DaZeD: "I want to make amends"

Sam "DaZeD" Marine, considered by many to be a primary instigator in the match-fixing scandal involving the former iBUYPOWER, has finally come forward with a statement.

After numerous involved players came forward with their apologies and public statements in the wake of Valve's decision to ban members of ex-iBUYPOWER for match-fixing, it seemed a matter of time before Sam "DaZeD" Marine would speak as well.

After giving an indication of going forward with his own statement, DaZeD has finally taken to Facebook to explain himself.

Sam "DaZeD" Marine expresses his contrition and admits his playing days are done

The gist of the American player's statement is an apology to the community and his fans for his actions, along with DaZeD's expressing a desire to atone for some of his actions through giveaways.

The full text of the statement is found below:

 "I want to issue an apology to the community, the fans, and everyone who looked up to myself and my team. A mistake was made that I regret and cannot ever take back. I embarrassed myself, the NA scene, and all of my fans and supporters.

I’m sure there are many questions that you all have and i will try and answer as many as i can in this statement and be truthful, open and honest. I’ve seen the causes of the lies and deceits and want to come out with a clean slate.

After Germany we lost in group stages and our team was effectively dead. We were a team riding out our contracts until we could disband. When we arrived at home Dboorn approached us to throw the match, and we agreed. My emotional state was at an all-time low regarding CS and personally was in a “fuck it who cares” type of attitude. The team agreed as they all had similar feelings at that time. None of us at the time understood the gravity of the situation of what we were about to do. I don’t say this to evoke sympathy I just want the community to understand me (and my teams) emotional state at the time. I deserve the ban, the punishments, and the hate. I simply made a huge mistake that i’ll forever regret and I let greed get the better of my judgement.

There are many questions that the community has that i will try and answer.

Many want to know how much we profited from this, and the answer is about 700~ in skins a person between me, steel, azk, and swag. We were told by dboorn he made 3500~ so it was a 5 way split. If more was made by him, we did not see any of it.

In regards to “cud” nobody on the ex-IBP team had a relationship with him, i’ve spoken to him a handful of times but nothing of substance. (asking him to 10man, etc.) - cud was dboorns gambling partner per say, and dboorn had cud place the bets for him on the match. None of us knew cud was involved, and you can see this from the texts that dboorn sent to “blacklotus”

Many people think throwing to team netcode had an influence to get them to playoffs, but that had no influence. The playoffs did not work that way for CEVO. You could go 16-0 in the regular season in CEVO and not make playoffs, the structure to make playoffs was strange.

Caseyfoster did know about the throw moments before it happened, and he bet what skins he had (120) on the match. He had no prior knowledge about it and didnt plan anything.

There are many questions about my gambling and how much i have made. I’ve made over 8k (across 3 accounts) in gambling on CSGL, but only 700 of my inventory or so was from the NCG / iBP match.


People want to know about the JC Hyphen match, which i bet on 3 max bets totaling around 2100~ in winnings. I have no idea if this was a throw or not, i did not play in this match and from what i saw of steels stream (he was carrying) it did not seem like one. I simply made a bet based off my knowledge of the players in the match. mOE was supposed to be playing with 300 ping against (in my opinion) the best UK Player in Pulse, it just seemed like a home run bet so i triple maxxed, which isn’t unusual for me if i am confident.

I want to add that i’m going to focus on doing what i can to repair the damage i did to this community which has been so generous and kind to me over the past ten years that i’ve been apart of it. I want to give away the skins i got from the bet and more, i never sold any on paypal or to anybody so i still have them all. I don’t know the best way about this, but i was thinking of streaming and giving away $1500 in skins, which was what me and casey made + some. If there is another method of giving them away that is preferred, let me know. This doesn’t excuse my actions, but I feel is a step forward in the right direction.

Even though i can never take it back, i want to try and make amends. I know what I do doesn’t fix anything, but I want to contribute to the community in a positive way and be around CS even if i am not playing competitively because i will always be passionate about the game, and make up for what I did to harm this community.

Hoping that the you will accept my sincerest apology,


DaZeD has also indicated that he will be streaming later at 07:00 where he will answer any questions that people may want to ask him.

