bLacKpoisoN moves to Sweden

While many in the CS:GO scene will be turning their eyes toward Katowice, Poland next week for the glamour and prestige of ESL One, another player from far far away is undertaking an equally momentous Counter-Strike journey.

The last we saw of Robby "blackpoisoN" Da Loca, he and his team Bravado were preparing for their chance to impress on the international scene and represent South Africa at DreamHack Winter 2014.

For the 22 year-old blackpoisoN, it was also an opportunity to display his skill on a much larger scale than he had previously been used to.

DHW 2014 was Robby "blackpoisoN" Da Loca's first major 

Unfortunately, despite apparent good results during bootcamp before the event, Bravado ultimately crashed out in the group stages by scoring a total of three rounds—two versus fnatic and one against Cloud9—a disappointing performance which no doubt continues to influence perceptions of the South African scene abroad.

While neither blackpoisoN nor South Africa will be present at Katowice for 2015's first major, blackpoisoN is taking an equally thrilling direction in terms of his CS:GO career.

Apparently in his consideration even before DreamHack Winter 2014, the South African player will be moving to Sweden in order to focus solely on improving his game.

Already secured of a place to live and with a plan in mind to start learning Swedish, blackpoisoN will be entering the world of a Northern European climate and CS-scene this coming Tuesday, the 10th of March, when he flies to Stockholm from Johannesburg.

Bravado at DreamHack Winter 2014 with bLacKpoisoN in foreground has sat down with blackpoisoN—albeit figuratively—and obtained an exclusive interview as he prepares to undertake what could be a defining journey in his life, and give his all to CS:GO.

We last saw you in action at DreamHack Winter 2014. Back then I perhaps unaptly chose the headline “We feel prepared” when publishing your interview. Do you feel that your team were not given much of a chance to accurately portray yourselves given the results that followed? What would you have done differently?

Well at Inferno Online for the DreamHack Winter 2014 bootcamp, we basically went over quite of lot of adjustments in our strats and positioning. We scrimmed against a few top teams at the bootcamp and had some close scores so we thought we did pretty well and honestly thought that we wouldn't do too badly against fnatic.

I think there's not much that we could do differently because we only bootcamped in Europe for a week. South African game style is a bit different to the International style so I feel in order to actually win games against top teams we'd have to bootcamp in Europe for at least a month or two.

Perhaps as a follow-up then, do you view the current group stage format at the majors as limiting, especially to teams who travel from long distances to compete?

We did have a very tough group stage, also having to play fnatic on our first match of the day of DreamHack. Some of us knew that we were going to get smashed, especially on mirage with JW's AWP and those quick rotations! I suppose Bo1 is quite harsh...Especially for a team that travelled a long way but none of us had an issue with it.

At the end of the day we were grateful for everything. Yes we did get a lot of flack from people in South Africa and around the world after our results but we can't get offended as we don't have the opportunity to scrim against these teams.

Let’s move from the past and talk about your current plans. When did you decide you were going to move to Sweden in order to play CS? Was the decision influenced by any other factors?

I've been told many times by many South Africans that I have the potential/skill/experience to play for a European top team. This all happened before DreamHack Winter 2014, so it was sitting on my mind for some time but I thought to myself, let me play at DreamHack and see how I perform. I didn't do too badly.

I noticed that the International pro players that we practiced against had very similar individual skills but their team strats were just more advanced than ours so that got me thinking.

I've also been told a few times from another ex-Bravado member Dane "racno" Friedman that I should definitely move to Europe for CS. He is a possibly the most experienced CS Player in South Africa, so to hear that from him got me thinking even more.

After Sweden I got back to South Africa and I just felt depressed as I wasted many years playing CS in South Africa. I then started doing research on pricing in Sweden on rent, food, transport, health care, you name it, then put numbers together and thought to myself for a week or two.

After a few days I pulled my parents aside and told them my plans. I was expecting some negative comments but they were very proud of my decision and offered to help me out which made me very happy.

What has motivated you to continue playing CS competitively and to take such a large step in that direction?

Aside from being told that I have the potential to compete at the top level of CS, as I mentioned above, my friends and family have in general been very supportive and so have a lot of local and international players. I will work very hard to reach my goal!

