KaBuM lose team

KaBuM's players have parted ways with the organisation ahead of ESL One Katowice, the organisation has announced.

The Brazilian team booked their place at the upcoming $250,000 major via the offline qualifier, where they defeated INSHOCK and dignitas after losing to mousesports in the first round of the tournament.

During the qualifier, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo stated that the team would try to fly back to Katowice one week before the major to prepare for the tournament, which left fans scratching their heads as the players had only been able to fly to Poland because of a crowdfunding campaign.

FalleN & co leave KaBuM

After it was rumoured that the players were considering their options to be able to attend ESL One Katowice, KaBuM confirmed last night that the team are in talks with other organisations.

"After returning to Brazil, FalleN contacted KaBuM claiming that the sponsorship contract should be amended because the fees paid monthly were no longer enough for the team to be able to participate in the tournaments they wished to attend," a statement from KaBuM reads.

"KaBuM, however, responded by saying that this information was not accurate because the sum of the fees paid by KaBuM and Target Down would be enough to pay for the trips in question.

"At this moment, FalleN claimed he never got a dime from Target Down and, as such, the team would need to receive this additional fee - but they wanted this figure to be paid by KaBuM, since he had 'not been involved in the agreement with Target Down'.

"The question we raised was: how was there no involvement from him with Target Down, since FalleN orchestrated, coordinated, presented and executed the merge between the two teams? KaBuM never met or discussed terms with Target Down, since we only sponsored the players.

"At this moment, FalleN also informed us that the players were already looking for another sponsor in case we did not accept to pay the monthly fee that the other organisation was not paying. But, again much to our surprise, not to replace Target Down but to replace KaBuM (who respected all the clauses in the contracts and paid everything in time).

"Today, February 23, after talking to FalleN, we were informed that the contract will not be renewed and that the players are already negotiating with another organisation.

"We also received a lot of criticism from fans who said we "did not invest" in CS:GO because the prizes were low. We would like to point out that this is not relevant to our organisation because we did not get a percentage from the tournament winnings of our FPS team.

"We will continue investing in tbe Brazilian FPS scene and, soon, we will announce more details about this new project."

The Brazilian team, who are currently known as Games Academy until a new organisation is found, have:

Brazil Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
Brazil Fernando "fer" Alvarenga
Brazil Lucas "steel" Lopes
Brazil Caio "zqkS" Fonseca
Brazil Ricardo "boltz" Prass