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2015-01-31 02:54
At least his statement seemed kinda legit AZK Come on!!! We are here waiting for you....
2015-01-31 03:25
Good appology!! /unban /yolo
2015-01-31 09:49
"Many want to know how much we profited from this, and the answer is about 700~ in skins a person between me, steel, azk, and swag." -Dazed "I do not know whether I did not profit off of the scandal or if I've only convinced myself of this, but looking back at my trade history, I can see a net of -1 skin directly from the ordeal." -Steel "I received very few skins in comparison to some of the other players" -Swag wat
2015-01-31 02:55
2015-01-31 02:56
they probably should have prepared statements together...
2015-01-31 04:08
2015-01-31 02:59
AZK INC Statement "I only got 1x MAG-7 Heaven Guard and Swag got 1500$ in skins out of it"
2015-01-31 03:03
xD huahuahauhauhauha
2015-01-31 03:10
swag reply: "skadoodle took it all"
2015-01-31 03:24
2015-01-31 03:37
World tasw 
dat drama
2015-01-31 03:04
interesting haha
2015-01-31 03:05
lol they are all a bunch of liars, im glad they are gone. All these apologies are bullshit. They are throwing eachother under the bus in their fake apologies. Dazed just threw dboorn under the bus bigtime.
2015-01-31 03:10
yea these storys dont add up
2015-01-31 03:11
jesus these people, they don't tell the truth even after a permaban...how are they supposed to be trusted again?
2015-01-31 03:14
They aren't, that's why it's a perma ban...
2015-01-31 03:19
2015-01-31 03:22
f*ckin liars everywhere dude :(
2015-01-31 03:34
Give this man a cookie. "Why should he lie" well, then why does shit contradict?
2015-01-31 04:28
in regards to swag; i believe he meant dboorn.
2015-01-31 05:46
Argentina atriX^ 
2015-01-31 07:04
holyyy shit these guys are stupid
2015-01-31 16:21
they should venture into politics
2015-01-31 18:23
2015-01-31 02:55
Korea ws0 
how about NO
2015-01-31 02:55
AZK | 
United States Dood 
he's full of shit
2015-01-31 02:55
why does it matter?
2015-01-31 02:59
bc he is a piece of shit liar trying to get sympathy from the community that he stole from...Take ur blinders off u fucking fanboy.
2015-01-31 03:11
Chuckyfin is nerd.
2015-01-31 06:06
2015-01-31 02:55
Ok man :)
2015-01-31 02:55
i like skins
2015-01-31 02:56
2015-01-31 02:56
Just no.
2015-01-31 02:57
Malta WATSKy 
I liked ur statment...i forgive u
2015-01-31 03:04
World ia1n 
Nope. Go away and do something else, you aren't welcome here. Nothing but a common thief.
2015-01-31 02:58
"Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong".
2015-01-31 02:58
Amen. Yes what they did is terrible, but these people who think they are in a position to judge and point and blame and spout the hate that comes out of there mouths are no better.
2015-01-31 04:06
give me skins. I forgive you my poor child
2015-01-31 02:58
He's not poor wtf 8k just on CSGL?!?!
2015-01-31 03:01
" i was thinking of streaming and giving away $1500 in skins" I don't think giving away stolen proceeds to promote your stream is a good idea. ;)
2015-01-31 02:58
+1 He is actually promoting his stream... HAHAHAHA
2015-01-31 03:53
Finland Kurppa 
He said he wants to be around CS, even if he can't play competitively. That probably means streaming, and now he's promoting it with the stolen goods. What a player.
2015-01-31 04:05
I don't know what was he thinking when he said that, such a bad idea to get himself forgiven!
2015-01-31 09:04
He asked for other ways to do this... dont be so butthurted...
2015-01-31 10:05
Butthurted? Sure that's not the word to describe me right now. Having one of the best in-game leaders been busted and banned isn't something makes me "butthurted", it makes me sad because they could have done something for the damaged NA scene. But, lying to their own fans who bet and put their hope on them, betray them, that what makes me hurt.
2015-01-31 11:48
fuck this guy and his stream plug
2015-01-31 02:59
2015-01-31 03:00
This guy is full of it.
2015-01-31 03:00
you're all so bitter heheh
2015-01-31 03:00
lol dazed is bitter, and a rat fuck, just snitched on steel and azk and swag about how much money they all got. Now we can see that they are still lying, bc apparently steel got 1 skin and swag got a "couple" skins...and he threw dboorn under the bus as being the main instigator.
2015-01-31 03:14
Maybe they should have just told the truth in the first place. Can't blame him for telling the truth, especially when swag lied and tried to imply that DaZeD received a lot more than he did.
2015-01-31 03:24
U dont know who is telling the truth, and u never will, that is my point...U cant trust any of them.
2015-01-31 03:26
I never said I trusted them, but I don't blame DaZeD for telling his version of the truth just like they did, they all laid blame on other people.
2015-01-31 04:30
Hey Dazed, no one cares.
2015-01-31 03:01
it's too late dude -_- p/s : byebyepower
2015-01-31 03:01
trying to buy viewers for his twitch so he can still live off of gaming, smart move mate. But to each his own oppinion, that's just my 2 cents, i hate giveaways because the chance of winning are slim to none, good luck on the giveaways and spending your hours watching this blowout.
