Team Liquid enlists EliGE

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, who previously played for eLevate, will join the Team Liquid roster, replacing Keith "NAF-FLY" Markovic who will take on a substitute role.

In the beginning of this year, eLevate added two new players to its roster: Daniel "roca" Gustaferri and Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski. The latter was a relatively unknown-till-then seventeen year old who soon impressed with a high level of fragging ability in numerous online North American tournaments.

It seems many were quietly paying attention to the North American wunderkind as it has now been announced that EliGE will join Team Liquid's active roster.

Stepping down from the active roster will be Keith "NAF" Markovic, who will fill the role as a substitute player for the squad.

nitr0 & co. add more firepower to their ranks

In an interview conducted with Team Liquid, EliGE had this to say about his background in gaming:

"I am a 17 year old CS:GO player from the United States. I primarily have a SC2 competitive background, but I played CS 1.6 prior for some of my CS experience. I always played games for the competition of them and will try my hardest to be internationally competitive as well."

The rest of the interview, and the original press release for the roster change, can be found here.

With this change, Liquid's roster is currently:

Canada Damian "daps" Steele
United States Eric "adreN" Hoag
United States Jacob "FugLy" Medina
United States Nick "nitr0" Cannella
United States Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski

Canada Keith "NAF" Markovic (substitute)

Liquid did not manage to qualify for ESEA S18 finals and dropped out of the CEVO-P Season 6 finals due to time constraints; in the FACEIT League, Liquid are currently top of the North American division with a 4-0 record.

It is also expected they will attend the next offline qualifier for a major.

The move additionally leaves eLevate with only a four man lineup, which may result in future player transfers as eLevate recently won a consolation qualifier to the CEVO S6 finals (taking place April 13-15) in place of Cloud9 who dropped out.

