swag: "Deeply sorry to all fans"

January 27th, 2015 00:07

Former iBUYPOWER member Braxton "swag" Pierce has apologised to his fans for his involvement in the match-fixing scandal that is rocking the North American CS:GO scene.

Braxton "swag" Pierce is one of seven people that Valve has banned from all future major CS:GO tournaments following their involvement in a betting ring that netted over $10,000 with just one CEVO match.

In a statement issued on Facebook, he confirmed his involvement in fixing the CEVO match in question and admitted it was a very thoughtless thing to do, also considering he has no interest in skins.

swag admitted that the match was lost on purpose

Still, he stressed that he was not the benefactor from this scandal to the same extent as some other players and that his involvement was "nowhere near" that of "the person organizing this".

"First and foremost I want to apologize to all the fans and sponsors I let down," he wrote on Facebook.

"I was aware of what was happening and allowed it to happen without saying anything. Stealing from people is wrong, and I got what I deserved.

"I just wanted to reach out to people online and formally apologize because I feel like it is owed. I feel it is important people know that I was not the benefactor from this scandal like some of the other players were.

"I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players and I honestly don't know why as I could careless about skins.

"If you've seen my inventory I still use half of the default skins. I understand by taking one skin, I am wrong, and should be banned.

"I just wanted the public to know my level of involvement was no where near the person organizing this."

swag reckons that the bans handed today were "necessary" to set a precedent for future players and hopes Valve and other tournament organisers will one day let him compete again.

"This is very unfortunate for me moving forward but the ban was necessary in order to set a precedent for future players to come," he says.

"I hope one day valve may have mercy on me and let me compete again. Until then I am deeply sorry to all my fans and everyone that supported me that I was involved in this, and not just because we got caught."