2015-01-31 03:02
you just snitched on Steel and swag ahaha what a rat cunt lol
2015-01-31 03:03
Well if he's telling the truth. They were dropping him infont of a bus saying they got hardly any skins which would point the finger at other people.
2015-01-31 03:20
or theyare all right.They initially decided to cut 3500 5 ways then swag decided to not take any skins etc.
2015-01-31 09:32
So if he doesn't snitch he's a liar and if he does snitch he's a cunt? What is it that you want to him to do at this point? We asked him for a statement, HLTV specifically, and he gave us one so don't ask for him to stop bringing attention to himself. There's truly nothing more he can do besides attempt to make amends, give back to the community, and continue with what he has left of his gaming career. Sometimes the phrase "you can't handle the truth" rings WAY too true in people. This would be one of those times.
2015-01-31 05:10
Alright apology. I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one telling the truth about how much they made.
2015-01-31 03:03
And he is still seeking for attention, I say don't give him the attention and let him dissapear and regret what he did. I don't care if it leads to suicide.
2015-01-31 03:03
Wow really suicide??? Over what skins you probably didnt even bet in the match they threw... Perfect example of how fucked up in the head some of you are.
2015-01-31 04:04
Finland Kurppa 
Some kids think that making a living out of playing games must be so awesome that when it ends, you don't want to do anything else with your life anymore.
2015-01-31 04:08
Canada jKr` 
3people made a statement, 3people come up with different values. Hmm, who should we believe now ???? I guess, giving away the skins he "got" from the throw, is the least he can do. I will watch the stream tonight, see how much hate he receives.... lol!
2015-01-31 03:03
That's what he wants you to do. Better to leave the channel vacant.
2015-01-31 03:26
Lying through his fucking teeth hahaha.
2015-01-31 03:04
he gives out vibes of a pathological liar
2015-01-31 03:04
If anyone believes dazed, you are an idiot. Steel said he only profited by one skin, swag said he got one skin. This means that everything else is a split between azk & dazed. I don't know anything about azk, but mOE said that dazed has multiple accounts and he might have +10k in profits. Fuck DaZeD he is a compulsive liar, we all remember his stream w/ scummit he literally said there was never a throw and went on for 20minutes trying to convince us he never threw and they were just better. (I didn't have a bet on that match)
2015-01-31 03:04
Canada jKr` 
You really think he would say "yea guys, I did threw that game against NCG" There was no proof back then, so no need to admit to it.
2015-01-31 03:08
Yeah I love how all these kids are all up on their high horses saying shit like "Oh now that you're caught you're sorry?". I can't say if they are genuinely sorry or not, but they easily could have regretted it before hand and not said anything. Most people wouldn't admit to making a mistake like this when there is no evidence to prove it. Most people don't turn themselves in for murder, just saying.
2015-01-31 03:32
It takes a lot more courage to do what he's doing now than for you to pretend you're owed something and think that you are in a position to judge others.
2015-01-31 05:14
What kind of courage does he posses? The guy is a coward and a greedy faggot, lying about not gaining anything about it for NCG is another lie and we all know it or why would casey foster know about it? if it was just a throw for skins and ncg didn't benefit shit about it WHY DOES CASEY KNOW ABOUT IT? seems legit dazed
2015-01-31 06:03
And what are you for sitting on HLTV bashing him when you're completely uninformed? Everything you say is irrelevant until the whole truth is out so don't pretend like you actually know what happened.
2015-02-05 23:39
OK you can always be mad if you want to. But this is how you fucking apologize. Honestly state what happened, don't make excuses, show a willingness to make amends and take the initiative to propose a way while indicating you are open to further suggestions. You guys never have to like this guy, but if you're still angry at him in the future, it's your own fault.
2015-01-31 03:06
Not defending Dazed here, but you're correct, this is the correct way to write a public statement after a scandal. Now that's all aside from ethics and who's right, who's wrong, and who's lying; I'm just saying the technique is correct.
2015-01-31 03:08
Except that part where he is promoting his stream to try and make more money off of the community that he has stolen from, how stupid does he think this community is?
2015-01-31 12:33
Netherlands Nieroth 
Its an advertisement for his stream, thats all this is, mixed in with some lies and other bs. But if you wanna forgive someone this easy for commiting fraud of tens of thousands of dollars, be my guest. Just dont act like this advertisement is even close to a honest apology.
