CPH Games prize distribution revealed

Copenhagen Games has announced the prize distribution for its Trust Fona CS:GO tournament.

The Danish event will run from April 1-5 at the Øksnehallen exhibition centre, with €26,000 being at stake in the CS:GO tournament, which will feature a number of big-name teams from all over Europe.

Virtus.pro, Team SoloMid, mousesports and ACER are amongst the teams that have so far been announced by CPH Games, with 16 other sides coming from the offline qualifier that will be held at the event.

NiP won last year's CPH Games 

CPH Games has now revealed that the prize distribution will remain the same from last year's tournament, which means that the winner will take home €14,000. Below you can find the prize distribution for the CS:GO competition:

    €14.000 Bank transfer
    €6.000 Bank transfer
    €2.500 Bank transfer
    €1.000 Cash
    €750 Cash
    €750 Cash
    €500 Cash
    €500 Cash

1. €14,000
2. €6,000 
3. €2,500
4. €1,000
5-6. €750
5-6. €750
7-8. €500 
7-8. €500  

Meanwhile, CPH Games said that it is finalising details about the invite list and the streaming production for the CS:GO tournament, so more information is expected to be revealed in the coming days.

2015-03-03 23:54
not bad at all
2015-03-03 23:54
good money for Atlantis #Keepo
2015-03-03 23:56
1 reply
better for x6tence oh, wait..
2015-03-04 00:38
Pretty ok
2015-03-03 23:56
fiffy [*]
2015-03-03 23:56
1 reply
Turkey J1T_T3R
2015-03-04 00:05
ez for fnatic
2015-03-03 23:56
fiffy <3
2015-03-03 23:56
because of the growth of cs go and the non-increased prizepool, CPH Games went from being a big event with alle the top tier teams, to a mid event
2015-03-03 23:56
2 replies
#15 egg-zactly !
2015-03-03 23:57
Denmark diOnysos
Then its a luck there is still alot of tier1 lans you could enter instead...
2015-03-04 00:59
They need to raise next year's prize pool.. can't be 26k for all years or else less teams will be interested.. Many companies are interested in organizing cs go tournaments now because how big it is & how huge it'll be, at least 50k which is totally fine!
2015-03-03 23:57
2015-03-03 23:59
ayaya | 
Ireland skend
rip fiffy
2015-03-03 23:59
cph games is dying year after year
2015-03-04 00:00
Remember guys - its not always about prize pool. CPH Games are pretty prestigue and hystorical tournament.
2015-03-04 00:01
13 replies
except for last year's winner's ceremony Kappa
2015-03-04 00:02
6 replies
what happened in last year's winner's ceremony?
2015-03-04 03:52
5 replies
Just a very awkward time :D youtube.com/watch?v=09GdQFgu_mY
2015-03-04 04:06
4 replies
CONGRATULAAAAAAAAAAAATIOOOOOONSSSSSSSS hahaha what is up with that guy, really. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it live..
2015-03-04 09:22
2015-03-04 09:23
vestr | 
Denmark zwank
2015-03-04 10:30
of glo :DD
2015-03-04 11:29
CPH Games never had any prestige in 1.6, thats for sure. Maybe in source, where you were starved for decent tournaments xD
2015-03-04 00:02
teams don't give a fuck about that, according to rumours NiP demanded an all paid trip (hotel, travel etc) from CPH Games if they decided to show up.
2015-03-04 00:03
2 replies
vestr | 
Denmark zwank
Those are not rumours. The main dude from CPHG came out on Gaming.dk and told the Danish community that NiP demanded EVERYTHING if they were to attend.
2015-03-04 00:15
1 reply
why would they show tactics for lame 14k? they are not stupid. they know their value. if cphg cant deliver, nip wont deliver eighter. you want the big names? offer a big environment then. they will EASILY have 100k+ viewers, so not increasing the prize pool is purely pocketing money. 26k with 30k viewers 26k with 100k viewers sry, that doesnt match. not interested.
2015-03-04 03:22
Prestige? lol you mean WCG, ESWC, IEM, Dreamhack... not Copenhagen Games xD
2015-03-04 00:59
1 reply
United States L0MAA
Wcg is gone they filed for bankruptcy last year
