FACEIT and CEVO ban ex-iBP as well

More prominent leagues have followed suit with Valve's announcement and punished the related ex-iBP players involved in the match-fixing imbroglio.

With a ban from Valve-sponsored events and ESEA out in the open for the former iBUYPOWER lineup, it was seemingly only a matter of time before remaining leagues responded accordingly.

FACEIT have come forward and removed the Clutch Cats (ex-iBP) lineup from the FACEIT 2015 League. Furthermore, Lucas "steel" Lopes and Derek "dboorN" Boorn from Torqued will not be allowed in the FACEIT League closed qualifier. 

As a final coup de grâce, Casey Foster, the co-founder of NetcodeGuides and a head admin of FACEIT's North American division, has been removed from his position as a result of the aforementioned news. 

Sam "DaZeD" Marine & ex-iBP barred from more leagues 

CEVO, who saw the infamous thrown match take place within their own professional league in Season 5, have also come forward with similar bans for the same players. 

The CEO & President of CEVO, Charlie Plitt, had this to say about the situation:

"I am truly disappointed in these gentlemen who have been long time members of the CEVO community. It saddens me to think that they were willing to throw their individual reputations and competitive gaming careers away all out of greed.
I want to further reiterate to the CEVO community that CEVO vehemently opposes these actions and will suspend anyone who engages in like actions.  We will remain vigilant in upholding and refining our rules in an effort to provide the fairest gameplay possible."

The ensuing announcements of CEVO and FACEIT continue the trend of punishing the players involved in the match-fixing scandal first reported by Daily Dot.