2015-01-31 03:11
so he throws the majority of the blame on dboorn, tells us that steel and swag got 700$ each meanwhile they told us that they both got like 1 skin each out of it. Then he plugs his stream trying to get subs bc of stolen skins that he is going to give away. Yea this is a great apology.
2015-01-31 03:17
You hear what you wanna hear. He didn't blame dboorn, he said it was his idea. Which he agreed with, how is that blaming him? Its probably only the truth, he did just as much wrong as dboorn did and he said nothing else. I don't know about the swag and steel part but why would you agree to throw if you're only going to get 1 skin out of it? I'm sure got more value out of it.
2015-01-31 03:28
+1; exactly; no one officially said; oh yeah we only got 1 skin out of the match, swag just said that he got less skins compared to the others; like Dboorn. "You hear what you wanna hear." ^ @chuckyfin, i swear all your comments are like toxic, it's not like you're not the only one who lost during that match.
2015-01-31 05:19
Toxic? Have you taken a look at this site.
2015-01-31 12:35
LOL +1
2015-01-31 13:26
Totally agree with you, I have always thought DaZed exuded a certain odor of classic arrogance (which is not such a bad thing for a competitive player depending on the context) but unfortunately also sprayed a frequent scent of the more unfortunate "douchebag"-eau de cologne. But I think he presents himself fairly straight forward here. He lays out his version of the events in sufficient detail for anyone to challenge his facts (also details the actual monetary split). He also accepts a punishment that, if uphold, will effectively retire him as a professional player (that is the hardest punishment you can give to a professional athlete outside of criminal charges on fraud. But I don't think either Valve or CSGOlounge are interested in having to clarify the legal framework, they are collaborating around. Does Valve wants to be considered the punishing authority?, is CSGOlounge registered as a gambling site in US or EU and if not what makes it illegal to throw a match in the first place, if it is not considering "gambling". Or what about the fact that Steam allows CSGOlounge a direct hook in to their trading system. By proxy, does that not establish Valve as a company that promotes gambling to minors? No, DaZed got the harshest punishment available (and he agrees it is fair). What more do you want? (the scale doesn't go further than lifetime ban). You can choose to NOT believe his accounting of events, that is your prerogative. But you can hardly deny him to have CS for a hobby. You are free to not give him any support (personally, I will probably not consider supporting until he has done some penance in the form of A LOT of free high quality community work ... and even then :)) Either way, he has put his cards on the table. And he has offered anyone to shoot at him with questions. He could not have fixed your broken trust in him ... no matter what he wrote, he will have to rebuild that over the next 2-3 years (smashing your own credibility this comprehensively can never be fixed with a single apology statement - so he is in for a long process/probation)
2015-01-31 05:44
he already made about 12K only on skins, i know this.. insider news.
2015-01-31 03:06
I wonder what teams have thrown that the community knows nothing about and continues to praise to this day? :ooooo illumin4t1
2015-01-31 03:06
at least he's not crying about his ban & this statement is the first that seems legit.
2015-01-31 03:08
This Dazed guy is a flat out liar. Apology statement or not I wouldn't trust anything this guy says or does. I remember when he went on summits stream after the first accusations popped up and denied, lied to thousands of people watching. Not sure why so people still support this liar and horrible person.
2015-01-31 03:08
2015-01-31 03:31
Netherlands Nieroth 
"insert list of lies and no real apologies here" Oh and also come watch my stream everyone, im giving away a small bit of my scammed skins! Hope that the hate stops now and that ill be a succesfull streamer, please come to my stream! .. Just fuck of and keep your shitty skins. I hope nobody is gonna watch his twitch, but knowing the scene everyone will cuz free skins.
2015-01-31 03:08
Even if there weren't skins people would still go to his stream with rage-filled comments and hate because that's how people are. The expression "Kick em while they're down" is pretty relevant here. Here's a question for you: What makes you, and all the rest of the toxic community, 'up'? Certainly not sitting on HLTV or going into his stream to harass or torment him about something he can't change. Also, to stream and attempt repair the damage he's done is a lot more bold and courageous than lurking in the shadows of the internet waiting for the chance to scold others. I just don't get why people feel obligated to exalt themselves over others any time that someone makes a bad decision. He did the crime, he got the deserved punishment, he's contributing to the community, thats it! I am in no way saying that he was right for doing what he did, it was unfair, fraudulent, and sickening. I just think that how the community is responding is just as bad and won't help the situation in the least bit.