United States Braxton 'swag' Pierce
Braxton 'swag' Pierce
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rest in piece career
2015-01-27 00:08
2015-01-27 00:12
Steel is cut and banned lololol That is funny
2015-01-27 02:05
All should be banned, I lost skinz cuz of this twat.
2015-01-27 19:15
wot like £3 worth?
2015-01-28 08:47
Not sure exactly but I'm pretty sure I went Big on the game they threw.
2015-01-28 17:52
Pasha TALKS ABOUT ex-iBP BANS: youtube.com/watch?v=ERyI_PWwguA
2015-01-28 20:23
you mean deeply sorry to all the fans you had? was a huge IBP fan and after seeing all of this you guys deserve to never play competitve CS again
2015-01-27 00:16
What are you supposed to do when your MANAGER comes up to you and tells you to throw the match on purpose; and all the your TEAMMATES all agree? Not play in the match? (sure) that could work; but if one of their members wouldn't be playing; the odds would change. Despite what happened, i liked swag; best of luck to future endeavours. <3
2015-01-27 08:30
If you are against match fixing, then you should obviously not play the match. I don't see the issue here. If you decide to play in a game you know you are supposed to throw, and you know your team mates are throwing, then you are directly involved and should be punished as the others. The only way you could stay out of trouble, is if you could prove you knew nothing of the match fixing and thereby played the game to win (e.g. as it happens in football sometimes).
2015-01-27 10:11
Point 1 is not a valid argument. The circumstances are not the same and the results from the experiment are different to what has happened here. Point 2 is not an argument so I won't comment on that. Point 3 is assumptions only. What is your point?
2015-01-27 22:41
Easier to say than act. derp
2015-01-28 20:24
Great argument
2015-01-31 13:45
Just sayin. derp
2015-02-03 11:14
hmm maybe say NO?
2015-01-27 11:37
rest in pierce
2015-01-27 00:16
+1 XD
2015-01-27 00:20
+1 xD
2015-01-27 01:34
+1 xD
2015-01-27 06:38
2015-01-27 14:04
2015-01-27 21:05
fuck all of them, i will never be a fan of any team they are apart of. cheers.
2015-01-27 00:19
2015-01-27 00:22
2015-01-27 00:30
Portugal krypz0n 
2015-01-27 02:21
fer | 
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-01-27 00:45
gr8b8 sw33g apologizing after getting caught? no way homey get fucking rekt and enjoy your next career in mcds
2015-01-27 00:56
2015-01-27 06:09
More like 'rest in pierce' amirite? Jajaja
2015-01-27 03:37
I want my skins back
2015-01-27 03:50
"I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players" This is not about skins. You and you teammates Throw that match which is why you for banned. This is Not CSGL Ban.
2015-01-27 07:01
2015-01-27 09:22
He's saying that because of his regret for even doing that. Not to say his Ban wasn't deserved.
2015-01-27 11:42
I actually feel sorry for him, since hes very talented, young and has his whole career infront of him
2015-01-27 10:01
2015-01-27 16:08
Well, he might continue his career with small cups or tournaments, idk.
2015-01-27 17:21
2015-01-27 10:06
Don't worry bruh, u will see him soon on twitch, playing with subs, getting donations and other staff and getting maybe even more then he got after that betting hustle.
2015-01-27 15:49
And so young and talented as well.. shame
2015-01-27 18:32
Not forgiven
2015-01-27 00:08
100% forgiven
2015-01-27 08:46
2015-01-27 09:02
Black Monday
2015-01-27 00:08
mirthless monday ;__;
2015-01-27 00:09
Something bad happened? On the contrary, justice was served.
2015-01-27 00:12
Yes, it's fair that these guys got punished, but it's very bad for the scene in the end. Very talented players are basically out of the game. It's probably for the best though, because now players will think twice before getting involved in match fixing.
2015-01-27 00:18
Seems f ine to me.
2015-01-27 00:33
Netherlands Nieroth 
Only swag is a loss to the NA scene. The fact that scumbags like Steel and Dazed are gone is just good news for the whole scene in general. And Its really a good thing that valve got involved in this and shows no mercy to this kind of fraud of thousands of dollars.
2015-01-27 00:50
DaZeD is one of the best IGLs in the game and certainly the best in NA. AZK is aslo a huge loss to the NA scene. Hes and extremely talented player and one of the main reasons why NA CS has/had a chance at international events. This is a huge blow to the NA scene but on the contrary we will hopefully never see a throw in professional CS again.
2015-01-27 03:40
Good Monday
2015-01-27 00:20
2015-01-27 11:16
who cares about some 5th tier NA players ..black monday HAHA
2015-01-27 01:13
swag a better player than any german out there. fucking idiot.
2015-01-27 08:47
2015-01-27 11:09
Europe jUN^ 
2015-01-27 12:20
sad but true :(
2015-01-27 14:24
2015-01-27 15:14
2015-01-27 17:07
not german, he is from the netherlands
2015-01-27 18:42
Does he even german bro?
2015-01-27 18:42
Not even from german. And I'd still put swag over him.
2015-01-30 19:52
World lydim 
2015-01-27 00:08
why swag, why? :( such a waste of talent...
2015-01-27 00:08
skins > wins confirmed america, fuck yeah kappa
2015-01-27 00:13
Yeah man he will be missed honestly, same with azk
2015-01-27 02:58
The kid was young and impressionable and DaZeD really fucked his career right up. First steals him from complexity/c9, then gets him involved in this shit which basically ends his gaming career for CS:GO. A young kid like that needs positive influences around him, instead he ends up with scumbags like dazed.. what a waste.
2015-01-27 04:08
And a Top20 player.
2015-01-27 06:39
+1 :(
2015-01-27 06:50
2015-01-27 07:28
2015-01-27 10:48
ive lost my respect for dazed. he pretty much ruined swag's career :|
2015-01-27 11:10
It feels wrong to say it's all DaZeD fault that swag ended up in this situation. Swag should be old enough to take own decision. If not.. if he's this easily impressionable, maybe it's healthy for him to take a break from video games, and work up his personality. Either way, it's sad to lose one of the best players in CSGO. Hope to see him again.
2015-01-27 14:23
You think its easy to stand against strong willed people who are good at what they do and know how to talk and manipulate? Might seem that way sitting at your pc.
2015-01-27 14:40
who said it was easy? it's not like it's that hard to say no either. if they asked him to cheat you think he would say yes?
2015-01-27 16:11
He has a point. You can't just blame dazed.
2015-01-30 19:53
Lol, trying to save himself. GTFO
2015-01-27 00:08
Poland sajlent 
