Katowice viewer peak at ~1.1 million

Both concurrent viewers and players records have been broken, as around 1.1 million viewers tuned in for the grand final between NiP and fnatic, while around 600,000 players were connected in-game at one point.

Even though the game itself claimed the last rounds of the grand final passed 1,000,000 concurrent viewers tuning into the GOTV and all streams combined, after disposing of the multi-accounts, the number decreased to 980,581.

We could get closer to the magical number if we counted in all spectators watching the match inside the Spodek arena, but that still wouldn't have been enough to pass the million, as around 10,000 people fit inside to watch the grand final.

Twitch streams and GOTV combined for 980,581

The reality is a little more different though, as two significant Chinese streams weren't included, both of which recorded over 50,000 viewers. That means the record definitely passed the million and possibly got very close to 1,100,000, although we do not have the exact number.

The screenshot below shows the numbers of viewers on streams of two former TyLoo members, BingYuan "⁠tb⁠" Li on the left and Zhengwei "⁠alex⁠" Bian on the right, both of which broadcasted the match on different Chinese platforms.

Former TyLoo players, tb and alex, tipped the scales a little more

Unlike alextb's screenshot was not taken throughout the last map though, so we're short of exact numbers at the same point in time, but we can assume the numbers haven't declined significantly before the final was over.

While different sites disagree on what the concurrent players' record is - as SteamDB claims it is standing at 604,852 and SteamCharts' number is at 595,439 - it has definitely been broken by more than 130,000.

What do you make of CS:GO's growth over the last few months? Let us know in the comments below.

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China Zhengwei 'alex' Bian
Zhengwei 'alex' Bian
No team
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Maps played:
China BingYuan 'tb' Li
BingYuan 'tb' Li
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany extray0
great event
2015-03-20 00:18
CSgo Best game !! GG
2015-03-20 00:20
League of legends 30 million viewers ^^
2015-03-20 00:26
Chile shinteiner
so bad that game sucks lelelelelele
2015-03-20 00:27
not really if there are so many people playing it
2015-03-20 00:31
bcoz its easy and free
2015-03-20 00:33
bcoz it got no cheats and u dont need i7
2015-03-20 01:57
lol you don't need i7 for CSGO are you high
2015-03-20 03:12
you don't get anything for LoL though no gpu not much cpu power just onboard CRAP, shoud I lol?
2015-03-20 06:37
2015-03-20 10:16
its not about the pc req. nor the game price. its about the gameplay. Cs is overall harder to master and you need to be consistent for the most of the time,wich makes you a bad player if you do not play for several days. Seen so many friends quiting this game efter just a month, because its too hard for them to master it.
2015-03-20 10:45
United Kingdom jMz86
If you play LoL casually the learning curve doesn't need to be that high, especially if you just jump on and play, just like casual CS:GO. If you play LoL competitively, the learning curve is just as high as in CS:GO and to be honest, there is much more you need to learn and read up about if you want to be the best. Builds, runes and masteries, lane pushing, lane freezing, objective orders, ward placements and there are different aspects for each of these and many other things per champ, per lane, when you are behind in gold, when you are ahead in gold. It's no where near as simple as people make it out to be. I think the reason there is more people playing LoL is because FPS is a dying bread of game, people just aren't as interested in shoot em ups on PC anymore. People are more interested in Survival games and Moba's.
2015-03-20 11:18
moba's were free to play first and in a lot of place where LAN's are people homes after school they can only get access to free to play games so they couldn't even try cs:go if they wanted. Lots of countries LAN's are the only place they play. Also you can't play cs in public as easy, you can't play it with lag as easy, you can't play it on lots of laptops as easily, until recently a competitive game required chat programs and your own server sometimes, and Valve put a crap load more attention on DOTA then CS:GO.
2015-03-20 11:47
United Kingdom jMz86
eh, LoL doens't have LAN support, CS:GO does. It's impossible to play LoL with bad lag, just like it's impossible to play CS with bad lag. Lag is lag, it sucks no matter what game you play. You don't have to tell me about competitive CS mate, I've played in plenty of LAN competitions since the game was in beta, even won 2 CS:GO LAN's recently in Scotland and also came runner up at about 4 cs1.6 LANs all over the UK. I am very aware of how it works lol. In the UK, LAN centre's have guest accounts to play CS and CS:GO. I know this from Microplay gaming that was in Glasgow and a couple of others (can't remember their names) that I have been to when in England. Not sure how it works anywhere else but there are definitely was to play CS/CS:GO without having to pay top dollar.
2015-03-20 11:58
good story bro
2015-03-20 12:37
United Kingdom jMz86
2015-03-20 13:13
LupinMay got an point regarding the cashpool and the updates. They are putting alot more energy on dota etc. New updates every week, Cs:go would need updates as well, since the game is not perfect.takes long time before problems gets fixed which could make players quitting the game.I am pretty sure more ppl would play it if the 1. place was 1million for example :)
2015-03-20 19:36
You got an point
2015-03-20 19:24
It's because Riot invested tons of money in its game's e-sport scene. Simple as that. They basically own everything and are paying everyone. They also had a monopoly on the MOBA market for a little while because Dota2 took a long time to come.
2015-03-20 13:24
ye, millions of flies can't make a mistake, right? ;)
2015-03-20 00:35
Denmark Baitvice
so by that logic cod is a better game then cs? bullshit
2015-03-20 00:50
is cod free?
2015-03-20 09:14
for watching CS:GO games u get souvenir cases which is the main reason of such a huge amount of people watching it in LOL u get nothing and still x30 times more than in CS
2015-03-20 10:11
because asians only play f2p games and there's tons of asians.