I also told Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt my plans on moving and he was very surprised and offered to help me out if any help was needed which I thought was extremely nice of him.

Does the CS scene in South Africa hamper people with such motivations? Or would you say it is growing like in many other non-European regions?

I am actually the first person from South Africa to take this step (in the CS scene). When a few people heard my plans about moving to Sweden, they were very impressed as I am taking a very big step. Eventually everyone found out and a lot of them motivated me even more and will be supporting my decision.

South Africa is still developing, surely but slowly. The Do Gaming League, which is South Africa's biggest league which currently has more than 120 teams entered which I think is pretty good numbers especially from a country that is very far away from all the action.

We don’t have to go into too many specifics but was making the move to Sweden happen difficult/easy? How were you able to facilitate such a journey? Did certain people help you in finding lodging and occupations?

It was pretty difficult. Finding an apartment, without a doubt was the hardest part. I am an Italian citizen so an EU Passport wasn't an issue. I had a few friends in Sweden helping me out searching for apartments. Adam "friberg" Friberg also gave me advice on areas to look for an apartment, which helped me a lot.

Let’s answer some of the basics about your move. Where will you be staying? How will you spend your days aside from training?

I will be staying in Stockholm about 5 mins away from Central. I managed to find a lovely apartment which took me very long to find. Aside from training, I will be browsing the city and other areas in Stockholm as I would like to get to know the place better.

The last thing I would want to do is annoy my friends by asking for directions all the time. It will be an amazing adventure for me. Oh and I loooove that cold weather.

What do you eventually hope to accomplish with this move? Do you have something already lined-up in terms of a team? If not, are you looking to learn Swedish and integrate into the scene there or perhaps join up with an international conglomerate sort of team i.e. mousesports?

I have nothing lined up as of yet but to play for a top International team is my main goal so once I get to Sweden I will be practicing a lot. I have already started learning Swedish and I will be taking Swedish language lessons every week. Once I feel that my Swedish is good enough, I will then be able to play for a local team.

The 22 year-old South African is determined to return to the main stage 

You listed yourself as “entry fragger/carry” in our DreamHack interview; do you hope to continue playing in the same role in Sweden?

I have been practicing a lot more over the past few weeks and watching a lot of live games on Twitch of the top teams. Preferably I would like to play entry fragger or lurking or even both would be possible but honestly I wouldn't mind playing any role in a team, because at the end of the day I'm practicing/working on the role that I've been assigned.

Also, while playing for a team, the team members will notice what roles I am good at and then adjustments can be made.

Aside from the variance in talent between South Africa and Sweden, what other differences do you expect to find upon moving there, be they cultural or personal?

Not having my family and friends there will be tough but I'll get used to that. I've noticed the sky gets very dark in Sweden from about 3PM where in South Africa it only starts getting dark at around 6PM.

Another one is the weather, although I enjoy the cold weather I'd still have to get used to it. I remember seeing some young kids walking around the city with only a t-shirt on and it was like -1 degree's. I was like NO WAY!

From what I understand you have Italian family and are already somewhat familiar with the general cultural landscape of Europe from visiting, but is there anything you already imagine will be harder/easier from living in a Northern European country?

Well Stockholm Central reminded me of Rome, the streets are very busy and beautiful buildings all over. I don't think it would be hard at all, especially as I have friends living there that will be guiding me step by step.

Do you have any players with whom you would most like to practice and train?

I honestly don't mind whom I practice with but preferably with some of the boys from the top tier teams like Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, friberg, NBK-, Filip "NEO" Kubski, Paweł "byali" Bieliński and many more.

I was playing some matchmaking games with some of these guys but my ping from South Africa is a nightmare :( Once I'm in Sweden I will definitely be warming up on some FACEIT and ESEA PUGS! I will also be streaming a few times a week.

Thanks for your time. I always value people who take big risks in their life plans so it’s been an honour interviewing you. Any final comments/shoutouts?

Thank you very much HLTV for the interview! I'd like to also thank the friends, fans & family for all the support. I will definitely keep everyone updated on a daily basis through my social media.

Anyone interested in supporting blackpoisoN or in following his journey can do so by checking out his Facebook page. He will also be streaming regularly on Twitch while living in Sweden.