United States Sam 'DaZeD' Marine
Sam 'DaZeD' Marine
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
Derek 'dboorN' Boorn
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-01-27 09:37
Lets new team: -Skadoodle -Hiko -Nitro -Warden -Moe
2015-01-27 14:32
2015-01-27 15:44
I agree with you my man, this is good news, get them out until they've served their time, I'd want to see them do giveaways to the sum of the amount of money they've stolen from the better's purse.
2015-01-27 16:44
2015-01-27 09:37
World kapew 
2015-01-27 09:37
Finland snabe 
2015-01-27 09:37
Belarus ALBiNh0 
2015-01-27 09:37
way to go
2015-01-27 09:38
2015-01-27 09:38
RIP ex-iBP career..
2015-01-27 09:39
thier carriers are now over...jeez rip
2015-01-27 09:39
Another nail in the coffin, anotherone bites de_dust(2)
2015-01-27 09:40
No one deserves a lifetime ban no matter what they've done. Rehabilitation works both in crime and everything else.
2015-01-27 09:40
2015-01-27 09:42
-99999, u have been countered. Im glad these trashbags will never play cs for money again.
2015-01-27 10:02
They deserve it! Rehabilitation has nothing to do with this... They aren't jailed. When a tennis player is caught for fixing a game, he will never be allowed to play pro game again! When a doctor is caught selling donor organs he shouldn't have sold, he loose his license and cannot be a doctor ever again! When a teacher get caught fucking his 16 year old student, he will never be allowed to teach again! Those players are stupid kids who have not yet a grasp on the consequences of their actions, I'll give you that. But this will be a good lesson for them as well as the rest of the community. Good riddance! It's time for esport to grow up and stop cheating/match-fixing/using unfair boost they should have reported... The more drama like this, the less likely sponsors will invest in the game... Those guys are fucking everybody who enjoy CSGO pro scene!
2015-01-27 12:57
Big +1
2015-01-27 14:07
well said and someone had to be finally set an example of consequences of match fixing in csgo as these kids think what applies on real sports and real world doesnt apply on them
2015-01-27 14:11
you know i was a little upset until i read this, but you're right. they should be banned
2015-01-27 20:25
they lost other peoples moneys, should be banned for life
2015-01-27 09:58
India pulp 
Not even Saudi Arabia fucking agrees with that. They would rather chop their Mouse holding arm.
2015-01-27 10:01
It's not a prison sentence.
2015-01-27 10:01
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
yes, its more like a death sentence to their careers
2015-01-27 10:24
Not a wrongful one. Since they in fact threw away their reputation and careers for few skins then I don't want to pry any further. Someone regardless can ask this question - since money is more valuable subject than skins then where is guarantee that they didn't or wouldn't at some point repeat the same fraud, but this time for real money? Maybe they actually did win some money and there just isn't evidence for that? Even if their actual career paths are ruined due to this reason to distrust them for life, the fact still remains that they were exposed for what they are capable of doing. It's not like all of career paths are blocked for them anyway, there should be plently jobs where trust issues like this doesn't matter.
2015-01-27 10:33
Can you stop commenting retarded opinions on every single thread u dumb Norwegian cunt
2015-01-27 10:17
Hmm, agree Feel like a 2 year ban would be appropriate here, but eh at least they send out a strong message to anyone willing to throw for skins.
2015-01-27 10:46
2015-01-27 11:40
2015-01-27 09:40
2015-01-27 09:40
2015-01-27 09:40
2015-01-27 09:41
ban all of them for 1 year in every cup and valve majors and it should be enough lifetime ban is just to much..... these guys are 4 of the best cs player in NA ...
2015-01-27 09:41
that's what u get for stealing my 240$ in skins on that match u lil bitches..hope it was worth it throwing away ur csgo career for it
2015-01-27 09:41
United States BoLT- 
lmao you bet on an 83% team With $240 in skins? You don't deserve skins if you're going to do that
2015-01-27 09:43
ppl that never finished school are doing stuff like that :)
2015-01-27 09:44
I finished grad school and I made stupid 240 bets like that :(. Then again I'm far too volatile for gambling.
2015-01-27 09:46
you have no clue about betting if you're serious
2015-01-27 09:48
betting $240 on 83% is actually the only good option in that scenario...u might want to L2bet
2015-01-27 10:03
United States BoLT- 
No it isn't You'll get a fraction of what you place And if an upset or throw happens, you're fucked You might want to learn how to bet :)
2015-01-27 10:07
please be kappa -.-
2015-01-27 10:12
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
I know that you're a baddie that only bets $1 skins, but please learn how maxbets works before further commenting. :)
2015-01-27 11:18
Shhhh don't tell them. I like taking their money.
2015-01-27 18:56
and honestly this is still true after this betting scandal. i'm sure iBP was only the tip of the throwing-iceberg
2015-01-27 20:27
*I'm mad cause I lost stuff while betting*
2015-01-27 12:43
swag :(
2015-01-27 09:42
Lets play matchmaking - they said keepo
2015-01-27 09:43
deserved, rip
2015-01-27 09:44
2015-01-27 09:44
2015-01-27 09:47