2015-03-20 00:53
Chile shinteiner
+1 asians only play f2p shit, so they play lol and a p2w 1.6 clone lol and there are a lot of asians in asia, like, billions
2015-03-20 01:03
there are a lot of asians in asia WOW, you just blew my mind.
2015-03-20 01:13
2015-03-20 01:19
Finland Jyubei
Hahahaha +1
2015-03-20 02:52
2015-03-20 03:02
2015-03-20 06:08
They all look the same tho
2015-03-20 09:18
+1 me is stupid kek
2015-03-20 18:27
I bet there are way more than 30 mill heroin users world wide so I guess heroin is not that bad since so many do it?
2015-03-20 02:16
:D n1
2015-03-20 04:45
Denmark Blankeh
Hahahah xD argument of the year!
2015-03-20 07:36
Game is a game and it is a taste preference all i`m saying that 1 million is nothing, and if u think about it only about 200,000 where watching because they wanted to see nice CS rest where watching only cause of souvenir case or bets
2015-03-20 10:14
lol, would appreciate it if you would stop pulling numbers out of your ass
2015-03-20 10:36
Well obv I don`t know the exact number of people watching because they want to see the game but If u think about it ur self why other tournaments dont get even 300K viwers on the final? Reason is that people don`t get souvenir drop and still lot of people are watching because of bets...
2015-03-20 11:55
Yeah sure, same reason so many people watch regional football (soccer for those people who don't speak proper english) tournaments and the worldcup has so little success.... It's about investment and visibility man. Both Dreamhack and ESL One get a lot of viewers because there is a lot of promotion around it and they are more prestigious and important for the teams themselves. Also I think you are very far from the real number of viewers. Sure a lot didn't really watch the game, but I wouldn't estimate it more than 25% of the viewers. When you bet on a final of such a tournament, you are likely to watch it if you enjoy the game.
2015-03-20 12:23
why are u still here? go out and hunt a leprechaun and get drunk at a pub.
2015-03-20 11:46
Well it`s personal think what and when should I do so stfu plz
2015-03-20 11:53
I am more wealthy than you so sit down doggie.
2015-03-20 12:27
mostly 15- yo kids
2015-03-20 02:46
I'm not here to argue whether LoL is good or bad, but "not really if there are so many people playing it" line of reasoning doesn't justify anything. beat's headphones suck, and still a lot of people bought it.
2015-03-20 10:03
Well as I said to other guy I never said LOL is better what I said was that we don`t have that many viewers in CS only 1 million and there were only about 200,000 who actually wanted to see the game rest where watching only cause of souvenir drop or bets...
2015-03-20 10:15
theres 1,111 billion people living in africa, cant be bad to live there justin biebers song "baby" has 1,1 billion views on youtube, cant be a bad song the USA uses the imperial unit system, must be better than the metric system i like your logic, murphy
2015-03-20 10:32
not at peak though
2015-03-20 00:28
Its not so bad game but tbh its easier to learn and you can actually learn it. While CS is not for everyone. If you are not cut to play cs you most likely will never get out of the silvers/gold novas. I think CS deserves as much love as dota 2 gets.
2015-03-20 00:51
i lold, dude cs:go is by far the easiest game to learn and to get into, are you stupid my friend? thats why there is so much growth potential for a game like this, because its fun to play and easy to understand as a spectator, gtfo pls
2015-03-20 00:57
i'm pretty sure all you have to do and think to be close to a pro in CS is harder to master than being pro in a moba...
2015-03-20 01:05
lol, not even close. just to give you an example there is only like 0.2% of ppl who reached diamond 1 and higher in LoL, now think about it... and there still is Master tier and challenger after diamond.
2015-03-20 01:07
What's your point? if u count out all these cheaters in matchmaking then u will see that global elite achieved less than 0.2% of ppl. and remember that getting d1 or higher in LoL is much easier than getting GE in csgo playing clean. LoL is by far easiest multiplayer game to get into and to master.
2015-03-20 01:16
ayy lmao kiddo, you are so biased lol, i play lol for 2 years and im still stuck in gold elo (i dont even know if you know the LoL ranks but whatever) and still dont know like 50% of the game and how it works, now when playing cs:go the only thing you have to worry about is aiming and positioning, there is a reason cs:go is so easy to pick up and understandable as a spectator point of view, because its a simple and easy game to play, now go troll someone else pls.
2015-03-20 01:23
if you want it like that, football is arguebly the most popular sport in the world. mostly cause it's simple to get into, easy to play and great to watch (and casters, spectators have it easy too). So it's better that way :D
2015-03-20 01:33
and your point?
2015-03-20 01:36
He want ur shoe factory and ur country's debt.
2015-03-20 02:19
Don't make fun of our shoemakers.... He can have our debt though
2015-03-20 08:41
both games are ez :) The only reason that LoL has higher Matchmaking skill cap is because there is more players to it and the ranking system is not as shitty as the csgo one. I mean.. how can you even compare those ... its stupid
2015-03-20 01:36
"both games are ez" and still you dont even have a decent rank on both games i guarantee it, especially in LoL...
2015-03-20 01:40
well I think Iam pretty good in both :P and I know that both games are hard in their way. Comparing them is like comparing Football to Golf.
2015-03-20 17:55
Sweden Kasidro
Simple to play hard to master. Skill cap in cs is way higher than in lol. And just because a game is simple and easy to get into doesn't make it easy at a professional level. Football is a quite simple game even so the skill cap is extremely high
2015-03-20 01:38
"Skill cap in cs is way higher than in lol." stopped reading lmao
2015-03-20 01:41
Sweden Kasidro
Heuheu believe what you want.
