments all paid for by people that support them they are still happy to fuck over those people and steal from them by matchfixing
2015-01-17 07:41
2015-01-17 10:59
It happens in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Suckerball and Rugby just gotta deal with it.
2015-01-17 14:23
No it doesn't you fucktard
2015-01-17 17:54
Yes it does you idiot
2015-01-18 15:34
yeah it does
2015-01-18 17:46
About time you left your cave and experienced real world, dude.
2015-01-18 22:08
I cant recall any matchfixing in the nba, and I have followed the league for a while;s
2015-01-27 11:23
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
Why so offensive against australiens?Mister no flagger
2015-01-17 08:32
Your comment won, m8.
2015-01-17 09:59
"for the sake of ingame pixels" ye sure thats it, you know these ingame pixels have a real life money value right? + you can bet with real money on these games on alot of different sites like egaming and pinnaclesport. people who thinks matchfixing is about the "skins" and it would never happen without "skins" must be really retarded look in any real sport like fotball or anything, there will always be match fixing as long as you can bet on the games, and they dont have "skins" lol
2015-01-17 11:17
2015-01-17 13:45
Its not as common dude....these pro's are stealing from the community. Player's arent fixing games man in professional sports, you're an idiot if you actually think that. And I'm talking about legitimate gambling(Through Vegas and Atlantic)
2015-01-17 17:42
2015-01-17 12:18
+ fucking 1 Best point in regards to this.... iBP shouldn't be penalized. The roster should not be allowed to play in any online leagues (ESEA, CEVO, or attend MLG) Truly pathetic
2015-01-17 17:36
ingame pixels you can sell for real life dollars
2015-01-17 18:37
1 of the best post i'll seen yet ! Very nice Post
2015-01-17 19:27
yep it's fucking bullshit what they do, but there you have it, a corrupt scene through and through actually it's interesting because when it was smaller it was the same thing, managers/orgs/TO's stealing money, not paying money etc and now it's grown bigger same thing is happening, except now players can join in the fun too. just a big cancer full of retards you know the saying, "you become what you surround yourself with" that applies to this, it's always been a shifty scene and it will continue to be
2015-01-17 22:18
2015-01-17 23:15
also forgot to add this is what we should expect from a jew like steel typical
2015-01-18 16:08
Most people probably don't realize, but this is fraud. Someone should report them to the police to set an example.
2015-01-17 05:33
lol they are going to get arrested for items that are worthless according to the steam TOC
2015-01-17 06:01
Except they are not worthless. Courts are are pragmatic
2015-01-17 06:33
Will you thick skull finally understand these people bet REAL MONEY, and not skins, like some random fat ugly virgins from HLTV?
2015-01-18 22:12
jeez no need to be so mean you hurt my feels
2015-01-19 03:50
exactly this! I'm just afraid what this would do to the scene overall and sponsors -_-
2015-01-17 10:18
Your right it is, however there are no laws pertaining to the skins and the sites for real money aren't regulated, I've stopped using the one beginning with e after they wouldn't amend a lost bet that was technically voided during dreamhack with ldlc fnatic match, the site is based in costa rica and only if the us treasury got involved since dollars are involved could anything be done.
2015-01-17 13:57
Dboorn learns lesson number 1 in life: never trust a female
2015-01-17 10:56
Also what nobody has said.., This match is void. Everyone who betted should get their skins back. Everyone connected to this scandal should have their inventory rinsed and then banned. That will teach them
2015-01-17 11:06
lol that will not teach them... $10,000 now that's some real fucking fraud... wouldn't be surprised if IBP was to sew the players for damage of reputation.
2015-01-17 12:25
To be fair when I ready post I realised it is rubbish. The police should be involved and who know either a warning or jail time(lmao) now that will teach them
2015-01-17 12:27
they will file legal action
2015-01-17 17:43
What does Tarik have to do with this shit?
2015-01-17 02:47
He was on NCG, the team that pulled the upset "supposedly".
2015-01-17 02:52
at the time it was jdm and Lucky instead of tarik and ptr
2015-01-17 03:21
No it wasn't. It was jdm and tarik. ptr wasn't in the lineup yet.
2015-01-17 05:04
You're the one bringing him up m80.
2015-01-17 03:36
Where does it say tarik?
2015-01-17 03:51
2015-01-17 02:47
I lost so much in this game ... finally the truth came to light! What to say? I hope their organizations (IBP and NCG) act exemplarily and prosecute these guys, the worst garbage csgo community. Betray the fans is much stupidity... before idols, now thieves...
2015-01-17 04:01
Was my very first csgl bet. I only won like 10 bucks because I bet small. Was funny to later find out it was fixed.
2015-01-17 04:14
NCG president is the one who organized it or was at least involved in the fixing.
2015-01-17 05:59
ncg wasn't necessarily involved
2015-01-17 15:44
New evidence collected by The Daily Dot, which cites multiple sources, even from inside CSGOLounge itself, confirms that "unusual bets were placed just prior to the match by a player with strong connections to the players on BOTH SIDES—WAGERS that garnered more than $10,000 in earnings."
2015-01-17 16:39
ncg wasn't necessarily involved
2015-01-17 17:41
you idol these kids??? These are immature kids that you idol....grow up man....idol somebody who actually does something beneficial in this world.
2015-01-17 17:44
None of them was my idol, patrolman, I'm just saying they have lost much prestige and lost many fans with what happened, I bet ... now go back to what you were doing (listening Rihanna), "Mr.Look-me-being-mature-Mom"...
2015-01-18 04:22
United Kingdom OBLewis 
2015-01-17 02:47
Norway cago 
2015-01-17 02:48
2015-01-17 02:49
I would of done it as well. Unless there were specific rules in place saying I could not. And we all know, no rules had been put into place at the time.
2015-01-17 04:15
u are scum also then, enjoy.
2015-01-17 06:53
2015-01-17 11:38
2015-01-17 12:47
Typical fat murican.
2015-01-17 13:55
United Kingdom QNo 
2015-01-17 17:38
hi, Gonzo
2015-01-17 10:08
Norway duffz00r 
2015-01-22 00:25
2015-01-17 02:48
2015-01-17 02:48
It's not peanuts an' all - $10,000...that's a lot of money.
2015-01-17 02:49
not counting out the fact that this might have not been the only time
2015-01-17 03:31
what did he say?
2015-01-17 14:51
quite a different thing
2015-01-17 15:20
And this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.
2015-01-17 09:26
Tip on the friberg
2015-01-17 12:51
RIP EG organization hopes for ibuypower :(
2015-01-17 02:49
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
2015-01-17 02:49
yes because if he says so it must be right
2015-01-17 02:55
hes showing that logs can be faekd ez lol
2015-01-17 03:13
2015-01-17 03:22
2015-01-17 04:31
2015-01-17 09:32
2015-01-17 16:32
I want my skins back ffs i.imgur.com/DP1UwO2.jpg
2015-01-17 02:53
really? I would understand if you bet 4 asiimovs lol
2015-01-17 03:35
im not so dumb Kappa
2015-01-17 03:39
how stupid have u to be to bet on 83% team? what was ur potential incoming? 3$? Gz
2015-01-17 03:58
easiest 3$ if they played for win tho :D
2015-01-17 04:56
muricans being muricans... expected
2015-01-17 02:49
at least they don't use thousand dollar lan cheats like euros
2015-01-17 02:52
one fucktarded fnatic child and some french sourcers scum and ofc some germans is not eu scene. top teams like nip, vp, navi are legit
2015-01-17 03:11
Cherry picking fallacy.
2015-01-17 03:21
Someone always has to profit. It's the American way.
2015-01-17 03:17
Or the Russian way. Or the German way. etc. etc. BTW, it's called zero-sum when somebody HAS to win.
2015-01-17 04:47
I love 5 month old news -_-
2015-01-17 02:50
Australia b34r 
2015-01-17 02:51
Silly americanos Need skin money cause can never win tourneys rip
2015-01-17 02:51
LOL other countries have been caught prior to this. Go back to bed troll.