Follow's stich on Twitter.

France Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt
Nathan 'NBK-' Schmitt
No team
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Maps played:
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
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Maps played:
Poland Filip 'NEO' Kubski
Filip 'NEO' Kubski
No team
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Maps played:
South Africa Robby 'blackpoisoN' Da Loca
Robby 'blackpoisoN' Da Loca
No team
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Maps played:
Poland Paweł 'byali' Bieliński
Paweł 'byali' Bieliński
No team
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Maps played:
South Africa Dane 'racno' Friedman
Dane 'racno' Friedman
No team
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Maps played:
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Friberg
Adam 'friberg' Friberg
No team
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Maps played:
2015-03-07 23:30
Europe > all rest of the world. Even murricans wants to come here. Sup now US? You are 2nd world country.
2015-03-08 02:56
South Africa kHYRR73 
simply because here are most of the teams...if for example each state in US had at least ONE good player...US would dominate, same applies to any other country/region. The thing is that CS is simply popular here. After it will become free and there will be more servers in will see how Asians will start to progress as well.
2015-03-08 03:13
thats why it wont be free, because of asians , look at dota, lol, and hearthstone, most good players are asian...
2015-03-08 03:36
Greece hekzy 
Team Secret > All
2015-03-08 08:42
seriously what are you trying to say those games arent fps games.
2015-03-08 13:45
you're right man. my argument now is invalid
2015-03-08 13:55
2015-03-08 12:26
2015-03-07 23:30
2015-03-07 23:30
good choice
2015-03-07 23:30
2015-03-07 23:30
ayaya | 
Ireland skend 
really cool. gl bro
2015-03-07 23:31
Welcome ! :D
2015-03-07 23:31
Israel reNkz 
Sweden ist gut ja!
2015-03-08 00:28
2015-03-07 23:31
Fight for your dream, I respect that. However, it is hard as Rock. Wish him luck.
2015-03-07 23:31
2015-03-07 23:31
Poland pando0r 
good luck
2015-03-07 23:32
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
"toi on varmaan joku Samun frendi" -disturbed
2015-03-07 23:32
2015-03-08 00:40
what does it mean?
2015-03-08 12:12
"that guy's probably a friend of samu's", samu being the legendary motibringer samuel "god" räsänen
2015-03-08 15:53
good luck
2015-03-07 23:32
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
-Allu +bLacKpoisoN
2015-03-07 23:32
Lets go!!
2015-03-07 23:33
2015-03-07 23:33
Good luck!
2015-03-07 23:33
good luck
2015-03-07 23:33
ofcourse to Sweden where everyone can get a free Swedish passport the next day after they move to Sweden
2015-03-07 23:36
He said he is citizen of Italy so he doesnt need any passport to go to Sweden since both countries are in EU
2015-03-07 23:43
He has an italian passport u idiot
2015-03-07 23:50
good for him
2015-03-08 00:13
its a me, blackpoisonio, pasta santa maria seniora, luigi
2015-03-08 03:38
That line killed me ahah
2015-03-08 06:56
2015-03-08 15:37
stoppe rassismo
2015-03-09 09:17
sorry :(
2015-03-09 18:56
no problemerinio
2015-03-11 04:52
thats ambition if i ever seen it. gl.
2015-03-07 23:36
rofl, which swedish team d like to play with him if there is always 10 better players to pick?
2015-03-07 23:38
Liechtenstein Chamele0n 
name 10 players that are better without a team?
2015-03-08 00:59
kennys edit: kennys and scream, only 2 atm
2015-03-08 03:39
Hiko, Skadoodle, ScreaM, AZK, Dazed, Fxy0, Swag, Uzziiii, B1GGY, Steel.
2015-03-08 08:48
2015-03-08 09:54
Swag, steel, azk and dazed? you behind or something?
2015-03-08 12:43
you've been sleeping recently? steel is not better by the way
2015-03-08 18:33