2015-03-20 01:42
i dont need to, its a fact that you need to take a lot more time in LoL if you want to be any decent then in cs:go, its not even comparable. In this moba games there is a thing called patches from 2 to 2 weeks and players have to adapt to changes constantly, if you hear any LoL pro talk in an interview he will say that it takes at least 10-12 hours a day just for practice, otherwise he wont be on point. Whereas in cs:go there is pros who can have like 30 hours in 2 weeks and still be good at the game. Also would recommend to stop talking bs when you only play cs:go and are completly biased on the matter.
2015-03-20 01:47
Sweden Kasidro
You have no idea what I play or not
2015-03-20 01:52
I have because based on your comments you seem completely clueless :)
2015-03-20 01:53
You r portugal ignorant kid learn 2 talk with peoples. There is not only your opinion. You think you r god and your thoughts are true than anothers so stfu already school troll. Put your "lmao, stopped reading" in your mom is pussy. Ty for reading.
2015-03-20 08:19
Sweden Kasidro
And you seem to believe that the complexity of a game is what makes it hard and sets the skill cap. On the contrary fast patches and changes resets the skill cap as it changes the game and the way to play it, and sure this might mean that you have to play more to stay on the same level but it doesn't higher the skill cap it just changes what you need to master.
2015-03-20 01:58
dude... in the fps genre you cant even master the game lmao, what are you even talking about? you talk like cs:go is some difficult shit to play in a high level but we both know its not, in this game there isnt this thing called "to master", you dont have mechanics in this game, you dont have 130 different champions to play on and be good at and you dont have to worry about the positioning and the timers of objectives, timers, etc... Cs:go is simpler, easier and more noob-friendly if you want to put it that way.
2015-03-20 02:06
Sweden Kasidro
You don't get it. Have fun not worrying about positioning in cs
2015-03-20 02:14
Sweden Kasidro
But you maybe think it's easy to be in the top of tennis and similar sports. I mean they are rather simple just 2 players and a ball. Complexity does not equal high skill cap. In lol case the patches is just a way to change what you need to be able to handle, a artificial way of keeping the skill cap high. For a game or a sport to have a real high skill cap it needs to be consistent and not in constant change. Lol would be a better game with less changes, but maybe the audience would grow tired of it then? Cs has been more or less the same since early 2000s and that's what makes it so great. And no its not easy to be a pro in cs keep dreaming
2015-03-20 02:27
You put the nail in the coffin, fitting that it would be a Swede to shut this rat up.
2015-03-20 03:56
Having played both games at a pretty high level i've gotta say i disagree with you, atleast on some points. It's alot easier to play from mistakes in CS, compared to LoL. Also if you've got good aim but shitty in-game sense you can still frag like a mad rabbit and carry games if you just use your corners well.
2015-03-20 05:51
"pretty high level" I bet you're talking about DMG level @ MM. ". Also if you've got good aim but shitty in-game sense you can still frag like a mad rabbit and carry games if you just use your corners well." Stupidest thing I've read my whole life.
2015-03-20 11:38
Dont give a fuck about him. He is troll probably school kid with max rank silver. Such ignorant portugal
2015-03-20 08:21
Sweden Kasidro
the best thing about this comment is that you say that you can't even master a fps game, meaning that it's such a high skill cap that no one will ever reach it. Way to pwn yourself. Have fun in life!
2015-03-20 17:22
lmao you cant master a game when there is nothing to master rofl, get your facts straight idiot
2015-03-20 18:59
Sweden Kasidro
If you seriously believe that there is nothing to master in cs you have no clue have how the game works on a high level. There is a reason most of the top players have been playing for years. Many of them over 10 years.
2015-03-20 20:57
keep replying pls your comments make me giggle :), so cs:go has now 10 years? good ...
2015-03-20 21:02
Sweden Kasidro
They have been playing cs for 10 years were the gameplay is more or less the same you nitwit.
2015-03-20 21:25
tough to decide on which game has a higher learning curve especially on 2 completely different games, since cs apart from reflexes and muscle memory has the intangibles which others dismiss as they think cs is all "shooting" which it most definitely is not, sure you shoot people a LOT but its not what makes up the entirety of cs. lol on the other hand which looks super simple but is a very difficult game to master. imo its super balanced. played dota couple hundred hours, jumped to hon and was alright. played about a thousand hours on hon, switched to dota2 no problem. came from all these games played lol, and it was very different but not at all hard to get into but i could tell this game could take a loooong time to master. i never played it a lot since i hated the past graphics(checked the "updated" graphics and idk still looks kinda same), low skill damage(w/o ap items) and ABSENCE OF DENYING. this last part i didnt like much. without denying, opponents had guaranteed exp and had a chance to last hit creeps. if you were good at denying, without killing you could keep opponents underleveled and without items early game. comparable to like kinda always winning pistol round
2015-03-20 09:19
United Kingdom jMz86
In LoL it is harder to deny people xp but you can still do it. It's about timing and pushing your opponents back. Forcing them back to base so they lose time in the lane. Also if you force them to use their summoners spells (flash, heal etc) you can then freeze your lane just before your turret hits the minions and they are going to either lose gold and xp or be very open for a gank/kill.
2015-03-20 11:32
"Csgo i ssuch an easy game to master and go pro in, but im still silver cuz of trolls" - random port guy
2015-03-20 06:48
Never, ever. Compare a moba with cs -.- It's stupid. Besides, just because YOU feel like LoL is more difficult and harder to master, it doesn't mean it is. To me, it's probably (most likely) the easiest game i've ever played. You need to put in a lot more effort into cs to reach a top level of game... You need, literally, years and years of experience to reach that pro level. and don't tell me I dont know shit and im probably "just another noob". I have 7-8 years experience in cs and about 3 and a half in League.
