Video: Maikelele - MVP of ASUS ROG

February 8th, 2015 18:43

Our moviemaker Marcos "Proutounz" Soares compiled a video with Mikail "Maikelele" Bill's best actions from ASUS ROG Winter, where he put up MVP-worthy performances.

NiP came on top of ASUS ROG Winter 2015 after a 2-0 final versus Titan, and their AWPer, Mikail "Maikelele" Bill put up good enough performances to deserve an MVP title from the tournament taking place in Helsinki last weekend.'s own Marcos "Proutounz" Soares compiled a video of Maikelele's best actions throughout the tournament, where he put up a 1.39 rating, averaging 0.91 kills per round.

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Sweden Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill
Mikail 'Maikelele' Bill
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-02-08 18:43
Misselele MVP? wtf they're lucky that envyus wasnt there
2015-02-08 19:06
yea and that fnatic wasnt there so they can beat ENVYUS again hard..
2015-02-08 21:22
nip were on form and focused. dont try to pretend like they couldn't have beaten both nv and fnatic.
2015-02-08 22:25
Sweden Bryz 
Fnatic is arguable, EnvyUs is not.
2015-02-09 14:24
Russia goodjob 
ye, NiP are losing to themselves more that to their opponents..
2015-02-10 00:30
Venezuela chespiZ 
2many eco rounds, kennys was a fucking beast vs everything
2015-02-08 19:29
4 antieco actions out of 12 or something like that :P not so much
2015-02-08 20:06
not any eco dude, watch carefully, pistol rounds..
2015-02-08 20:25
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
kenny's was choking a lot on this tournament compared to pantamera
2015-02-09 09:16
gabba gabba heeeeeey
2015-02-08 18:44
maikelelele stronk
2015-02-08 18:44
2015-02-08 18:44
u fukin wot
2015-02-08 18:44
2015-02-08 18:44
kennys for ios PLZ
2015-02-08 18:45
holy shit that clip looks good with such a high frame rate, every other movie maker should take some notes form this one
2015-02-08 18:46
great job proutonz :D
2015-02-08 18:48
2015-02-08 18:46
wp Mikail!
2015-02-08 18:46
Deserved, great player!
2015-02-08 18:48
I'm too lazy to count but a big part of frags was against HR, wo due to recent roster changes *khm*sucks*khm*
2015-02-08 22:37
2015-02-08 23:24
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
you r not the retardelele
2015-02-08 18:48
Argentina YH!one 
Mislelele why you dont play like this is Pantamera? :c
2015-02-08 18:49
How much?
2015-02-08 21:38
Argentina YH!one 
I didnt bet :D but is bad for a team like NiP when a player underperform like that. Being the mvp of Asus Rog but later in Pantamera making huge mistakes and mising all his shots is a sing of something going wrong.
2015-02-08 23:30
or perhaps it may be a bit of inconsistency, nothing more.
2015-02-08 23:43
a lot u mean....
2015-02-09 23:15
2015-02-08 18:49
najs :)))))))
2015-02-08 18:49
WP lele
2015-02-08 18:51
Snax is Pantamera MVP. HLTV confirmed.
2015-02-08 18:59
nope, kenny probably.. or olof..
2015-02-08 21:24
Definitely deserved :)
2015-02-08 19:00
didn´t expect, why is he here, when KennyS was playing better O.o
2015-02-08 19:01
Peru Op1e 
cuz nip won asus rog.
2015-02-08 19:02
2015-02-08 19:05
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
its not pantamera its asus rog
2015-02-08 19:03
He was playing on both bettar
2015-02-08 19:05
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
still they lost and they were pretty equal maybe kenny bit better but 1 more map
2015-02-08 19:08
2015-02-09 15:21
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
You are just a blind fanboy
2015-02-08 19:41
Im fanboy of Happy, not him, just saying that he is playing good...
2015-02-09 15:21
