Epsilon players handed one year bans

Epsilon player Joey "fxy0" Schlosser has indicated that his squad have received a one year ban from all Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Although information is still forthcoming about the veracity of Joey "fxy0" Schlosser's post on social media, it would appear that the members of Epsilon involved in allegations of match-fixing have indeed been found guilty by Valve.

As a result, fxy0 indicated that the Epsilon team have received a one year ban from all events in which Valve is involved.

Joey "fxy0" Schlosser says Epsilon have been given a one year ban

fxy0's full statement on the situation is:

"Hello everyone, today i received an email from Valve in which it is explained that we are banned 1 year from every Valve tournament.

Hard punishment ofc, but I can understand, I have acted like a kid and now I have to pay. Now, we will see if every league, tournament will follow the Valve decision.

I hope not, 1 year ban from every major is extremely hard enough. Stay tuned!"

Whether this development includes Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, whom Robin "GMX" Stahmer indicated was not aware of the match-fixing, has yet to be determined.

France Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
Joey 'fxy0' Schlosser
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France Robin 'GMX' Stahmer
Robin 'GMX' Stahmer
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Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
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2015-02-04 05:36
2015-02-04 05:37
Do people actually believe that gmx knew what scream said to his friend who bet on og?
2015-02-04 05:57
are you kidding me
2015-02-04 06:49
Volvo pls
2015-02-04 06:49
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! #FreeScreaMyBaneveryoneelse
2015-02-04 07:19
+1 made me fuckin lol
2015-02-04 12:42
GG WP :(
2015-02-04 05:44
Canada theSWBFman 
change.org/p/gabe-newell-shorten-the-ban.. PETITION! We need to shorten the iBP bans to one year!
2015-02-04 05:45
nt swag
2015-02-04 05:52
I want lifetime bans for pepsilon and ex-ibp throwscum
2015-02-04 05:55
I'd rather have 1 year. No point in killing talent when a 1 year ban in a game that is growing this quickly would be just as harsh.
2015-02-04 10:47
fck dazed. i hate him
2015-02-04 07:16
Czech Republic J0s3e 
fck dazed and the jew steel. Others 1 year only pls. :P
2015-02-04 11:47
Yeah, no.
2015-02-04 13:54
2015-02-04 06:26
World scrape 
2015-02-04 08:21
#freeswag #freescream
2015-02-04 09:08
2015-02-04 09:53
gimme my awp assimov and m4 assimov back dude
2015-02-04 17:01
HEN1 | 
Poland maxiu 
gg wp .... SCREAM :( !!!!!!!!!
2015-02-04 05:36
ScreaM hasn't been mentioned, calm down, lol.
2015-02-04 05:37
United States ccap 
the fact that he hasn't been mentioned yet kind of worries me. Guess we'll just have to wait until Valve releases something, or until screaM wakes up tomorrow.
2015-02-04 05:55
True. No idea why fxy0/Uzzziii are both being so fucking cryptic.
2015-02-04 05:57
Fxy0 said the team... He would have mentioned scream..
2015-02-04 12:33
ScreaM probably wouldn't get banned. But anyway, GMX is a dickhead. If I was him, I'd never snitch on my teammates, even if they'd kick me the hell outta my team
2015-02-04 11:29
Germany rotz 
rip csgo
2015-02-04 05:36
rip? more alive than b4
2015-02-04 06:06
Sweden Kasidro 
This is good for csgo if anything
2015-02-04 10:03
Wow... Not cool for ex ibp.
2015-02-04 05:36
emm throwing =/= match fixing
2015-02-04 11:03
Belgium Axelele 
they only won like 500 while ex-ibp won like 40k
2015-02-04 12:55
2015-02-04 13:26
NA gets the shaft
2015-02-04 05:36
Per usual
2015-02-04 05:39
2015-02-04 05:36
Lol why only 1 year? Are u kidding...
2015-02-04 05:37
2015-02-04 05:37
Russia IGROMAN47 
2015-02-04 05:37
AZK | 
United States Dood 
2015-02-04 05:37
np fxy0 with shox next year
2015-02-04 05:37
Brazil gTZ 
ggwp CSGO
2015-02-04 05:37
Europe crosst 
gg csgo scene its so shit since skins
2015-02-04 05:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cevap 
Skins dont have nothing to do! They are real bets site with csgo games!