2015-03-20 07:02
If you simply suck, it doesn't mean that the game is hard. I have a couple of friends who reached platinum in 1-1.5 years by playing it 2-3 hrs a day at best. I bet you're just some salty silver and LoL fangirl.
2015-03-20 08:04
Btw, if cs is so easy to learn, then why there is quite a small amount of newcomers? Moreover most of them played cs 1.6\css a lot at some point. While in DOTA2 and LoL you got a lot of 'new' players who got good in like 2-3 years and successfully went pro. E.g. your precious faker who went pro in like 1.5 years after he touched LoL and only played DotA before (and since there was almost no Korean scene in DotA, he probably wasn't putting a lot of hours in it).
2015-03-20 08:16
"small amount of newcomers? are you kidding dude? cs:go is raising exponentially fast and is already surpassing dota2 numbers in every single aspect lmao
2015-03-20 13:27
I obviously meant newcomers in the pro scene, if you compare them to the amount of "new" names on the LoL or DOTA2 scene, it isn't that much really. Player wise, yeah, you're right. CS:GO isn't surpassing dota2 yet, but if it continues to grow like that, it certainly will.
2015-03-20 16:33
Denmark LnDcsgo
Okay you must be bad, go top and carry your team instead = ez Platinum and diamond = ez, Master/Challenger same Road to GE
2015-03-20 08:45
Dumb ass pricks. Both csgo and LOL are easy to learn the main reason why lol has moore players than csgo is that lol iš free. Dont even try to compare these games with each other. They both have harder and weaker didės. To play starcraft. Then trys to say that csgo ir LOL is hard games. Gl
2015-03-20 09:47
Autocorrect is on sorr. Cs was released 1999 while LOL was released on 2009. Now look at the pro scene. Most players are old. I mean most of them started playing CS since 1.5 or even older versions. Most of cs pros play this game for 10+ years. And names since back then remain the same. This basically says that CS isnt that easy. IF everyone as you people say would be able to play CS, there would be mirė than 0,2% global elites are pro scene would have more than 20 teams. Just stop comparing these games. Just go play sc2 IF you want bet your mind blown.
2015-03-20 10:04
then u just suck in LoL, i was D1 in soloq, challenger in 5v5 and 3v3 with ease playing only 2 years, in csgo im LEM only because i have many years of experience in 1.6. CS isnt only about aiming and positioning, u need to use ur brain all the time, have good aim, good positioning, good awareness, u need to know how and when throw nades, smokes etc, u need to have good gamesense to not be fucked up. LoL is easy as fuck, my gf 10yo brother is in gold after playing half year.
2015-03-20 12:42
sure kiddo, give me the link of your LoL acc then
2015-03-20 13:25
United Kingdom jMz86
Bullshit, I can only assume you've never played LoL.
2015-03-20 11:23
ive played it over 4 years, got d1 in soloq, challenger in 5v5 and 3v3 with friends, i can assume u just suck in LoL, its easiest MOBA ever, everyone can get good at it, there is plenty of 14-15 years old kids in high diamonds, master and challenger tier so yeah. CSGO is way harder to get top level of play.
2015-03-20 12:45
United Kingdom jMz86
I can only assume you are shit at CSGO then if you think it's harder.
2015-03-20 13:14
give me the link of your LoL acc then, oh wait you cant cause you are just another random bs troller in hltv foruns lmao
2015-03-20 13:23
Most pro's I think have at least 5 years+ in cs, in league you spend enough time in two years maybe even lower you can get challenger(highest rank). Most people just don't put in the effort and they just play normal games(casual).
2015-03-20 01:39
you cant get challenger in 2 years in LoL xDDD, dont kid yourself pls, also your argument is pretty fcking bad, specially when you have examples of ppl who came from cod to play cs:go and are already playing it professionally and so fast
2015-03-20 01:43
Sweden Kasidro
Yeah all them ex cod pros doing so well in go pro scene, they are like everywhere
2015-03-20 01:51
not everywhere but they exist lmao and its a proof that this game is easier to get good at.
2015-03-20 01:52
Sweden Kasidro
One, that is not a proof. Two, there is no ex cod player in the top tier of csgo teams atm
2015-03-20 01:59
Dazed?? Oh wait... he got banned.
2015-03-20 03:58
dazed is a former css player
2015-03-20 07:56
skadoodle, though he's teamless. There was the original team curse with heavy CoD background. Skadoodle among others was also active in AVA.
2015-03-20 10:10
Sweden Kasidro
Didn't know about skadoodle:D
2015-03-20 12:19
id love to see you on those lan tournaments @ CJM to see if you are really that good in LoL as it seems xD
2015-03-20 06:25
not really, im just a casual player who has 2 different perspectives from both games and knows whats true and whats not, wouldnt even try to waste my time playing competitively since i dont even have the time to play (studying at university atm)
2015-03-20 13:32
Do you play league? I'm guessing not. Their is a lot more to learn in league than in cs:go. But to master CS:GO takes much more time than league. A person can't learn to 1 tap everyone in 5 months, in league a person can learn how to Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support, skillshot, lasthit, duel, ect(could go on forever) All these things are easy to learn. CSGO, 5 months people still dont know any smokes, cant one tap, cant awp, recoil control is shit, I could go on for a while. Overall League is much more userfriendly. CS:GO is not a game for everyone, but everyone can play a MOBA and be decent at it sometime or another. No major team tatics in it until gold 1+. Don't make an argument if you don't play both games.