2015-01-17 04:19
Not as high tier a team as this though :(
2015-01-17 05:12
Denmark kozality 
No, bigger. Virtus.Pro as an example - atleast pasha and I Think it was neo pr snax - NOT 100% sure.
2015-01-17 15:14
didn't they bet like 50 dollars or something? xd
2015-01-17 18:21
Denmark kozality 
I'm not sure, actually :p
2015-01-17 23:15
They bet on a match that was still open on CSGOLOUNGE, even after they already played it. Still a scumbags' move, but not the same thing.
2015-01-18 22:20
2015-01-17 16:26
Are you referring to the LDLC vs VP game that was already played out before lounge put it up?
2015-01-17 23:58
For freakin' seventeenth time: there is difference between this and LOSING ON PURPOSE.
2015-01-18 00:01
I never liked that team. Everyone in there but Hiko is toxic as hell
2015-01-17 02:52
hiko is also toxic, u are a dumb shit...
2015-01-17 14:51
Denmark kozality 
Hiko may seem like a nice dude, but he's toxic as fuck! Dazed though, isn't as bad as you, and others, picture him.
2015-01-17 15:18
this team is dead, GO TEAM LIQUID LALALALA
2015-01-17 02:51
and then when i saw dazed's inv
2015-01-17 02:52
yea LOL and then hes always bragging on stream how hes winning all the bets and that he just started out with an awp graphite that someone gave to him LOL what a load of crap
2015-01-17 03:03
Pretty sure the guy had like 20 asiimovs or something shit like that...
2015-01-17 14:37
Finland Dagyhy 
rip skins
2015-01-17 02:52
RIP lads
2015-01-17 02:52
2015-01-17 02:52
North America lint 
hahah rekt
2015-01-17 02:52
Serbia FREb 
Tier 2 teams throwing. What's new ?
2015-01-17 02:52
2015-01-17 03:10
American raffle nr.2 inc?
2015-01-17 02:53
players involved should be banned for life, only way to stop the disease
2015-01-17 02:53
2015-01-17 03:01
or betting should be banned for life, only way to stop the disease
2015-01-17 07:16
I would understand why myrevenge would throw for skins but these NA faggots get donated every fucking time, why do you have to be THIS greedy? :/
2015-01-17 02:53
they need money for burgers :x
2015-01-17 09:46
Portugal dracø 
In the end the Chinese scene is the only clean one and therefore the best :<
2015-01-17 02:54
Ni hao
2015-01-17 02:57
did you even read the article.
2015-01-17 03:07
Portugal dracø 
I don't real care about bets or throws in the NA scene, so no. I've started reading the original post on daily dot but then i cba do finish it :P What about it?
2015-01-17 03:10
the guy admits to organizing throws in China.
2015-01-17 03:12
Portugal dracø 
damn :< My joke was so good and now it was ruined by facts :\ I shall continue to try :<
2015-01-17 03:19
Do you have any evidence? Now poeple probably think that these matches: csgolounge.com/match?m=1580 csgolounge.com/match?m=1571 were thrown. They were not.
2015-01-17 03:43
Lol. I wish they'd put Asian games up on lounge again.
2015-01-17 04:50
Yeah :D . But I'm not sure if they have any tournaments that could be followed.
2015-01-17 04:58
chinese guys hacked in ESL matches lol we saw that with naked eyes.
2015-01-17 07:55
Indian scene best.
2015-01-17 03:07
murica please...
2015-01-17 02:54
It sucks that this information is coming out because of some revenge mission by an ex-gf.
2015-01-17 02:54
Denmark fyhn 
I think it's great that this information is leaked, no matter what purpose lies behind it. Match fixing is not cool :(.
2015-01-17 03:01
How does it suck that it's coming out? Unless you mean that it's a shame that it's coming from the gf because it should come from the players themselves .. in which case fair enough :P
2015-01-17 04:18
yes, I meant it's a shame that it's coming from the gf. She's obviously only out for her own gain and doesn't really care about improving/cleaning up the cs community.
2015-01-17 04:57
Yep, it's definitely some sort of revenge plot, otherwise she would have revealed it when she first got the information.
2015-01-17 18:38
own gain? wtf does she gain out of this?
2015-01-18 03:15
i'd like to see timestamps on those text messages
2015-01-17 02:56
Denmark kozality 
+1 They are no where to be taken seriously until then..
2015-01-17 15:23
Since skins are involved in CS almost every good team suddenly loosing once in a while vs tier 2/3 teams. Virtus Pro vs Spanish guys 4:16 on cache (best map of Virtus that day) iBP vs NetCodes Torqued vs Dismay and there is alot more of it. sooner or later every single team will throw some unimportant match for cash/skins, trust me. Skins are fun, I love the idea but matchfixing / DDOS etc. destroy pro players, respect for them, normal player who wanted to win some skins but lost because of ddos or smth. and don't forget about pro cheaters :v cs scene is a joke right now
2015-01-17 02:57
it's not going to stop, especially when kids keep their mouth shut when it goes down. Gomez' solution of just having a higher standard for betting might be all that can be done?
2015-01-17 03:00
anti cheat protection isnt that difficult now with the lans getting so big. throwing for skins shouldnt be a problem either. u could just permit pro players to bet against their own matches with ip checks. and what u then can do is fuck them up reaaaaaaaaaal bad if they get caught throwing. this is nothing but fraud, theres real money to be made and lots of it. ddos protection should also be possible for anyone as of now. most people can do it, why cant fucking dignitas?
2015-01-17 03:08
the vp/wizards one was not a throw. wizards had awesome results on mirage as well (i think it was their best map as well). They also beat t mouz on it with a standin (mouz also considered themselves good mirage players). It was easy for wizards, they are the underdogs so it was likely to be mirage. Wizards can counterstrat since there is a billion vods/demos of them on mirage. I bet on Wizards using info. It was not a throw.
2015-01-17 03:10
So because Wizards are a good team it is impossible it was a throw? That isn't really proof of anything...
2015-01-17 03:45
wizards are a bunch of experienced amateur players. or were at the time. they are definitely capable of winning like that against vp with antistratting and what not. it probably was a throw because vp didnt give a single fuck about that match. u dont put in 100%? ur kinda throwing already. but that doesnt mean u try to lose. and where u bring the skins into the discussion is unclear to me. i see that cslng is actually pretty clearly able to see who is betting and what and where hes from and who hes got on his friendslist and what not.
2015-01-17 03:56
Yeah they are a pretty decent team, but imo putting a show match, where people can bet expensive skins is just asking for trouble. If the prize for winning the match is less than they can get from throwing, players will throw. They don't care about pride in a showmatch/pointless cup when they can make $1000's throwing I guess.
2015-01-17 03:58
i see that cslng is actually pretty clearly able to see who is betting and what and where hes from and who hes got on his friendslist and what not. so u got that. and u got a team like vp who play for a big organization and got big phat contracts. uu got at least 2 of them making a living off of streaming, one of them big time, biggest csgo streamer ever. also they are a top4 team in the world. and u really wanna tell me that they'll do anything to put their careers at risk, kid? just bcs they play it kinda scrimmy and dont give a shit and maybe sometimes end up losing online matches to underdogs u got no right to call them throwers. just implement in ur bets if the match is of any importance for them and what not.
2015-01-17 04:23
Denmark kozality 
They do NOT have the biggest streamer ever in CSGO, hehehe. Not even close. They didn't have their lucrative contracts at that point - not taking them in defence, but correcting your false info mate &#128512;
2015-01-17 15:31
whos a bigger streamer than pasza? and yea i know that their new 2 year contracts are a couple months old only, but the point im trying to make is is that u do have contracts and u can earn quite decent money just by playing for an organization alone, not to talk about prize money, sticker money and all that crap. its a safe thing u know, even if ur not successful for a period of time, u still got contracts and receive wages from ur orga. so no reason for a team as big as vp to take any risk, not even before the new contracts.