2015-01-31 05:32
Netherlands Nieroth 
When somebody makes a statement to any community, I think it's pretty normal for that same community to respond in whatever way. I agree with you that people shouldn't go to his stream to leave hateful messages, but mainly because I think people shouldn't go to his stream at all. Sure he made a mistake and paid the price, but part of that price is that the people that got screwed over by him will not just accept half ass apologies in the form of advertisement for his own personal gain once again. He should just say he's sorry and leave the scene alone for a while so that the csgo scenes top streamers arent mostly made up out of cheaters, throwers and camwhores. I just want a clean as possible scene where the people that deserve it get the numbers like ie pasha, not like a moe, steel, dazed, kitty and other thrash. And right now is just not the time for dazed to try and save his own spot there. And to be quite frankly I think its really strange how a big part of the community keeps donating and subbing to people who clearly dont care about them at all, I think that that is a lot stranger then people who are mad and leave hateful comments.
2015-01-31 12:36
if caseyfoster bet from his own private account then how did valve find out that he was a part of this?
2015-01-31 03:08
2015-01-31 03:09
"I want to make Amends"... lol more like " I want to make advertisements" , guy is practically using this chance to market his stream for 1AM EST LOL
2015-01-31 03:10
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
2015-01-31 03:10
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
what I dont understand is it seems nobody on ibp actually made money out of it, they made skins which they did not sell, what is the point of throwing if you don't trade your skins for real money, I mean, how can it be called greed if they had no intention of selling those skins, that's not greed, that's just stupididy
2015-01-31 03:10
bc they are lieing....they made plenty of money that we will never know about, shadiest grp of NA players we have ever seen.
2015-01-31 03:20
2015-01-31 03:12
2015-01-31 03:16
I read the post, and imo this is just whoring for stream viewers in order to not become totally unrelevant. Sorry i'm not buying it.
2015-01-31 03:12
Valve has fucked up again big time. Why didnt they publish everything about the scandal like Kespa did with SC match fixers? Who, how many, when is still unknown and we have different versions from 3 players from 3 so far. Looks like Valve dont want clear scene and valve write about trust and shit. ROFL. Everyone is pathetic in this scandal. Match fixers, Valve, the scene. This is a fucking joke. Broly is still not banned. I dont even more who is worse. Dazed and steel or Valve :/
2015-01-31 03:13
solo | 
A trapped roach acting like a brainless cunt.
2015-01-31 03:13
another stream advertising "apology"
2015-01-31 03:14
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
"Blame dboorn for taking advantage of me" Yeah, fuck off.
2015-01-31 03:15
n1 reading comprehension
2015-01-31 03:27
I read this statement listening to "Don't Know What You Got" from Cinderella. It was painful.
2015-01-31 03:19
can u even make a living from gaming? most the pros live with their momma and dadda
2015-01-31 03:20
Finland Kurppa 
In Europe you can.
2015-01-31 04:17
700 my ass
2015-01-31 03:23
Just a question: will dazed still be permited to coach/own a cs go pro team?
2015-01-31 03:25
Hey Dazed, make amends with a garbage disposal because thats where you're going you moron. Especially when you got your ass kicked from ibp you had that sadboys stream and everyone supported you. You're just a twat and im glad Valve made an example out of you. GG
2015-01-31 03:26
I forgive you bb xD
2015-01-31 03:27
please let me know about 3 other versions that may appear by Dboorn, AZK and cud
2015-01-31 03:29
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
Its gonna be so funny if nobody on his stream accepts his scammed giveaways :D If everyone boycott the giveaways thats gonna be huge step for the community just imagine...
2015-01-31 03:31
You can start by returning the 200 value I lost.
2015-01-31 03:31
According to the comments here and on reddit, more than 1000 people must have maxbetted. Rofl.
2015-01-31 03:40
I get what you are saying. But under normal sircumstances it was a match ibp would have won 10 out of 10 times, so Im guessing alot of people did max bet.
2015-01-31 04:19
give away subscribers only XD
2015-01-31 03:35
so 3 contradicting statements now from steel/dazed/swag, seems legit.
2015-01-31 03:36
N4j | 
Germany N4j 
I'll take some skins pm me dazed thanks
2015-01-31 03:36
what done is done
2015-01-31 03:37
hope the community will ban him from Twitch
2015-01-31 03:38
So many lies, Dazed saying each person got $700 worth of skins in profit, steel saying he barely got any, swag saying he got little bit of skins...conclusion they all are still lying their ass's off!