2015-03-22 05:48
i play both games and you are stupid af, ty for your time
2015-03-22 14:14
Portugal panda5555
playing it professionally?!?! don't see anyone, but pls continue... LOL teams go pick up players that are the best in the best ranked league of LOL's system. Meanwhile CS GO teams, dont give a shit about the rank system on CS GO they pick up players who already played professionally not nerds that dont leave their basements... If u think CS GO is more easy to master, u are wrong. In CS GO u have so much plays and so much strategy to win a round or a game. However, if u see a LOL championship they all start the beggining of the round with the same strategy, and then if any opponent fucks up in the other side they take advantage and get in the lead cause of that. BTW its difficult to go to challenger in LOL cause everyone in LOL community acts like a kid, I stopped playing LOL 1 year after CS GO came out, and in the last month I tried to play again LOL... I played 2 games and got banned cause of reports, and I ddnt even talk in games. PPL on CS GO are much more cool and if someone insults u, they dont rlly care LOL.
2015-03-20 09:35
United Kingdom jMz86
In LoL, for the majority of times the players are picked by organisations, in CS:GO for the most part, you only get to play with the pro teams when the PLAYERS decide. If you are good in LoL it's easier to be picked up in a top team. If you are good in CS:GO, you can easily be overlooked because the top teams have friends in their team. Fifflaren is the perfect example for that. There are only a few occasions where younger newer talent have been brought into cs:go teams to replace other players. The best example would be Snax, Byali and S1mple. Other than that, pro players seem to move around from team to team without any real new blood being picked up but there are probably thousands of CS:GO players who could play PRO.
2015-03-20 11:42
United Kingdom jMz86
Let me point out I am not saying either game is easier or harder to learn. I think they both have a long and different learning curve.
2015-03-20 11:49
Is this way all. Almost everybody i know is good at lol bit sits at silver for more than a year in cs. You dont have to insult me kid. The statistics speak for themselfs. People like easy to learn and master games. If csgo was easy there would be few million players like lol or dota. From what ive heard you arent a good cs player obviously.
2015-03-20 10:04
Well there are not many people who played both games which makes this conversation useless, only better thing in LoL for me is that there are no hackers but in cs if u get higher that LEM u will get hackers in every 3rd game
2015-03-20 10:22
Those were total viewer numbers for season 3. 32 mill, however total concurrent viewer numbers peaked at 8.2 mill, and csgo at 1-1,1. So we are getting closer every major.
2015-03-20 01:11
8,2 mill watching a final where the outcome was already decided if you knew anything about the teams.
2015-03-20 05:52
No, sorry, I don't know the first thing about League. I just googled LOL + viewers and those were the numbers that came up.
2015-03-20 16:47
league of legend is free
2015-03-20 01:36
Someone here on HLTV corrected me on that one though. There were 11 million concurent viewers, and 5-6 million of those were from chinease streams, which has been known to have inflated numbers, in that they count differently on viewers, someone made a reasonable scale on it, that is involved in the chinease streaming scene. He said something on the lines of, 1/3 or 4 are real viewers, this statement is also backed by many more. Btw thanks to the guy who corrected me on that. So it was more like 5-7 million concurrent viewers on the LoL finals, maybe 8 m. They had 30 million viewers, counting people who tuned in for 1 second then left.
2015-03-20 02:19
There were much fewer Twitch streamers (the only reliable source) - around 800k, if I'm not mistaken.
2015-03-20 06:40
Ukraine gungrave
there no 30 mil viewers
2015-03-20 02:58
25million waiting for CS:GO
2015-03-20 03:36
30 million in riot numbers, which are always far to high
2015-03-20 08:45
its not about the pc req. nor the game price. its about the gameplay. Cs is overall harder to master and you need to be consistent for the most of the time,wich makes you a bad player if you do not play for several days. Seen so many friends quiting this game efter just a month, because its too hard for them to master it.
2015-03-20 10:43
accounts created.. maybe; viewers not
2015-03-20 13:17
admin,over 80K Chinese viewers watch map 3 from NiP verus Fnatic through zhanqitv.com and douyu.tv which was streamed by Alex and tb in that broadcast sites,I could confirm. Most of Chinese views didn't watch the ESL One in Twitch or Steam,Our internat limit us!
2015-03-20 01:50
2015-03-20 02:45
Amazing step towards csgo becoming the top esport, as it should be
2015-03-20 00:21
Best competitive game in e-sports history
2015-03-20 00:24
very nice
2015-03-20 00:18
neeve | 
Portugal neeve
holy shit, great numbers!
2015-03-20 00:18
Million BOYS
2015-03-20 00:19
LoL and Dota2 > CSGO
2015-03-20 00:19
only in asia kid
2015-03-20 00:21
if valve make the same spectator iniciative dota2 community has, ie special tournament tickets with special items/every competative match drop etc we can see the numbers boosted every comp game not just major.
2015-03-20 00:22
You are comparing MMO and FPS games? Lel.
2015-03-20 16:00
great event and sick games
2015-03-20 00:19
why cant i hold all this multiview accounts?
2015-03-20 00:19
Italy 1nf3rn4L
2015-03-20 00:19
what about viewers in the stadium? doesn't count?
2015-03-20 00:20
We could get closer to the magical number if we count in all spectators watching the match inside the Spodek arena,
2015-03-20 00:20
that's what I was thinking, from what i've seen, katowice had the most numerous crowd on a gaming event :)
2015-03-20 00:22
I'm saying it's in the article though ^^
2015-03-20 00:25
The person who is not watching the game but checking just scores on score-bot on HLTV due to work or any reason. Can you calculate that how many persons are using score-bot? Is that number is included in this number or excluding that you have estimated this?
2015-03-20 16:29
Scorebot has nothing to do with the numbers and technically they're not even watching the game, so they have nothing to do there. We've only taken the numbers inside the game, which include GOTV and all Twitch streams connected to that specific game, around 10k spectators in the arena + the two Chinese streams
2015-03-20 17:34
na not even close
2015-03-20 00:51
LoL s4 Worlds, the match between Samsung White and TSM was HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Katowice can't compete with that.