He said without a team. They are just banned from events and they are good. I had no option left so I added Steel. D:
2015-03-08 19:16
He probably means mixes and smaller teams like orbit/property
2015-03-08 01:24
yeha, everything which is not nip or fnatic
2015-03-08 18:20
South Africa keegan19921 
Because he is Crazy good second best player in SA behind Sonic (# best player world hltv confirmed) And i am going to laugh at you when he makes a team and ur still a scrub .
2015-03-08 17:28
lol i dont even play cs
2015-03-08 18:23
u dont play cs, but sit on hltv all day and <3 flusha? ok muhammad, have this
2015-03-08 18:34
watch out bomb inc
2015-03-09 04:33
respect for following your dreams and good luck.
2015-03-07 23:38
2015-03-07 23:39
Nice, cloud9 from sweden Dream: nothing - blackposion - delpan - pauf - schneider
2015-03-07 23:39
more like -shazam +delpan -sgares +blackpoison
2015-03-08 19:14
Any nothing move to eu, not all
2015-03-08 21:16
Who you trying to get crazy with, ése? Don't you know I'm loco?
2015-03-07 23:39
Don't you know I'm loca? FTFY
2015-03-07 23:53
Don't you know I'm local? FTFY
2015-03-08 00:11
dont you know im noob? FTFY
2015-03-08 00:37
we do
2015-03-08 01:41
dont you know we do? FTFY
2015-03-08 19:15
Good luck <3
2015-03-07 23:39
2015-03-07 23:40
best player EU
2015-03-07 23:41
ayy lmao
2015-03-07 23:42
Good luck
2015-03-07 23:42
GL brah
2015-03-07 23:43
soon stand-in for mousesports i guess
2015-03-07 23:43
Spain fd` 
2015-03-07 23:49
Inb4 he creates international team with ScreaM
2015-03-07 23:50
Really good player,amazing aim! give him an opportunity...Goodluck Robby!
2015-03-07 23:50
" I've noticed the sky gets very dark in Sweden from about 3PM where in South Africa it only starts getting dark at around 6PM." Only in the winter, in the summer it never gets dark.
2015-03-07 23:50
2015-03-08 00:44
It gets dark for 1h or so.. Way up north the sun never goes down in Summer and is up for 1-2h in the winters :P
2015-03-08 09:42
United Kingdom ecu 
awesome gl
2015-03-07 23:51
dude gonna freeze [*]
2015-03-07 23:54
very surprised by this. Good luck.
2015-03-07 23:54
welcome m8
2015-03-07 23:54
2015-03-07 23:56
South Africa Nefan 
Good luck
2015-03-07 23:56
Scream + blackpoison? i think thats a good start.
2015-03-07 23:57
Agreed on that one hands down ^^
2015-03-09 15:36
2015-03-07 23:57
South Africa xin. 
Good luck man ! Best of luck. Respect for making such a big decision for something that you love !
2015-03-07 23:59
Hungary ayeitsastro 
Good Luck!
2015-03-08 00:01
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
That's a huge step, good luck!
2015-03-08 00:01
NiP bLacKpoisoN
2015-03-08 00:02
2015-03-08 00:02
Gl dude.
2015-03-08 00:05
Interesting, indeed.
2015-03-08 00:05
Serbia Djomla2 
Chasing his dreams,gotta respect that.GL man.
2015-03-08 00:07
2015-03-08 12:52
ayy lmao
2015-03-08 00:08
gl man
2015-03-08 00:12
wish you the best bro
2015-03-08 00:15
welcome and gl :)
2015-03-08 00:15
zet | 
North America RosT- 
2015-03-08 00:16
Sorry, who are you?
2015-03-08 00:17
Keep you`re toxicness to you`re self maybe will give you a edge ingame someday.
2015-03-08 09:09
Good luck
2015-03-08 00:17
method | 
United States f0xes` 
GL, do your country and your scene proud!
2015-03-08 00:19
wow, good luck!
2015-03-08 00:21
Bibby v2 inc!!!
2015-03-08 00:24
Good luck! I'm sure your decision will pay off!
2015-03-08 00:26
cool :] good luck. but I wonder what team he'd join...
2015-03-08 00:28
welcome GL
2015-03-08 00:42
sick, hope he can find a team quickly. remember him, he was not bad at all.
2015-03-08 00:55
i fucking love this. good luck and hopefully you make it to top!
2015-03-08 00:58
2015-03-08 01:02
Wish the best for him. Got to respect this move, very ballsy.
2015-03-08 01:05
Goodluck man :)
2015-03-08 01:09
NEO | 
Poland LGf 
bold move I LOVE IT
2015-03-08 01:09
Welcome to the best country in the world, with the hottest girls and average weed.