2015-02-04 07:45
Europe crosst 
hackers(keyloggers), phishing sites
2015-02-04 14:59
Clearly they need to revise the ibp bans to one year as well.
2015-02-04 05:37
I guess that's what's coming.
2015-02-04 05:45
I can see Swag's ban being revised, but not the others. IBP scammed around $10k whereas Epsilol was in the hundreds (as far as i know).
2015-02-04 06:16
And how would you know? There is no official proof of 10k or 1k its only redditors talk.
2015-02-04 06:45
2015-02-04 08:14
Oh ok, but how is that steel or anyones fault? Swag already said that dazed came with the idea and implied that he forced it on them by whining. He might have got all the money.
2015-02-04 08:17
Except he didn't get all the money the other players admitted to being paid in skins, swag being one of them.
2015-02-04 09:28
Swag & Steel both said they received one skin only. So the rest has to be between the remaining members + pum/cum/dum whatever & dboorN.
2015-02-04 15:40
Forced it on them by whining. What a bunch of fucking pussies, grow a spine. How anyone can allow themselves to be commanded by that massive autist DaZeD is beyond me.
2015-02-04 13:37
I think Pepsilon have 1 year ban cause they didn't bet on themselves. Their friends did.
2015-02-04 07:10
I'm pretty sure ex-iBPs not bet on themselves either? Am I misinformed?
2015-02-04 07:32
ex-iBP used smurf account to bet. :)
2015-02-04 08:59
I thought dboorN bet for them?
2015-02-04 13:55
It does not make a different if Epsilon just did this to gain some skins rather than get alot of money aout of it. From what i have read IPB players gained 100$ each aswell.
2015-02-04 07:56
2015-02-04 17:13
Valve is so bullshit lmao
2015-02-04 05:38
So can we shorten iBP's ban...? please...?
2015-02-04 05:38
Isn't it ex-epsilon?
2015-02-04 05:38
Sweden mr-gusse 
No not yet, they are only suspended for now but I suppose that will change pretty soon. Still have to wait and see, we still don't know who are banned or not. Might be all, or just a few of them.
2015-02-04 08:44
I would be pissed if I was IBP. This downright wrong.
2015-02-04 05:38
I am pretty sure they are gonna get unbanned within an year as well.
2015-02-04 05:41
emm throwing =/= match fixing not everybody who got banned fixed the matches tho but semantics like facts are overrated
2015-02-04 11:05
NA gets a life ban but these guys get 1 year...lol
2015-02-04 05:38
because eu>na Kappa
2015-02-04 05:53
where does it say IBP's ban was lifetime?
2015-02-04 06:11
Did you investigate too ? Do you see their proofs and their investigation? Do you think a milk thief should go in jail as long as a rapist ? This logic.
2015-02-04 09:11
Your logic is worse. It would be like two milktheives. One steals a carton and one steals a barrel. Same crime in the end however.
2015-02-04 10:50
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
punishment of the efficiency of the crime
2015-02-04 12:13
Brazil gTZ 
trash csgolounge, delete website.
2015-02-04 05:39
Canada jKr` 
lol 1year. So the next team only get 6months or what ??? biggest bs i ever heard.
2015-02-04 05:39
the fuck?
2015-02-04 05:39
Tf fuck is this shit, Why they get 1 year ban but iBP got fucking a lifetime #FreeSwag #FreeSwag
2015-02-04 05:53
Australia Dancing Panda 
Nice consistency valve you fucking mongs
2015-02-04 05:41
NA kids gonna be mad
2015-02-04 05:41
cs go community ...... , became soo shitty !
2015-02-04 05:41
You never mess with obama gaben
2015-02-04 05:41
Scream RIP! He has the worst luck in the world!
2015-02-04 05:42
United States ShreddiE^ 
massive fucking joke, screwing over ex-ibp? valve....
2015-02-04 05:42
Light a candle for the ex-ibp who got screwed by valve [*]
2015-02-04 05:42
Why valve rape NA?!