2015-03-20 09:30
hmm, douyu and zhanqi's viewer number are super inaccurate. they usually multiply the viewers by 10 times to 100times...
2015-03-20 05:24
First of all, where are you taking this information from? Second, it doesn't really matter, whether or not we broke the 1 million mark, it's only symbolic, 980,000 viwers is already incredible.
2015-03-20 08:08
"all streams combined" are we talking here about official streams only? On a 1st day a lot of people were streaming the event, streamers I have never even heard of and they had thousands of viewers as well. I remember 3 of them had like 20k viewers each and it was only day 1.
2015-03-20 12:57
csgo will die before 2015 (c) diehard 1.6ers
2015-03-20 00:20
Problem is, that they always fall back to the shit "its only fo da skins" argument.
2015-03-20 00:24
yep,its sad
2015-03-20 00:27
its only fo da skins
2015-03-20 01:19
fo skins da only its
2015-03-20 08:18
2015-03-20 00:23
wasnt the final aired on TV in some countries as well? Or was that just DHW?
2015-03-20 00:23
You tell... Tv6?
2015-03-20 00:30
tv6 didnt air it on TV, but if i remember it correctly finnish TV were sending the DHW final
2015-03-20 00:34
It wasn't, only Polish TV had a deal with ESL, and that was just for a delayed broadcast with a 90 minute show (big cuts). So it doesn't really count in any way
2015-03-20 01:48
CS:GO is growing and will continue to grow at a pretty fabulous rate.. but like LoL it will only continue with a healthy growing if we get a Supportive structure to the game like Riot Games does with League of Legends. Riot showed us the path.. we should follow.
2015-03-20 00:24
Are you working for Riot or sthing? I agree cs go would profit from a subidesed coaching staff but to say we should take a note from riot is ridiculous. I give lol a max of 2 years before it will turn into a Sc2 in terms of viewership. This is becosue of Riots idiotic policy of locking teams out from international tournamnets. The whole idea of having 2 splits inthe year is bad. I would be rather glad if csgo pro circuit would stay as it is with big majors and loads of small tournaments.
2015-03-20 00:34
you have to be retarded.. i never said i wanted a league like LCS to CS:GO.. you need to learn to read.. i said Riot's structure has helped league sustain itself during the exponential growth they've had in the past ;)
2015-03-20 00:43
yeah.... but if riot ever stops backing tournaments, it dies.
2015-03-20 00:59
LOOOOL Portugese LoL fanboys never cease to amaze. You are the biggest nation of unified Riot/LoL fanboys the world has ever seen. Hahahah. They didn't teach you that hating on the mainstream was cool in Portugal, huh?
2015-03-20 00:39
Why so much hate? i just said that the kind of structure Riot has implemented has helped with the huge growth of the eSports community.. i haven't played lol in ages but i still watch Lcs/tournaments and i'm no fanboy but tks kid
2015-03-20 00:41
"the structure Riot has implemented has helped with the huge growth of the eSports community" I mean, yeah, but it isnt the whole story, Riot isnt helping the community as a whole, not as the collective, they are growing their own brand/community and has in the past been known to actively try to destroy other brands such as Dota2. The esports community is growing because LoL community grows, the others arent growing because of LoL. LoL is still a great game, i can never get on Riots reasoning for doing what they do, their LCS and tournament format, region locking etc etc, its very boring not being able to watch regions go at eachother, except for 1 or 2 times a year. Sorry for the w.o.t. tldr: the esports community grows because riot grows their own community not the other way round, riots lcs isnt optimal imo, they actively try to disencourage players from playing other games - proplayers via contracts, i still like league tho.
2015-03-20 02:28
i agree with you.. while region locking might seem like a bad idea but is mostly to prevent something like the SC2 scene.. we could definetly learn something from them but overall you're right.
2015-03-20 03:25
Not true at all, CS has been around for over a decade without the support of Valve, it will continue to exist long after LoL dies in popularity. It isnt a fad like LoL.
2015-03-20 00:40
True.. except CS has never had the numbers LoL present up until Katowice 2015 :)
2015-03-20 00:42
So your point is? We dont need a riot-like nazi governing body like lol, as long as valve coughs up money and stickers csgo is fine. Look at all the other leagues increasing prize money, its good to have lots of choices and differing tiers of tournaments for teams of all skill levels. Also what unclejoe said
2015-03-20 00:46
"riot-like nazi" lost my hope on you.. you're missing my point dude.. its not only control.. its a whole company built around a game growing and not only stickers and cases.. my opinion only
2015-03-20 01:26
And my and many others point is, that cs does not, nor does ever need to be like other games. Cs is perfect, and Cs esports is perfect. Now go back to Portugal.
2015-03-20 01:36
"Cs is perfect, and Cs esports is perfect" That goes to show how deep your knowledge of how business's and esports work.. kkthxbye muricano
2015-03-20 01:45
Brazil dkf
LoL is a joke. Riot sure is an amazing company, but not because of the game they made or how they handle the competitive scene. They just know how to sell their shit.
2015-03-20 02:46
2015-03-20 00:24
2015-03-20 00:24
sup, anders? :D
2015-03-20 00:27
2015-03-20 00:27
general anders
2015-03-20 00:30
wow insane stats
2015-03-20 00:29
WE DID IT !!~~~~~~~~~~
2015-03-20 00:29
hltv.org internet explorer newswriter confirmed? jk, nice for CS:GO, if the player-/viewercount keeps going up that way i can see it reaching 2 million viewers maybe uneven at Dreamhack winter this yea but definitely at the 1st major next year
2015-03-20 00:30
Nobody knew about these two Chinese streams, that's what we were waiting for before we wanted to release this ^^
2015-03-20 00:44
Fake numbers... Better fix your article.
