JW: "Got caught off guard on cbble"

Jesper "JW" Wecksell is next up on the list of video interviews following fnatic's 2-0 victory over Virtus.pro to advance into the grand final.

fnatic are still undefeated throughout ESL One Katowice so far and have yet to drop a map, as they stormed through the quarter-final, as well as the semi-final after two maps.

Against Virtus.pro, they came closest to losing a map, as Virtus.pro came back from a 12-15 deficit to take Cobblestone into overtime, although they were unsuccessful in the end.

Jesper "JW" Wecksell was the next to talk to HLTV.org about their latest victory, their expectations going into the grand final and also gave us his input on ESL's POV streams.

We still plan to bring you an interview with the winners of today's grand final, so stay tuned after the big match.

Sweden Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
Jesper 'JW' Wecksell
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k den
2015-03-15 10:37
the dream.
2015-03-15 10:40
2015-03-15 10:38
JW gl in finals #SY&b
2015-03-15 10:38
Inb4 second interview with jw
2015-03-15 12:28
I don't like him :)
2015-03-15 10:39
Why not? Do you have a specific reason to other then he costed you skins o_O
2015-03-15 10:42
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
+1 arrogant cunts, the whole fnatic team (except krimz)
2015-03-15 12:25
Olof doesnt seem like it...
2015-03-15 12:28
yeah , olof is the only normal guy on fnatic... he doesn't fit in in that faggot team, would have been better of joining NiP last summer
2015-03-15 12:30
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Didn't quite enjoy him bitching about the conditions in Katowice. "Feel like 1995 garage LAN". Just stfu and play. DH has awful conditions as well. I wonder if swedes get special treatment at DH. Other players say that DH is shit and Katowice is better, but for olof it's somehow worse.
2015-03-15 12:39
Jesus, I like how people here are judging at every possible step. He said it once, you make it sound as if he cried about it every single time he had to play. How can DH offer special treatment to Swedes when everybody plays at mainstage. Get your head out of the ass
2015-03-15 14:53
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
During the groupstage in DH they played in a plane hangar. The doors were open and it was freezing inside. He preferred these conditions to playing in a basketball court. Something is fishy.
2015-03-15 15:10
When Fnatic refused to handshake with NiP it was because they needed to play again a whole half which they won. NiP started to say excuses, why they lost, and Fnatic needed to play it again. If you win a fuckin tournament and you need to replay it WOULD YOU FUCKIN SHAKE HANDS WITH THE TEAM WITH EXCUSES? I like how you all are talking when you know nothing, acting like you know everything. Jesus Christ. HLTV is just full with kids. HATING PPL WITHOUT KNOWING THEM FFS. A lot of idiot judging people... First meet them, talk with them, and when you'll know them you can say what you want. And i'm not defending Fnatic or NiP. i'm not a fanboy of either.
2015-03-15 15:32
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
wtf are you even talking about. I said that conditions at dreamhack were terrible
2015-03-15 15:36
wow, you're so off. Obviously it's bummer to play in a basketball court when you're comming to a event that is according to everyone the biggest. Stop making up reasons to hate on fnatic, they're all cool guys.
2015-03-15 15:31
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Ceh9 and krystal both said that it was freezing in the tournament area.
2015-03-15 15:37
Why is this a battle against dreamhack? Stop being so fucking offended. PLaying in a basketcourt is not supermuch hype, nothing more to it.
2015-03-15 15:39
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Because freezing your hands off is detrimental to your performance. Playing in a basketball court isn't. If they had to play in those conditions he wouldn't say that a warm basketball court is worse.
2015-03-15 15:41
that was during 2013, first major. Everybody said that it was shit because players were forced to put gloves on. Pretty sure that "Olof preferred DH conditions to Katowice" is just your bullshit logic; btw just so you know Olof didn't play for fnatic during dreamhack 2013, he represented lgb