United States Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Eric 'adreN' Hoag
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Canada Damian 'daps' Steele
Damian 'daps' Steele
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Jacob 'FugLy' Medina
Jacob 'FugLy' Medina
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Daniel 'roca' Gustaferri
Daniel 'roca' Gustaferri
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-03-23 05:29
-days +someone!
2015-03-23 05:30
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
2015-03-23 14:44
-daps +anger
2015-03-24 05:06
Elige is insane, nice
2015-03-23 05:30
2015-03-23 05:30
fnx | 
United States shineNTC 
2015-03-23 05:30
Nah. They're going to pick up Desi and he's better than ELiGE Plus they still got roca and RUSH
2015-03-23 05:31
Desi is not better than EliGE. Desi is a pretty solid fragger and a meh IGL. Since eleVate don't need an IGL, EliGE was definitively better than Desi is for eleVate.
2015-03-23 14:13
There won't be any difference, if he's not better he's just as good. Desi hasn't played in the pro scene for awhile so that's probably why people don't remember how nuts he was When he was on the original eLevate/Exertus he carried soooooo hard, 30+ bombing every match
2015-03-23 14:23
I'm referring to how he played in iBuypower when DaZeD/steel got kicked, and, honestly, it wasn't anything special. Also, he was the IGL for them and he was without a doubt mediocre at that role. Maybe that impacted his fragging, I dunno.
2015-03-23 14:28
Are you sure it wasn't AZK calling? Plus, he didn't really play much with iBP, he got replaced really fast.
2015-03-23 14:59
desi didnt call for iBP and hasnt called on any invite team. He called for Torqued @ clutchcon which was a huge pug get your facts straight
2015-03-23 16:31
You do realize how hard it is to "be special" on a team with literally the best players in NA?
2015-03-23 16:57
"Nothing special" as in he didn't do well at all. Not just in comparison to his teammates, he overall did not have good games.
2015-03-23 17:09
LOL ur an idiot. they still got roca and rush LOL i mean, its debatable if desi might be better than elige (i arent think that but w/e), roca is good too, but rush is comparable to players like daps or irukandji. they are ezly amongst the worst players that ever had appearances in professional csgo.
2015-03-23 16:39
Yea rush isn't comparable to the really good players and those other guys but he is still good to be the 3rd fragger behind Desi and roca Just saying eLevate will be fine
2015-03-23 17:07
rush<<<<<<<storm, xp3 (who is actually quite a good awper)
2015-03-24 01:38
-daps next pls.
2015-03-23 05:30
Japan papa_smurf 
Should have been taking daps instead of fly... Guess it's because of their role
2015-03-23 06:55
-daps -elige +hiko +skadoodle
2015-03-23 14:59
Lol -IGL -entry +lurker +AWPer Pro teams are pro. And yes Daps is the IGL of TeamLiquid according to his twitter:
2015-03-23 20:41
2015-03-23 05:30
-daps & get a new IGL & this team is FIRE
2015-03-23 05:32
Liquid + Fire = Steam?
2015-03-23 05:58
Steam + Fire = No more csgo updates?
2015-03-23 06:57
Australia RaginStarZ 
Half life 3 confirmed
2015-03-23 08:04
2015-03-23 05:36
-daps +ska
2015-03-23 05:36
Finland CHAIDz 
EliGE is pretty nutty Team could be insane if they master their strats.
2015-03-23 05:36
2015-03-23 05:37
Oh thats not a bad idea NAF can be a substitute.
2015-03-23 05:41
United States srp` 
aww i was just thinking elevate could be a really good team if they replace storm well gl to both teams and elige!
2015-03-23 05:42
definitely an upgrade, NAF has consistency and dedication issues, while young elige is dedicated and crazy good aimer, always top of the scoreboard for elevate excited
2015-03-23 05:42
and he's barely legal
2015-03-23 07:03
If only CLG would find someone to replace FNS ;[
2015-03-23 05:47
CLG will probably never kick someone
2015-03-23 05:50
FNS is a solid player and hes their igl.
2015-03-23 07:36
someone told me ptr was igl now but fns always chokes in 1v1s and generally isn't that great
2015-03-23 16:56
ptr was igl for the qualifier only and they switched it back before they even completed both their matches I think. they realized that ptr is much more affective when he's just fragging hard.
2015-03-23 18:14
-daps -fugly +hiko +ska
2015-03-23 05:57
I like your thinking.
2015-03-23 07:36
United States stzy 
fugly and nitr0 are there two star players. fugly been playin really well