or was he ? nooot.. kenny play solo much.. and this GAME isnt just solo it's about saving the team and team work !!!! when will you people learn.. jsut cause one is fraging it doesnt make him the best.. learn that already.. its a kid logic..
2015-02-08 21:25
thank you.. i hate this when players are only compared by frags
2015-02-09 00:11
Peru Op1e 
Really nice editing , so much better than that crap that mrtweeday does for nip
2015-02-08 19:02
fifflaren crying
2015-02-08 19:08
Maikelele MVP wtf??? even Fifflaren is better...
2015-02-08 19:09
Fifflaren was a player at the event? Did you see the video? Use your brain, please! retard.
2015-02-08 19:30
GJ Lele!<3
2015-02-08 19:10
2015-02-08 19:16
great video, disliked the music tho
2015-02-08 19:18
2015-02-08 19:19
Maikelele <3
2015-02-08 19:25
2015-02-08 19:28
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
Deserved WP Maikel
2015-02-08 19:40
Serbia WYRR 
nice brcho, good transitions in the video :)
2015-02-08 19:50
Maikelelelelelelelelele =)
2015-02-08 19:55
Sick music Sick frags WP Maikelele
2015-02-08 19:55
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
Awesome. But missed a scout wallbang to ct spawn on cache. I think it was against titan. Pretty much the sickest frag
2015-02-08 19:56
Deserved, but maike needs to be more consistant on his plays. Sometimes I see nip playing 4v5 because of some of his actions - especially on CT side.
2015-02-08 19:58
2015-02-08 19:59
2015-02-08 20:06
India php_developer 
GJ Proutounz
2015-02-08 20:07
gj eksem
2015-02-08 20:11
bestest awp playur
2015-02-08 20:14
Portugal zlynx 
bela mrd prtnz, nice edit
2015-02-08 20:16
now people dont like Mikail? rofl so many brain damaged kids here.
2015-02-08 20:27
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
most of them don't hate him for his skill just cuz the rumors he was toxic btw when i see today Orbit how can someone who want to win don't get mad to them
2015-02-08 20:57 top player: kennys so how eksem mvp?
2015-02-08 20:34
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
that is best rating, but MVP of all tournament is maikelele cuz he make his team to win is ez to understand
2015-02-08 20:55
simple, kenny is fragmachine.. fraging doesnt make you best, maikelele saved nip many many times that night, he played like a good teamplayer and did his jobb well.. Kenny is masterpiece in awping and killing i agree, but thats not the only quality we count.. learn that
2015-02-08 21:29
let's say it thats way: if titan would won the tournament everyone were saying that Kennys is the mvp. the difference is that maikele played with better team so it's easier for him... this is way i think the mvp belong to kennys. but it is my opinion
2015-02-08 23:33
No, mvp should always belong to a player on the winning team. You're not the 'mvp' if your team fucking lost.
2015-02-09 03:00
Wow, great editing and great shots for the most part. Long live the Maikelele era of NiP!
2015-02-08 21:12
2015-02-08 23:26
no suprise <3
2015-02-08 21:22
2015-02-08 21:59
been a year since poland won anything :Pppp PPpp xDDDdd
2015-02-09 03:01
+1 hahaha
2015-02-09 09:29
but a way better awper than pasha, snax, neo etc
2015-02-09 09:29
2015-02-09 01:42
Poland venrav 
2015-02-09 12:54
-maikelele +fiffy
2015-02-09 15:45
El Salvador jayss 
Definitely deserved, massive performance.
2015-02-09 22:13
2015-02-10 18:15
So nice frags... And look after, its like 2 eco kill frags... Its many frags from pistolrounds, second round forcebuy with scout's and awp frags From extreme important rounds with 1on2 and 1on1's... Ofcourse he is the mvp of the tourney! He won with nip, got most kills for the team and won the BIG rounds, when NiP needed it most.. KennyS is never winning the Big rounds, and he is not a top teamplayer
2015-02-10 00:52
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