2015-01-27 00:08
i cry everytime
2015-01-27 00:08
Brazil romp  
2015-01-27 00:08
2015-01-27 00:08
Stupid decision
2015-01-27 00:08
Germany R3cn 
2015-01-27 00:08
riperini. feel bad for swag and azk
2015-01-27 00:08
2015-01-27 00:13
+1 they were involved and they got what they deserved
2015-01-27 00:24
Indeed :) I don't feel sorry for cheaters, and people who steal from the community like that.
2015-01-27 00:26
+1 i lost 2 m4a1 knights and 2 asiimovs in that match and i m not mad i m just happy cuz the justice has been served , and i would like to see more players banned if they throw
2015-01-27 00:28
..'now volvo pls giff skinz thx'
2015-01-27 00:35
xD when i lost them they both were 100$ so idc
2015-01-27 00:39
idd, why? Swag only said sorry now because he got caught. You know that as much as I do.
2015-01-27 00:26
why exactly?
2015-01-27 00:27
2015-01-27 00:08
see ya ;)
2015-01-27 00:08
talent thrown away [*]
2015-01-27 00:09
if he was sorry he would've come forward. maybe could even have approached valve, got a deal. it's too late now
2015-01-27 00:09
And backstab his teammates?
2015-01-27 00:10
If he wants us to believe him in this post they backstabbed him anyway - took the $20k for themselves and left him to rot? Lies or cowardice, whichever, he doesn't deserve forgiveness
2015-01-27 00:12
Well you gotta remember this is a kid we are talking about.. Do you really think a kid would do the logical thing here and think for his ownsake? I doubt it..
2015-01-27 02:03
Yup. Getting his career shifted to mcdonalds was a better idea than a back stab to players that pretty much stole from the community. *sweeps the floor
2015-01-27 00:32
thats just not how a normal human being think
2015-01-27 00:39
What, you mean that internet superheroes dont know how the real world works? ..omg
2015-01-27 14:42
He would probably got kicked from the team and very likely ended up here, with no career. It's not that easy.
2015-01-30 19:55
2015-01-27 00:09
Swag will be back in a year im calling it. DaZed and Steel even if allowed back wouldnt come back. Well maybe Steel hes a prick.
2015-01-27 00:09
France cedd 
Oh, if it's only a year, they will be back... and say how sorry they are...
2015-01-27 00:15
rain | 
Portugal Cyborgy 
what do u know about steel though?as far as its concerned both swag and steel are on the same level lol
2015-01-27 00:16
steel is a cunt. swag didnt deserve the ban.
2015-01-27 11:12
Steel <3
2015-01-27 17:32
2015-01-27 00:09
Canada Jeav 
So sad to see talent like this now go to waste.
2015-01-27 00:09
talent thrown away
2015-01-27 00:40
Sorry he got caught. cya
2015-01-27 00:09
So sad :( I hope Valve will unban players after some time, everyone deserves second chance, and I`m pretty sure players learnt their lessons.
2015-01-27 00:09
Other players will fill their place eventually, imo they dont deserv a second chance.
2015-01-27 17:36
2015-01-27 00:09
Sad for him
2015-01-27 00:09
Mature response. He will be missed.
2015-01-27 00:09
mature response? "I hope I can come back because i stole less than everyone else" really?
2015-01-27 00:22
2015-01-27 00:29
2015-01-27 00:41
fer | 
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-01-27 00:46
to acknowledge the mistake is usually considered as mature act
2015-01-27 01:03
A mature act would have been contacting Valve about the throw
2015-01-27 03:32
Well, it's a process. I'd say better late than never.
2015-01-27 04:17
and pretty much sealing the his fate as not playing? If i were in his position i'd do the same. Not to say that it's right, but if my words stopped me from doing what i love then i'm not saying anything.
2015-01-27 04:17
No, that's not correct. That's how people wish it was, but that's not what's usually going on.
2015-01-27 10:00
He is shifting blame. It makes it even worse. To put it on an edge he is saying "i didn't kill as many jews, it's the other peoples fault"
2015-01-27 06:01
2015-01-27 09:07
2015-01-27 00:09
bye bye
2015-01-27 00:09
was it a permanent ban?
2015-01-27 00:09
Yes, unless he is redeemed by the mercy of Gaben, RIP
2015-01-27 00:15
Gaben have no mercy
2015-01-27 00:17
2015-01-27 00:10
No.. sorry
2015-01-27 00:10
2015-01-27 00:10
2015-01-27 00:10
Germany 'ezpz 
deserved. Back to school my young friend.
2015-01-27 00:10
2015-01-27 00:10
hahaha hahahah lol aheahahah
2015-01-27 00:10
''i only stole a few skins, that makes me a better person, right?'' Kappa
2015-01-27 00:10
Poland Marvelm 
Well, he's the only one that basicly spoke publicly about it as far as I know, that kinda makes him a better person. Also he didn't steal nearly as much as the rest and he's generally not a douchebag like steel and dazed, so yeah, he kinda is a lot better:D
2015-01-27 00:21
yeah, he's a lot better. He's just like a fly on a pile of shit.
2015-01-27 00:28
Yes, swag is the only one who had an EXCUSE: he was young and under pressure of ~6-8 years older teammates. Also only swag said sorry.
2015-01-27 01:25
Lol, "too young to think for themselves and not steal from the community" right...
2015-01-27 01:48
Implying the majority of csgo players would've acted differently in his position. It most likely didn't seem like a big deal to him.
2015-01-27 01:56
Skadoodle isn't banned, wonder why. ;)
2015-01-27 02:07
That's still 4 out of 5 and maybe he was just smart enough to hide it.
2015-01-27 16:34
Why are you acting like he is a 10 year old kid? He's like what, 18 or 19? You are MORE than capable of thinking for yourself and not fall for peer pressure. I don't feel sorry at ALL for him just because he is the youngest.
2015-01-27 02:02
2015-01-27 00:10
2015-01-27 00:10
Brazil Akaerri 
CEVO, ESEA, ESL and other leagues need to adopt this rule!
2015-01-27 00:11
ESEA banned them for a year, ESL also will follow :) reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/2t..
2015-01-27 00:15
fer | 
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-01-27 00:47
Its a shame, NA finally made a good team
2015-01-27 00:11
United States mah9 
definitely sad for swag, talent to never be fufilled.
2015-01-27 00:11
nice vocab kid
2015-01-27 00:11
rest in Pierce
2015-01-27 00:11
United States Warfororks 
Na na na na Na na na na Hey hey hey Goodbye
2015-01-27 00:11
+1 :D
2015-01-27 00:24
fuckoff "Until then I am deeply sorry to all my fans and everyone that supported me that I was involved in this, and not just because we got caught" you wont say shit about this if you didnt get caught
2015-01-27 00:12
there goes NA's best talent :( next year
2015-01-27 00:12
piss off, we don't give a shit about any apologizes when you rob the community of many thousands dollars