2015-02-04 05:44
Sweden klvmeister 
Volvo hates NA scene.
2015-02-04 05:44
wow lmao. valve breaking their own precedents
2015-02-04 05:45
That's what happens when Valve do not have existing rules in place and just make them up as they go.
2015-02-04 06:13
Wouldn't matter if there were rules. Valve does what ever the fuck they want. de_mirage de_overpass de_cobblestone 64 tic etc.
2015-02-04 09:40
2015-02-04 05:45
2015-02-04 05:45
2015-02-04 05:57
2015-02-04 07:13
Sweden fued 
No just free swag and maybe AZK, fuck steel and dazed.
2015-02-04 08:56
India anxF 
GJ Valve. And what about ScreaM ?
2015-02-04 05:46
Didn't even like anyone on iBP but swag, and this is clearly fucking bullshit for the guys on iBP. RIP what little sense Valve's decisions made. Or was that ripped when they kept buffing Tec-9?
2015-02-04 05:46
Lol that fxyo pic
2015-02-04 05:47
Trollgrin "Thank you for skinz, fangurls!"
2015-02-04 09:34
Fuck you valve why did ibp got life ban??? Wtf!!!
2015-02-04 05:48
They didn't get life ban, but indefinite ban.
2015-02-04 07:57
Dear dumb muricans, Epsilon didn't bet on the match themselves, their friends got some free skins. Also, they came out with it themselves, before anything was fully proven. Richard Lewis asked ibp several times to come out clean and they refused every time. Even in RL you don't get the same sentence for the same crime. Some people get life-time in prison, others get 25 yrs or so, depending on the siutation
2015-02-04 05:50
+1 someone who understands
2015-02-04 05:54
Canada jKr` 
Epsilon would have never said a word, if GMX wouldn had put them against a wall.
2015-02-04 05:59
Richard Lewis did pretty much this to Steel and few others. He told them he has all the evidence and even suggested they'd get a lesser punishment. They didn't want to say anything and were dumb enough to believe they'd get away with it. Epsilon has a bit more brains than muricans, they're not getting punished as hard now. They could've just said that GMX is mad over being kicked if they really wanted to go down that road, instead they handled the situation as they should and admitted all of it
2015-02-04 12:15
United Kingdom Qiz 
There wouldn't have been bans if they hadn't received skins, there would be no way to prove it. But considering fxy0 come out with an apology makes it obvious that they received enough skins to be caught by valve. It also doesn't matter how long people have been asking ibp to come out, both teams apologized after they were caught, neither came out before.
2015-02-04 06:05
Yeah they admitted everything after GMX posted it on facebook because he got kicked. If you are that retarded to believe that they didn't benefit and threw for there friends then you are as stupid as muricans.
2015-02-04 06:47
beware of going full retard.
2015-02-04 07:21
Thanks you.
2015-02-04 09:07
Epsilon came out because gmx was a rat... Had gnx not been a rat, you would have never known... Look at how long ago that match was.
2015-02-04 12:50
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
NA gets lifetime ban when they make over 10,000$ profit and Epsilon gets only 1 year because they didn't place any bets on the game.
2015-02-04 05:50
dboorn and cud got all of that the players made 750-1000 each
2015-02-04 05:58
Kyrgyzstan Peksi 
Who really cares about the bans? As long as they are banned i'm happy. Crying on forums will definetly help you.
2015-02-04 06:00
Scream nao toma ban ainda calma ae galera !
2015-02-04 05:50
i aren't think that
2015-02-04 05:54
Expected #ScrewSwag #ScrewSteel [*]
2015-02-04 05:51
unban swag pls
2015-02-04 05:53
n1 pic for the article Kappa
2015-02-04 05:53
If they dont make iBP ban one year this is total bullshit. They did the exact same thing, they should have the exact same punishment. The $ amount, by law, does not matter.