2015-01-17 15:53
mirage results??? but the famous vp/wizards "throw" was on inferno mate :( so get your facts straight "I bet on Wizards using info. It was not a throw." you didn't even know what map are they playing XDDD ps. "it wasn't a throw because I bet correct, I must be pro bettor, I wasn't lucky to hit a throw!!!!"
2015-01-17 03:51
Portugal dracø 
There is no sport where a tier 1 team always wins 100% against tier 2/3 teams. Take as an example the English cup where Manchester United with a team valued in like 400M lost to a team in the 3rd division.
2015-01-17 08:10
like before never happened any upsets..
2015-01-17 11:17
I'd like to see those text verified by the telecommunications company. At this point, they are just allegations.
2015-01-17 02:57
if csgl contacts them, i think it can be done
2015-01-17 03:00
really? O_o it's real, many other things confirmed the match fix as well stop believing ibp didn't throw
2015-01-17 03:52
AZK | 
United States Dood 
How would you know it's real unless you called the telecommunication company?
2015-01-17 04:04
but other players already told the truth... why do you need a confirmation for some mad grill phone sms lol
2015-01-17 04:21
Honestly, I hope it doesn't go that far and that the players will just come clean and accept whatever punishment is coming their way.
2015-01-17 04:52
they need to admit what happened, like diamon did and also say sorry, like diamon did not
2015-01-17 04:59
Richard lewis guy called the number and he got through to dboorn's answer machine, it's defo him.
2015-01-17 11:45
World unk^v^ 
2015-01-17 02:57
Denmark fyhn 
Rofl. I find this a bit hilarious, might just be because I never like iBP nor placed a bet on that game.
2015-01-17 02:58
I really hope that what ever org is singing up with the ex-ibp players cancel so it can be a lesson for others. Note: F*** cud
2015-01-17 02:59
shit just got real
2015-01-17 02:59
So sad, hope the ones involved get punished similiar to myrevenge or people will just keep doing it.
2015-01-17 03:01
2015-01-17 03:02
lol. yeah id make a remark about him being jewish and obviously going for some dirty money but i guess with my flag and name and shit i better not lol no hate pls
2015-01-17 03:11
especially with your name...
2015-01-17 03:27
Portugal dracø 
haha xD
2015-01-17 08:14
we need to change the face actually :P
2015-01-17 04:22
so sad that u also have that shit in the real prof scene ...
2015-01-17 03:02
snitches get stitches.
2015-01-17 03:02
Richard lewis article = 0 proof whatsoever
2015-01-17 03:03
Very sad indeed. There's no winner here. We're all losers.
2015-01-17 03:03
what do you mean? ex-ibp and cud are the real winners... $10,000 in steam items?
2015-01-17 03:06
They would have been if dboorN's ex-gf didnt leak these texts. To be honest I don't care about skins and betting at all. I'm just afraid this will affect the teams involved.
2015-01-17 03:10
afraid? im only gonna be happy if they all get fucked up bad for fraud.
2015-01-17 03:14
Yea that's a very good point. Of course they have to be punished, but just give them a fine, make them pay back what they stole. It would be sad if the whole of NA's best team got banned and exiled from CS.
2015-01-17 03:47
i think this is a shame. esports is a business now. its not just a game. its not just virtual pixels. its not just being a dick. this is about money, and shit like that needs to be treated like a crime. because it is a crime. if theres a betting scandal in football the police is called. what happens in cs? shittalking on hltv forums and reddit? thats not cool bro. dazed used to be my fav player in NA, but he certainly is not anymore and i feel kinda dumb for watching his stream so often.
2015-01-17 04:00
it's gonna destroy the scene
2015-01-17 10:37
well if the scene is a bunch of assholes that should actually be prison bitches that wouldnt be cool either.
2015-01-17 12:27
yea dude wtf.. maybe u dont bet but i lost a little bit and people lost a lot from these bets .. also Im sure they made much more money in the past from other matches and other fixed matches we dont know about
2015-01-17 03:30
I know man, i hope they have to pay all their winnings back etc. And obviously they can't return a bet this late, but maybe there will be some sort of compromise.
2015-01-17 03:50
Yeah but their gaming careers are over. Not that they had one in the first place.. I feel bad for hiko though
2015-01-17 08:17
why? what happend to hiko?
2015-01-17 08:19
He joined ex ibp and now that team is probably dead
2015-01-17 08:42
rip n00bs
2015-01-17 03:03
Portugal mfxd 
Thats my skins are always save with your negev #neverforgetmincednegev #negevgonewild
2015-01-17 03:07
2015-01-17 03:20
throwing - nothing new in NA CSGO sad for the scene :/
2015-01-17 03:05
Richard Lewis, a known shitty writer of that causes dramas left and right
2015-01-17 03:05
HLTV shame on you. You write about bs like this but nothing about cheating flusha? WTF?!
2015-01-17 03:06
No proof. This has evidence
2015-01-17 03:08
This hardly has any more evidence than flusha's case. Plenty of pros/other people in the scene say they are certain flusha hacks. All this article states is that Dboorn's girlfriend claims these screenshots are real while he just tells them he doesn't want any of her drama. Anyone can easily fake these screenshots if they wanted to at ifaketext.com They probably did throw but saying this has evidence while the latter does not is just plain wrong.
2015-01-17 03:32
he isnt cheating. Stop posting shit.
2015-01-17 03:11
fnatic is an australian org, you are australian. now it makes sense why you cover cheating members of australian org. also their main sponsor steelseries is dannish and nomad, ceo of hltv is dannish too.
2015-01-17 03:14
GoMeZ has been affiliated with fnatic before too. What I find funny, is people who are defending fnatic are some clear trolls, fanboys with REALLY shit logic not believable in any way AND GoMeZ, who has been working for fnatic before. =) =)
2015-01-17 03:23
illuminati confirmed
2015-01-17 03:25
dude u get to work for hltv? how can u work for an internet community when u dont have functioning eyesight?
2015-01-17 03:15
you forgot that this is hltv.org
2015-01-17 03:23
Lets take a look at them: FNATIC: Headquarters in London (Thorin, Faceit, ESL redeye), incorporated in Australia (Gomez - a main figure at HLTV). Main sponsor: Steelseries a danish company (Nomad, the founder and CEO of HLTV). Players are swedish (DH, fragbite). So like you see they are covered in all major people in major organizations on csgo scene. Valve is only 8 coding guys so the thing is too bigger for them and they dont want to admin VAC is a joke. This is the reason why only german, french and immigrant cheaters and teams got fucked up. This is how world works. Contacts are the most important and fnatic has it covered on all major fronts so they can cheat shit out of everyone.
2015-01-17 03:23
Haha, you went too far m8. But I tell you I wont sleep well until fnatic get VACced
2015-01-17 03:26
illuminati confirmed
2015-01-18 03:59
atleast the admins got some brain here
2015-01-17 11:20
no proof dumb
2015-01-17 03:19
get a brain
2015-01-17 03:23
get a proof
2015-01-17 03:26
open hltv or reddit and you have 50 profs
2015-01-17 03:40
Portugal noxer* 
He is not cheating.
2015-01-17 03:36
No one will be banned for something happened a long time ago and without any regulation by any Pro League, deal with it. And if this message is all the proof they've got, well, just make me do a big laugh.
2015-01-17 03:10
Lol. Meanwhile Dazed on his fucking stream with all his goddamn AWP Asiimovs. "Yeah, I got these because I'm a pretty good better". Just scum, really. NA scene will be taken seriously when it's able to take itself seriously.
2015-01-17 03:10
dont forget that 500 key knife he got right after the torqued vs dismay game
2015-01-17 03:11
Brazil Lucasxp 
2015-01-17 03:10
these fuckers better not get signed to a team ever, shit like this is pathetic.
2015-01-17 03:10
LOL Everyone knows they throw
2015-01-17 03:12
like Torqued and others
2015-01-17 03:12
i want to see that fegger steel in the spotlight , the greediest mf playing this game.