2015-01-27 00:12
Canada jKr` 
I was a big fan of iBP. BUt after this they lost all respect from me. I just dont understand why swag and azk knew, but skadoodle not ???? Kinda wierd. Well at least my fav player from that roster is still in the game. Now make a strong team with hiko and show what you can do. Swag you still young. People make mistakes, i hope we see you back in a year.
2015-01-27 00:13
They should be able to go to prison for this. This is a serious thing, even a crime.
2015-01-27 00:13
that's fraud bro
2015-01-27 00:18
I like how you say "able" to go to prison :D As if Gandalf is stopping them from passing.
2015-01-27 09:43
SWAG = Gone fishing ! Was it worth it :) ?
2015-01-27 00:13
Stay with it swag maybe stream some and see if VOLVO lets you back. I heard KQLY can come back in 2 years if this is true and Swag cant come back imma be pissed. The US need swag more than France need KQLY.
2015-01-27 00:13
Rest in Pierce [*]
2015-01-27 00:13
one of the best upcoming talents of NA....kindda feel bad for him....Ban is justified but after public apology it should not be indefinite i guess...
2015-01-27 00:14
1/2 years. Ringleaders indefinite though.
2015-01-27 00:17
"I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players and I honestly don't know why as I could careless about skins." srsly? Who cares how much you gained? You took part in match fixing, which ,by law, is illegal. Hope to never see the 7 of you near cs again :)
2015-01-27 00:15
HObbit | 
Spain Alser 
The VACcening is real.
2015-01-27 00:15
Spain Ayrr 
Long vacations homie. Hope you learn from this one.
2015-01-27 00:16
Estonia rYm 
feel happy for steel but not swag :(
2015-01-27 00:16
2015-01-27 00:17
The lengths of their bans should be relative to their involvement. Ringleaders forever. Others 1/2 years
2015-01-27 00:16
Is there any reason why this should be the case? His motive and intentions for throwing obviously must have been the same as the ringleaders'. The fact that he didn't receive the same number of skins as others is not an excuse in any way. He still took part of a big time fraud. Hopefully we won't have to see anymore scandals like this ever again. And indefinite bans is a good way to go, imo.
2015-01-27 01:34
Yea, I guess you're right.
2015-01-27 03:51
steel's retirement? (:
2015-01-27 00:16
Good statement :)
2015-01-27 00:16
Rest In Pierce
2015-01-27 00:16
hahahahhaha swag. Bye
2015-01-27 00:16
Shame, he was a great player. I guess it is deserved though.
2015-01-27 00:17
2015-01-27 00:17
"I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players and I honestly don't know why as I could careless about skins. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
2015-01-27 00:18
Brazil Akaerri 
2015-01-27 00:21
2015-01-27 14:30
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0 
he only got 1 assimov
2015-01-27 00:18
1 asiimov he could receive by streaming for his fans during 5 minutes rip
2015-01-27 00:23
took his punishment like a man. the first one too to own up. maybe a 5 year ban? the rest for life still.
2015-01-27 00:18
a 5 year ban in an esport is a lifetime ban mate ;D
2015-01-27 03:26
swag has like 3 years max left in his career
2015-01-27 05:28
and you somehow came back from the future with this information? he'll be what in 3 years, 21?
2015-01-27 09:45
too little too late. go back to school cause ur cs career is over.
2015-01-27 00:18
By the time this one year passes it won't even matter. NA cs will go back to that shitty low they were in during mid-2013, probably lower, there will only be 1 spot for us at majors seeing as nobody will ever pass through groups again, we'll basically end up worse than Brazilian counterstrike lmfao
2015-01-27 00:19
yes cuz na have only cloud9 to compete hahaha worst than brs
2015-01-27 00:27
haha 16-4, its pathetic considering how complexity and ibuypower were at such peaks during July at esea lan
2015-01-27 00:29
Shame on you Braxton!
2015-01-27 00:19
OMG... Yeah, skins...
2015-01-27 00:19
I think he should apologise to his suporters, don't see any sense of apologising to a bunch of fans... that's just stupid -.-'
2015-01-27 00:20
swag has shown in more than one occasion that he is a immature brat. Both steel and him deserve this "door slammed in the face". Felt kinda bad for dazed, but he was the IGL to those people. Valve doing business, nice to see that. cheers.
2015-01-27 00:20
you feel bad for dazed? looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool are you fucking kidding me? DaZeD was the mentor of all this shit.
2015-01-27 00:23
+1 dazed should be banned in csgo. I hate him so much. Without this geek no one would throw.
2015-01-27 01:31
Yeah, it was because they kicked him from the team at one time, but then (after like 3-5 seconds) I realized that it was him who organised the throw.
2015-01-27 10:45
The kick was after the throw
2015-01-27 12:45
I know, that's why I had the sympathy for him. EDIT: the kick was before we all found out that they threw.
2015-01-27 12:48
this isn't supposed to be punishable by law?
2015-01-27 00:20
Maybe this will teach you in future
2015-01-27 00:21
The statement would have been more sincere if he didn't try to play down his admitted involvement in the scandal. Stealing is stealing just as cheating is cheating, there really are no shades of gray especially when it involves polarizing figures. And if it is mercy and sympathy that he seeks, too soon swag, too soon.
2015-01-27 00:21
He's a young kid (lol people are probably tired of hearing this but it's true) so playing down his involvement is just him trying to assure himself that he wasn't as bad as the others involved. Most youngsters can't appologize without having a little excuse or self-assurance in their defense. I'm not pardoning his attitude, I'm simply justifying his behavior (about his apology , not his involvement in the scandal). and to people who say "18 year olds are a adults, he isn't young"... true, but to me 18 year olds are like little tweens I want to punch in the face... they are young and socially inexperienced humans.
2015-01-27 09:58
Hopefully you wont be given a chance to do it again. Idiot move..
2015-01-27 00:21
Poland zetq 
Normally, the translation of the child ;/
2015-01-27 00:22
Well at least he still got the possibility to do something else with his life. so young and so dumb
2015-01-27 00:22
holy shit... I can't believe that 7 people could be so unbelievably stupid. in a time when it's incredibly easy for pros to make tons of money from CS, they threw it all away for some stupid ass skins! oh my god is this real life?
