GO.Female announces tournament

GO.Female has announced that it will hold its own online tournament, with 17 teams from all over the world confirmed so far.

From February 27 to March 1, GO.Female will be host its first CS:GO tournament, with hopes of helping the scene to grow by providing teams with more chances to compete.

It is still unclear how much money will be at stake in this tournament, but GO.Female has set up Paypal and Gofundme accounts in an attempt to raise as much funds as possible from the community.

ESWC champions 3DMAX to take part in the tournament 

The full set of rules will be announced in the coming days, but it is known that the tournament will kick off with a best-of-one group stage, followed by the best-of-three playoffs.

Below you can find the list of participants for GO.Female's tournament:

Sweden Bad Monkey Gaming Sweden Games4u.se
Norway myXMG Germany PENTA Sports
Russia ACES France Reason Gaming
France LDLC France 3DMAX
United States Karma United States UBINITED
Portugal London Conspiracy Germany Epsilon
Netherlands mouse control Germany pod virtual gaming
Russia Team 97club.Female Romania Madjick Gaming
Europe eSports Engine
Sweden FiffylaureN
2015-01-18 13:04
3 replies
If there is grass on the wicket, let's play cricket
2015-01-18 18:09
2015-01-18 20:32
You mean WINAMAAAAAAAAAXXX <3 youtube.com/watch?v=OgIANHuDmIU
2015-01-19 07:47
gl teams
2015-01-18 13:04
2015-01-18 13:04
yeah cool gl
2015-01-18 13:05
2015-01-18 13:05
Ez madjick gaming
2015-01-18 13:05
2015-01-18 13:06
Iceland fatboislim
make a girl calendar and i will donate 10$.
2015-01-18 13:06
5 replies
so hot that girl on left side on calendar :P
2015-01-18 13:13
1 reply
Estonia MorsAlbum
2015-01-18 13:47
thats a fckn awesome idea mate, make a girl calender of the hottest females gamers and sell it like the compendium for prize pool $_$
2015-01-18 14:01
2 replies
everyone loves sellouts :D
2015-01-18 14:19
1 reply
naw... everyone loves grills!
2015-01-18 16:13
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC
If they want to take them serious they should try to merge with male teams that is a fucking joke. Some players like zaaz or juliano can play with medicore/tier2 teams for sure.
2015-01-18 13:07
12 replies
Freya | 
Bulgaria Keepo
U are overrating them..all girls are too slow/playing like mad :D
2015-01-18 13:10
11 replies
That's not true. Nothing (that I know of anyway) physical or in the genes justify men to be better than woman in CSGO. The only reason I see is the amount of players. There is so many more male players, that the chance of one of them being exceptionally good is higher than for girls players. It would be nice to see mixed teams.
2015-01-18 13:17
10 replies
Freya | 
Bulgaria Keepo
xD - maikelele + juliano
2015-01-18 13:18
4 replies
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC
Not maikel and not nip but something like top5~ swe, why not.
2015-01-18 13:38
2 replies
they would probably fit into Orbit or something. But then again they probably doesnt want to be the only female and those teams often surround players that are good mates so they wouldnt kick anyone.
2015-01-18 14:21
something like top 5 sweden? You are seriously overrating them, a team like Orbit would completely clown on these girls, wouldn't be remotely close (as past matches between top female and third tier male teams have proven).
2015-01-18 15:30
Portugal tnyk1ng
masq plays for Xile, she's the only girl on the team... masq is a beast
2015-01-18 14:07
>That's not true. Nothing (that I know of anyway) physical or in the genes justify men to be better than woman in CSGO. Lol yes there is if you can read baguette read this : team-aaa.com/news-31571-0-1-pourquoi_les..
2015-01-18 14:52
Finally someone actually gets it
2015-01-18 15:13
Yes, there is something. Men are hunters, women gatherers, usually. Of course there will be a few cases of girl being better at some of the things, we usually see is male dominated, like operating heavy machinery, flying, driving and reading maps. It's not that girls can't do it, it's just that genetically (evolution), men are better at perceiving the space/land around them. It does apply to pretty much anything, that requires you to have a sense of whats going on around you. Testosterone has a big say in this. edit: I do agree that the difference in numbers of male/female players, play a huge part, but that's just one thing. And far from the entire story. One could also argue that the condition of ones frontal lobes would also be a huge factor. ie. smoking weed on a regular basis at a young age etc - or simply damaging them in another way. would hinder you.