2015-02-04 06:00
the fact these guys probs made 1k off this and ibp made 10k+ and never once admitted yet lied even once found guilty would be enough to reason a perm ban to a 1 year ban ibp handled it wrong and were made an example out of because of it
2015-02-04 06:02
Epsilon did the same thing. They didn't say anything about it until they were caught just like iBP. This is LAW. Same crime = same punishment. The amount does not matter. Example - 2 guys break into houses, one steals tv other steals a lava lamp. They both get charged the exact same thing (If 18+)
2015-02-04 06:04
It's not law. Valve can ban anyone they want from their competitive tournaments if they say it's bad for business.
2015-02-04 06:05
Same Crime = Same Punishment. False Murder Court Cases never dish out the same punishment. Some go to prison for longer periods then others with similar circumstances. Unfortunately for IBP there case was more severe then Epsilon. fxy0 also probably helped reduce the ban by making an apologetic video before the punishment was announced, instead of denying it countless times. I too feel IBP should get a reduced punishment, but if i had to decide which team had to have the permanent ban, it would be for IBP The world is unfair, and this is how shit goes.
2015-02-04 06:27
And swag was <18 I guess. So no punishment. :P
2015-02-04 07:10
That doesn't mean no punishment lol just different and normally less severe
2015-02-04 07:21
Lol was just kidding. But don't think they do get punished. Generally they are sent to correctional facilities where they asked too do community Service. So may be 50 overwatch a day for swag. :P On a seriour note, IMO kids below 18 should not be allowed to bet either.
2015-02-04 07:42
50 overwatch a day LOL I love it
2015-02-04 07:53
lying about it for months vs. immediately admitting it once exposed legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/p..
2015-02-04 06:45
lol yea once they knew the bans would be lifetime. if ibp didnt get caught and this epsilon thing happened first you can bet that they wouldve denied it just like ibp did get off that bs
2015-02-04 07:42
No they didn't do the same thing, that's what you NA kids refuse to understand -____-"
2015-02-04 09:08
Actually money amount by law DOES matter... There's a huge difference in larceny and grand larceny. That's like saying I get 2 years in prison for stealing 3 dollars, the same as a guy who stole 3 thousand dollars.
2015-02-04 12:57
France B0u  
Free Swag!!
2015-02-04 06:02
that moment when swag is actually more guilty than AZK yet everyone thinks swag is the one who should be unbanned get over it kid
2015-02-04 06:03
Sweden fued 
I think swag should get unbanned because he is clearly top 1 NA.It's sad to see him go.
2015-02-04 09:00
who the fuck cares if he's top 1 or top 50, that's the dumbest reason to alter punishment.
2015-02-04 21:50
fxy0 "Hard punishment ofc , but i can understand, i have acted like a kid and now i have to pay." You've always acted like a kid. fucking moron swegg. gtfo
2015-02-04 06:04
why scream :|
2015-02-04 06:06
Epsilon = 1 year ban iBP = Idefinite Uhhh, Vavle?
2015-02-04 06:07
United Kingdom Qiz 
Indefinite = unclear, unknown, aka when valve decides
2015-02-04 06:09
You're the kind of guy who think theives or drug dealer should go in jail as long as rapists right ?
2015-02-04 09:10
srsly?! lifetime ban or freeSwag...where is the logic? oh i forgot...its valve...
2015-02-04 06:11
Valve is known to be equally harsh for everyone. Would be nice to know the logic behind this
2015-02-04 06:29
Life time ban or 1 year ban for IBP but this is so wrong, money amount doesn't matter.
2015-02-04 06:15
Ohh yes it does..
2015-02-04 12:59
Snax | 
Serbia JOCkEq 
2015-02-04 06:16
2015-02-04 06:17
ex-iBP stole much more money then Epsilon did. That being said i believe a 1 year ban is pretty solid sad but necessary. I do however feel that the ex-iBP bans were perhaps a bit to high to start off with.
2015-02-04 06:20
No one likes americans who throws for thousands of usd in skins.
2015-02-04 06:29
i don't like any team that throws for skins.... for all i care its a freaking dutch team bans are in order for any team that throws for skins. 1: they dissapoint and lie to their fans. 2: they steal from the community members who supported them. 3: this makes our e-sport look dumb and seriously bad. 4: extremely negative publicity for the organization they play for aswell.