2015-01-27 00:23
:) that serves them right. and yeah, many other teams also did this.
2015-01-27 00:24
penalty is too severe. is it right to ruin their careers?
2015-01-27 00:24
if you think about it, it is stealing. not too severe imo. and yes it is ruining their careers
2015-01-27 00:25
Is it right for the players to ruin their own careers? Valve is simply doing what they should do, punish idiots who are selfish and thoughtless.
2015-01-27 00:25
they stolen more than $50,000 in one match and you ask everyone here if it's too severe? lol hope they never get to play this game anymore. RIP
2015-01-27 00:25
Brazil Marcola 
2015-01-27 00:26
Valve has not ruined their careers, they've ruined it themselves by their actions. If they have a contract with the sponsor, they are lucky IBP or Valve have not taken any legal actions against them.
2015-01-27 00:27
if this was any other sport (not esport) they'd have to pay huge ass fines and prolly get sent to court. No, it's not too severe. They should be happy if it just ends at this
2015-01-27 00:32
depends how long the ban is, if a footballer is able to play again after a drug test fail, then surely a cs player can play again... in time
2015-01-27 00:32
Ask Pete Rose what happens when you get caught betting on games in American sport, had a genuine HoF carrier and will only ever get in posthumously for gambling with insider knowledge, this shit is straight up match fixing. If there was an Association for CS it would be suing them for bring the game in to disrepute with possible fraud convictions that's a blackball for the rest of your life, tbh they are lucky with just a one year ban, ESEA have the right to extend it too.
2015-01-27 00:43
I agree with the choice but i think for life may be drastic, maybe pay a fine and take a 2/3 year ban. I was more thinking back to the Rio Ferdinand thing, basically drugs in sport, but i guess its not really the same ad, essentially, match fixing. Dumb of people to throw in CS anyway with the rapid growth rate, along with the salaries they receive
2015-01-27 01:23
penalty is too ligth. they dont even get to pay any fines, this is ridicculous, is ir rigth to steal from people? no, if someone try to steal from me like this i will kill them on the spot, you really have no clue
2015-01-27 06:11
rip bye
2015-01-27 00:25
good night, sweet prince
2015-01-27 00:26
First he said he didn't benefit from the scam and then said he only received a few skins -.-, at least he partly fessed up to it, the guy still purposely threw a game in order to scam big money.
2015-01-27 00:27
for a top player in the world, a few skins is not benefiting.
2015-01-27 11:49
VERB (benefits, benefiting or benefitting, benefited or benefitted) [NO OBJECT] Back to top 1Receive an advantage; profit: src: oxfordictionaries.com pretty sure he made a profit out of the game ;)
2015-01-27 17:26
Way to top off the #18 spot of the world. Worldclass player indeed.
2015-01-27 00:27
back to school swag
2015-01-27 00:27
Time to find a job !
2015-01-27 00:28
Riperino USA scene, so sad, GH VALVE :D
2015-01-27 00:30
One of those things, I would like to believe Swag wasn't fully envolved but he should of said something, not sat back and let it happen.
2015-01-27 00:31
At least stop trying to look not so bad lmao. No one will feel bad or forgive you
2015-01-27 00:34
He said that he has no interest on skins... still have one of the expensive knifes in the game his fucking M9 CW mw or fn i dont know but looks amazinG
2015-01-27 00:39
No skins = no throwing. Problem solved.
2015-01-27 00:39
There are numerous sites for betting real money on e-sports.
2015-01-27 01:39
"I just wanted the public to know my level of involvement was no where near the person organizing this." what a pusseh
2015-01-27 00:40
Hope the EU teams who also blatantly threw in past matches get served as well :)
2015-01-27 00:41
Stupid decision by Valve, there is still many teams involved in match fixing if they stop on this will be shame.
2015-01-27 00:43
So why is it stupid decision then? #logic
2015-01-27 00:48
add to that wasted talent thread :((((((((((( WHY SWAGGG
2015-01-27 00:45
the NA scene is officially DEAD
2015-01-27 00:51
SolEk | 
Macau SJ158 
Bet you felt really sorry at the time
2015-01-27 00:52
Just like a kid... But but but they did it worse.... Take it like a man swag.
2015-01-27 00:58
He is a kid. And he admitted that he stole skins. And to be honest that faggot DaZeD probably got much more then swag anyways.
2015-01-27 11:51
you'll come back swag! keep your head up kid!
2015-01-27 00:58
1v4 vs NiP never forget
2015-01-27 01:14
No not swag :( plz let him back in valve :( he's got so much potential as a player!
2015-01-27 01:18
"I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players" lol swag dat backstab
2015-01-27 01:22
Quite disappointed. I dont think he deserves the ban. He is still the future in CS:GO although he already plays for along time. Valve?
2015-01-27 01:23
+1 Younger players usually get influenced more by their teammates. Swag seemed to get the wrong end of the stick getting influenced by the negativity of either steel or dazed :/
2015-01-27 01:27
Peer pressure or influence by others is not a "get out of jail free"-card. Actions have consequences, even 7-year olds know that.
2015-01-27 01:45
He's like 18 or 19, not 10. He is MORE than capable of thinking for himself and not falling for peer pressure like some 13-year old. The fact that he mentions stuff like "i didnt get as many skins as the other people" and "i hope valve will let me compete again" shows that he is just as bad as the rest that got banned, if not even worse.
2015-01-27 02:06
2015-01-27 01:38
Sure, it's a shame, but he has to be punished for taking part of this. The fact that he is a talented CS:GO player does not grant him the right to do whatever he wants to do and get away with it.
2015-01-27 02:18
"He is still the future in CS:GO" - Nope, it ended today, no future. He can finally become a real man, get a real job and get rid of his virginity. Best gift.
2015-01-27 02:42
are you serious? it dosent matter who he is. or what he has done or could have done. how is that relevant to the crime? It doesnt help it just becasue "you" think he dont deserve the ban. good thing you dont make the decisions troubley
2015-01-27 06:15
RiP in RiPperinos
2015-01-27 01:28
2015-01-27 01:30
2015-01-27 01:37
Why? I don't agree with what he did but I don't see how that has anything to do with his skill though ?
2015-01-27 03:29
Replace with rpk
2015-01-27 12:55
