NA teams for ESEA S18 finals decided

The regular season for ESEA Invite has ended in North America and the 4 teams to attend the Season 18 finals have now been determined.

Following a 4-way tie in the North American Invite division for 2nd-4th seeds, ESEA took to their rulebook and determined the final 3 teams to qualify for the finals.

Cloud9 coasted into an easy first seed following an 11-5 record. The next 4 teams in line however, all finished the season with a 10-6 scoreline, namely: Luminosity, Denial, CLG and eLevate.

semphis' Cloud9 grab an easy first seed for the finals 

ESEA Invite league rules specify the following consecutive procedure in the event of a tie-breaker at the end of regular play:

  • Overall record
  • Head-to-head record
  • Amount of total rounds won (round differential)
  • Single map playoff as a last case scenario

In the end it was the head-to-head score which came into effect in the 4-way tie and the odd man out of the tie was eLevate, meaning they will miss out on attending the global finals of ESEA S18.

The four North American teams to attend, and in appropriate seeding order, are:

1. United States Cloud9
2. United States Luminosity
3. United States Denial
4. United States CLG

The 4 teams to attend the ESEA S18 finals (and to be seeded) from the European division will be fully decided on March 8th when the last matches will be played out.

As it stands, the Swedes of fnatic have an assured top seed at the finals, maintain a head-to-head advantage against Titan for second place, while Property and mousesports can still challenge for the top four.

