Video: allu vs. fnatic

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Player: Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli
Match: Sweden NiP vs. Sweden fnatic
Final result: 16:10 (7:8; 9:2)
Match date: 15.03.2015
Map: de_cache
Event: ESL One Katowice 2015
Weapon: AWP Graphite, Tec-9
Action situation: NiP down 5-8

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Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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nice but tbh maikelele better
2015-03-15 23:07
nice but tbh allu best
2015-03-15 23:07
Sweden amino 
chiken best
2015-03-15 23:10
true chiken is a legend am friendly chiken
2015-03-15 23:11
hey i am hltv chicken why you talk about me here?
2015-03-17 10:25
oskar | 
Poland ThoreQ 
nice but tbh Delpan is better
2015-03-16 20:56
haha, u are crazy, Delpan is very bad in CSGO
2015-03-18 15:19
2015-03-15 23:08
Allu is better.
2015-03-15 23:10
United States criimson 
definitely despite the language barrier allu did so good! I think dude people is used to see allu carry hard teams where he is the ONE star but in NiP all the players are super good so he doesn't get all the spotlight for himself. I think he is doing great so far!
2015-03-16 06:18
2015-03-16 14:56
I bet you would let maikelele ram your girlfriend too. Blinded by the nationality.
2015-03-15 23:41
Allu good, but not best (jw bestest) Kappa
2015-03-16 00:04
2015-03-16 01:38
New Zealand Ajgi 
Vox Eminor best
2015-03-16 06:50
TBH Maikelele is not even close
2015-03-16 00:42
toxic though...
2015-03-16 01:24
Finland teco 
maikelele is also toxic and bad at communicating.
2015-03-16 06:45
How is he toxic and bad at communicating? (just interested)
2015-03-16 09:25
I doubt he's toxic, he's just over reacting and can't keep calm.
2015-03-16 11:04
nice man
2015-03-15 23:07
2015-03-15 23:09
Finland 2op 
allu <3
2015-03-15 23:12
Allu will be the best #hatersgonnahate
2015-03-15 23:15
you mean kids will hate? -fifflaren -misselelele now -allu, hltv at best :)
2015-03-16 00:14
Finland NUCL3AR 
Allu was beast in this game
2015-03-15 23:42
allu mechanics
2015-03-16 00:00
ofc the tec-9 does`nt miss Keepo
2015-03-16 00:17
I'd like to see a clip of GTR's frags when he flanked from door
2015-03-16 00:43
Argentina ccritical 
Awesome player
2015-03-16 00:56
I swear to god, adding Allu to the team was a good move, cuz he is seriously badass and did some crazy shit this ESL event and he for sure proved that he belongs in the second best cs team in the world :) Maikelele? Highlight Tv in a f*cking nutshell right there. Allu proved to be a much more valuable player to the ninjas then maikelelelelellelelelelelelele in the end. stop riding Maikelelelele..'s d*ck, fanboys. cuz Allu is clearly the awper that NiP needs.
2015-03-16 01:34
He´s also more complete player than maikelele. allu is exactly the player NIP needs.
2015-03-16 01:53
Finland 2op 
2015-03-16 02:02
anyone who truly knows the game and has watched both playing will pick allu anyday over maike. IMHO Nip will dominate this year if they maintain allu (btw he didnt have a whole good tournament, but the potential is real, and he seems to have a good personality)
2015-03-16 02:48
It's great to see allu not hunting for the 5th frag
2015-03-16 03:19
Yes Exactly. They were in a 3v1 position after the 4th frag and he had like 30ish hp. I would see some less experienced player chase for the ace due to the hype of the moment. But Allu being a veteran calmed himself and played passively after bomb plant.
2015-03-16 06:13
allu play the best of Team
2015-03-16 07:32
This is good play from allu. People tend to ignore / forget that Nip was inch away from winning major with new player in their roster for just a month. It's very interesting to see nip's results in like 3-5 months when dust is settled and everyone in nip knows throughoutly how allu plays.
2015-03-16 09:14
allu is like kimi raikkonen of cs scene. and same team radio talks =D
2015-03-16 09:38
Allu is a great example of how dedication and hard work pay out in time
2015-03-16 10:30
Allu will be very good . Good choice for NIP
2015-03-16 13:06
2 ez 4 allu
2015-03-16 17:52
that music -.-
2015-03-16 18:02
Finland JzK- 
This is already being said by the CS:GO casters but anyway...Allu tops Maikelele because Allu can keep his head cold in any situations! Maikelele could even turn up his voice a bit but instead Allu will not rage or tremble. That's why he is so good at awping and clutching rounds! WP Allu at ESL!
2015-03-16 20:07
Allu is awsome like it or no .
2015-03-16 20:39
are those redbulls only for the commercials
2015-03-17 09:01
or can you actually drink them
2015-03-17 13:20
that music is incredibly awful
2015-03-17 13:30
HeatoN | 
World Shaktar 
So great to have an AWPer that is actually good with pistols
2015-03-18 01:37
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