WoW now they are banned in every possible NA league i think it is the right way to have hard rules and punishment agains Throwing/betting. BUT first set the rule then punish not set a rule after and just give it for a match months ago to make a Statement. I think this is not fair, sure they shut be punished but not like this. It was one wrong decision and thats a human thing, they should at least have the possibility to come back in a year and show the world they have learnd by their mistakes. just my 2cents sorry for bad english
2015-01-27 09:47
2015-01-27 09:51
Canada theSWBFman 
+1, I'm gonna write this in my petition.
2015-01-27 10:05
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
You're a twat. Read any league, any organisation, you'll find the words "AT ADMIN DISCRETION". They can do whatever the fuck they want, your petition's horse shit, and if your petition gets a thousand, I'll make one to extend which should get a lot more judging by the way this community sways.
2015-01-27 18:31
when that 1 wrong decision is steal over $10k from the community that supports u and ur career, i dont want u coming back in a year. I want you gone for good. All these skins and keys are what pay for the tournaments and prizepool that these scumbags live on...
2015-01-27 10:07
World tasw 
2015-01-27 09:51
2015-01-27 09:52
2015-01-27 09:58
2015-01-27 10:08
Sure they do, but seriously does anybody expect these silvers to get to the major? ROFL :) They didn't have CS careers it was more like an adventure in e-sports for them and it's over now, even without ban from valve and others.
2015-01-27 11:13
I understand where you're coming from friend but I feel that everyone needs to be treated equally/fair. Whether you're pro or new, a throw is a throw and I feel that they need to be punished for this. ALSEN threw their match in an ESL online tournament, hopefully ESL ban ALSEN or the players from attending more leagues. That's my thoughts :P
2015-01-27 12:02
Poland jakbu 
They got major penalties in EPS Poland, but I think that was not enough.
2015-01-27 13:30
you can see rallen and mouz mentioned in this article. and they are playing under ESC tag right now, same ESC team which u saw on dh major...
2015-01-27 14:39
don't worry there's matchmaking Kappa
2015-01-27 09:59
Australia eClipz-AU 
"CEVO, who saw the infamous thrown match take place within their own professional league in Season 5" Anyone know what match it was and have a link?
2015-01-27 10:01
Sorry I've hyperlinked the match in the story but here it is for your perusal: hltv.org/match/2292409-ibuypower-netcode..
2015-01-27 10:10
This is so unnecessary... Ruined the top players careers
2015-01-27 10:02
yes the top players ruined their own careers, you are correct.
2015-01-27 10:10
Yeah you're right but one or two years souls have been the punishment not this..
2015-01-27 10:16
In 2 years they will have all moved on from playing cs professionally.
2015-01-27 10:18
Probably :D But sad to see swag go as he is young and only NA player that made it in top 20... So much potential
2015-01-27 10:49
You are not the one who defines what people would do in what time wtf is this.
2015-01-27 13:21
good job valve, first time they do sth against this shitty betting! :)
2015-01-27 10:02
rip in pieces NA
2015-01-27 10:05
Denmark wezx 
I think it's fair enough to punish players who has been a part of this matchfixing. But a lifetime ban is to hard in my world! And I really don't understand why these players get banned - When German and Polish players who where caught in the same act are not getting the same punishment? They should change the ban for a two years ban instead and bring the same to the Polish and German players who where matchfixing to.
2015-01-27 10:05
2015-01-27 11:22
Even cheaters dont get lifetime ban on ESL :P
2015-01-27 13:00
I checked my bets and i actually placed a bet and lost on that match! :/
2015-01-27 10:07
omg... lmao. they are so fucked. literally cannot compete anymore
2015-01-27 10:08
Next Level VAC be Like, BAN BAN BAN BABY BAN BAN BAN... !
2015-01-27 10:09
The punishment is way too harsh imo, a 1 year ban from both Valve and any other league should have been the punishment. They learn from mistakes
2015-01-27 10:09
Sometimes u dont get a second chance. What if u OD on drugs or crash ur car drunk and die?
2015-01-27 10:11
Yea because those things are the same as match fixing.
2015-01-27 10:24
Hahahaha rofl
2015-01-27 10:32
Seems about right. Might make other teams think twice.
2015-01-27 10:09
as you make your bed, so you must lie in it
2015-01-27 10:09
Guys like this never understand the weight of their actions. Still have the mental maturities of 12 year olds who think they are entitled to everything they want. Still I feel like a 2 or 3 year ban would've been sufficient. Maybe they could learn how to not be fuckwits and we wouldn't have a waste of talent
2015-01-27 10:13
You cheat in CS? You get a 1-2 year ban if caught. You lose a match on purpose for skins? Lifetime ban from every single league + majors. How the fuck is that fair? What the fuck? Yeah they should get punished. And yes they made a mistake. But lifetime bans? Wow.
2015-01-27 10:14
Q Q baN baN ... !
2015-01-27 10:15
Those fuckers has cost me 500 bucks, fuck 'em. Valve should seriously freeze their steam accounts as well, ridiculous they get to keep their STOLEN inventory.
2015-01-27 10:21
2015-01-27 10:21