2015-01-31 03:39
Only one I believe is SWAG <3 Braxton <3
2015-01-31 03:39
2015-01-31 03:41
too bad dazed. nice attempt to garner sympathy for being a fucking match-fixer. absolutely ridiculous. at least steel had the decency to admit he was lying to himself about his ill-gotten profits. sorry for rudeness just want to post this angry comment in case dazed accidentally reads it
2015-01-31 03:45
Fuck off faggot
2015-01-31 03:47
Wanted to disband? Lies. Wasn't he devastated when he got the boot from IBP? LOL btw, if you're going to throw a game and get max profit, it would have been a bet of $240ish. Times that by the return value of 4. That's 960. I would bet anything they got more than 1k EACH.
2015-01-31 03:58
they all say different things about the amount each received... Plot Twist: Skadoodle is the silent mastermind behind a massive underground CSGO scene.
2015-01-31 04:09
Apologies not accepted u should of had the integrity to refuse the request in the first place. As harsh as this may seem cause i loved watching u play i hope valve hold down their foot.
2015-01-31 04:15
i can think of everybody coming back but Dazed... the fact the he came to summit1g's show and lied his ass off for 20 mins straight, makes me really mad.
2015-01-31 04:25
Poland MJP 
best one apologies from all of them atm still waiting for someone ... - gl dazed Now get the fu.k on vacation , hope se ya in 3 years time !!! RETARD ! Fuck cs community - d.ck head
2015-01-31 04:26
community so med cus loosing virtual skins xD meby get life and start family. idk edit: ez skins ez lyf idiots xD
2015-01-31 04:28
Country - Russia Nothings to see here folks
2015-01-31 04:35
maybe skins that people bought with real money you IDIOT
2015-01-31 04:53
its lik loosing on betting sites xD u loose money and sey that bet site stole money and scammer! GeT_lOsT edit: u med cus lose skins on match :P
2015-01-31 06:10
Dont try so hard with the spelling mistakes then it will be less obvious.
2015-01-31 12:39
Poland MJP 
i never bet my frend - just pro player do it like that is wrong he is out ! valve gj dazed byA
2015-01-31 07:03
Refund me the skins I lost in the match.
2015-01-31 04:35
you had 8k in skins, but you threw for 700? makes total sense. just like you started with a 5$ skin and grew it to thousands... lol these statements are hilarious to read.
2015-01-31 04:39
i forgive dazed
2015-01-31 04:42
What is that Lounge addon? Does anyone know?
2015-01-31 04:43
To arrogant to make ammends. FO.
2015-01-31 04:50
Don't believe for a second the attitude at iBP after Cologne was "fuck it, just waiting for contracts to expire". Literally a month or two later iBP is back in EU and playing better than they ever did as a team. People who are getting ready to disband don't get better, they either stay where they are skill wise or get worse.
2015-01-31 04:55
You are forgiven my friend. Now come back and help NA scene, idc if you threw for food.
2015-01-31 04:58
So in sort : " Sorry i fixed a match , like i was the only one or like it was the only match i ever throwed , sorry i literally stealed your skins .. my emotions were low at the time so i fucked yours as well " GTFO you and all the guys involved. I want more bans and cries !!In fact im h aving a blast. Valve keep going.
2015-01-31 05:03
LOL; classic example of: "You hear what you wanna hear"
2015-01-31 05:27
Match Fixing overview by Thorin hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=725266#r776..
2015-01-31 05:05
If he was honestly only concerned with giving away the skins to apologise, he should of given the skins to another streamer to give away on their channel. Thus not giving his own stream more popularity, which it obviously will do if he's giving out that many skins...
2015-01-31 05:05
He just ruined his own CS career with one stupid throw hahahah
2015-01-31 05:11
how did they get caught again? someone's gf?
2015-01-31 05:13
Muricans crying for pity like fnatic did after Overpass scandal.
2015-01-31 05:17
Give me 1000$ in skins and i will forgive you (but i wont forget)
2015-01-31 05:17
2015-01-31 05:50
Norway duffz00r 
dboorn is pretty much a tard without brain..
2015-01-31 05:46
I highly doubt that caseyfoster is innocent. If DaZeD was going to throw the match, why wouldn't he tell his best and only friend? This makes me think that DaZeD is totally un-sincere about apologizing to the community. I also think he has bet on many matches that were fixed.
2015-01-31 06:14
When they didnt apologize: "They arent even man enough to apologize!" When they apologize: "They are just lying this apology is so fake!" The circlejerk
2015-01-31 06:38
How about they apologies without lying. Not the community who should be held at any fault here and if you think otherwise then sort your priority's out.
2015-01-31 12:42
Proof that they are lying?
2015-01-31 17:44
We don't care if you try to make amends. The best way you can do that though is to step out of the spotlight and to stop bringing attention to yourself.
2015-01-31 06:38
2015-01-31 06:53