2015-02-04 06:34
Maybe they support them but betting is not a way to support a team xD And the one who bet are not always the one who support ! There is a HUGE difference
2015-02-04 11:00
I understand there is a difference let me clarify. With support them i mean our e-sport as a whole as it has grown in rapid fashion.
2015-02-04 16:07
u don´t know how much other users bet
2015-02-04 06:44
seeying as the iBP throw was much more orchestrated then this one i think we can say for shure iBP made much more on this then just a few skins....also the odds were much higher on the iBP game then the Epsilon one.
2015-02-04 07:05
racism is real RIP Murica
2015-02-04 06:20
"i hope not , 1 year ban from every major is extremely hard enough. Stay Tuned !" Bullshit m8, you should be gone for life. In any other scene you would go to GAOL! feel lucky.....
2015-02-04 06:22
fx0y ;c
2015-02-04 06:23
I don't understand why one team get banned permanently and the other for 1 year.
2015-02-04 06:28
Severity of a crime... Not to mention the lie after the fact.
2015-02-04 13:01
Brazil Nobuga 
2015-02-04 06:28
2015-02-04 06:30
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
EU scene Beginning , Part 1
2015-02-04 06:34
gg ScreaM
2015-02-04 06:36
so wrong, ibp should get reduced punishment
2015-02-04 06:37
double standards once again from Valve. sad to see different punishments for similar actions. even if valve shorten IBPs bans to 1 year they will look ridiculous.
2015-02-04 06:37
they should pepsilon ban forever like ex-IBP no mercy for thiefs
2015-02-04 06:43
Brazil Nobuga 
+1 Fucking baguettes
2015-02-04 06:50
Norway SlimeThug 
2015-02-04 06:53
2015-02-04 06:40
Japan rrtyui 
2015-02-04 06:51
Norway SlimeThug 
gaben gaben gaben.... get you're shit together already you greedy son of a bitch! shorten ibp bans, or make lifetime bans for epsilon. it doesn't get easier than this
2015-02-04 06:53
For the sake of the community being able to watch top level CS I hope valve doesnt look into every top pros account transaction history. Because this surely has happened a lot among top teams. Buuuut at the same time I hate cheaters in any form and they must be weeded out.
2015-02-04 06:53
#freeswag #freedazed #freeazk you can have the rest we just want these three stars
2015-02-04 06:53
lmaooo free dazed. u must be on drugs mate. hes most toxic shit ever
2015-02-04 07:16
moe and steel exist and dazed is probably the best entry NA
2015-02-04 15:51
Not Dazed
2015-02-04 09:35
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
Do you NA fags actually believe THIS situation is comparable to running away with $10,000 worth of skins? Holy shit balls, all dumb as fuck.
2015-02-04 06:55
I am wondering how people under the age of 18 can bet. Isn't that concidered gambling and because of that it goes under the law?
2015-02-04 07:01
Depends on the jurisdiction... Some countries have no age limit.
2015-02-04 13:02
nice :)
2015-02-04 07:09
they get a one year ban and IBP get a lifetime ban wtf??
2015-02-04 07:13
ARTeMis | 
Australia zebO 
Dumb. You, not valve. xD
2015-02-04 07:15
2015-02-04 07:17
So VP should be next?
2015-02-04 07:14
7 months with probation or no deal.
2015-02-04 07:19
Who's next? VP? TITAN?
2015-02-04 07:23
hahas thanks Pepsilon <like>
2015-02-04 07:24
no problem that's kinda cool to handle it this way from valve:)
2015-02-04 07:34
why is it just one year?
2015-02-04 07:41
Why the fuck do you bother setting a precedent if you're not going to follow it? These guys should either be perm banned or no one should be banned at all. Either reverse the original decision and warn of the potential for very severe punishments, or perm ban these guys.
2015-02-04 07:49
Are you really that stupid? Is everyone here so fucking dumb its mindblowing? Where the fuck did you read that ibp players got permanent bans? Learn to fucking read.
2015-02-04 08:36
Those bans have no stated end date. They're permanent bans, unless Valve decide to remove the bans in time.
2015-02-04 08:41
No. They are permanent when valve states they are permanent bans.
2015-02-04 08:44
And you're a dumb cunt. Go be a tard elsewhere.