OFC they should have lifetime bans. All the cheaters aswell. Effing retards throwing it all for skins hahaha! IQ=10 AMERICANO
2015-01-27 10:25
GOOD JOB !!!! They don´t belong here ! Like scammers and cheaters ! Make sure it is a lifetime ban !
2015-01-27 10:29
VAC them and all will be fine
2015-01-27 10:32
VAC = Valve Anti Cheat so no they wont be VAC banned. Their CS careers are as good as over anyway
2015-01-27 10:40
2015-01-27 10:34
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Lifetime ban is fair. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were STEALING money, they are lucky they aren't being taken to court - and the worst part is, the people who were losing the money, were their fans that bet on them.
2015-01-27 10:35
Deserved! Fuck NA!
2015-01-27 10:38
2015-01-27 10:42
EZ skins, EZ life right?
2015-01-27 10:44
This is not good :( there should be a time limit on ban.. like ban for 1 year . but why lifetime ban :'( rip swag's future...he was the youngest & most talented
2015-01-27 10:50
Ya bro :'( I cri everytime :''''( ''''
2015-01-27 10:56
fucking volvo :(
2015-01-27 11:34
2015-01-27 10:53
They should atleast unban swag after 1 year bc he is best NA player and a kid too :(
2015-01-27 10:53
Denmark MakarovHAX 
Whats next? Ex-Ibuypower lost their ass virginity
2015-01-27 10:57
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
no chance, they got banned from all USA prostitution leagues
2015-01-27 11:00
2015-01-27 11:34
LOVE IT byebye fags
2015-01-27 11:00
Good job, Steel is fucked, dont care how he thinks he is innocent im sure valve did their homework and they can see who has done what. Glad skadoodle wasnt that stupid.
2015-01-27 11:07
Why steel is fucked ?
2015-01-27 11:11
2015-01-27 11:19
Denmark MakarovHAX 
He was on that lineup and he get banned too
2015-01-27 11:19
cant play anywhere banned on esea, facit and cevo so yea hes fucked big time.. streaming only it is for him but I wonder how MLG thinks about this after contracting torque to stream on mlg.tv hours before valve comes with that statement of integrity of the game.
2015-01-27 11:43
Denmark MakarovHAX 
At least now we can bet all our skinerinos in 9x-xx or 8x-xx matches Btw why they didnt throw for real money in egamingbets?
2015-01-27 11:19
World jtr 
This is getting pretty out of hand. Seriously? All those other throws got a slap on the wrist but this is police brutality...
2015-01-27 11:20
Valve is known for their ass-rape. Rip NA
2015-01-27 12:01
Well.. Atleast they have skins :D
2015-01-27 11:21
hey lmao
2015-01-27 11:24
Keep going!!! fuck them!
2015-01-27 11:26
omg xD RiPerino
2015-01-27 11:30
I heard mcdonalds is hiring
2015-01-27 11:32
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
Well, Steel in a live stream from mcdonalds - as he selling burgers - would be definitely success.
2015-01-27 11:54
CIS chlenixon 
Haha.. wow..
2015-01-27 11:34
get rekt steel
2015-01-27 11:37
That's how you retire early from CS kids
2015-01-27 11:43
Remember Alsen? and one more recent match where csgol over turn result because of suspected match fixing. Valve didn't say anything to these teams and yet rekts ex-ibp
2015-01-27 11:45
The skins were nothing to them, they made massive amounts betting on the real money esports betting site.
2015-01-27 11:47
People need to stop thinking guys are throwing for skins. Skins are not worth as much as real cash. Why would anyone just do skins when they can bet real cash and win.
2015-01-27 11:47
Yes ,people throw for money, but these guys threw for skins. What does that make them ? retarded?
2015-01-27 13:05
2015-01-27 11:58
CIS qv 
stoopid amerikans cyka
2015-01-27 12:04
Skins are cancer of cs community
2015-01-27 12:04
RIP steel, you won't be missed i.vimeocdn.com/video/489971341_640.jpg
2015-01-27 12:10
"these gentlemen" Fucking lol. They shoud have gotten VAC ban
2015-01-27 12:10
Very well deserved bans. It is forbbiden to bet in real sport as well as in e-sport. Match-fixing is a very bad thing and in my opinion this will prevent any more fixes.
2015-01-27 12:21
so ... steel cant play matchmaking esea cevo faceit :))))) his carrer is fucked up wow ... for couple of thousnd dollars :-j
2015-01-27 12:27
Brazil mth^ 
go play matching making rekt
2015-01-27 12:27
Relax..... This is way too harsh. A majority of professional teams have fixed matches in some capacity over the past year. They were just the ones who got caught so of course, organizations need to send a message. I get that. But a lifetime ban is way too harsh. You want to promote growth in the NA scene? Ban them for 1 year and let them come back. Same message without fucking over the NA scene.
2015-01-27 12:27
it's deserved and i think valve started campaign to make a fear to others teams to dont think of throwing...
2015-01-27 12:33
That's what you get for making me loose 300$ worth of skins on throwing games =) KARMA!
2015-01-27 12:34
2015-01-27 12:35
rip gg wp
2015-01-27 12:36
Rip americana esport of cs go
2015-01-27 12:38
How long is the ban? 1 year, 2 years, lifetime?
2015-01-27 12:38
What does it matter? You think they can just come back if the ban is 1 year? They are done, people would never forget this.
2015-01-27 12:49
2015-01-27 12:40
:D ez skins hard lyfe
2015-01-27 12:45
Very well FACEIT and CEVO, have to give example.
2015-01-27 12:48
valve created a betting system (to earn more money) that allows such things to happen, then they preach about how wrong it is, like they were some kind of a moral authority on earning money the right way. the players should get banned tho, no doubt.