2015-01-17 03:13
theres some rules that everyone knows and ex-iBP team throwing is no surprise, the rules are: never bet against or on vp (vp are very inconsistent) and never bet on iBP and we all know why, this is not a surprise for me, DaZeD seems to be a nice guy on stream, but hes just like steel or m0E, behind the scenes he is the most jerk person you will ever see.
2015-01-17 03:14
2015-01-17 03:14
2015-01-17 03:16
Typical Shazham in the spotlight and drama, but I guess it was only a matter of time before a proven betting scandal came to North America.
2015-01-17 03:17
Why aren't people more angry about this? If it's true, ex-IBP essentially STOLE MONEY FROM THE COMMUNITY. Should be outraged, honestly.
2015-01-17 03:17
they are washing the car in the rain basically bro, every single person that watches CSGO for a long time, and knows about the NA scene are aware of iBP throwing haha
2015-01-17 03:19
Tbh, I just feel sorry for them :S If they are that skin-horny.. Jeez.. I do have quite alot of good skins myself, but I got them by trading and using my own money :)
2015-01-17 03:20
I think you're feeling sorry for the wrong people. How would you react if you bet your skins, which you bought with your own money, on a pro CS:GO game, and then the team you bet on deliberately throws the game? That is -- quite literally -- stealing directly from you. And, as is the case, not just from you, but from lots of people -- as theRage rightly pointed out, they're stealing from the community that allows them to be pros in the first place. Besides, let's remember it's not just skins: they can be sold for keys and then for real money. So, I don't see why you'd feel sorry for them. :/
2015-01-17 04:13
2015-01-17 06:39
I agree with you, never said I didnt feel sorry for the people who lost their bets. Still, I feel sorry for patethic people like these guys who threw the game for some skins (and yes, I know they can sell them for real money aswell).
2015-01-17 13:29
I read some pretty offensive comments with death threats and what not, but they all got moderated. I rerally hope ex-iBP get what they deserve
2015-01-17 03:40
Well, they never win anything, so I guess they have to get their skins somehow :P Filth
2015-01-17 03:19
Expected. I wonder how many other games these NA teams have thrown. For them CS is just a way of making money via bets that is the sole reason they don't progress like the Europeans..
2015-01-17 03:19
alot of teams, torqued throwed some days ago but steel has a genious mine so csgl didnt even investigate.
2015-01-17 03:20
Thanks fuckers, you made me lose $300 back in the time.
2015-01-17 03:21
Only shahZam would show a text he got in confidence...
2015-01-17 03:22
dboons gf leaked
2015-01-17 03:32
dboorn don't give a fuck, torqued didn't got caught with throws just yet so, he's clean so far.
2015-01-17 03:47
United Kingdom QNo 
Really, that's what you think is the most morally reprehensible bit of this story? Which isn't even true?
2015-01-17 17:51
Hope there is some actual fallout from this
2015-01-17 03:22
nah, this is csgo scene, only idiots like smn emilio and kgly get punished
2015-01-17 03:24
perma ban like KQLY
2015-01-17 03:22
Probably why Dazed and steel were kicked from iBP in the first place: their loyalty is not to the team, but to themselves. Scum.
2015-01-17 03:23
Steel was not kicked from iBP, deal with it.
2015-01-17 03:25
yeah, they decide to leave and make a team that will never win anything.
2015-01-17 03:28
no wonder you lost 7-1 since you can't even get facts right. Steel left, Dazed got cut. and Torqued will win more than any brazilian slummbag can win fact bro.
2015-01-17 14:28
If you got fired before you quit, you got fired.
2015-01-17 03:28
2015-01-17 23:21
Stick to facts, Steel left by his own.
2015-01-17 03:34
yeah to create a failed team, he knows c9 would never take him, he would never leave iBP by his own, iBP was his only chance of winning something big on CSGO, torqued is a fail team and it always will be.
2015-01-17 03:46
so irrelevant, lol
2015-01-17 05:10
He actually already turned down a c9 offer some times ago, again, learn to stick to facts. Torqued is a fail team and it always will be? We will see this in 6 months, non after 1 month without practice. The only one potential fail in the NA scene is actually CLG, too stronk online, but they had fails all the last lan who they showed up.
2015-01-17 05:39
That was before he joined iBP so what's your point. Steel and Dazed got kicked.
2015-01-17 11:48
Again, even swag & co confirmed that steel leave the lineup after they kick Dazed, deal with it, hater.
2015-01-17 15:45
not true.
2015-01-17 08:31
lost a big bet on this game, want my skins back thx
2015-01-17 03:24
"I cried when I heard iBP threw their game for skins" -Get_Right
2015-01-17 03:26
rip my caiman and redline never forget
2015-01-17 03:27
2015-01-17 03:28
2015-01-17 03:28
United Kingdom Wessywes 
2015-01-17 03:30
whatever, nobody gave two fucks when NiP lost to Clan-Mystik on inferno lol.. vs harts and iorek hltv.org/legacy/match/2290795-nip-clan-m..
2015-01-17 03:32
kennyS (65.7%)
2015-01-17 03:34
just fanbois after he got kicked from VeryGames at the time.
2015-01-17 03:34
2015-01-17 03:40
2015-01-17 03:39
2015-01-17 03:40
87-0 six rounds n\/r forg3t
2015-01-17 03:42
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
Because every loss is a throw lol
2015-01-17 03:36
I watched this game mate. I lost my unique good skin at the time in this game. I saw how crap NiP played, and at that time they were gods, who wouldn't lose to semi pro players harts and iorek
2015-01-17 03:38
Kioshima, KennyS.. not a shame to lose vs them on an off day. :)
2015-01-17 03:37
France cedd 
are you stupid or something ? look atthe clan mystik lineup. 1. Sf, cheater. 2. KennyS... best swedish killer on the planet 3. Kioshima, underrated as hell back then. 100% sure not throw
2015-01-17 03:40
six rounds being the best team at the time. 87-0 record. tell me what you want, I know nip threw this game.
2015-01-17 03:41
7/1 for your evidence, would believe again
2015-01-17 16:59
NiP also lost against some top 2000 team on nuke, I think they were estonian
2015-01-17 04:19
onlinebots? lol
2015-01-17 04:52
NA scene with more match throws than greanades thrown in a match :'D
2015-01-17 03:32
CSGO pro scene is a fucking joke.
2015-01-17 03:34
I agree. Even NiP had their days :D
2015-01-17 03:36
They stole skins from pasha, gg boys. ex-ibp never coming Europe again.
2015-01-17 03:35
expected. I've got some skins out of it myself tho Q_Q
2015-01-17 03:38
What's really shocking in all of this is that the name Derek survived both world wars and an actual person with said name has managed to partake in sexual activities.
2015-01-17 03:40
Honestly, i'm sure many throws happen without being caught. Oh well, it happens. Yes, its a disgrace to the game. But then again, if you were a team playing in a tournament for barely no reward,and had the chance to make it back with minimal effort by losing a game, don't act like you wouldn't take the opportunity. All I'm saying is don't act surprised, iBP just happened to be the one of few to actually get caught.
2015-01-17 03:40
if steel didnt had a great mine torqued would get caught, youre completely right, im not surprised at all.
2015-01-17 03:43
What a bunch of dickheads
2015-01-17 03:43
Thats really sad. I really love NA scene, especially top team. Wish good luck to guys, hope it wont happen again
2015-01-17 03:44
I hope EG sees this and takes a right dump on seth rogens in game leader skillz.