>i'm sorry ;_; fuck you, swag. fuck you, ex-ibp.
2015-01-27 01:41
2015-01-27 01:41
United States Bibby 
-iwnl- :(
2015-01-27 01:44
what a shame.. 18 player best of 20 in 2014.. shame.
2015-01-27 01:44
I'd actually excuse swag and let him continue playing. It's waste to lose such a young player.
2015-01-27 01:51
One of the best players in the world, sad :/
2015-01-27 01:54
There was goes the only hope for NA
2015-01-27 02:00
I literally don't get it WHY they throw games! SERIOUSLY! If you look the inventory of this guys, you will see that they have all the knifes that they want, the weapons and shit... And if they don't have it, they just ask on their stream and get it in 30min! WHY THROW A GAME? FUCK!
2015-01-27 02:01
They all earned thousands of dollars worth of skins and sold them to people for paypal money, that's probably why they did it. I am NOT saying it was acceptable for them to do this, just probably why they did it.
2015-01-27 02:07
It's not just skins, some sites let you bet real $. Some of the odds are so effed-up that you can make x4 times more than the prize money on a single game if you throw.
2015-01-27 02:32
i know its not just skins, but they don't need it! If they bet on theirselves they still got some money for "free"... why throw on purpose for something you already have a lot? And they can still earn gifts from fans.. They all receive at least one knife per day from fans... WTF, 300$ per day is something right? (excluding all the donations on real money)
2015-01-27 04:43
Because it's much easier and less risky to loose than to win :) especially against an underdog who in general will try to beat you to earn some rep. And with these kind of odds they wouldn't win much anyway by betting on themselves and winning.
2015-01-27 05:14
super talented player, it's a shame that two bad decisions have pretty much spelled the end of his career
2015-01-27 02:12
And how do you know if there were only 2 ? It can be way more than that ... its just those 2 we know
2015-01-27 03:40
respect, swag. I hope to see you again.
2015-01-27 02:28
oh swag poor guy, you will need to find a job soon :D
2015-01-27 02:34
Deeply sorry for the ban*
2015-01-27 02:40
wasted talent.
2015-01-27 02:40
Noooooo why swag???
2015-01-27 02:43
we lost young talent, but its deserved i think. sorry sw4g
2015-01-27 02:54
time to focus school swag
2015-01-27 03:27
2015-01-27 03:37
I want more bans , there are more Pros doing the same craps .. Throwing etc ... All of those shitheads need to be banned from official bet matches. Keep the bans coming , im having an orgasm .
2015-01-27 03:39
Oh and cut the craps like you are deeply sorry mr Swag ... If you are THAT sorry give all the skins or money you made back ... But that wont happen.Period.. No mercy for you or anyone that is cheating/throwing etc ... I hope way more get bans and more investigations happens in the future.
2015-01-27 03:48
And I complain about my teammates in MM, wow, no way is this seven dudes fault. Like they all made thousands of dollars? no. Swag and AZK are just getting trolled by steel and dazed who were the vocal leaders of the team and now are just going out like bitches.
2015-01-27 03:56
Sorry is to late, ur only sorry u got caught else u should of told it plain and simple.
2015-01-27 04:12
Hmm, either I am not observant or someone did really miss saying that the scene really needed to set an example on the matter of match-fixing. Knowing how many times people got DDOSed in official matches and how many times they got blamed for throwing, in case it ever happened, now is the time to put a stamp on what you will end up with. I expect some more players to follow the same boat. Unless the door gets slammed shut on past endeavours. Problem is, at some point we might see ourselves banning (almost) the entire scene...
2015-01-27 04:25
rest in pierce
2015-01-27 04:31
Ok Valve, good job. Now focus on making new anti-cheat.
2015-01-27 04:36
2015-01-27 04:43
sat boy
2015-01-27 04:45
how are they literately gonna ban our best na player? and he didnt even benifit as much as dazed and steel gay asses. Why you think those faggots got kicked right before DHW...
2015-01-27 04:49
who cares if he got $10 or $1000 worth of skins? he threw that match = he deserves his ban
2015-01-27 06:58
2015-01-27 04:52
I'll miss you bb ;n;
2015-01-27 04:54
2015-01-27 14:48
Everyone keeps mentioning skins. LOL I'm sure if they fixed the game they also bet real money on the esports betting site and cleaned up.
2015-01-27 05:20
They need to look in to the bets on the real money site that day and if they can catch them then that could be jail time. Skins are one thing but cash is jail.
2015-01-27 05:21
so when are we banning vp? or epsilon?
2015-01-27 05:26
bb career
2015-01-27 06:12
youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ cry more murcan fangays
2015-01-27 06:13
owned by volvo fucking Americans the whole fucking world hates you!
2015-01-27 06:52
he might be also lying, he could have bet a lot of skins and sell them on some ebay or something like this, then he can say that he doesnt have many new skins. Why would they ban him if it was like 5$ bet? Ask yourself this question.
2015-01-27 07:00
His defense: "But... But... They stole more than me!!!"
2015-01-27 07:02
Skins for this game is like AIDS/cancer/HIV/ebola and the pest for the community. It corrupts, destroys and dosent benefit at all if you ask me... I will never see any worth or point in an immaterial thing "costing" 300 dollars.
2015-01-27 07:08
"sry " ur appology wont back my skins bastard fuck u
2015-01-27 07:11
2015-01-27 13:10
maoaN | 
CIS maoaN 
go pay me back my 175$ u lost on purpose against netcode on season and u lil shiter played with 120 ms and u didnt even care.......
2015-01-27 07:19
You were the only one im sad about leaving. Really had some potential there... take care.
2015-01-27 07:24
now it's officially, brazilian scene is much better than american scene..
2015-01-27 07:24
Austria db42 
well atleast he stated an apology, while noone else did.
2015-01-27 07:27
So sad, i very very liked swag :(
2015-01-27 07:31
you are so sorry for the ban, it would all be cool if there was no ban. so so sorry
2015-01-27 07:33
Valve let it happen making skins such a big money waist, and are there any rules about this? Ok on immoral grounds its totally wrong to steal from the community and betray your fans but was it really black on white written? I don't know much about rules in tournaments so I'm just wondering. And swag little cancer you are don't come cry after you received skins and who cares you don't play with them you probably sold them for money thats the whole point. You didn't came forward so don't try to make people feel sorry for you little brat you followed your big cunt DaZeD to iBP and did everything he asked so you should grow up and do things for your self not for him look where it got you : clanless, banned and McDonald's cya.
