99Damage Masters reaches playoffs

The group stage of 99Damage Masters has reached a conclusion, with four teams moving on to the playoffs.

Without too much surprise, Team SoloMid and PENTA Sports continued their run of good form and finished at the top of their respective groups with two victories in their first two matches.

Finn "karrigan" Andersen's TSM eased past Orbit and dignitas with 2-0 scorelines, while PENTA saw Orbit off on two maps before beating LGB eSports in a three-map thriller.

The Norwegian side fell short against Property in the consolidation final, suffering a 1-2 defeat, the same scoreline by which dignitas defeated Orbit in the other group.

Although the playoffs will use a double-elimination system, the group winners will advance directly to the Upper Bracket final, whereas the runners-up will face off in the Lower Bracket.

Below is the timetable for the playoffs:

Wednesday, February 11:
18:00 Germany PENTA vs. Denmark Team SoloMid
21:00 Sweden Property vs. Denmark dignitas
Thursday, February 12:
18:00 Consolidation Final
21:00 Grand final
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
AZK | 
United States Dood 
Should be ez for TSM
2015-02-11 03:07
Germany fjdeN 
ez 4 pebta
2015-02-11 07:58
pebta 2 stronk
2015-02-11 18:37
expected tsm ez
2015-02-11 03:09
shit caster shit tournament.
2015-02-11 03:10
who is caster for this one?
2015-02-11 04:55
2015-02-11 07:52
The German 99damage guy is nice to listening to. Not that dadoo fella, he puts me to sleep :(
2015-02-11 08:35
Twistzz | 
Latvia `DinGo 
+1 even tho i dont know german i prefer his stream over daboo
2015-02-11 18:04
lost to vietnam and still mad.
2015-02-11 13:42
Free money for TSM PENTA miiiiiiiggght have a chance though
2015-02-11 03:14
2015-02-11 03:19
oh my god TSM may get out of a semi final for once.
2015-02-11 03:20
You never know, maybe a miracle could happen
2015-02-11 03:41
Europe Dan Zero 
2015-02-11 03:24
yayyy cool
2015-02-11 03:58
Wait if both Penta and TSM finished 1st, why are they vs each other? That doesnt make sense.
2015-02-11 04:24
All four teams finished first in their groups.
2015-02-11 04:30
Didn't realize there were 4 groups. Thanks :)
2015-02-11 04:37
There were 2 groups, the group winners go straight to an upper bracket final; while the 2nd placed teams go into a lower bracket final. Not the standard but eh.
2015-02-11 06:20
Interesting.. I'd rather have it the old school way, but alright. Thanks for the clarification.
2015-02-11 06:54
TSM :)
2015-02-11 09:32
2015-02-11 09:43
So you guys think I souldn't bet on PENTA? :(
2015-02-11 13:17
Tsm=dota team or what?
2015-02-11 14:53
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