fnatic thrash Cloud9 to win ClutchCon

February 2nd, 2015 13:23

fnatic won ClutchCon 2015 following a 2-0 victory over Cloud9 (16-7 on de_mirage and 16-1 on de_nuke).

A total of 16 teams gathered in Denver last weekend for the CS:GO tournament at ClutchCon, a three-day multi-game computer and console LAN event held by Clutch Gaming Arena, an eSports company based in Colorado.

Network problems during the first day caused huge delays and pushed the matches back by several hours, forcing the admins to completely redo the schedule and leaving players and fans alike pulling their hair out.

The biggest disappointment of the tournament was certainly CLG, who crashed out of the tournament in the quarter-finals after suffering a 1-2 defeat against eLevate, who would go on to lose to Cloud9 0-2 in the last-four stage.

fnatic vs. NiP

fnatic win first LAN title of 2015 

In the other half of the bracket, fnatic came from behind to beat KaBuM 2-1 after being defeated on de_mirage on the first map of the series. In the semi-finals, the Swedish giants breezed past Team Liquid 2-0 while conceding just four rounds in total.

In the grand final, Cloud9 still put up a fight on de_mirage as fnatic ran out 16-7 winners, but de_nuke was a complete one-way street, with the Swedish giants picking up a 16-1 victory.

2nd February 2015

ClutchCon 2015 final standings:

1. Sweden fnatic - $8,000
2. United States Cloud9 - $3,000
3-4. United States Liquid - $1,000
3-4. United States eLevate - $1,000
5-8. Brazil KaBuM - $500
5-8. United States Torqued - $500
5-8. United States CLG - $500
5-8. United States Mythic - $500