2015-01-17 03:44
please do something valve and NA cs. remeber kEspa scandal in korea some years ago? " The Match Fixing Scandal was an incident in which Korean pro players illegally fixed and bet on professional StarCraft matches. The players were approached by online betting websites and agreed to throw games for financial gain, either from the money the websites paid them, or by betting against themselves. These activities are strictly illegal under Korean law. The 11 players involved were banned from professional gaming, and some of them face criminal charges and the possibility of jail time." "Waxangel made a post on TeamLiquid[1] about rumours of match-fixing in Korea and some people were involved in finding out more information. This led to a blog post from TL user Rekrul about the match-fixing[2] on April 10th, 2010 spawned the idea that some progamers had been fixing matches for personal gain. Rekrul began to talk to contacts in South Korea, allegedly paying some of them to talk. Shortly afterwards, Rekrul made a video where he talked about the situation and posted it on YouTube" "On May 16th, 2010, the match-fixing scandal was confirmed as true by Korean news sites.[4] Before long, the news was being reported world-wide on international websites such as the BBC" "The general initial reaction of the community was one of deep disappointment and even anger towards the offending progamers. The overall feeling among most of the community was a deep sense of betrayal. Many people closely affiliated with the e-sports scene such as the OGN commentators and Artosis worried that this scandal would ruin the reputation of e-sports and limit its growth. Some people, especially Kim Carrier, have felt that an extremely harsh punishment must be exacted on the offenders, though the debate was ongoing as to whether a harsh punishment is necessary. Ultimately, players were fined, put on probation and into programs depending on the severity of their involvement." actions: In October 2010, aside from being banned the players received the following fines and penalties: Terran go.go - 11 million won Terran Hwasin - 11 million won Zerg Luxury - 12.5 million won Zerg type-b - 11.5 million won Terran Upmagic - 6.5 million won Terran Justin - 3 million won, 120 hours community service, 40 hour gambling treatment program, 3 year probation (on an 18 month sentence). Zerg YellOw(ArnC) - 2 million won [10] Zerg sAviOr - 120 hours community service, 2 year probation (on a 12 month sentence). [11] Terran By.1st - 40 hour gambling treatment program, 1 year probation (on a 6 month sentence). Zerg ShinHwA - 40 hour gambling treatment program, 1 year probation (on a 6 month sentence). for the love of god and any sensible human being that just want cs and esport to grow, take action against these criminals as soon as you gather all the evidence. thank you
2015-01-17 03:46
im not going to read this at all.
2015-01-17 03:49
good to know
2015-01-17 03:49
derek "fucked" boorn
2015-01-17 03:51
Wait, so a bunch of pictures that can be easily edited are legitimate sources ? I wanna see logs that were mentioned in the article, otherwise it's just a precipitate action.
2015-01-17 03:53
+1 more interesting question is - why it 'leaked' right now
2015-01-17 08:08
This pictures leaked some time ago, I saw them on other forum, probably reddit.
2015-01-17 08:10
This matter need to be taken seriously. The community cannot just pass on this problem. Thoses players win more money / month than most of theirs fans/viewvers and they are still trying to scam them? it's awful. The players involved (DaZeD, steel, AZK, Skadoodle, Swag) need to be banned from csgolounge matches from now on.
2015-01-17 03:53
Unfortunately, nothing will happen. Public outrage won't prevent them from continuing to play, just as it didn't prevent flusha from doing so. CSGL loves money, and won't remove a team that people like to bet on. Leagues certainly won't drop them either, because they're some of the best players in NA, and it'd be bad for their viewership numbers. What CS:GO really desperately needs is a central authority or governing body. Such an institution should standardise the rules of the game and standards of behaviour, as well as maintain bans and player eligibility for leagues/tournaments. That way there's no loopholes, and no way to get away. If you get banned cheating on ESEA, you get banned altogether, from every league. And if you throw games, you get suspended from every league. That way there's an actual, real disincentive for rulebreaking, and you don't get off scot-free like these guys will.
2015-01-17 04:48
"Torqued, a team comprised primarily by former iBUYPOWER players" torqued has one old ibp's player = steel great article by daily dot XD
2015-01-17 03:53
Is there a simplified version? So complicated lol
2015-01-17 03:54
2015-01-17 03:54
ZywOo | 
France Puppet* 
Wp to all the tards who thought Titan was the one involved. Just like you're going to throw for skins when you earn a salary to do your best. Madkids.
2015-01-17 03:55
ban 1 yr no esports for u
2015-01-17 03:57
Sue them, do something. It's fraud, you CAN do legal actions against them. Anyone head anything new about ex-myRevenge?
2015-01-17 04:00
fck dazed. i remember when he said he started with nothing in inventory and now he have really big amount of expensive skins. no wonder why btch
2015-01-17 04:04
yes man its weird as fuck, he have now like 5 knifes and 10 asiimovs
2015-01-17 04:11
2015-01-17 04:13
everyone started with nothing in inventory
2015-01-17 11:22
actually not, not everyone. but im not discussing betting here but that dazed was sooo proud of himself about those skins. seemed like he thinks hes god of betting. this is one think that furious me lol
2015-01-17 17:19
and 4 days after gyazo.com/e043c9b2db98695f2b845040a69d6f.. steel u are a disgrace
2015-01-17 04:04
I thought the original reason as to why people thought the match was thrown was because Dazed owned NCG and a win over iBP would qualify them for CEVO LAN? The skins were just a bonus?
2015-01-17 04:06
old news
2015-01-17 04:11
Canada reizel 
They only got the chat picture because they were using iOS... apple fans...
2015-01-17 04:14
Whats the most that can happen? Banned from betting? Theres a way around that. Match overturned? So they overturn to a win? Banned from Cevo? I mean it sucks. But they will live.
2015-01-17 04:23
screen shot of a text message as evidence? really thats so easy to fake ffs.
2015-01-17 04:23
Is that why they got kicked?
2015-01-17 04:26
If true, I hope this causes enough damage to their reputations, they never ever find any sponsors ever.
2015-01-17 04:58
steel on the betting scandal ---> youtube.com/watch?v=jIWAkhfz1UI
2015-01-17 05:00
1st. Who the fuck cares. Betting is for schmuks. You deserve to lose your skins. Enjoy CS for CS and get rid of CSGO Lounge. 2nd. This coul easily be faked. 3rd. Who cares lol
2015-01-17 05:06
2015-01-17 07:20
steamcommunity.com/id/savior11 Ahah, he made is inventory private now :) so obvious 32 pages of keys/asiimov sounds LEGIT. "“He had nine smurf accounts that he controlled directly that all placed the maximum value bet that they could, yielding a return of $1193.14 value each. Some of these accounts were created specifically to bet on this match"
2015-01-17 05:08
They don't only have text messages people they also have some evidence supporting those messages, though, I think it's still not enough to publicize it. But it's a good lead. If steam gives the trade history of Dboorn and that confirms it, too. Then gentleman we have a case
2015-01-17 05:17
United States Xerolight 
how about some matches that took place recently? I hope more of these shit will investigated take serious actions.. I am guessing csgolounge staffs are involved in this shit.
2015-01-17 05:28
Ithrowpower for da win bois....
2015-01-17 05:31
old news and questionable sources. really catchy headline tho..
2015-01-17 05:41
OMFG that guy cud. hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=588884 back in May last year I made a post stating that cud was involved in a match-fixing scandal with his formal team Vietnamese Legends Gaming. (follow the post above for more info.) long story short Legends agreed with Tyloo to lose on purpose for some skins. the whole situation died out because honestly who cares about the asian scene back then. I was casually browsing reddit this morning and when I saw the name "cud" appears in the article post over there, I giggled myself a little bit
2015-01-17 05:49
lol, small world huh
2015-01-17 06:18
not really small world cud was one of the first five member of Legends, he's studying in America right now as I remember when he departed from Vietnam. He played CS GO for a American team before so betting is something usual for him. I'm not so sure about the proof of fixing bet drama, but I think he could involved in this because he did it once.