2015-03-04 12:37
not terrible but not great either
2015-03-04 00:02
2 replies
agreed, in this year everyone is stepping up prize pools except in majors but at least ESL is sponsoring the 250k for cologne themselves instead of taking valve $$
2015-03-04 02:09
1 reply
vestr | 
Denmark zwank
Well there's a huge difference between ESL and Danish eSports. We don't really get that much support now adays for Danish events. I think Denmark was the country of ALL countries just 2 years ago with the most events containing the best teams. You could easily attend 5-6 events and compete at the highest level, and still stay within Danish borders. Now adays, we only really got CPHG, due to all the support disappearing. Edit: 5-6 avents a year*
2015-03-04 10:36
fiffy we REMEBER YOU <3
2015-03-04 00:16
2 replies
2015-03-04 12:25
we never forgot
2015-03-04 14:02
Great to see some pricemoney for the teams 5-8
2015-03-04 00:49
Poland venomstw
Prizepool like in an online tournament , lmfao :D
2015-03-04 01:00
Man some should start to shut the fuck up CPH game Is one of last biggest lan event . DH is an event eswc is an event every tournament are event . Whereas Cph is a Lan event (the only one for top level) Its more friendly more lan atmosphere , not only another single event . When all big event now thanks Streaming revenue or Valve (such as faceit etc) Cph got a pretty good venue & cashprize
2015-03-04 01:19
4 replies
such a good lan event, navi refuse to attend
2015-03-04 02:08
3 replies
navi are shit anyway
2015-03-04 04:34
2 replies
are NiP,envy,fnatic and all those shit too?
2015-03-04 10:33
1 reply
navi is shit
2015-03-04 16:38
event where taz needs to drink from toilets
2015-03-04 01:41
1 reply
did taz rape you or something?
2015-03-04 02:36
same prize as last year, expected
2015-03-04 07:20
Sad that there isn't more money fir such a tournament :( The oldschool format with lower and upper bracket and bo3 make the tournament interesting
2015-03-04 07:50
poor prize pool :[
2015-03-04 09:35
ITT: People who jizz their pants when they win a couple of M4 Griffins on bets talking about how prestigious $14k of winnings is.
2015-03-04 09:44
5 replies
Fun fact, you could make more money on betting that weekend than what the teams actually win.
2015-03-04 10:34
4 replies
Fun fact, you could also lose if you're betting
2015-03-04 14:39
3 replies
Thats true, and some teams will lose in the tournament :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
2015-03-04 14:40
2 replies
But not money out of their pocket.
2015-03-04 14:42
1 reply
So what do you want me to say? that its not true that if you bet correct you can get more money than the team that wins the tournament? Cause its like this , if you bet flawless you will get more money. If you play flawless you will win the tournament. Its still a small prize pool.
2015-03-04 14:49
more tournaments the better hope CPH games can bring nice tourney would love to see double elimination BO3 upper bracket final with BO1 lower bracket :)
2015-03-04 09:48
Holy shit Friberg is the size of two NiP players.
2015-03-04 10:34
Friberg is massive!
2015-03-04 11:26
lmao, pocket money
2015-03-04 11:55
I dont understand how the price pool keeps falling for almost every year. The mainly problem at this event, is that each team have to pay 800$ for renting PC's for the entire event. I truly understand why many teams skip this event, because of this. In addition to this, you ofcourse got the payment for the event entry as well 400$. And then you ofcourse got, a lot off other finances. So generally i would say it's a pretty expensive event. Anyways its a really great event and the environment is nice, cya there!
2015-03-04 11:56
if u reply to this comment u r stoopid
2015-03-04 17:01
2 ez 4 volgare
2015-03-04 17:22
miss fiffy
2015-03-04 18:18
2015-03-04 19:31
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