2015-01-18 16:45
Then why do most of the females that do play CS suck?
2015-01-18 18:10
grills have slower reflexes and shittier muscle memory. God made them stupid and easy to control for a reason, so we can use them as breeding cattle until the end of time. Instead the faggots and baguettes keep insisting that we make them cops, soldiers, and firefighters. Now even the hltv nerds want to see them participate in the men's league.
2015-01-19 20:18
There should be common tournaments for Male/Female. No difference: woman or man you are, if everything you need is just clicking buttons.
2015-01-18 13:06
7 replies
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC
2015-01-18 13:07
tell a girl she's fat ingame and you'll know the difference :D
2015-01-18 13:14
makes sense, but then it would be instant rape...
2015-01-18 13:14
There ARE tournamnets for Male+Female. Every fucking tournament allows female players. You just don't see any because there are very few at that top level and the rare ones that are either choose to play in female only teams or get overlooked simply because they are female.
2015-01-18 13:47
2 replies
Or theyre just not good enough ?
2015-01-18 14:22
1 reply
Yeah, pretty much this. msq is the only female I know that actually plays with males and plays at main/primer level. Girls like Miss Harvey are overrated garbage that won't play outside a scrub girl team.
2015-01-18 14:45
Yes, we should do this. It's not like the female teams will make it very far
2015-01-18 18:12
Freya | 
Bulgaria Keepo
2015-01-18 13:07
Online or offline?
2015-01-18 13:07
A Dutch female team. Silver plays confirmed.
2015-01-18 13:07
1 reply
H@H@H@ tinkerbell dutch female pro confirmed
2015-01-18 15:46
How are the americans supposed to play?
2015-01-18 13:08
2015-01-18 13:08
Online ? GL muricans
2015-01-18 13:10
gl hf gg bb wp ff
2015-01-18 13:10
Why bother?
2015-01-18 13:11
let's go motar2k,donate them money so they can make this tournament possible :P
2015-01-18 13:12
Go London !!!
2015-01-18 13:13
ez for bmg/myxmg
2015-01-18 13:16
gogo Zaaz
2015-01-18 13:16
Madjick Gaming ez pz online tournament with mixed teams from EU and USA ? rofl
2015-01-18 13:18
gl smithzz
2015-01-18 13:17
Thailand hahahoha
name of girl holding the cheque? :P
2015-01-18 13:19
nice sexism, retards
2015-01-18 13:19
Ez 4 Bad Monkey Gaming
2015-01-18 13:19
1 reply
u mean ubinited
2015-01-18 13:27
wow why isn't there GO.Male tournaments?????
2015-01-18 13:23
2 replies
Sexist mate, I know.
2015-01-18 13:48
Because that would be sexist to woman! :^)
2015-01-18 15:00
damn that small grill so cutie :*
2015-01-18 13:22
Online tournament with two NA teams?
2015-01-18 13:23
why the fuck the community would donate to fund a tournament with such a low skill level on show is beyond me.
2015-01-18 13:23
1 reply
exactly. If you enjoy watching high level CS dont bother watching any female only teams.
2015-01-18 13:30
Why are there seperate tournaments? Regular tournaments then female tournaments?
2015-01-18 13:25
2 replies
It's a way of saying girls are shit at the game, but still having gender equality ("__")
2015-01-18 13:34
1 reply
its more like they need this to get some time in the spotlight
2015-01-18 14:23
Cmon Step <3
2015-01-18 13:37
Go myXMG :D
2015-01-18 13:43
1 reply
Hype :D
2015-01-18 20:02
3DMAX to take it
2015-01-18 13:45
Norway SlimeThug
2015-01-18 13:46
Epsilon <3
2015-01-18 13:47
1 reply
2015-01-18 14:24
LC line up?
2015-01-18 13:50
1 reply
Portugal tnyk1ng
London Conspiracy.female Joana "Strawberry" Santos Pilar "PILAR" Albuquerque Vânia "ShÉ" Silva Cristina "Reina" Herrera Silena "Lena" Urquiza
2015-01-18 14:08
ez for smithZz
2015-01-18 13:50
why would anyone ask a community to fund something if they arent even allowed to take part at the tournament
2015-01-18 13:58
It's a shame that the girl teams won't put in as many hours as the male teams so they could just host a normal tourney for all genders.
2015-01-18 14:03
9 replies
lold :D many girls have more hours than average pro male player =)
2015-01-18 14:13
8 replies
Czech Republic THE_WILLY
Aaaand are still shit right?
2015-01-18 14:33
5 replies
haha :D well I enjoy playing with girls it's fun so I don't care about ther skills :D :))
2015-01-18 14:42
2 replies
i see what u doing... Kappa
2015-01-18 14:43
1 reply
HMM what? hahahaha
2015-01-18 14:44
Czech Republic THE_WILLY
Yeah who doesn't like the sweet voice of a lady, or a 12yo boy :D
2015-01-18 17:07
1 reply
hahaha true:D
2015-01-18 20:07