cool man
2015-02-02 13:24
2015-02-02 13:25
getting a total of 20% of rounds isn't very impressive
2015-02-02 13:26
I would rather use word "stomp", trash is kinda.. you know..
2015-02-02 13:39
they used the word "thrash", not trash. there's a large difference in meaning.
2015-02-02 13:42
Poland jMS 
bloody hell, that bothers me so much when people use to say "trash metal"
2015-02-02 13:50
Haha yes!
2015-02-02 14:28
ahh i love trash metal
2015-02-02 14:35
hah sorry thx for letting me know, I didnt even know its not "trash" :D
2015-02-02 17:08
Well any metal is trash, so..
2015-02-03 15:02
they could've used trash tho, cuz that's what C9 is
2015-02-02 13:54
how much?
2015-02-02 13:55
I won 10 euro on fnatic ;) I will never bet on 'Muricans cuz eu>na duh
2015-02-02 13:58
2015-02-02 14:01
NA teams should just give up. They all suck.
2015-02-02 23:25
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
2015-02-02 13:39
Actually it'd be nicer like this: GeT_TrAsHeD but w/e
2015-02-02 15:01
I like how the T_T is used to represent the thoughts and feelings of the Cloud9 players.
2015-02-02 15:15
2015-02-02 16:42
2015-02-02 17:07
16+16=32 7+1=8 32+8=40 8/40=0.2
2015-02-02 18:55
Russia Dmitrii1992 
nice calculations bro
2015-02-02 20:05
ty m8
2015-02-02 20:10
yup, trashed =)
2015-02-02 13:30
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Trash and thrash are two different words, you know.
2015-02-02 13:57
really? brb google. you are right! I'm so embarassed with my vocabulary and grammar skills. :( Thrash -to hit (someone or something) very hard with a stick, whip, etc. -to defeat (someone or something) very easily or completely -to move about violently Trash -discarded matter; refuse. synonyms:garbage, refuse, waste, litter, junk, debris, detritus, rubbish "the subway entrance was blocked with trash"
2015-02-02 14:14
Portugal zfk_ 
thrash = to beat trash = junk
2015-02-02 14:13
yeah, thanks!
2015-02-02 14:15
Portugal zfk_ 
2015-02-02 14:13
Italy rbz 
2015-02-02 17:22
2015-02-02 14:38
Finland tkbz 
gg ez
2015-02-02 13:24
2015-02-02 13:24
Poland apEEl 
2015-02-02 13:24
"trash" that desrespect
2015-02-02 13:24
Sweden INB4 
inb4 u can't read because u are trash.
2015-02-02 13:25
Inb4 I end your life
2015-02-02 13:28
Thrash, not trash. Can you people even read?
2015-02-02 13:49
2015-02-02 13:24
2015-02-02 13:24
ez money
2015-02-02 13:24
method | 
United States f0xes` 
I like how late this was reported because there were more important things to announce than fnatic winning some ez money at some NA lan.
2015-02-02 13:24
Haha :P In general there was no info about this LAN. The announced it aswell as the groups, but no viewer's guide or anything like that.
2015-02-02 13:29
The viewer's guide would have been a waste of time because all of the scheduled times would have been wrong.
2015-02-02 17:43
Well yea, but that is some 20/20 hindsight.
2015-02-02 17:45
No, it's because HLTV.org is in Europe and the grand final was played at like 5am GMT, so obviously they are going to report it the day after.
2015-02-02 13:47
if it can be called "LAN"
2015-02-03 00:04
c9 trash confirmed
2015-02-02 13:24
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
thrash? cmon hltv
2015-02-02 13:25
fnatic clutch Cloud9 to win TrashCon
2015-02-02 13:25
2015-02-02 14:19
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
Hehe rekt
2015-02-02 14:27
2015-02-02 13:25
dat title
2015-02-02 13:25
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
2015-02-02 13:25
c9 thrash lol murican hehe Xd hltv confirm
2015-02-02 13:25
HLTV uses IE. Confirmed on HLTV!
2015-02-02 13:26
Slovakia radeoNko 
ez win for swedes sorry murica play harder and learn how to shoot
2015-02-02 13:26
#1 in the world!
2015-02-02 13:27
2015-02-02 13:27
2015-02-02 13:27
ez money
2015-02-02 13:27
2015-02-02 13:27
stats from tournament? i rly would like to see how flusha did play this tournament
2015-02-02 13:28
He played pretty well. Probably #2 best stats in fnatic would be my guess. olofm with best stats. But it is possible JW had better stats than flusha. Pronax last and Krimz 2nd to last.
2015-02-02 13:29
thanks both of you
2015-02-02 13:37
cevo.com/event/clutchcon/?_sec=1&_sem=VG.. Flusha actually got 2nd best player of the tournament and JW first. So scratch what I said about olofm :p
2015-02-02 13:37
Flusha and olofm both have the best KDR with 1.72 for them so you're not that wrong, but JW was better during big matches I guess and he had higher "efficiency" from what I saw from CEVO boards (mainly because he gets alot of entries mostly while olof mostly bashed ecoes ^^).
2015-02-02 14:30
2015-02-02 16:40
ITT: People think that "thrash" is the same thing as "trash".
2015-02-02 13:28
Portugal dracø 
NA current top team is trash, hltv confirmed!
2015-02-02 13:28
Fast report
2015-02-02 13:31
fnatic trash, cloud9 to win clutchcon
2015-02-02 13:32
People not knowing the difference between trash and thrash.
2015-02-02 13:32
best event ever
2015-02-02 13:34
The only thing i remember is that team-Liquid newbies started t-bagging torqued players in the cache map. Team-Liquid that team what could only get 1 CT round on inferno against fnatic ahahah. How are these noobs even sponsored by an team? is the NA scene so small? They had max struggle with an pugteam which dindt even pracc for 1 day long including summit1g. adreN should keep it at streaming only.
2015-02-02 13:35
United States lybrel 
May be a pugteam, but it's near Cloud9 level. m0E = top 2 NA awp in Source skadoodle = top 1 NA awp desi = top 10 NA on paper better than liquid
2015-02-02 21:31
This was an easy LAN for fnatic. I betted on them every game and made like 100$+ of skins in 2 days. Easy. NA didnt stand a chance.
2015-02-02 13:35
aha I see. I never betteed on them and still made 1200$.
2015-02-02 13:51
Thats nice. My biggest victory was CLG bet over LDLC and Kabum over C9. I got like 10 maximum bets of 240$ out of it.
2015-02-02 14:05
LOL sure you did
2015-02-02 14:21
I dont care if you believe me. You can just dream about this skins.
2015-02-02 14:27
Once again n0things team gets raped on nuke in a final
2015-02-02 13:35