2015-03-08 01:10
Wrong! Hottest girls are in volgare`s home, bruh :D
2015-03-08 01:44
2015-03-08 14:00
Welcome and good luck.
2015-03-08 01:19
2015-03-08 01:27
Poland venomstw 
maybe mousesports ? who knows.. It will be the best for mouse to pick scream btw :)
2015-03-08 01:35
He has been speaking too ChrisJ quite a bit . But I think it is going to be some time before he joins a team . He first has to get settled and stuff maybe will sub in for some team when he can but who knows?
2015-03-08 09:16
2015-03-08 01:39
Congratulations on the move! Gl
2015-03-08 01:42
Brazil bandicoot 
ScreaM maikelele bLacKpoisoN hiko skadoodle
2015-03-08 01:44
Make SA proud!! :)
2015-03-08 01:50
France cedd 
I can see him joining some subtop team like or whatever theyre called. hopefuly he impresses. good luck my friend
2015-03-08 02:14
The problem with that is that the players in publiclir and all semi pro teams in Sweden have a pool of 250 players at about the same level of blackpoison to pick from, 250 players that all speak fluent swedish and probably are closer friends with them aswell.
2015-03-08 13:27
Sweden the new Africa
2015-03-08 02:48
gl brah, follow ur dream and fuck the haters
2015-03-08 02:50
Damdn, thats a huge step, best of luck into this adventure! ;)
2015-03-08 02:49
2015-03-08 03:02
who cares xDD
2015-03-08 03:04
more people than care about your comment
2015-03-08 03:27
Jelly much?
2015-03-08 16:06
gl fella
2015-03-08 03:26
Good luck mate :)
2015-03-08 03:40
wow, you need some balls to do that, good luck! :)
2015-03-08 03:47
He should stream for many hours every day. Otherwise he won't get noticed. At the end of the day he's not really an outstanding talent here in Europe.
2015-03-08 03:56
blackpoisen to mouz soon ^^
2015-03-08 04:16
2015-03-08 04:32
India transformer 
good luck, bLacKpoisoN
2015-03-08 04:35
NiP bLacKpoisoN is real
2015-03-08 04:42
Its the dream ^^ xD
2015-03-08 09:12
Good luck South African guy. There's a song called 'I've never met a nice South African'. I hope you are nice. However, I will never meet you so the song will still be true for me. I believe the lyric says '...they're a bunch of talentless murderers...'
2015-03-08 04:47
Norway duffz00r 
øøhm k, welcome dude ; )
2015-03-08 05:05
2015-03-08 05:15
welcome! :)
2015-03-08 05:21
it felt like you could have worded your questions a bit different, somehow alot of the answers are pretty similar and give him nothing new to say, so he basically repeats himself 2 or 3 times. :->
2015-03-08 06:14
"I remember seeing some young kids walking around the city with only a t-shirt on and it was like -1 degree's. I was like NO WAY!" Fuck.. I've been caught walking around the city with only a t-shirt on when it was like -15 degree's.
2015-03-08 06:28
GL.. Shine brighter than the shooting star
2015-03-08 06:32
if you can't beat them, join them xD
2015-03-08 06:33
None cares Kappa
2015-03-08 07:07
United States krackin 
lol the fact that you are number 163 and one of a very small handful with something negative to say completely debunks your idiotic statement ... just lets me know u are the typical ignorant moron, who is jealous at other ppls success ... go pray in a cave or something
2015-03-08 10:36
mad m9 go away ,I wasn't even serious
2015-03-08 12:10
2015-03-08 07:35
But why Sweden?
2015-03-08 07:48
Another immigrant , ez bravado
2015-03-08 07:50
Welcome, have a nice stay
2015-03-08 08:28
good luck man..make the best of it, and make us proud
2015-03-08 08:32
Kid has ambition Stockholm looks like shit in march but come summer very nice
2015-03-08 08:37
Until he realizes that there are 100 or more of players at his level who wants to break through to the top and the chances of making it are slim to non. That South African players have told him he could play for a EU topteam doesn't really say much, neither does matchmaking. But it is a brave and bold move and the best of luck to ye. I remember a danish kid who had been living in the US and playing CAL-M, who expected to join a danish top team when he came home. He couldn't even cut it into the top20.