2015-03-20 06:35
I knew about them. :( I noticed there were like over 10k viewers on the chinese streams at last year's katowice. It's nice that you've added the streams to the HLTV streaming list though.
2015-03-20 08:34
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
2015-03-20 00:30
2015-03-20 01:13
hope chinese will start picking up this game, would be sick to see them compete against the east
2015-03-20 00:31
2015-03-20 00:31
+1 im frm asia and i tried all my best to persuade my friends to join in csgo but all seems too interested in dota to care :(
2015-03-20 03:05
did you try to force them to watch the Grand Final at Katowice? That last map alone should have convinced them to at least try it out. :D
2015-03-20 08:35
dota2 international had 1milion viewrs too but what about the prize pool , in csgo it's 250.000 but in dota2 it's 8milion dollars...
2015-03-20 00:32
14mil if I remember
2015-03-20 00:44
~11 mln.
2015-03-20 06:34
dota had around 2.2 milion viewers and 11 mln if i remeber correctly
2015-03-20 11:21
nice from china
2015-03-20 00:35
Katowice > dreamhack
2015-03-20 00:38
2015-03-20 00:54
nice, cs:go is already surpassing dota2
2015-03-20 00:54
pc gaming is so dead
2015-03-20 00:56
That is quite a lot of people watching CS right there!
2015-03-20 01:00
how many ppl had 10 accounts so they can get cases ?
2015-03-20 01:10
Greece her-1g
they excluded multiple accounts
2015-03-20 01:20
They didnt. Lel, why would they? This nubmer goes into their advantage, shows that game is more popular then it actually is
2015-03-20 06:01
The viewer counter is unique viewers, but multiple accounts should work. They can't do anything against that.
2015-03-20 08:16
"Even though the game itself claimed the last rounds of the grand final passed 1,000,000 concurrent viewers tuning into the GOTV and all streams combined, after disposing of the multi-accounts, the number decreased to 980,581."
2015-03-20 08:22
They cant know that. Lol, i watched all matches from 3 different ip's and from 3 different accounts. Valve cant do anything about it. Also, if they can do something with that, i dont think that it would be good for them, since this numbers are impressive.
2015-03-20 14:20
Because it stops people like "poutrinade" for raining on the game's parade ;) This way it shows an accurate number of viewers for sponsors and investors to measure. Personally I'd like to see a "Total Number of Unique Viewers" across the weekend like TI & World's have because it'd be interesting to measure CS:GO to LoL/DotA2 in that category :D (Out of Interest: DotA2 The International 4 - 20million total Unique viewers. League Of Legends Worlds S4 - 27 million total Unique Viewers.)
2015-03-20 11:05
Its impossible. Like i said above, i watched matches from 3 different ip's and from 3 different accounts. I know people who did that too, and they also know people who did it too. They just cant tell correct number while in game are drops. If people dont get drops for semi's and finals, it would show the real number of viewers, since people will not have reason to watch game from few accounts
2015-03-20 14:22
Does anyone know the viewer numbers for the other games at Katowice? Lol, Sc2, Hearthstone? Was CSGO the most watched game of them? If so, I hope we get the big arena next year for the whole tournament, not just the finals.
2015-03-20 01:18
They were by far, i think LoL finals got quite a lot of viewers too (thanks for TSM being in it) but other games are just non existant anymore in terms of viewership
2015-03-20 03:07
2015-03-20 01:19
256 tickrate pls
2015-03-20 01:26
ez for CS:GO
2015-03-20 01:33
CS GO is at the top of Western E-sports thats for sure, and while E-sports in General is more popular in Asia and makes up a Lionshare of LoL and SC2 viewership I don't really mind. The ratio of viewers to concurrent players seems to indicate the game could become a Spectator-sport, idk if cs go will beat out DotA2 though beacause its f2p(i mean cs go with its low baseprice and including all the sales, is practically f2p aswell, but i like it that way)
2015-03-20 01:34
Serbia R4ngO
Best game! ayyy I love it
2015-03-20 01:40
Georgia otoghost
dota 2 record is...? some know?
2015-03-20 01:45
2015-03-20 01:57
So great having people watching this game! Thanks skin-- I mean csgo devs!
2015-03-20 01:48
Wow, sick
2015-03-20 01:49
They really need to make a bo5 final PLZZZZ
2015-03-20 01:54
chinese streams make up viewing numbers but still probably had quite a lot
2015-03-20 02:10
GABEN stop stealing our money from Keys, Cases, Stickers etc. The community is very huge!!! 1 MILLION VIEWERS. Every transaction takes 20%. CSGO Markets are very active compared with Dota2. 10 millions @ International and 3 tournaments per year 0.75 millions. Seriously!!! STOP STEALING OUR MONEY INVEST IT IN PRIZES! 1 million MAJOR HYPE or RIOT!
2015-03-20 02:22
Actually alex and tb's viewers are much more, the screenshot only shows the number of people who have registered, there are also many people who are watching without registering an account. In fact, there are lots of CSGO fans in China, but they had to tolerate 100+, even 200+ping to play online, because there are not any official server deployed in China. It's an ordinary fact that many players would play under the VPN tool to decrease ping. Why can't Valve deploy servers in China??????
2015-03-20 02:28
+1 they should. China is a very big country and if valve were to make it a global sport, it has ro conquer china
2015-03-20 03:13
+1 chineese playerbase is HUGE
2015-03-20 08:43
The in game numbers were actually at 1048,XXX at one point too.
2015-03-20 02:34
In game viewer numbers* can't seem to edit.
2015-03-20 02:35
That number is twitch + inside the game ppl. People in twitch were linked to their acc for drops. Plus 11k in the stadium + 60-70k from chinese streams. Pretty much over the 1.1m.