2015-02-04 08:55
Yeh... I wonder who the tard might be.
2015-02-04 09:24
it's actually you.
2015-02-04 10:18
Ye I bet it is. Go away, fool.
2015-02-04 10:42
no please inch allah it can’t be real!
2015-02-05 06:37
happy 2k15 year pepsilon! XD
2015-02-04 07:49
Austria gex0r 
deserved. i think that will be the teams death.
2015-02-04 07:51
2015-02-04 07:52
Guys you dont consider anything. Your question is ex-iBP got indefinate ban And pepsilon only 1 yr. The reason is because GMX ,the ex pepsilon player came out in open(bad intentions though) and told about throwing. Fxy0 came out and accepted his crime. Look at shameless iBP guys,they kept on defending even after they got caught. Now ask yourself. This is a fair 1 yr ban for pepsilon and justified in definate ban for EX-iBP
2015-02-04 07:56
2015-02-04 08:01
When GMX first brought it up they openly denied it and said he was lying. They only came out after they knew they were fucked to reduce their ban. That doesn't mean shit.
2015-02-04 08:17
They used their brains.
2015-02-04 09:21
2015-02-04 07:59
haha finally.
2015-02-04 08:21
India IO 
lost respect :(
2015-02-04 08:23
Russia Razor_88 
join your skins and go play pablic servers pepsilon
2015-02-04 08:33
2015-02-04 08:34
Norway kakkopp 
Ur team has nothing to do in a major anyways so no Harm done
2015-02-04 08:44
2015-02-04 08:44
Sweden mr-gusse 
The beginning of 2015 has really been full of drama. Teams swapping organisations, team being banned for throwing. CS:GO deliver drama even when there are no matches :D
2015-02-04 08:46
haha eller hur, följt GO scenen sen förra vintern o aldrig sett såhär mycket saker hända på en o samma gång :D
2015-02-04 13:44
1 year bans to all but steel and DaZeD pls
2015-02-04 08:46
"i hope not , 1 year ban from every major is extremely hard enough. Stay Tuned !" As if epsilon was going to make it to a major in 2015?
2015-02-04 08:48
Epsilon is such a joke...... involved 2 times with VAC bans and now this... loooooool
2015-02-04 08:51
Sf and?
2015-02-04 11:30
Oh thought u meant 2 from "current" epsilon.
2015-02-04 18:12
2015-02-04 08:57
2015-02-04 08:57
+vac ban
2015-02-04 08:58
so they got banned for 1 year but why ibp got permanent ban wtf volvo
2015-02-04 08:58
Sweden Mikacage 
2015-02-04 09:01
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
why the fuck swag got permaban if these guys get 1 year?
2015-02-04 09:04
Use your brain for once. Several planned match fixings with incomes in the 10'000$ range versus a spontanious "throw" in the last match of an already decided ESEA season for skins worth around 200$. Of course those cases are totally equal and should deserve the same punishment! /s
2015-02-04 09:18
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
Swag didn't plan shit and got very few skins from it, 1 game that didn't matter, just like french. But volvo forced same punishment on all ibp players regardless of their involvement degree. And i won't believe everything just because pepsilion says it before there are any confirmations, offcourse fxy0 will try to make himself look as best as he can it that confession video. All i know so far they threw the game and got some skins, plus their friends got more, nobody of whom got exposed yet.
2015-02-04 09:28
2015-02-04 09:28
Good, good.
2015-02-04 10:05
Free ScreaM.. gonna miss you
2015-02-04 10:09
probably i think NA scene deserve too to get shorted bans i think 1 year without tournaments for pro player is huge penalty !
2015-02-04 10:13
Ukraine petruska 
R.I.P fxy0
2015-02-04 10:13
So there is a new spot in the offline qualifier for Katowice ?
2015-02-04 10:14
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Bell ends
2015-02-04 10:15
go ban all baguete
2015-02-04 10:17
Joey Schlosser
2015-02-04 10:35
ScreaM said in twitter that he's free
2015-02-04 10:40
iBP's matchfixing involved several or more matches totalling tens of thousands of dollars and they denied the accusations passionately. Epsilon fixed one match receiving <$1000 and admitted it after being accused by a teammate. Just thought I'd break it down for anyone who is confused as the different length of times of the bans.