2015-03-08 08:46
rip random danish kid [*]
2015-03-08 10:45
is this guy any good? he will never play for a top 1 tier top for sure considering he`s already 22 years old and such.
2015-03-08 08:49
Denmark LnDcsgo 
sure he can, age 22 ?? What wrong with the age? :D
2015-03-08 10:10
2015-03-08 10:42
any proff for such a rediculous statement?
2015-03-08 19:44
fer | 
Austria neodan 
cause u heard this in valve movie?
2015-03-08 11:49
Good luck and hopefully everything goes well!
2015-03-08 09:40
good move for him he showed alot of potential in DreamHack Winter tbh
2015-03-08 09:55
2015-03-08 10:06
-allu +black guy confirmed nip top 1 africa
2015-03-08 10:08
2min video of blackpoison....
2015-03-08 10:11
Still a great vid ^^
2015-03-10 14:15
CS's a black poison to all of of luck.
2015-03-08 10:18
gl in the dream!
2015-03-08 11:06
fuck it, im going to move to sweden as well
2015-03-08 11:08
I honestly don't mind whom I practice with but preferably with some of the boys from the top tier teams like Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas, Friberg, Schmitt, Filip "Neo" Kubski, Pawe&#322; "byali" Bieli&#324;ski and many more. Virtus Pro! \_/
2015-03-08 11:39
Welcome, good luck man!
2015-03-08 11:41
lol.1st italian cs player ever?
2015-03-08 12:15
2015-03-08 12:21
Basso | 
Sweden eNvym 
Once there was a guy named Centryz, gl
2015-03-08 12:56
Bold move, but how will he finance it? Rich parents? "I want to move to Sweden daddy and play computer games all day for a living! :D"
2015-03-08 13:17
I just moved out of my moms basement, why there isnt a news article about me:(
2015-03-08 13:28
How the fuck did he get an apartment so fast in Stockholm, something tells me this dude is loaded. Any way, good luck!
2015-03-08 13:53
read it again... Friberg helped him..
2015-03-08 14:25
fer | 
World loopoos 
The best of luck Godspeed from Brazil!
2015-03-08 14:13
Surprised you didn't ask how he was going to cover his living expenses? Doesn't look like he'll be working, so i'm wondering who pays the bill. Heck, id love to throw everything away to play cs all the time too.
2015-03-08 14:31
2015-03-08 14:48
lol really? study, get a job, make friends, go outside sometimes it feels good you know :)
2015-03-08 18:39
Huh? Did you even read my post?
2015-03-09 04:01
Didnt even ask him how he is funding all this. Does he have a nice amount saved up and is just going to live off that for say 6 months and see how it goes giving himself all day and night to play cs or is he going to have to find work and then fit CS around that. This is a pretty big part of if he stands a chance to make it or not. I fail to see how someone whom hasnt even started learning swedish expects to make it into a top 3 swe. team but best of luck always good to see people give their dreams a chance regardless of how slim they might be.
2015-03-08 14:46
He surely is a "gift" to swedish cs scene : )
2015-03-08 16:48
Sick news, all the best!
2015-03-08 18:41
Can someone please tell me who this guy is! :D Has he played for some tier 1 team? or is it just because this is such a major step for him and iillustrates the rapid growth eSports have undergone over the last couple of years.
2015-03-08 21:30
Solid player, good luck!
2015-03-08 22:58
WELCOME BRO, good luck in the future!
2015-03-09 14:34
Can't wait dude! :D
2015-03-09 21:08
Welcome to Scandinavia and best of luck with your ambitions. I hear Stockholm has a quality that for some overshadows its delicate architecture and cobblestone streets, especially during summer. Good luck with that too!
2015-03-09 21:22
CIS qv 
2015-05-22 18:17
2015-05-29 19:26
2015-05-29 19:30
2016-08-01 00:53
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