2015-01-27 12:50
My 230$ was worth it. Have fun with my skins. and have fun with your career.
2015-01-27 12:53
finally some good steps in the right direction against this betting shit
2015-01-27 13:00
Feel sad for swag, best na player. Hope he will get unbanned soon
2015-01-27 13:04
2015-01-27 13:14
now they can't do anything?
2015-01-27 13:18
hhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaaha rekt
2015-01-27 13:22
Thats kinda retarded to ban them lifetime (valve) since every leagues banned them for a year. Also thats not the first case of matchfixing why this one in particular got everybody banned? Valve seems to do whatever they want and people have to agree. Thats kinda fucked up.
2015-01-27 13:26
This is what you get when you introduce betting in to pc games. Valve fucked up with skins and stickers even allowing them been in the game. Now these low lifes that some of you defend should be banned for life from the competitive CS:GO community. It does not matter how good you are at the game when you use it to do wrong things. Take savi0r for example one of the most notorious starcraft pro and a real prodigy of hes time he got cought up in a betting/match fixing scandle and was trown out like a dog on the streets after that never to be seen from again, and he was a major player winner in all accounts with millions of followers. These guys are complete no bodys outside the American cs scene hell they ain't even worth all this hype. Ban them move on and don't speak of them ever again they are not worth it. The more pressing issue is the skins/stickers been in the game. Those need to go or there will be more of these events coming to light in the future.
2015-01-27 13:34
VALVe didn't fucked up with skins. In my opinion a lot of people do say that but i'm sure you use skins aswell. Some are rly nice, it brings diversity :) And VALVe made a lot of money out of that, now we got few majors a year with offline qualifications, it's cool :)
2015-01-27 13:45
Why ban all tournaments? Dont understand
2015-01-27 13:39
dboorns ex-gf is a legend, damnnn
2015-01-27 13:43
Get rekt u stupid muricans
2015-01-27 13:44
Brazil Akaerri 
ez skins ultrahard life
2015-01-27 13:46
RIP [*]
2015-01-27 13:48
Deserved. Stack these piles of shit next to KQLY and SF.
2015-01-27 13:53
[*] bye bye [*]
2015-01-27 13:59
hahah i swear dazed is crawled up in the fetal position sucking on his thumb and crying like a baby right now!
2015-01-27 14:02
If it seems harsh, remember that Valve or some leagues may eventually reverse the ban. Also remember that the real reason for ban is to deter other pros from ever throwing games. Now they have to weigh potential throw against the earnings of their entire CS career. Valve can see betting is huge and encourages playerbase, so they want it to be completely clean. That's why Valve banned them even though the throw was completely unrelated to a major.
2015-01-27 14:15
Swag must be now soo sad :C
2015-01-27 14:33
They stole around $10,000 in skins. That's theft. They should be happy that valve or any of the other companies don't take legal action.
2015-01-27 14:34
Good, now a real life punishment like jail while getting raped by niggas on steroids would be awesome thanks justice. Get Rekt!
2015-01-27 14:36
ByeBuypower !
2015-01-27 14:43
Greece her-1g 
justice served. they shouldn't be able to play ever again. also shahzam should be punished too
2015-01-27 14:46
Steel was the only player I actually enjoyed watching play, him and moe make for some great entertainment when watching together.
2015-01-27 15:11
They deserve everything coming to them.
2015-01-27 15:45
2015-01-27 15:45
They must have thought it was awesome when they were stealing at the time. Probably having a good ole time laughing in mumble. Time to get a real job boys.
2015-01-27 16:29
United States y0rk 
This is great news and well deserved ban. Enjoy your skins in pubs only. I'd laugh if they get VAC banned next or their entire inventories are emptied.
2015-01-27 16:40
f0rest | 
Denmark d0ng 
RIP NA scene :/ Can't say it's not deserved, though.
2015-01-27 16:55
rip :D
2015-01-27 17:09
Truly I'm glad they got punish because they allowed people to lose money but I dont agree the punishment should have been a life sentence. I mean cheater didnt get a lif ban from future major Valve game after CSGO. But if I could allow one playr from that lineup to rejoin it would be swag.
2015-01-27 17:18
Lithuania crxyolo 
that is too much ffs, they are not the only one who did it
2015-01-27 17:29
Life is good my friends :)
2015-01-27 17:31
I bet on NCG and got an AWP Asiimov from this.. I still think the ban is justified.
2015-01-27 17:42
Good riddance.
2015-01-27 18:51
2015-01-27 20:28
Shit like that shows that at least KQLY went out in style and with money. These NA jokes went out in the most dumb, shameful, cowardly way they could possibly go. I'm sure it was worth it. Make way for Rizla! #eseaseasontakeover #team-organner #nowaitIgotthembanned
2015-01-27 20:29
2015-01-28 03:44
everyone hop on the bandwagon
2015-01-28 04:09
what team did they throw against?
2015-01-28 06:36
Russia TheRealXMK 
Go play MM haha
2015-01-28 09:24
2015-01-28 12:02
Pasha TALKS ABOUT ex-iBP BANS: youtube.com/watch?v=ERyI_PWwguA
2015-01-28 20:22
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