2015-01-17 17:31
"where there's smoke, there's fire"
2015-01-18 02:56
Imo, I understand your sentence as meaning "If he doesn't related in match fixing, there will be no one talk about cud" - You're right, you know that. I just wanna justify that the proof wasn't clear enough when people mention about cud is the man behind match fixing, but those are just words - not a clear statement from any official organization admins such as HLTV or CSGOLOUNGE yet, so he's still innocent and he's just a suspect at the moment, people keep investigating him right now. It's the same as flusha when people always say that he's a cheater and show some evidence, but the truth is he still safe, no proof at all instead the cases like KQLY or sf. But because he did it once in an Asia's tournament between TyLoo and Legends.GO, so the percentage of "he is the one" increases much more than ever in me. Still waiting for any official statements with this case.
2015-01-18 17:30
2015-01-17 05:52
2015-01-17 05:53
OF COURSE it all links back to Asia. A Vietnamese student in the US fixing the game. So fucking typical. Just like Starcraft matchfixing. Fuck you.
2015-01-17 06:20
Like I've said 10000 tiems, betting sites such as csgo lounge will destroy this game. They need to be closed ASAP, fuck the viewers and rest, we need bloody clean game, which is also cheat free. Too many shit going around here, and who knows, this might be just a tip of the iceberg... IF orgas have at least some dignity left, they will forbid this lineup joining any of them, forever, scum is scum, no matter how good or popular they are... Who did it once will tend to do it again after some time, trust me, it's the mentality thing. Feel sad, because many people lost their inventories, and possibly hundreds of $$...
2015-01-17 06:21
there are other betting sites apart from csgl
2015-01-17 06:37
No, they are actually giving the game tens of thousands more viewers. So they are doing the opposite of killing it, even though there's a downside.
2015-01-17 07:12
2015-01-17 06:30
Russia Dmitrii1992 
In memory of my 300$
2015-01-17 06:37
That article seems full of fake or misunderstood speculation, and who in their right mind would use shazaam as any sort of witness? And then use someones EX girlfriend as another witness, and the fact that the exnetcode was actually a very good team and ad in the fact that ibp didn't' need to win, just doesn't make since they would risk the gaming career they have worked for a couple hundred dollars of skins for each of them. TLDR, if a team doesn't need to win a match, who would bet on it and why would it be on betting sites, there was no incentive to win.
2015-01-17 06:47
ya wtf. NCG was essentialy a top 3 NA team at the time, they were pretty fucking good. Also, iBP had just recently came back from Cologne and they were still adjusting in between timezones and jet lag or whatever. It's pretty fair that NCG beat iBP in BO1 with 16-4 considering NCG was actually pretty good. If there was anyone throwing games, it was for sure c9. I mean c'mon 16-1 vs Lunatik? are you kidding me? Pretty sure 99% of the community thought this was just some randy team that they could easily 16-0.
2015-01-17 07:10
Netherlands Nieroth 
Everybody knew this already right? Except for some fanboys that didn't want to see the pretty obvious proof at the time.
2015-01-17 06:48
How much I care: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 How much did I expect this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [10] How much did HLTV just ruin #1 team in NA: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [10] Think b4 you post kids. You just might ruin actual lives.Because these are actual jobs at stake and betting was just your choice at a risk of multiple other bullshit just like DDOS.
2015-01-17 06:51
fcking murican
2015-01-17 06:51
Yes this is obviously true because an ex-girlfriend and a new member of iBP's rival team are obviously reliable sources pfff.
2015-01-17 07:01
2015-01-17 07:03
screenshots are old -_-
2015-01-17 07:16
i.imgur.com/oLZ702G.png counter proof 100% real
2015-01-17 07:18
The NA scene was fragile at the time, and in my eyes I was between a rock and a very hard place with the partnership I had with Netcode Guides, as it was my sole source of income for playing the game I love." CUD DOESNT EVEN PLAY CSGO LOL HE JUST BETS
2015-01-17 07:20
"Duc "cud" Pham - a former Lunatik member" did you even read the whole article before posting any information?
2015-01-17 17:33
US scene... Top 1 team throwing for skins...
2015-01-17 07:21
Fucking pathetic
2015-01-17 07:25
Brazil Collee 
If steel's iBUYPOWER lost that game on purpose, just imagine torqued vs winout What a rich guy :O
2015-01-17 07:25
Never had this problem in 1.6.
2015-01-17 07:37
not surprised at all, this community 90% scammers and hackers
2015-01-17 07:37
Well done Ashley "Blacklotus" Leboeuf and the dude who reported Shahzam to Richard Lewis. Ban all these throwing clowns.
2015-01-17 07:39
And this is why I don't bet on games unless they mean something such as a big lan final. This would have happened soooooooo much by now and people just havnt realised. You could even throw yourself without your team knowing. For example someone like KennyS could just decide to play really bad in a game that would genuinely be a 50-50 game and instead now he makes it like 90 - 10.
2015-01-17 07:50
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
I bet and lost on that match too... gyazo.com/535b8218d3ea6d591c9e914c10d74c.. Just as I was starting to gain respect for (ex)iBP again, it is all lost. I hope EG decides not to sponsor you guys and maybe you can go under NCG you complete scum bags. Literally stealing skins from your own fans as if we don't support you enough already. You all should be banned from CEVO for a year and CSGL.
2015-01-17 07:56
dazed said on stream if I throw match it wont be 16 14
2015-01-17 08:11
blind cause of money, not flashbang ..
2015-01-17 08:13
expected. knew this long time ago. BTW GUYS: If you want to have a 100% bet,always bet on the team DOSIA plays for,this guy never throws,never ever ever ever.
2015-01-17 08:18
Throwing feggits!
2015-01-17 08:19
Why?!?!?!. Stupid oh, stop ruining the betting. You assholes :(
2015-01-17 08:26
lol noobs
2015-01-17 08:30
2015 shahzam confirmed still drama queen
2015-01-17 08:45
ban all plz
2015-01-17 08:46
Im really disappointed.. :(
2015-01-17 08:47
Good they better lose their sponsorship.
2015-01-17 08:59
The whole pro scene is dead. Money. Nothing else matters anymore.
2015-01-17 09:08
good luck finding an organisation now scumbags hahhahaahaha
2015-01-17 09:09
Nice job stealing from your fans iBP! Fucking idiots
2015-01-17 09:15
Poland MatiPasio 
this is madness THIS IS NA!!!
2015-01-17 09:32
Are there no legally actions taken against this?
2015-01-17 09:47
2015-01-17 09:52
good job Dazed
2015-01-17 09:56
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
i thought this was a known fact, everyone with iq over10 could tell it by watching that game
2015-01-17 09:57
ithrowpower <3
2015-01-17 09:58
Where is the image with steel`s "Throw is coming"? :D
2015-01-17 10:01
Not nice for viewers who betted
2015-01-17 10:03
Europe npH 
surprised? guys please... :)
2015-01-17 10:03
Estonia rYm 
so what? what are the contra actions? nothing? they will do it again and again /csgolounge=cancer
2015-01-17 10:03
CSGO need a organization like KESPA NOW
2015-01-17 10:11
there's negatives to organizations like that too... sometimes it hurts the scene. Hard to get one well done to both regulate & allow proper growth.
2015-01-17 12:43
still no real evidence but unfortunate if true
2015-01-17 10:14
scratch that there is evidence lol
2015-01-17 10:58
Ios 6 wtf
2015-01-17 10:14
I will own these throwing scumbags, for I am a keyboard warrior! I will not stop until justice has been served or someone forcibly shaves my neckbeard!
2015-01-17 10:15
Hungary ayeitsastro 
slowly but surely, more and more people will realise that the skins are indeed fucking up the scene, everything. Viewer records?! haha...I bet 60-70% of the viewers watching coz of their skins not because they like csgo that much.
2015-01-17 10:16
I hope they'll realise!!
2015-01-17 10:23
Like it or not, skins are good for the game. That may very well be true that 60-70% are only watching cause of skins, and that's a damn good. Essentially skins tripling the amount of viewers, how the hell can you see it as a bad thing :OOOO
2015-01-17 10:30
Hungary ayeitsastro 
I see this as a bad thing because of the article above
2015-01-17 11:38
But for those who pay for advertising during a game only the number of single viewers count and not if they are interested in CSGO.