Brazil Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Caio 'zqkS' Fonseca
Caio 'zqkS' Fonseca
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
very sorry (
2015-02-24 10:06
Kinda expected tho.
2015-02-24 10:13
2015-02-24 16:28
Expected. New IBP
2015-02-24 11:23
No.. they will be keyd :)
2015-02-24 16:07
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
2015-02-24 17:42
Will they go to Katowice or will go another organization? It's so sad, I wanted my Brazilians bros there :(
2015-02-24 18:52
They will attend Katowice. They're just seeking for a new org, probably that pays better. If they can't find one, they'll attend Katowice as "Games Academy", which is their provisional name.
2015-02-24 20:44
ooh ohhh nice I though they won't going. Anyway the sticker will have KaBuM.TD O_o weird if it will. Yes they were bad with KaB 'cuz they didn't pay enough to go to the events that they want to go (like Katow). Hope Brazilians to be catched by a good organization. Maybe Epsilon or Dignitas? =)
2015-02-24 21:37
The sticker wont have Kabum, they claim they havent sent the art to Valve yet
2015-02-25 07:03
Nice then, brothersinho
2015-02-25 21:23
Denmark d0kz 
2015-02-24 10:06
ibp inc
2015-02-24 10:07
Belgium Narzah 
2015-02-24 10:07
Russia deiaS 
2015-02-24 10:07
2015-02-24 10:07
RIP Kabum stickers BibleThump
2015-02-24 10:08
IBP stickers are even better
2015-02-24 11:10
Are the chances real??
2015-02-24 13:04
true but would have liked some Brand new and very nice orange stickers
2015-02-24 13:09
Brazil PHOntivero 
There are rumours about KEDY team too, and their sticker would be so freaking badass.
2015-02-24 17:14
Link so I can see it? never heard about :p
2015-02-24 18:14
it is a warrior helmet, link keyd.com.br/site/wp-content/uploads/yoot..
2015-02-24 20:54
meh, still prefer the iBP ones xD
2015-02-24 21:25
is shit tbh
2015-02-24 23:16
But the logo of KaBuM sucks...
2015-02-24 16:20
but still very ORANGE and we lack orange stickers :D
2015-02-24 16:50
2015-02-24 10:09
Jordan KuF 
2015-02-24 14:10
Nooooooo :(
2015-02-24 10:09
RIP Probably KeydTeam will pick'em up.
2015-02-24 10:09
2015-02-24 10:10
They already was bad
2015-02-24 10:11
at least keyd sounds better than kabum
2015-02-24 10:12
Argentina YH!one 
No, kabum is love :c
2015-02-24 10:41
sad news((((
2015-02-24 10:13
2015-02-24 10:13
Brazil Genghis ban 
2015-02-24 10:14
2015-02-24 10:16
well that's good when the organization couldn't send team for qualifiers community helped them and so this is obvious. :)
2015-02-24 10:16
I cannot make sense of this article.
2015-02-24 10:17
2015-02-24 10:18
dAT sticker money dispute? my guess
2015-02-24 10:19
I don't think KaBuM would get any of that, neither ProgamingTD. Players would (will?) share that. Basically, they want a stronger main sponsor, so they got rid of the old sponsors.
2015-02-24 10:25
2015-02-24 10:19
2015-02-24 10:20
iBUYPOWER cmonnnn
2015-02-24 10:22
2015-02-24 10:24
Hopefully they will attend
2015-02-24 10:30
so wait kabum do not get a percentage of the winnings why? as far as i know the sponsors shud get a part of the winnings right?
2015-02-24 10:33
but they're no longer attatched to this csgo team which qualified to Katowice? so no monies?
2015-02-24 10:53
Most big organizations do not get a percentage of the winnings. To mention a few (pretty sure) that does not get a percentage; NiP, fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, Dignitas
2015-02-24 11:38
NiP takes 10%.
2015-02-24 11:40
You talking shit bro... :)
2015-02-24 14:52
2015-02-24 10:33
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
2015-02-24 10:35
they go to IBP now :)
2015-02-24 10:34
LDLC, mibr, SK, Lemondogs, Lions, dignitas...orgs that might be interested in a team like this :) they've proven that are good vs some EU teams :D
2015-02-24 10:35
i remember when lemondogs support a argentinian team , could be possible
2015-02-24 10:43
Argentina YH!one 
2015-02-24 10:50
2015-02-24 10:46
dignitas have nico/fetish's team already and I doubt the other orgs would pick up a Brazilian team although it would be great to see orgs like SK, Lions and Lemondogs in cs again.
2015-02-24 10:47
Portugal dashh 
2015-02-24 10:49
mibr, Lemondogs, Lions stop living 1.6 days
2015-02-24 13:37
lions is shit lol
2015-02-24 15:28
2015-02-24 10:37
Argentina YH!one 
2015-02-24 10:40
IBP ez
2015-02-24 10:50
2015-02-24 10:54
Kabum :'(
2015-02-24 10:56
coL again!
2015-02-24 10:58
2015-02-24 11:02
2015-02-24 11:13
South America IFK 
Deja vu?
2015-02-24 11:03
If players underperfomf they get kickd, when organisations don't pay they also get away with this. We are now at point in cs:go where players start value themselfs and if you don't have enough on table you can go fuxx yourself. IF kaboom is so hurt let them show how much they pay lol players and how much cs:go
2015-02-24 11:11
2015-02-24 11:17
2015-02-24 11:41
very sad
2015-02-24 11:13
Poland trancemeister 
Kaaaaa........... BOOOOOM
2015-02-24 11:13
Not a big deal at all.
2015-02-24 11:27
iBP or Keyd. I prefer iBP, but still ok.
2015-02-24 11:28
EG confirmed.
2015-02-24 11:38
my reaction after hearing this news :-( kabuummmmm
2015-02-24 11:50
Really expected
2015-02-24 11:51
Keyd for sure... I dont see why iBP would pick up a Brazilian team since they dont sell anything to Brazil. GL My friends!
2015-02-24 11:53
they are going to Keyd Stars, is almost sure about it
2015-02-24 11:57
Edward | 
Macau ianzy 
iBP steel....eyy lmao
2015-02-24 12:11
expected kabum shit org didnt even pay them to go to major qualifier lol
2015-02-24 12:22