2015-02-04 10:41
Where is your proof on several or more matches thrown? Epsilon made less money but the people betting on them lost everything which is clearly more than 1000$. So your points not justifying the different lengths.
2015-02-04 11:33
Do your research. Epsilon made less than $1000. What about the people betting on iBP? If you're focusing on all the money people lost on the epsilon game, imagine how much people lost on the IBP games.
2015-02-04 12:15
Care to provide some proof of IBP fixing several matches?
2015-02-04 13:21
1 year perfect! But iBP ban must be shortened to 1 year too + cheater: 2 years.
2015-02-04 10:48
No. Cheaters go to hell.
2015-02-04 12:06
Spain akproxx 
2015-02-04 13:03
+10 points Good job
2015-02-04 10:49
2015-02-04 10:59
valve, if you ban epsilon for only one year then reduce ibp ban to 1 year too.
2015-02-04 11:01
GMX i hope you will fuck Conchita Wurst...
2015-02-04 11:07
2015-02-04 11:11
Skins ruin cs
2015-02-04 11:13
y but theyre making so much moneys for valve, few players are nothing compared to skins (VALVE LOGICK) :)
2015-02-04 11:21
Australia RaginStarZ 
hopefully that means ex-ibp members will have a reduce ban of 1 year
2015-02-04 11:13
R.I.P 2015
2015-02-04 11:24
throw for like 100-200$ worth of skins so much RetardnEss
2015-02-04 11:32
throw is throw, glad to see action take against this
2015-02-04 11:34
uzzziii and fxy0 released. ScreaM is cleared! :) epsilon-esports.com/news/epsilon-csgo-fx..
2015-02-04 11:42
This is not true CS .. not anymore
2015-02-04 11:45
Spain akproxx 
ok back to 1.6 and die with it
2015-02-04 13:05
ScreaM ;[[
2015-02-04 11:54
flusha | 
Europe An0n0n 
Even if scream doesn't get banned, he got nowhere to go.
2015-02-04 11:58
how do u know ? Are u pro-player or organiztion ?
2015-02-04 13:40
Russia Razor_88 
2015-02-04 12:04
European team gets better treatment for being European per usual.
2015-02-04 12:07
Poland deolic 
Fxy0 :(
2015-02-04 12:07
[*] rip top 10 awper
2015-02-04 12:08
fucking bitches who wants glory, bitches, money. wake up all idiots and open your eyes and then go to do something helpful. everywhere is just bussines not character thanks to young lazy, insecure, incompetent, thick, spectacled, gelled, fucking generation.
2015-02-04 12:18
Good lesson.
2015-02-04 12:13
It should have been a permaban...
2015-02-04 12:23
these kind of players .. deserves more than 1 Year ban
2015-02-04 12:28
"Hard punishment" "1 year ban from every major is extremely hard enough." NOT AT ALL
2015-02-04 12:33
how many majors per year are there?
2015-02-04 12:44
Spain akproxx 
3 or 4 maybe 5 by international 2015
2015-02-04 13:02
I think that it is not right choice made by volvo, why the fuck 1 year, if they can ban for 1-2 major tournaments?Also, its kinda stupid to ban Adil Scream Benrlitom, he doesnt even know about throw match and the igl of epsilon clearly explained to every one.I think that Adil has to leave epsilon asap and try to make his own team with some goos french players that he knows and wants to play with. what you guys think?
2015-02-04 12:45
deserved kid
2015-02-04 12:46
2015-02-04 12:57
ScreaM didn't get Banned he was not involved in the match Fix !
2015-02-04 13:10
ScreaM is dead since 1.5 years anyway, whatever happens to him doesn't even matter. I'm sure he matchfixed in that match or other matches anyway as he has shown he cares too much about skins (dAT v Epsilon game as example, the forfeit-case)
2015-02-04 13:15
ScreaM didnt get banned, and he havent betted on csgolounge never, so where you get this cares about skins too much?