2015-01-27 07:43
F*cking CSGL and other betting sites, there would not be any throwing if these sites would never exists.
2015-01-27 07:44
As a long time fan of the American counter-strike scene I am deeply dissappointed today. I started playing cs back in the beta days and really got into it when the competitive scene started to get big in the 1.5 days. I followed through many tournaments favorites being CPL events held in America. Eventually i stopped following as the source 1.6 split came along and divided the community. Over the last year or so I've become revitalized with the growth of cs go. The enjoyment I found with the glory days of 1.6 seem to be coming back with one key factor missing, the lack of an American powerhouse. A couple months ago I had never been more exciting to see an American team compete when Hiko decided to join up with the ex-iBP squad. I thought this move would finally bring American cs back into the picture. Then this scandal happens and what a blow it is to the NA scene. As much as a I love the other American teams there is just no one that can compete on the European level now that ex-iBP is gone. As a huge American cs fan we've taken an enormous step back. I guess what I hope for is a reduced ban to players like swag and AZK who seem to be culprits in a much more elaborate scheme. I've followed swag for awhile now as he has become my favorite cs player with his pure raw talent. He doesn't stream often but when he does he seems to do it for the love of the game rather than the publicity that other players do it for. He doesn't do the big giveaways or read every donation that comes forth he just plays cs and lets us all enjoy his talents. I hope fellow NA cs fanboys will endorse what I'm saying rather than flame it down for the sake of the NA cs scene. I want to see America rise and become competitive amongst the international cs competitive community again! Sent from my iPhone
2015-01-27 08:00
Maybe if the sponsors were paying the players this would never have happened. I would have done the same thing to make money. They only play, lot of them have no other jobs, they help the community to grow up and they even make valve get more money with all those events and they get no salary at all? They are forced to trade some skins to get money and valve calls that professionnal? If there was no csgolounge, nothing of that would have happened. There was also no rules for a VIRTUAL betting until now.
2015-01-27 08:02
I feel sorry to him, he admitted his bad, and he regret it we should give him at least one more chance
2015-01-27 08:08
Swag what a waste of talent.
2015-01-27 08:47
Banned from all tournaments for life because he got 1 skin for throwing? That's max 60 dollars. Also, he was topfragging for his team that match if anyone is curious. Valve, if this is your sense of justice I have lost all faith in you.
2015-01-27 08:48
You said you where done with cs, so can you please fuck off? And what your retarded little brain fails to comprehend is they are not banned for getting skins but for purposely throwing a game. I dont give 2 shits what kind of stat that little phaggot had.
2015-01-27 10:09
I will never forget you for stealing money and taking advantage of your very own fans. You deserve this lifetime ban you fucking twat! Dont feel sorry for yourself and cry in a corner. Get over it and go find a real job and be happy your criminal behaviour havent gotten you in jail, but be warned, away from keyoboard aka real life, people will react much harsher if you pull moves like this
2015-01-27 08:52
Rest in Pierce
2015-01-27 09:03
2015-01-27 09:33
Out of character for sure, but 100% justified. Get ready for college bud!
2015-01-27 09:35
Swag :( i think that Valve should give him a second chance in 2016.
2015-01-27 09:41
among all the people who were ban i hoped swag was left out of the ban wave. kid has a talent sadly wasted like this.....
2015-01-27 09:55
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Why do Americans always say "Could careless". The actual saying is "Couldn't care less", saying you Could care less means that you care. Derp
2015-01-27 09:56
+1 They are americans and they are bad at their own language.
2015-01-27 10:07
Massive respect for Skadodle for not getting involved in this scandal. If he had reported this before , this could have been avoided.
2015-01-27 09:59
"I received very few skins ..." and; "I understand by taking one skin, I am wrong, and should be banned." To me, that clearly shows that he does not understand the reality of the matter. This is not about fucking skins. This is about match fixing, money, integrity and trust.
2015-01-27 10:39
this! People don't get it that skins they've got are secondary thing. Losing on purpose is what matters most. That's why it's kind of funny when people compare it to LDLC/VP betting on already finished game. BTW: sth like this VP/LDLC thing won't be possible anymore since Valve forbidden all players to bet (yes I know it's still technically possible, but much less people will try it).
2015-01-27 11:42
Portugal m0n 
2015-01-27 10:43
Rip STEAL Kappa
2015-01-27 10:48
So sad to see such a talented player go, he was the best NA IMO [*]
2015-01-27 10:52
"I could careless about skins." This sentence doesn't exist young man
2015-01-27 10:57
Funny that he is from murica. Good that he didnt write should off somewhere...
2015-01-27 13:01
Yes it does...You think all plays this game for skins..I personally neither couldn't care less about skins.. Show his inventory worth?
2015-01-27 14:32
All play for skins?! I have 76hrs in csgo and last loaded it up in May 2014. I really don't care :D Just enjoy watching the occasional LAN and posting once in a blue moon on hltv, wasting my time pointing out useless random things like I am here. To my mind when it comes to the skins concept that was introduced into csgo it was a blatant experiment carried out on a hugely neglected competitive tf2 community; which explored different methods of monetizing different aspects of the game that they would then implement into dota2 and generate some serious money in the process. Honestly though that sentence doesn't exist and makes very little sense. Infact it makes more sense for the reverse of what he wanted to use it for. It's a god damn tragedy.