This is HUGE for Brazilian scene. Kabum feels betrayed and will get the #2 team in the country, pay them to get in GA level .. meanwhile another LOL org will pick up GA knowing that they'll have to pay trips to international tournaments and giving them better conditions. Its a win-win situation for us.
2015-02-24 12:32
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
2015-02-24 12:56
they will not pay fnx.
2015-02-24 13:18
and who said fnx has the second best team? I guess they will get RampageKillers or Dex, but Dex is a good org already.
2015-02-24 14:34
fnx has not the second best team, dexterity can prove it.
2015-02-24 17:21
What would that team be? Something like the hen bros, zews, rkz...?
2015-02-24 15:22
iBP or EG or coL
2015-02-24 12:38
Noooooooooooo, my stickerssss
2015-02-24 12:39
Sweden infx 
coL or iBP
2015-02-24 12:54
Greece hekzy 
2015-02-24 13:23
2015-02-24 12:55
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
Keyd almost confirmed
2015-02-24 12:58
oh god.. not expected :/
2015-02-24 13:02
How are the chances of them becoming iBP??
2015-02-24 13:06
0.001% for ibp and 99.99% for team keyd
2015-02-24 13:11
yeah, i thought so... why are so many people putting their expectation on iBP? do they have a store in brazil?
2015-02-24 14:45
idk, and no ibp don't have store in brazil :[
2015-02-24 15:52
IBP helped kabum a lot in Clutch Con, they lent their pc's for kabum, and helped with another things, so people started think they sign with kabum, but is not true, fer say they don't know nothing about it.
2015-02-24 15:57
Anyway, keyd stickers would be awesome. Thx for replying guys
2015-02-24 18:01
IBP or KEYD inc
2015-02-24 13:21
and i was hoping for kabum stickers ;(
2015-02-24 13:39
so sad
2015-02-24 13:41
Greece hekzy 
coL PLEASE, or INTZ/paiN/Isurus because cool logos and jerseys :D
2015-02-24 13:42
Kabum was nice name though
2015-02-24 13:49
I hope they are able to organize and train on time, do not want to see excuses not to come out better than they should be because of this.
2015-02-24 13:55
damn, they had a nice logo :D
2015-02-24 13:56
wow thats depressing
2015-02-24 13:57
sad story :C
2015-02-24 14:08
rip [*]
2015-02-24 14:15
Amateurs at both sides, that's the result. Nothing new.
2015-02-24 14:30
Keyd Stars should be the new org, with by the way is GREAT, they done a fantastic support in other FPS (including game house). Go Keyd! Go Fallen!
2015-02-24 14:32
2015-02-24 14:52
2015-02-24 14:38
RIP donated money jk it's going to be used wisely by ex-KaBuM. Kappa
2015-02-24 15:03
typical brasilian scene since 1.6
2015-02-24 15:11
Yes, I agree with you!
2015-02-24 15:18
+1 sad
2015-02-24 19:21
Chile Cristoff 
GL with the next org
2015-02-24 15:16
GL my friends.
2015-02-24 15:17
yea ibp confirmed
2015-02-24 15:17
I've a question boys: the qualified team was Kabum organization or FalleN's lineup? I mean, the plays or the team? I know it sounds a bit weird but there is any chance of KabuM sending other lineup to play the major?
2015-02-24 15:38
Players got slots, not orga. Same was when french shuffle happened. Titan with new players have a slot for major cuz they picked up 3 ex LDLC players who was in top8 in previous major, so they got invite. Also, Epsilon played with Uzii, GMX and fxyo only because 3 of them had a slot. Basicly, even team shuffle, and players change orga, while they have 3 of them who was top8 teams on last major, they can go with slot
2015-02-24 15:45
TYLOO confirmed
2015-02-24 15:53
keyd gonna be a way better for them we waited for a contract that leads them often to championships
2015-02-24 16:00
kaboum lmao rip ayyyy lmao
2015-02-24 16:02
Kabum is now Keyd Team!
2015-02-24 16:07
complexity iBuypower Dignitas all good options
2015-02-24 16:12
keyd / complexity / random org
2015-02-24 16:20
Keyd Team probally. (Keyd has the best LoL brazilian team and they are very rich)
2015-02-24 16:21
Poland jakbu 
Isn't Games Academy a Peruvian orga?
2015-02-24 16:21
Games Academy is a schoolcsgo of fallen Kappa
2015-02-24 16:26
GA is a "CSGO school" owned by FalleN. It's like Netcodeguides
2015-02-24 16:56
Brazil Nobuga 
Rip in pepperonis
2015-02-24 16:36
2015-02-24 17:10
in Keyd(League of Legends) have two koreans, 3 brazilians and gaming house Kappa
2015-02-24 17:15
#goGA! I want my sticker GamesAcademy. :D
2015-02-24 17:41
Nice move Fallen and co. Keep forward... CSGO BR deserves more attention.
2015-02-24 17:50
2015-02-24 18:01
In English?
2015-02-24 20:38
No inglesh in brazil )))))
2015-02-24 22:36
2015-02-24 23:02
My guess, lots of HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE. No need to translate
2015-02-24 23:10
Keyd inc
2015-02-24 18:06
2015-02-24 18:22
that would be reeeeeeally nice, but i think its going to be keyd. i mean, i wish it will be iBP, but beeing realistic, its going to be keyd
2015-02-24 23:12
"great news soon" FalleN
2015-02-24 19:39
Brazil hugoooo 
Great news... Kabum org didn't give a fuck to their own team or players
2015-02-24 20:39
come back MIBR ??????
2015-02-24 22:43
maybe what? MIBR.GA? Keyd.GA? or just the org.name without .GA
2015-02-25 01:54
tHm | 
Denmark tHm 
inb4 coL
2015-02-25 03:08
Sad :(
2015-02-25 03:18
KabuM now is Keyd: keyd.com.br/2015/
2015-02-25 03:53
this , keyd confirmed
2015-02-25 04:03
Brazil Laureano 
This URL is not correct ... keyd.com.br/global/
2015-02-25 04:07
2015-02-25 13:32
Yes Keyd team!
2015-02-25 05:38
Do they go to ESL one with Keyd or do they not go now?
2015-02-26 02:44
They will go in the next week to Sweden to get rhythm, Fallen said in his stream today. In other words they will go.
2015-02-26 02:54
2015-02-26 12:41
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