2015-01-17 10:58
Hungary ayeitsastro 
I know that. But it's still a problem, the "play for skins" part is the problem.
2015-01-17 11:39
2015-01-17 10:21
They org should have kicked them after this match: hltv.org/match/2293279-ibuypower-dignita.. so fucking obvious throw there as well, such a shameful team
2015-01-17 10:29
2015-01-17 10:47
close csgo betting
2015-01-17 10:57
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
This is what happens when betting is unregulated
2015-01-17 11:02
wow people so surprised... so many teams threw games esp. around that time..
2015-01-17 11:26
Just ban american idiots to play CS problem solved no more arrogant kids anymore...
2015-01-17 11:27
I had a feeling about this all along sadly.. Lost all of my good skins on that match but whatever
2015-01-17 11:27
Hopefully valve responds to the requests of the transaction history of dboorn to see who involved in the match got the skins, after that I don't see how the alleged throwers could claim innocence. If that evidence comes through then the players involved should be made an example of, defrauding the community as a whole for own personal gain is unacceptable and the attitudes of some of the players at the moment still "allegedly" accused are poor to the severity of the situation. I would also hope someone involved like dboorn would have the moral decency to fully explain the full truth of these events if they do end up being confirmed for fixing but that seems unlikely.
2015-01-17 11:38
rip EG
2015-01-17 11:47
I told it once. Fixing matches is more common that most of you think. First was the scandal with polish players involved, now we got NA (in even worse case), but remember - they, who got caught are not the only one. The rest are just more careful (how many times we've seen an ultra-easy match that e.g. nip, hellraisers and other teams from top lost in unbelievably bad style?)
2015-01-17 11:51
That doesn't mean it's fixed, ffs. It just means they didn't want to play because they were unmotivated that day and started arguing for example. Throws happen in the sense that a team might hate each other sometimes, but it doesn't mean that it's rigged.
2015-01-17 11:57
cant wait for all the blacklotus nudies
2015-01-17 11:55
I remember this match!!! Lost my top skins, didnt sleep to watch this... was really sad!
2015-01-17 12:02
you deserved it.
2015-01-17 12:11
don't really care it's just as bad as losing bets due to ddos or csgl simply chossing a winner(fnatic ldlc) and every time i actually am about to win and ddos comes up match gets cancelled people can only be as professional about it as the site itself
2015-01-17 12:04
Tell us something we dont know about the NA scene.
2015-01-17 12:09
Bloody idiots.
2015-01-17 12:13
2015-01-17 12:39
says guy who try destroy other players' rebutation for fun..
2015-01-17 22:33
2015-01-17 12:13
Oh my god , hope u pay for it bastards !!!!
2015-01-17 12:19
100 % Torqued vs. Dismay was fixed 2 Murica always not gonna be top tier anymore
2015-01-17 12:26
In other games stuff like this gets you lifetime ban from most tournaments, let's see what happens.
2015-01-17 12:28
Europe galbaroo 
2015-01-17 12:29
I remember this game perfectly, Steel was AWPing the entire game instead of Skadoodle. I also recall a game in the Faceit tournament where iBP vsed dignitas and had the points they needed to progress in the tournament, so they just threw the rest of the match to get it over with faster. These people don't give a thought to their fans or people betting on them. Stay away from iBP they have no ethics.
2015-01-17 12:31
fuk iBP
2015-01-17 12:32
I like how steel with serious face was talking about the way he bets yesterday :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2015-01-17 12:35
my god
2015-01-17 12:38
2015-01-17 12:39
not the ideal solution to this (alt accounts, friends, etc.), but the best that i can think up: professional players are not allowed to bet on any matches in the CS:GO scene
2015-01-17 12:42
Seriously? these guys get paid to do what they love. The only thing they need to do in return is give solid competitive matches. Yet they throw a game/games for a bunch of skins. I have no other words..
2015-01-17 12:43
2015-01-17 12:45
so we have 2 deal with this and cheaters in EU scene
2015-01-17 12:46
2015-01-17 17:24
Ban all of them from competetiv CS:GO. Only way they'll learn from it - or fine them 1.000.000$ imo.
2015-01-17 12:45
i remember when pasza was playing MM with Hiko and pasza saw hiko's dragon lore, and he say to hiko i know you drop matches and bet against your selves to win skins, and here it is....
2015-01-17 12:47
Ex ibp without hiko with steel
2015-01-17 15:41
Because hiko was in ibp back then. You sir, didnt even think before lying
2015-01-17 17:13
i didn't talk about IBP i talked about the north american scene, can you see any IBP in my comment ?
2015-01-17 17:24
Ironic considering Pasza lost a pre-recorded match that was on CSGO lounge, and since he knew the result he bet against his own team stealing skins from his fans.
2015-01-17 22:53
how is the community so relaxed about this? is stealing and fraud really that acceptable????!?!? this is absolutely disgusting.
2015-01-17 12:52
is becoming standard so we missed because of the skins, should be punished and never bet... what about mousesports yesterday? .. After the nuke titan win, lose to orbit in 3x0 .. ok. no cry about skin , just think in cgl about bet ...
2015-01-17 12:56
Pff... amateurs.
2015-01-17 13:07
All I know, if there were EG contract in the making, theres not anymore. Its all about puplicity to EG.
2015-01-17 13:09
I honestly hope they will never find any team that pick those fuckers up. Probably betted and lost that game.
2015-01-17 13:16
those homos..Never bite the hand that feeds u!
2015-01-17 13:19
should be severely punished
2015-01-17 13:21
2015-01-17 13:26
The only way to punish such things is a lifetime disqualification from competitive CS.
2015-01-17 13:31
SpawN | 
Iceland vasyl86 
fixing matches in CS GO is quite normal. Most pro players don't earn too much and they try to make some extra money, but top organizations like NiP, VP, fnatic etc. pay good money to their players and they know if they were caught in betting scandal they would lost their contracts and reputation so they don't fix matches.
2015-01-17 13:36
Can i return my bet on this match ? mtf iBP !
2015-01-17 13:47
Muricans only care about oil and CSGO-skins.
2015-01-17 13:57
so true, it's all Obamas fault
2015-01-17 14:00
piece of SHIT ! OMG
2015-01-17 14:00
Spain akproxx 
i dont care :)
2015-01-17 14:02
Brb calling FBI. Tragicomic situation
2015-01-17 14:08
fake + americans next
2015-01-17 14:10
with so much drama in the ibp
2015-01-17 14:11
It'll all blow over in a few weeks. Peple were equally overly dramatic are you are now back in November both before and during Dreamhack, claiming it was the end of competitive CS. But then it ended up growing the player base by over 30% in a month and numbers are steadily higher than ever before with more sponsors coming in than ever before. Just wait until MLG starts and you see awesome CS and you'll have forgotten about this and hopefully EG will impress us.
2015-01-17 14:42
After all this bullshit happening lately, I'm just betting on majors. Games where winning will give the teams more money than throwing. All these little bo1s or small prize money matches are pointless to bet on nowadays
2015-01-17 14:50
This, so this.
2015-01-19 10:18
Lol using a 3G phone in 2014 what a scrub... i bet he plays on Xbox 360 too.
2015-01-17 14:58
Fk throwers!
2015-01-17 15:09
this is unnecessary, just let it go
2015-01-17 15:10
Hungary Bonkheads 
2015-01-17 15:12
and german and polish and all of EU....fckin dumbass
2015-01-22 02:29
There are now rules in place about throwing matches, and respectable teams who are aware of them behave accordingly. But from what I understand, there were no rules in place when this happened that regulated throwing or match fixing. The rules of csgolounge, that is. I don't think these players (whoever they are) would have done it if they were aware of the consequences. In other e-sports there are standardized 2 year bans for fixing, and we should probably look to implement something similar here. But the situation as it stands right now is that all players in question as well as all other decent both American and North American teams are being paid enough money to live comfortably off of without having to throw matches to support themselves. But at the time of this happening, the situation was very different and no member of the IBP could live off of what they were being paid. We should move on from this having learnt an important lesson, and should continue to watch out for players potentially throwing matches in the future. However unlikely it is as this stage, with the exception of the unknown tier 3-4-5-6-7-8 teams that are sometimes added to csgolounge.