2015-03-07 08:00
United States Prop 
2015-03-07 08:02
not enough flashing lights
2015-03-07 08:04
not enough elevate rip [*]
2015-03-07 08:51
United States Prop 
2015-03-07 09:07
ZippE | 
Finland Abble 
No sir, License and breath mint please.
2015-03-07 09:51
Brazil Collee 
No lmaorino spammerino or raporterino
2015-03-07 08:07
Stich you are lazy as fuck :D VP also secured their place at ESEA finals. Just do the math with potential tie and VP ll be on top.
2015-03-07 22:57
United States BigAK 
rip elevate
2015-03-07 08:00
2015-03-07 08:00
ez clg
2015-03-07 08:01
LG ez
2015-03-07 08:02
Estonia rYm 
HAHAHAHA eLevate lol
2015-03-07 08:02
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
glad to not seen Elevate here ...
2015-03-07 08:03
Brazil amark 
eLevate getting what they deserve for a mediocre game on season vs Luminosity. They had the chance to grab the first seed if they had won that match.
2015-03-07 08:04
That's true.
2015-03-07 11:33
bad luck elevate
2015-03-07 08:04
No Liquid lol
2015-03-07 08:10
hey had the chance to grab the first seed if they had won that match.
2015-03-07 08:13
Brazil Master4tw 
so close for elevate..
2015-03-07 08:14
-Denial + Elevate would have been so much better. Denial will gete maybe 5 rounds against EU teams :/
2015-03-07 08:18
Estonia rYm 
maybe i'll surprise you but any NA team will get 5 rounds against EU
2015-03-07 10:28
Cloud 9 and CLG will win at least 1 map for sure
2015-03-07 18:52
CLG will win it
2015-03-07 08:19
Where is Liquid ?????
2015-03-07 08:21
ended up in 6th place
2015-03-07 10:19
nice! Hope to see liquid and elevate next time
2015-03-07 08:27
Australia RaginStarZ 
no liquid and no elevate... shame
2015-03-07 08:30
lol rip elevate
2015-03-07 08:31
Denial will get a total of 7 rounds Sancz will do the worst out of them Calling it now
2015-03-07 08:34
I think prof. chaos has the potential to do the worst.
2015-03-07 11:35
I think it will be: 1. CLG 2. Denial 3. Cloud9 4. Luminosity
2015-03-07 08:38
clg will play on the upper bracket against fnatic bo3 so they will already be pushed to lower after the first bo3
2015-03-07 09:00
Wow... no elevate... no fun
2015-03-07 09:00
Elevate biggest disappointment since smashing CLG at Clutchcon. wtf happened to these guys
2015-03-07 09:02
North America QNCY 
They got knocked out of CEVO by LUMI and they had the least head to head wins. They gave up games Versus Denail CLG and never beat LUMI.
2015-03-08 08:12
2015-03-07 09:10
Time to make fun of SKDC loooooool
2015-03-07 09:17
Denial will be the biggest Surprise @ LAN
2015-03-07 09:34
i wonder if c9 will play in the European ESEA league if they move over
2015-03-07 09:41
If so, Denial#1NA
2015-03-07 09:46
elevate? CLG?DAFUQ
2015-03-07 10:22
ez for the nip
2015-03-07 10:38
Spain akproxx 
rip liquid
2015-03-07 11:18
Luminosity took eLevate's LAN spot in both CEVO and ESEA lol.
2015-03-07 11:30
eLevate time is over??
2015-03-07 11:49
hard to say luminosity took their spot when its a 4-way tie. They lost the deciding match to CLG also, so if anyone "took" their spot it was them.
2015-03-07 11:52
Just saying that in both cases where eLevate could have gone, Luminosity went instead.
2015-03-07 12:40
North America QNCY 
Plus elevate could have secured 1st seed had they won VS LUMI on season which they blew HARD.
2015-03-08 08:13
fnatic will win anyways
2015-03-07 11:48
Stich you are lazy as fuck :D VP also secured their place at ESEA finals. Just do the math with potential tie and VP ll be on top.
2015-03-07 12:30
The post was about NA so I was focused on that and left EU in consideration, I'll amend that. No need for the bold or swear words, pal!
2015-03-07 22:59
why did you wrote a lie that fnatic secured the spot while VP is still in danger? Both are safe. You should write nothing or true. Writing something like you did is the worst. Fix it plz. I dont want to report you to your bosses.
2015-03-07 23:10
editorial and factual errors are more-than-common in the modern news world. I spot minor errors in veracity every single day when I read NYT, Al-Jazeera, and Reuters; it just happens as a byproduct. There's no need to take it so personally! :)
2015-03-07 23:13
hltv is not some random news site conducted by tards or am i wrong? ;) i thought you were bullshit proof but it seems i need to reevaluate my opinion rather sooner than later :( 1 tard (hello top20 ranking and pita scandal) in a crew is enough. dont be 2nd one plz.
2015-03-07 23:18
2015-03-07 23:18
now better but there is still possibility for some creazy multi 8-8 creazy tie for 4th place. i agree. in eu situation is complicated. g2 and navi can still fight with property and mous for 4th place. now there is no mistake in your news. it only lacks info navi and g2 are still in the game with theoretical chance for 4th spot :)
2015-03-07 23:29
Rip liquid and elevate.
2015-03-07 12:33
Liquid were quick to kick anger after failing to qualify for MLG, so here's to hoping they finally kick daps after failing to qualify for ESEA and katowice.
2015-03-07 12:47
lmao you know na scene is hurting when lumi qualifies for esea
2015-03-07 14:29
Why? They have the best AWPer NA, great rifles, calm team play. Why would they not qualify for ESEA?
2015-03-07 16:49
North America QNCY 
Youve clearly never watched them play especially for a team that didn't have s solid 5th for half the season.
2015-03-08 08:15
yet another ignorant euro
2015-03-08 15:07
liquid missing another esea lan :)
2015-03-07 15:02
Skdc last place lol Nice try jdm64
2015-03-07 15:15
Wow... I thought for sure Denial or LG would be out. A real shame for eLevate, but at least they played their best.
2015-03-07 16:03
No liquid :( oh well if they didnt make the qualifiers they dont deserve finals [*] #GoGoCLG
2015-03-07 17:50
elevate deserves not to be in finals, pathetic display on both season and nuke...
2015-03-07 20:31
Latvia SEHUN 
elevate happy with theyr skins like ibp? GTFO
2015-03-07 23:13
lol GeT_ReKt elevate CLG #1 NA anyway
2015-03-08 00:59
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