2015-03-15 15:58
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
He didn't complain about DH conditions. Did complain about Katowice.
2015-03-15 16:32
How do u know he didnt complain about DH conditions? Bc u didnt see it on camera? How do u know he wasnt complaining about it the entire tournament but just not in an interview? You're a complete moron and making assumptions off of ur hate for the team. Im sure u lost skins and are very upset about it, thats the majority of this community nowadays...no1 cares for ur opinion so stfu.
2015-03-15 16:44
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
I don't care what he says privately. If he didn't do it publicly then he didn't do it. He complained about Katowice publicly.
2015-03-15 18:10
and he had a right to, so stop crying
2015-03-15 18:56
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
And I have the right to comment it.
2015-03-15 19:56
me2 I don't like the whole fnatic except of olof :D
2015-03-15 10:47
Me 2
2015-03-15 11:05
Turkey powergs 
same but +Krimz for me
2015-03-15 11:06
same but -all
2015-03-15 12:04
its the same for almost all germans. the one thing you all have in common is that none of you can rationally explain your disliking of him or other fnatic members, and you how signs of being frustrated and confused over it. so you just say "i dont like him :)" instead of "i dont like him because of x or xx". the amount of times i've seen these replies from germans on these forums is insane. always the same kinda post. either without an explanation of why with a frustrated smiley or with a pitiful attempt at rationalizing the hatred with reasons like "hes fat". which obviously doesnt count for shit.
2015-03-15 12:23
Okay. I don't like him because he's not likeable. I just don't like his personality :)
2015-03-15 12:29
Am I not german since i like fnatic?
2015-03-15 12:29
I'm German and I'm fine with Fnatic. Am I the minority?
2015-03-16 22:51
GL today!
2015-03-15 10:40
2015-03-15 10:42
Nice interview!
2015-03-15 10:42
Stop all the hate... May the best win!
2015-03-15 10:43
+1 this
2015-03-15 11:10
more like fnatic wanted a challange against them so they picked a random map to have it o.O
2015-03-15 10:43
" We prefare nV " :)
2015-03-15 10:47
We still have Titan's Dan "apEX" Madesclaire left to release later today before we close out our day three coverage from ESL One Katowice day three. didnt you already release
2015-03-15 11:00
I'm constantly amazed yet amused by how fresh and smart a human can be, please keep up the good job ;)
2015-03-15 11:31
Poland Redrumowy 
Good luck fnatic, I hope you will win, you deserve this. Actually you would win DHW 2014 if not for crying baguettes
2015-03-15 11:32
Go go JW, you are best
2015-03-15 11:32
Sorry for vp!
2015-03-15 11:40
Finland mehu 
Allu interview pls
2015-03-15 11:44
interviewer good but not bestest (jw best)
2015-03-15 11:48
Good interview from JW. I used to dislike him a fair bit, but him and the rest of fnatic have kind of grown on me. And an excellent player (said so even when I didn't like him)! Raised some excellent points about the POV comms. Also, not just helping new players or semi-pros looking to get better, I think they will even really help other pro teams. They will get a bit of an idea of how the other teams like to think, but also how to structure your communication. Excellent examples of fantastic communication are the two Swedish teams we have in the final.
2015-03-15 12:29
JW & Fnatic: best team in the world. Most people in here are just pissed off n00bs.
2015-03-15 12:48
Interview is good, but not the best (jw best)
2015-03-15 13:32
Europe SALO1337 
He got caught of guard with 4 king size kebabs under his pc
2015-03-15 14:30
2015-03-15 15:34
JW: "Got caught aimlocking on cbble" - There, I fixed it for you.
2015-03-15 15:44
how much u lost?
2015-03-15 16:47
Nothing. Skins are for nerds. ;)
2015-03-15 18:18
I thought the title was gonna be JW Got caught cheating or smth... damn
2015-03-15 16:48
Well, based on the grand final, the more fun and intense match to watch was you and NiP...
2015-03-15 17:09
Great interview
2015-03-15 17:27
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