2015-03-20 02:56
Yeah, just saying, the number that HLTV has a screenshot of at 980k, actually hit 1048,XXX, and probably higher, in the last few rounds of the final.
2015-03-20 03:32
That number during the game is incorrect (unlike the one shown on GOTV), it includes accounts watching both on twitch and gotv. After the match it is recalculated and the one we showed is the correct one (or as correct as possible since people could still watch on twitch without linking accounts).
2015-03-20 03:37
The interesting thing was actually there was a lot of "unlinked" accounts which points to people who aren't regulars to the game, or people who are brand new.
2015-03-20 11:07
i watch cs since 2007 and i forgot to log on my twith account for the most part of the tournament doesnt mean much tbh
2015-03-20 19:33
You forgot to "log on" or you forgot to "link" your accounts? If so that's a very big difference mate :P
2015-03-20 20:30
Great event. But more matches on those new faces pls.
2015-03-20 02:41
Fix the dam cheating problem. Believe me if you want CSGO to continue to be successful you can't ignore the community and the issues that is there.
2015-03-20 02:55
2015-03-20 04:03
Multi-Browser open for Win Box Cobblestone... ggwp Gaben with ur farce!
2015-03-20 04:36
Even though the game itself claimed the last rounds of the grand final passed 1,000,000 concurrent viewers tuning into the GOTV and all streams combined, after disposing of the multi-accounts, the number decreased to 980,581.
2015-03-20 04:48
really no bad... :)
2015-03-20 04:50
Chinese stream numbers are fake.
2015-03-20 06:29
What about Swedish National Television? I thought they were going to show katowice? Or just DH?
2015-03-20 06:44
Great event!! Thx teams for good games!
2015-03-20 06:45
One word. Skins.
2015-03-20 06:52
2015-03-20 08:10
great. now imagine the prize pot was upped accordingly
2015-03-20 07:03
mmm danone
2015-03-20 07:52
remove drops next major. 200k at max. or even less
2015-03-20 08:10
Who cares?
2015-03-20 08:35
Who cares?
2015-03-20 08:42
Finland Katalepsy
Nah, I don't think that only drops could affect so much. But the sad fact is -> remove SKINS from the game and you can see the drop instantly. Most of us (myself included) mainly watch games because of betting. I need that extra "rush" feeling to enjoy CS. I'm not that hardcore fan that I would watch the games just for the game itself. Sad but true.
2015-03-20 09:06
That "most of us" is coming out of nowhere and you know it very well (unless of course you made a study on this matter). Just because you and the people you know watch for bets doesn't mean "most of us" do. Me and the people I know watch because we enjoy watching pro CS, should I assume it's the case for "most of us"? You also assume that people who bet wouldn't watch if betting wasn't available, which I know isn't true for many people, so I know it may be untrue for many others (but it may not, we don't know). The only real fact is that nobody really knows what are the motivations of these 1 million people. The real way to find out would be to make a huge poll with a significant number of entries, for example something like 50,000 to 100,000 entries. That would make an accurate representation of the current situation (assuming the poll has been widely exposed). The rest is just assumptions.
2015-03-20 09:29
Finland Katalepsy
All valind points my friend (no homo). You are completely right. But I think it is safe to atleast assume, that betting and skins have played a major role in CSGO growth. Without betting the spectator count would atleast be less than it is now, I think that is for sure. But how much and by how large marging, thats up for debate. Let's just hope that CSGO keeps growing. Maybe next major we will see 1,5m?
2015-03-20 10:48
Yes, skins and betting played a part in CS:GO's growth, that's for sure, and obviously if any of these things would disappear, it would likely decrease the number of viewers. However, it's in my opinion very hard to predict how much it would decrease. The different motivations of a crowd is always extremely difficult to estimate without real data. In any case, even if betting and skins did contribute to the growth, I think what's really important is the growth itself, as you said. As long as the community gets bigger, the scene and the game can only profit from it. 1.5 million next major is possible, but I would be surprised. At the same time, I wasn't expecting the 1 million mark this major either so we'll see ^^.
2015-03-20 11:15
Viewers jumped from 570k to 790k after Cobblestone was picked and being played. After Cobblestone viewers dropped steadily back to 550k. Coincidence? Nah.
2015-03-20 11:34
Who cares ?
2015-03-20 21:27
doesn't matter if there's a still team that came to Katowice by community help.
2015-03-20 08:34
best major ever
2015-03-20 09:48
i think the gotv viewer counter doesnt show the non-twitch-linked viewers.. so it was definetely over 1 mill
2015-03-20 09:50
Of course it does.
2015-03-20 10:46
well then nvm
2015-03-20 15:56
2015-03-20 15:33
2015-03-20 17:15
Exactly my point.
2015-03-20 17:52
sick knowledge
2015-03-20 17:11
2015-03-20 10:08
2015-03-20 10:50
Why this new is under 'Event: Gfinity 2015 Spring Masters 1' label?
2015-03-20 10:56
What about the TV viewers? I thought polish and finnish television would broadcast the final?
2015-03-20 11:11
in polish tv was only relation (short version, not live)
2015-03-20 12:58
2015-03-20 11:52
that irony.the worst major for me so far and 1.1 million viewers
2015-03-20 12:11
perfect <3
2015-03-20 12:14
Remove the random drops for spectating and I'd like to see the true numbers.
2015-03-20 12:43
2015-03-20 15:34
Remove bitter 1.6 fans who were telling us CS:GO would die would be more useful to everyone.
2015-03-20 17:19
We in it now boys. we esports.
2015-03-20 22:16
free knife skins to erryone Volvo
2015-03-20 23:36
Douyu makes me smile!!! Acfun Acfun Acfun!
2015-03-21 02:55
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