2015-01-17 15:37
United Kingdom Qiz 
Wow actually reading something well thought out on hltv, is this real life.
2015-01-18 01:10
You should follow my posting history, even though I tend to go spastic sometimes as well :p
2015-01-18 01:12
Youre also misinformed, if you think they make enough money to live comfortably. But the rest is accurate.
2015-01-19 01:04
I'm sorry, but if the people involve didn't think they were doing something against the rules, then why did they all deny in block? They could have said "yeah we threw, what's wrong with that?". They are dodgy as hell.
2015-01-19 10:17
2015-01-17 15:38
2015-01-17 15:39
There is some games involved in throw: Overgaming vs pachulis ATN Vs aimface Torqued vs idk no namers DAT Vs unnamed
2015-01-17 15:41
zet | 
North America RosT- 
agreed. i lost on this games ~700$
2015-01-17 16:03
i cant beliebe it. elele
2015-01-17 15:43
cool skins assholes
2015-01-17 15:44
DaZeD profile are now private, he dont want to show their 10+ assiimovs and a bunch of knifes etc
2015-01-17 15:48
Funny how people had forget all the 90+% against 10-% game who NiP lost, oh wait u just need a forest fuckface with "Sorry for u skinzzzz" on it and you guys are just fine. scontent-a-mxp.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1..
2015-01-17 15:49
that was against kennys mystik bo1 online mate:) you really think nip needs to throw for skins?
2015-01-17 16:24
Yeah, clearly they paid for it with CS:GO skins. smh, how stupid are you people :<
2015-01-17 19:44
calm down fanboy, just put the link to show NiP dont need to throw to earn money, dont be mad kid
2015-01-17 20:04
zet | 
North America RosT- 
IThrowPower got caught. gg
2015-01-17 16:02
all the players in the match should be suspended (from all tournaments) 1-2 years thats the only way to stop this shit. It's ruining the cs scene imo.
2015-01-17 16:03
agree, harsh punishments are the only way to go on this one
2015-01-17 16:06
refund me my 77,3$ ibp i.imgur.com/H2d1h6G.jpg
2015-01-17 16:32
i hope they'll never find an organization if it happens to be true (which is likely to be)
2015-01-17 16:35
no more TIME IS MONEY, now is CSGO IS MONEY!
2015-01-17 16:38
It was obvious for those who saw that match. They throw the match. It's not rly necessary these additional information about what happened. Because we all know what those so called "Professional" players did. And the funny thing is that they will continue playing and nothing will happen to them unfortunatelly.. But if it was me or someone "not professional" we probably wouldn't have skins or something like that. But well, we all now know that this are just words and doesnt matter at all what I and the rest of you say..
2015-01-17 16:41
The community is not professional but you throw vile towards someone for not being professional. Just doesnt make sense.
2015-01-17 21:37
I didnt talk about the community (i didnt even gonna waste my time talking about the cs community, its pointless.) I just point the fact that the "Professional" ones should give a good example but they are the first ones to try take advantage of this situation. and once again nothing will happen to them. So..
2015-01-18 14:09
This shit is such an old news, csgolounge even gave a timing to release the news, mother fuckers just want to gain attention..
2015-01-17 16:46
Then only way is close this stupid cslongue site and no more bets
2015-01-17 16:51
other bet site will be insta created if csgolounge close
2015-01-17 17:17
already are other betting sites other than CSGOL ya little fanny packer nubbin
2015-01-17 21:24
I feel a refund is in order. puu.sh/eE2gj/e680a7c177.jpg
2015-01-17 17:35
2015-01-17 17:50
2 years ban from competive leagues..now ddosers there is work to do..
2015-01-17 18:52
Holy fuck, you're just hurting yourselves and the community with this horseshit. Like grow the fuck up boys, the community is slowly but surely turning itself into a joke after working so hard to be taken seriously :(
2015-01-17 18:56
No one outside of the gaming community, takes the community seriously. Dont kid yourselves. The gaming community is nothing. Never has been. Never will be. Its riddled with children. How can it be taken seriously?
2015-01-17 21:33
Have you seen how big esports has gotten since league and dota got popular? esports is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day and is on track to be enormous
2015-01-17 22:08
We said the same thing with 1.6 and when css got picked up on direct tv. Step outside of the community and talk to other communities. The hardcore/professional gamer space will always be a tiny aspect of the market. Im old, man. I was there since beta like a lot of these old timers not willing to let it go. Even after all the strives cs:go has made. Bringing specific gaming communities into one game. Gaming as a whole, is still no more accepted outside of the community as it was back then. Understand something. Gaming is not like a specific sport. In professional gaming, the actual game being played changes every few years. Splitting the community, shaking it up, etc. There is no way for the game itself to build as big a following. The product is always changing. So coincidentally, the following is as well.
2015-01-17 22:19
2015-01-17 18:58
I actually remember it, I threw some shit skins on NCG and went to sleep, was really surprised the next morning! Now that I think about it, it was quite suspicious (ibp had no match in the NA scene around that time as far as I remember)
2015-01-17 19:11
ban 1 year, thank you
2015-01-17 19:13
there is never big sanctions anyway so making scandals about it won't change a lot til there is like a federation regrouping all big leagues
2015-01-17 19:34
ban forever, thank you
2015-01-17 19:32
richard lewis
2015-01-17 20:30
should get arrested for fraud and GG.
2015-01-17 21:23
All of these people are so upset? But they have no issue giving ESEA their money AFTER ESEA got caught using the communities personal computers to mine bitcoins for THEIR gain. And had to pay a fraction of what they made, for it to go away. Dumb trolls. Stop being sheep.
2015-01-17 21:31
2015-01-17 23:20
2015-01-18 03:03
Arguably the best NA team, and they're match fixing. Tells you all you need to know about the csgo scene in NA.
2015-01-18 12:05
Wow, this is definitely shocking. I mean, they not only screwed over their fans, but also managed to ruin any chance of people betting on them in the future. Their reputation is completely ruined and I doubt it will ever come back. BG former iBuyPower.
2015-01-18 15:21
Welp This runs way deeper than you guys think. Just wait
2015-01-18 15:40
i hope these guys dont find an organization
2015-01-18 18:42
"Moreover, Ashley "Blacklotus" Leboeuf, a former girlfriend of Derek "dboorN" Boorn" Former? Show me the contract or didn't happen. GJ MIRAA
2015-01-19 11:09
Speculations. Edit: Not providing enough evidence for any kind of conviction leads one to believe that this was brought up only to create disorder and kill the scene from within.
2015-01-19 11:22
are you seriously that stupid ? :DDDDDDDDD well, seems that even most low iq people know how to use internet XDDDDDD
2015-01-21 21:20
I'm in denial :(
2015-01-22 00:48
Easy way to solve this. Get rid of betting on CSGOlounge and the throwing and DDos will go down tremendously. Then people wil watch Cs for the Cs and not just for skins. Or just make betting allowed for LAN events only
2015-01-22 00:55
The latter is a good idea
2015-01-24 09:46
was swag on the team when they threw the match?
2015-01-22 02:32
2015-01-24 05:34
i hate that piece of shit
2015-01-24 09:44
2015-01-24 10:21
Fucken scum, I didn't have very much but I went all in on them. i.imgur.com/Mg4CENC.png
2015-01-24 05:32
wrong game silly
2015-01-24 05:34
msg picture = bad evidence
2015-01-24 10:07
2015-01-24 10:21
2015-01-27 06:18
moral of the story. don't spread your wrongdoings with your own mouth.
2015-01-30 23:21
2015-04-05 18:03
Hello from 2016 :)
2016-01-04 18:53
United States FatNick 
This is absolutey INSANE
2016-10-29 19:15
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