You could say they got.....nuked.
2015-02-02 13:38
2015-02-02 14:00
Slovakia radeoNko 
NA scene very low compare to eu. its like kindergarden :D playing on sand with each others :D
2015-02-02 13:36
America provides the contenders Europe provides the winner
2015-02-02 13:36
LMAO, strong words in title
2015-02-02 13:37
I think you're confusing "thrash" with "trash".
2015-02-02 17:58
absolutely rammed in the aho
2015-02-02 13:38
fnatic thrash Cloud9 LOL
2015-02-02 13:41
2015-02-02 13:43
MIRAA internet explorer user?
2015-02-02 13:44
Honey, can you take out the trash? Thank you.
2015-02-02 13:48
I hate the fact that a good sponsor like Cloud9 is being wasted on a team that knows they have issues and know they can't succeed with their current line-up and refuse to do anything about it. RIP NA CS.
2015-02-02 13:48
really quick
2015-02-02 13:49
score some1?
2015-02-02 13:49
Internet Explorer
2015-02-02 13:52
2015-02-02 13:53
Worst event in history or one of the worst. And we all knew from the start that it was gonna be a walk in the park for fnatic. NA scene without it's scummy players are one big fat zero.
2015-02-02 13:53
Its Miraa again. You seriously need to learn the basics of journalism. Reading your take on a story makes me feel that you're a bit..sorry to say, uneducated. Hit up google, there are tons of things u can learn online.
2015-02-02 13:56
Saying "your uneducated" to someone is probably the height of irony.
2015-02-02 13:56
Wooops..im sorry, i guess typographical error is a cardinal sin here. Fixed before you posted. Be sure to proof read this post aswell.
2015-02-02 14:05
Sure, no problem. - Whoops* - I'm* - I* - That's not what typographical means. - errors* are* - You didn't fix it before I posted. Check the timestamps you dolt. - as well* Glad to help! :)
2015-02-02 14:13
Hahaha..thank you for taking that bait. Ive (i have) seen all of your other posts. Pretty sure you werent goin to miss this opportunity. Good luck with life sir!
2015-02-02 14:24
You've seen all my posts? Huh, didn't know I had hltv fanboys. Can I get a "<3 expected" at the end of your name, pretty please?
2015-02-02 14:44
Romania tr$ 
You have to capitalise the "I" > "I have". And I've would have the apostrophe. And weren't too. Hue. I'm just bored at work, sorry :(
2015-02-02 15:38
everglam got so fucking rekt he's trying to save face now, lmfao
2015-02-02 16:39
Poland mki` 
Rekt! Or should I say: wrecked?
2015-02-02 14:25
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
if he didn't learn after 29 years on hltv, it will never happen
2015-02-02 14:02
Please, educate us.
2015-02-02 14:05
How does this make him look uneducated?
2015-02-02 14:41
Yea man oh my god... he seriously need to study journalism (again). How the fuck did he work for Goal? How did he work for a good newspaper in Portugal (can't remember the name) Please, it's your time to shine, so educate him and us. Thanks <3
2015-02-02 14:54
16-0 olofpass nvr4get
2015-02-02 14:03
Europe _jUNGLE 
wow thats was fast
2015-02-02 14:12
2015-02-02 14:20
WP to all! Personally i've wanted to see Kabum much higher in that list but 4th is ok...
2015-02-02 14:20
rip NA scene.
2015-02-02 14:21
Greece her-1g 
rich LoL orgas are crying over their money right now ahahaha clg, liquid, cloud9 have totally failed
2015-02-02 14:32
the title xD
2015-02-02 14:36
That was like so yesterday.
2015-02-02 14:44
hltv trolling at finest thrash != trash
2015-02-02 14:45
they aint trolling. they don't know the difference lol
2015-02-02 14:55
ez pz
2015-02-02 14:48
-shahzam + skadoodle
2015-02-02 14:50
It's a net positive but that's not going to solve what is wrong with C9. They aren't going to be competitive either way.
2015-02-02 15:58
now coem back to eu and sleep!
2015-02-02 14:51
2015-02-02 14:52
I need VODS
2015-02-02 15:00
Whoever thought c9 or any other American team would be able to even put up a fight vs fnatic must be gold novas or below.
2015-02-02 15:13
old iBP's lineup was strong before they changed it..
2015-02-02 15:41
2015-02-02 15:16
2015-02-02 15:18
fnatic ruined what would have been an all-american tournament
2015-02-02 15:23
the joke, liquid 3.16 vs ldlc, 1.16 7.16 vs fnatic
2015-02-02 15:27
What up now swedes....oh wait.
2015-02-02 15:29
2015-02-02 15:33
sweden and russia are both better then america in hockey just sayin
2015-02-02 15:52
who care
2015-02-02 15:56
2015-02-02 15:34
2015-02-02 15:43
NA teams compared to EU teams. lol
2015-02-02 15:47
c9 need changes, sgares not more pls. Hiko back ;D
2015-02-02 16:07
stats from this tournament ?
2015-02-02 16:25
Ez money. No actual good team that could compete came.
2015-02-02 16:26
2015-02-02 16:34
"four maps in total" or four rounds?
2015-02-02 16:52
Cloud Nein!
2015-02-02 16:52
Nice tournament non the less... gz kabum nice result
2015-02-02 16:54
Israel selukvey 
I expected more from CLG. Although eLevate surprised me alot, didn't expected them to get into top4 (lost all in on CLG)
2015-02-02 17:45
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Gj Fnatic Would be nice if HLTV can add Clutchon stats into her database. Most American tournaments/leagues don't get added, while most of the European do, leading to lots of American players not yet included in the stats section.
2015-02-02 18:00
hltv writers you need to use simpler language.. it's like writing for country folks
2015-02-02 19:05
HLTV.org shame on you! Pretty sure the picture isn't from ClutchCon 2015.
2015-02-02 20:38
Poland dalaylama 
nice kabum ! :D
2015-02-02 21:01
congratz fnatic!
2015-02-02 21:02
Seriously inviting Fnatic isn't a really good idea. Just look at the scores of the semi-final and the grand final, it just makes the NA scene look ridiculous to me.
2015-02-02 23:50
I love the word "thrash" haha
2015-02-03 03:23
2015-02-03 05:50
NA teams come to europe and get rekted.They do lans in NA with 4 eu teams and get rekt,they do lans in NA with 1 eu team and get rekt. Please dont invite EU teams to NA lan events...that will not feed the NA > EU ilusion anymore :(
2015-02-04 02:19
Kabum > CLG > Elevate :/ but ok
2015-02-04 02:24
2015-02-04 10:51
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