these guys are just apologizing coz they got caught.hmm
2015-01-31 07:03
If triple max betting is a common thing for him, why is the highest value bet on that graph only 240? I think he's bullshit.
2015-01-31 07:12
My god.. are you really that stupid? You need multiple accounts to triple max bet..
2015-01-31 07:39
Hey noob, obviously you didn't know this, but you can plot multiple accounts with loungestats.
2015-01-31 08:20
I actually like Dazed. He sounds sincere enough. Apologies, especially when there is such a large number of people affected/offended, are always hard. It's easy to sound defensive or insincere. While I support the heavy punishments imposed on the guilty players, there also has to be a limit to the punishment to ensure it isn't excessive compared to the crime. None of the players deserve to have their careers ended. Ultimately esports are still young and developing. This scandal, while painful, will hopefully be valuable in that development into a more professional industry.
2015-01-31 07:16
yeah he sounds really sincere just like that time on summits stream when he said he didn’t throw when will you idiots learn dazed is a psychopath
2015-01-31 08:35
jew.. learn to read
2015-01-31 08:40
Explain that to the people who permanently lost out. I didn't bet and don't have any skins worth beting, but your point about E-Sports being young, thats why this is so important, people should not be able to take advantage of any aspect. A life long ban for match fixing in any real world sport would be expected if not further consequences, it shouldnt be any different here. I really hope CS survives after all of this, what event would want to pick up a game with such a dodgy pro end scene.
2015-01-31 12:45
I'm pretty sure that in most sports, match fixing results in a one or two year ban, not a lifelong one. Depends on the context of course, but the game in question was extremely insignificant, not like a lan final being rigged. Absolutely they deserve punishments, just like KQLY and co deserved VAC bans. I don't feel that these punishments should prevent the players learning their lesson and returning to the game at a future date.
2015-01-31 13:00
these kids are amusing (dazed and steel) such attention whores lol
2015-01-31 07:17
Finland Al_Aziz 
He left for the money, came back for the money and left with the money. Im talking about his CoD "career".
2015-01-31 07:19
United States darkun 
seems 100% more sincere then steel
2015-01-31 07:35
shameless guy how could he even give interview after doing this, enjoy our money @$$h*le.
2015-01-31 07:35
Apology seems sincere enough for me. Good luck to him.
2015-01-31 07:44
The NA scene in a nutshell.
2015-01-31 08:06
Coach DaZeD
2015-01-31 08:17
community needs atleast 1 year to accept you MOTHERFUCKER back.. Community is not like your slave gf, you can do everything and they feel bad for you.. what you did was wrong.. and i hope i will see you next time in christmas.. 2016
2015-01-31 08:38
Stop referring to the community just because you lost skins. Half of us would rather them back but banned from the cancerous CSGL. In Summary: Cry more Finland kid.
2015-01-31 09:01
Retarded aussie supporting scammers. Well, nothing new from 3rd worlders.
2015-01-31 09:09
3rd Worldies? Australia > Finland in everything possible from lower crime rates to living conditions. Nobody wants to live in that icy hell. Jelly of our most liveable city + sad 'cause you lost skins.
2015-01-31 09:11
Australia is 3rd world compared to Finland. And your knowledge is horseshit if you think heres igloos and just ice. But as I said,nothin new from 3rd worlders. 1-0, I won.
2015-01-31 09:15
Nah, I'm 100% sure it's just ice and sadness. No wonder Finland rates as one of the highest countries of people with depression - You kids keep losing your computer game items. Don't end it kid, there will be a brighter day ahead!
2015-01-31 09:20
Yea, everyone is just too upset right now. I say give it a couple months to a year and people can probably start allowing them back into the community.
2015-01-31 11:11
Your current political climate is definitely much better than Finlands. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
2015-01-31 12:47
Are you being sarcastic or what m8?!?!
2015-01-31 13:25
I am so sorry.
2015-02-01 13:38
i have never bet on cs
2015-01-31 10:07
Never bet on them, glad they are banned, been massive fans of Dazed since source, spoke to and played against Steel at a few lans seemed like a nice guy but im sorry, you cheat, you scam, you get a ban.
2015-01-31 12:48
Muricans, you are scammers! Community will never forget what kind of assholes you are!
2015-01-31 08:47
Give me back my skins dazed!
2015-01-31 09:09
Fuck you dazed, I lost $200 on that match.
2015-01-31 09:15
Thats what you get for betting.. its a gamble for a reason.
2015-01-31 11:11
no shit, but if it wasn't for the throw I wouldn't be mad about it
2015-01-31 12:36
2015-01-31 09:18
shuff those giveaways rite up in ur ass.. u stole people's skins and now u gonna give it away to ur own people who subbed ya ass etc?
2015-01-31 10:17