2015-02-04 13:23
+1... people don't seem to understand that SCREAM NEVER FUCKING BETS
2015-02-04 15:49
2015-02-04 18:25
Spain akproxx 
2015-02-04 13:05
ibP throws... lifetime ban epsilon throws... 1 year ban FAIRNESS confirmed :(
2015-02-04 13:04
Spain akproxx 
maybe ibuypower get more money
2015-02-04 13:05
2015-02-04 13:05
Well, i doubt that epsilon throwed for 10k$. If you rob a bank, you will not get same punishment for 1m$ and for 10k $
2015-02-04 13:26
2015-02-04 14:51
RiP Fxy0, uzzi, GMX ,
2015-02-04 13:09
ibp for life & epsilon 1 year, somthing is not right here.
2015-02-04 13:11
Good.. Now VALVe should shut down CSGOLounge or take it over and change all rules and registration agreements as CSGOLounge let's underaged kids gamble which is illegal.
2015-02-04 13:14
2015-02-04 13:20
2015-02-04 13:23
ex-iBP reduced ban to 1 year or I will fucking ScreaM!!!!
2015-02-04 13:25
trace | 
France Reo_O 
Haha GGMX!
2015-02-04 13:28
2015-02-04 13:29
Haha fuck you valve. Banning the top NA players who could've made a difference internationally, while being lenient to top 3 team in France
2015-02-04 13:32
Finland jayss 
While they're at it, investigate every pro team and hand most of them bans. It's ridiculous that a third party is ruining the whole CS:GO scene.
2015-02-04 13:35
Portugal dracø 
Rofl this is retarded. They better reduce iBP players bans then. If they want to regulate this shit they have to set punishment as well and it makes no sense that some are banned 1 year and others take a lifetime ban.
2015-02-04 13:37
Brazil 1kuNg 
well done GMX
2015-02-04 13:45
all the mad IBP-fanboys, hahaha :)
2015-02-04 13:56
What do you mean "mad iBP-fanboys"? Anyone who is wanting iBP banned is just someone who is intelligent enough to understand that it's simply not fair for Valve to ban them "indefinitely" while other teams do it and get banned for one year. You are obviously very mature, how many skins did you lose on the game nerd?
2015-02-04 14:28
2015-02-04 14:38
@staemcornmnunity.com :DDd
2015-02-04 14:22
They better fucking announce iBP's ban is only one year. When Valve banned iBP, its on the fucking front page of CSGO blog, and when they ban epsilon, it's through a private email..? Valve, get your shit together.
2015-02-04 14:27
If people don't understand the clear difference between the two cases, they're retarded. That said, I think it's obvious Valve is gonna announce the same punishment for IBP, that's why they said "indefinite".
2015-02-04 15:25
PLease explain the "clear difference"
2015-02-04 17:12
This is ridiculous, if IBP gets more then these jerks im going back to starcraft
2015-02-04 15:35
Fyx0 steam profile?
2015-02-04 15:55
Deserved! L(O_o)L
2015-02-04 15:59
i am happy that germany only provides cheater and not throws :D actually they were 2 bad to throw but their time will come
2015-02-04 16:02
goodbye, fuck you swag, hahahaha
2015-02-04 16:13
Now ban Scream too and finaly 'epoha' of hltv kids screaming "ez lyfe izi skins" will be gone.. ..kek in galaxy far far away.. end.... Kappa What a show P.S. but seriously, best players in the world getting bans on daily basis? Keepo
2015-02-04 16:50
Norway neveredgy69 
bb betsilon [*]
2015-02-04 17:15
5 Replies for me too pls :3
2015-02-04 17:17
baguette ban all around
2015-02-04 17:53
hampus | 
World mjuddi 
expected, deserved and awesome, gl ScreaM!
2015-02-04 18:37
before regulation - perm ban after regulation - 1 yr ban murica fck yeah
2015-02-04 20:13
rip WORLD ?
2015-02-04 20:55
What is this crap? IBP players gets perm banned and they get 1 year... valve stay true to your word idiots. Changing rules because they know they would end up banning all pros and there would be no CSGO left.
2015-02-05 01:54
Sooo, now it's perm i guess? Confirm?
2015-02-06 18:11
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