2015-01-27 14:53
I guess he just lost XD -iwnl
2015-01-27 11:01
no mercy ban add +99y deserved
2015-01-27 11:10
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
he could be stable top5 world with c9, but gl with those losers and ban, retard
2015-01-27 11:17
rest in pierce
2015-01-27 11:36
rekt cry more
2015-01-27 11:36
People so fucking mad. :D You know the risks when you bet, whether it's a throw or not, I recall it was a bo1 and they still could have lost anyway. RIP
2015-01-27 11:42
like it happened only 1 time lol. fuck you sway, you are ridiculous
2015-01-27 12:36
lost alone, with future in cs go, but without character.
2015-01-27 12:57
what a dick head, hope he never plays again
2015-01-27 13:07
i wanna know how LONG a BAN they get?? VALVE PLZ ANSWER:)
2015-01-27 13:16
lyfe ban i think
2015-01-27 17:42
swag no...
2015-01-27 13:32
If he thinks he owes the skins, he should make a giveaway for them
2015-01-27 13:36
Why should he get a pardon? He knew about it and refused to do anything about it. When the thing you are asked to do is wrong you do not do it you stand up for your self and call it a day with these people. He could of there and then said no and actually made this public, instead he chose not to trying to go behind the fans and the organisations back thinking things like those will never go public. Guess what boys wrong doings always get outside in the light for every one to see it might take years some times even 10 or more but they do come out. The only way he should be pardoned is if he didn't know about this thing which isn't the case and the fact that he excuses him self infront of the community suggest hes guilty. It is over don't care how good he is he screw'd him self over when he decided to not file a complaint against hes own team and manager/orga been pushed to do wrong things.
2015-01-27 13:40
enjoy your new job at mcdonalds
2015-01-27 14:02
2015-01-27 14:08
you can take your apologies and shove it up your ass XD
2015-01-27 14:16
I belive him. #freeswag
2015-01-27 14:26
He is still Young player and he is the only one publicly apologized his actions. Where is Steel, Dazed and Azk? And they are adults..they knew what they were dealing..Hope lifetime ban for them.. But Valve should consider unbanning Swag in future.
2015-01-27 14:29
feel free to return that $10k you stole fgt. Until then get you can take your "sorry" and shove it up your ass
2015-01-27 14:47
R.I.P. carrier, just because you tried to be a greedy asshole. Deserved.
2015-01-27 14:49
rip in pierce
2015-01-27 14:53
The only player i dont feel sorry for is steel. I hope you never play this game again.
2015-01-27 15:02
2015-01-27 15:16
swag, never ever come back to this scene ever again. You wont play professionally ever again also so. R.I.P Swag. Funny thing is that you can't even turn to a different game with ur history now.
2015-01-27 15:27
unfortunately the kid was at wrong place wrong time, surrounded by idiots more or less his whole cs career
2015-01-27 15:40
lol agree with you sir
2015-01-27 17:42
In other news: best cs player in NA ends his career at only 18 years of age for one awp asiimov this is some of the funniest shit ever, I love it
2015-01-27 16:10
poor kid hes only 18 probably peer pressure
2015-01-27 16:10
;( 1 year ban should be enough
2015-01-27 16:13
If your sorry would take back the skins of those who bet on your team on that match, then maybe they can forgive you LOL.
2015-01-27 16:37
Now just think of all of the match-fixes that WEREN'T CAUGHT... this is going to destroy the NA scene for the next year. Any chances we had of placing top 3 in a major are in C9's and CLG's hands and I don't think they can rise up to the challenge of beating top EU teams in Bo3 match-ups. RIP NA CS:GO Scene 2015
2015-01-27 16:39
Serbia foky1 
At least now there is no reason not to go to school swagerino,kappa
2015-01-27 16:57
thanks swag of a bitch, you are a fucking morons noob
2015-01-27 17:21
swag was so young and was insanely skilled, his best matches was yet to come and now this... RIP
2015-01-27 17:25
young talent, but life ban is to much i think
2015-01-27 17:41
stupid arrogant americans, think they can do whatever the hell they want.
2015-01-27 17:41
ayy lmao
2015-01-27 18:40
decide your faith, cuz life wont wait :p
2015-01-27 18:41
you don't have any fans little boy
2015-01-27 19:23
2015-01-27 19:54
swag :c
2015-01-28 00:51
cry me a river and i let you play again
2015-01-28 02:57
I Forgive you Braxton Please come back I miss you already!!!!!!
2015-01-28 03:07
this will not stop throwing at all, just make it harder to detect... Throwing has always been apart of CS.. look at how brackets are done.. some teams purposely lose a winners bracket game to get knocked down into the losers bracket for an easier path to finals.. The fact that money is involved is due to Valve creating skins, nice one gaben ya fat cunt
2015-01-28 04:55
So sad :( I hope Valve will unban players after some time, everyone deserves second chance, and I`m pretty sure players learnt their lessons.
2015-01-28 20:07
Turkey conqueror. 
rip swag..
2015-01-29 00:45
Correct me if im wrong. But wasnt swag like 16 and he left school to play cs go? Like dafuq is he gonna do now?
2015-01-30 00:30
Hahaha, Lifeban is way too much, can't believe all the kids on this forum crying about their skins.. Yeah sure, I would also be mad if the team I bet on would throw the match, and they deserve to be banned like 2-3 months. but really? If u can't afford to loose, then don't bet. Are everyone in this community like 12 years old? " buhuhu I lost my skins, they should never be allowed to play again" Grow up, it's a game.
2015-01-30 05:59
Skins = money...If this was done in a "real" sport it would end up in court and they would probably get banned a couple of years + fines, so its nice to se Valve banning these players from all majors so we hopefully can get a clean e-sport.
2015-01-30 20:14
I was fan of you swag, my favourite player in IBP since you started to own all the NA CS:GO scene, lost like 54$ in skins in that match, thank you mate.. The worst thing is that the people was telling me that IBP throw but I defend it saying you were exhausted for jet-lag of the travel from ESLONE, at end looks like not.. that was a throw, and i lost the best skins i had
2015-01-30 19:45
shoeless swag jackson
2015-01-30 23:26
if you can't suck my dick, don't suck my dick
2015-01-31 13:46
didn't read lol
2015-02-03 11:18
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