"That's not how this works... That's not how any of this works"
2015-01-31 10:37
Nah you're ok you cheating, lying, scumbag. It is in your nature to be like this...regardless of "emotional state" You lied to everyone and would have continued to do so and your team flamed Richard Lewis until the very end, until when he had yous all by the nads. I will never watch any of your streams again. It's a fucking disgrace what you did. Burn in hell thieves.
2015-01-31 10:45
He should go back to school and learn how to spell.
2015-01-31 10:46
You rob a bank and you say that you are human and humans make mistakes. NP it happens
2015-01-31 10:59
My god man, can you actually use your brain and think of an actual argument on your own without using the most un-original example that everyone else is trying to use. If you think what they did is comparable to robbing a bank, you are a fucking idiot.
2015-01-31 11:08
Then you give away the money to your people who pay you monthly and give donations. Nice try, dazed.
2015-01-31 11:33
So let me get this right your making max bets based on believing puls3 is the best UK player on hyphen? What are you even basing this off at that time? h@h@ ok mate speak more bullshit that game was clearly fixed too. What a sack of shit most of this statement is just pure bullshit. Might as well be smeared up the wall in your bedroom.
2015-01-31 11:08
so puls3 is not the best player/ biggest talent in the UK? Tbh i was under the same impression. sinse it dosent seem like release/hudzG/weber/hughsy/you play anymore. an yet he might still be beter than all of u aimwise anyways?
2015-01-31 11:21
ScreaM has probably the best aim in France but he doesn't get into their top 2 teams because his team play and game sense are severely lacking. That's the problem with all UK players not their individual skill, aim or ability. The simple fact is all the players with experience playing in top teams have quit there isn't enough left:). My point was that placing max bets on random uk games because of one player seems highly unlikely.
2015-01-31 11:34
agree about the betting, an i never rated Scream, hes overrated BIG time, IMO. cuz as u say. he lacks severely in ingame sense, an hes terrible at switching between the tab tab an when to just spray em down. One quick question.. theres so much money in GO atm. can u rly not but a squad together an get into the majors? i know u go to uni. or atleast u use to. go on a hiatus or something. u could make a killing then go back to school etc.
2015-01-31 11:49
The king has spoken
2015-01-31 11:20
ur brown m8:)
2015-01-31 11:22
Puls3 | 
United Kingdom Puls3 
best uk player sry m8
2015-01-31 15:51
they ban swag/AZK/steel/DaZed for getting skins, but when vp players try an cheat the system to get skins. still shows their moral towards the community(i know they didnt trow) but still if this is a permaban, vp should get 1/2 year ban also. PS. Dboorn be glad u an ur ugly ass ex_slut u obv still wanna get dirty with. dont live in europe. dont we would be as forgiving as the US fans.
2015-01-31 11:37
2015-01-31 12:04
Guys, anbody know how to check your profit at csgl?
2015-01-31 12:09
Bullshit, they all made way more than $700, I wouldn't be surprised if it's over $10k.
2015-01-31 12:11
love how people flame them and if you are in same situatipn you throw too :D
2015-01-31 12:25
That's some utter bullshit.
2015-01-31 12:47
read till he said he won over 7K based on his "PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE". I hope you got sue from csgolounge and take a couple of mounths in county jail
2015-01-31 13:04
They weren't playing CSGO for living. and they won't be. Nothing's changed.
2015-01-31 13:13
Denmark vexity 
So according to DaZeD's statement, swag'D statement was a Lie?
2015-01-31 13:20
mimi | 
Sweden eNvym 
too long to read, was a fan since the first day i watched him on CSS, but what you morons did is not acceptable, fuck off now please
2015-01-31 13:44
A first class prick since the early days of source. One of the biggest liars I've ever come across.
2015-01-31 13:48
World Fzq 
I love how he's "making amends" by promoting his twitch channel via giveaways(free stuff = more followers and viewers = maybe more subs), now that he won't be making money via gaming. Typical 'murican.
2015-01-31 13:53
2015-01-31 16:39
lol i knew this was a bullshit statement after the first paragraph, hes quick to put the blame dboorn. Typical DaZeD, its always someone elses fault.
2015-01-31 15:24
greedy jew.
2015-01-31 15:53
+1 Community dont need scammers like steel and dazed!
2015-01-31 16:39
stoppe rassismo
2015-01-31 16:42
All lies. Don't believe any of his bs.
2015-01-31 17:29
doesnt match swags interview at all
2015-01-31 19:28
actually damage is done, the community does not need you anymore. P.s You are not that good imo. No need for your tips and tricks thingys. now gtfo
2015-01-31 21:03
Denmark diOnysos 
Pro Throw
2015-01-31 21:58
To be honest, DaZeD is one of the shittiest csgo players i know of, and i never seen him or IBP play
2015-02-02 03:54
2015-04-23 17:59
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