Well why don't they qualify for "normal" tournaments with the boys then? I'm all for female gaming I just think it's sad that they can't participate with the lads.
2015-01-18 14:48
1 reply
have I say anything about that? If I share my opinion ~ girls are not even close to male scene. if they want to play on good tournaments they can qualify same as male teams :)
2015-01-18 14:53
no masq, no party still GL girls
2015-01-18 14:11
Slovakia kubiaxk
waste of money ..... why they dont compete against normal teams in normal ladders and normal tournaments .... they never be better if they gonna have separate "tournaments for girls" they will be always shit then :(
2015-01-18 14:12
2 replies
2015-01-18 14:13
2015-01-18 14:56
BMG should take it without any problems.. :)
2015-01-18 14:22
GL girlies
2015-01-18 14:26
awesome GL
2015-01-18 14:27
miss rage ez
2015-01-18 14:30
1 reply
them silver plays!
2015-01-19 10:37
2015-01-18 14:36
And what the prize? AVON subscription?
2015-01-18 14:37
2015-01-18 15:02
GL Ubinited
2015-01-18 15:39
Call dibs on the one on the left
2015-01-18 15:49
finals will be BMG vs. 3DMAX
2015-01-18 15:52
Seems an odd thing to ask for. Funds from the community for a segregated tournament that excludes the majority of it.
2015-01-18 16:18
Happa mousecontrol gogo
2015-01-18 16:19
Would females donate if we ran a male only tournament?
2015-01-18 16:22
2 replies
You've mistaken gender equality, for having anything to do with equality.
2015-01-18 16:47
1 reply
hhaha ;D
2015-01-18 17:14
Easy win for Bad Monkey Gaming!
2015-01-18 16:25
zAAz <3
2015-01-18 17:29
Madjick Gaming p0wer
2015-01-18 17:36
2 replies
what lineup have this team?
2015-01-18 17:58
1 reply
Juliano from Bad Monkey is *_*
2015-01-18 17:39
2015-01-18 18:32
GO Madjick ! :D glhf 2 all !
2015-01-18 18:34
2 replies
what's the line`up?
2015-01-19 12:36
1 reply
Andreea "gHici" D. Antonia "Anthonya" P. Andreea "GODDESSA" G. Denisa "KHRiSTAL" G. Cornelia "Duduia" R. www.steamcommunity.com/groups/madjicKGamingLadies
2015-01-19 20:07
mouse control! do it my ladies!
2015-01-18 18:38
EZ 4 Mattye <3
2015-01-18 18:38
1 reply
2015-01-18 20:17
lets go LC! <3
2015-01-18 18:40
Money raised in GOFUNDME so far ...€65 of €1.000(Raised by 2 people in 1 month) . If they did a twitch stream with whiteboard they'd meet the goal in an hour. GL with the tournament. +1 for calendar (would buy).
2015-01-18 19:32
Cyprus JoOoOohNy
Gina >
2015-01-18 20:15
Girls, money, and counter strike. I think I'm in heaven.
2015-01-18 20:51
ONLINE tourney with teams from all over the world?
2015-01-18 21:30
ez ALX
2015-01-18 21:39
equality my ass
2015-01-18 21:46
Or girls could just play in the 100's of leagues and tournaments that already exist.
2015-01-18 23:50
tourny for shitters and they expect the community to donate their prizepool lmfao gtfo
2015-01-19 01:35
2015-01-19 02:44
does this mean girls will stop bitching and making shitty documentaries about how mean boys won't let them play?
2015-01-19 04:36
2 replies
2015-01-19 04:40
girls will never stop bítching... ever
2015-01-19 09:05
Which team does Kitty play for? ;p
2015-01-19 06:46
"Reflexes in Men and Women According to a Clemson University article, men appear to have faster reflexes to both visual and audio stimuli than women. Another study found that the muscle contraction rates were the same in both genders, but the amount of time between when the stimulus was presented and when the muscle began to contract was less for men." "Our results supported our predictions by showing a significant difference in the reaction time of men (mean= .4491 sec) and women (mean= .7418 sec; t=2.160, P<0.05)" This is from two different sites, + the one that #124 gave (this one is Google translated, sorry, I don't speak french): "On the other hand, women tend to have higher intelligence and better social cognition, potentially allowing them to grow more effectively in groups . But unfortunately in CS, the level of team is not as important as the individual level of each player. Good women's team would have a good chance of losing against a male mix consists of 5 large individuals who simply too fast would click on the heads, even at a disadvantage." You get the idea... "no disadvantage" at all, right? :) It all comes down to reflexes and there's nothing you can do about it... so yeah, there will probably never be any "real good" female teams to stand up to the male top teams but there's an explanation to why that is and it's not in the lack of practice, will or whatever.
2015-01-19 10:26
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