2015-03-23 09:22
-daps -adren -elige -fugly +hiko +ska +sgares +shroud
2015-03-23 11:20
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
top1 na right here^
2015-03-23 12:19
well deserved Elige!
2015-03-23 06:02
YAYYYYYY!!! <3333333
2015-03-23 06:06
-daps +Desi
2015-03-23 06:28
2015-03-23 12:10
please add scream
2015-03-23 06:28
10 sens best sens
2015-03-23 06:29
daps FugLy <<<<<<<< NAF
2015-03-23 06:48
i will always see roca and elige as a pair for some reason....they were the gtr and f0rest of NA.
2015-03-23 06:54
Oh nice.
2015-03-23 07:08
-Daps +Skadoodle -FugLy +Hiko
2015-03-23 07:11
Australia dR. 
-daps pls...if Ska joins, adreN can be full iGL and TL would be SICK!
2015-03-23 07:15
Now -daps +ska or hiko, and just have adren be igl.
2015-03-23 07:15
good luck elige! good luck team liquid!
2015-03-23 07:18
Elige to Liquid desi to eLevate Sounds like a win for both teams. Curious what will happen to Daps the anchor. No way he'll stay on the team for much longer.
2015-03-23 07:21
:DD now find a way to add desi or roca
2015-03-23 07:27
Again Polish guy?
2015-03-23 07:31
Polish and American aren't mutually exclusive m8
2015-03-23 07:43
Young talent!
2015-03-23 07:41
good for elige, hes an excellent fragger
2015-03-23 08:04
No Hiko/skadoodle no party
2015-03-23 08:11
They aren't even that good
2015-03-24 00:17
2015-03-24 05:01
sens10^heaD$hot gl elige :O)
2015-03-23 08:55
-daps +roca
2015-03-23 10:13
2015-03-23 10:15
2015-03-23 10:44
2015-03-23 19:50
jablonowski ahahah n1 surname
2015-03-23 10:37
KK | 
Hungary icbad 
2015-03-23 10:44
bad move :/
2015-03-23 10:49
Lithuania eVey 
Really like his nickname
2015-03-23 11:06
Serbia k1ss 
EligE is really good player, i used to like roca together with him, now im sceptic a bit about eLevate ;/
2015-03-23 11:08
"plz guys, I swear it's not my fault we keep losing" says daps as everyone on his team gets replaced besides him.
2015-03-23 11:28
+1 lol
2015-03-23 17:10
World 1663 
"I have sc2 background" not asian gg
2015-03-23 11:29 He was not bad for his age. In 15 almost Qualifier in WCS.
2015-03-23 13:45
World 1663 
i was just trolling, u know.. :D
2015-03-23 15:29
-daps -fugly +ska +hiko Top 1 NA
2015-03-23 12:14
Norway SlimeThug 
I agree
2015-03-23 12:25
2015-03-23 12:33
bad choise... -daps -fugly +ska +hiko
2015-03-23 12:52
Can anyone find his fragmovie or smtgh? tried searching for it on youtube but came up short.
2015-03-23 12:57
Heard about this dude somewhere just can't remember where it was...
2015-03-23 13:41
maybe he hasnt the typical pro sens, his mouse is fast as fuck and he still manages to aim sick^^ thats how i heard of him... sick player tho, liked to watch elevate :)
2015-03-25 14:04
really nice move right here bois.
2015-03-23 13:50
Keith Markovic? Serb? :D
2015-03-23 14:13
I'm just confused as to why they would bench Naf over another player. The roles are similar/the same, but both are solid rifles and could probably adapt to a new role if need be.
2015-03-23 14:14
Estonia rYm 
eLevate > Liquid and EliGE moved to worse team NA logic gg rip another good team
2015-03-23 14:31
-daps +Hiko -Fugly +Skadoodle Skadoodle - awper Adren - IGL/2nd awper Hiko Elige nitr0
2015-03-23 14:49
Russia npo_Nrpok 
Last time they made a stupid roster change they amended it within 2 weeks.
2015-03-23 15:01
Russia npo_Nrpok 
2015-03-23 15:02
Russia npo_Nrpok fixed link =)))))))
2015-03-23 15:03
too bad daps is garbage
2015-03-23 15:39
Russia npo_Nrpok 
They will correct mistake less than 2 week =)))) NafLy (AWP) FUG-LEE adreN (IGL) Nitr0 Elige Just thinking of Elige's sensitivity gives me a headache.
2015-03-23 15:44
-daps +ELiGE adreN igl would be a better move imo
2015-03-23 15:48
Elige is a very strong player, can't wait to see what play style he brings to Liquid.
2015-03-23 16:17
Now Roca needs a team :/
2015-03-23 16:57
Who? Didn't even know liquid had a team.
2015-03-23 17:10
naf is sick though
2015-03-23 17:21
ncie addition but it should be -daps +elige adren can IGL daps is fucking useless
2015-03-23 19:30
strong team
2015-03-23 19:38
gl eblanovski
2015-03-23 21:55
why leave a good team for shit team
2015-03-24 08:28
Good, now they don't have to use the Canadian flag on their ESEA page.
2015-03-24 10:57
CIS chlenixon 
-daps +roca -fugly +anger Nice NA-team.
2015-03-24 12:56
-daps +Hiko -FuGly (rip i love this guy anyways) +Skadoodle Ska takes awping role off adreN, adreN IGLs Skadoodle Hiko adreN EliGE nitr0
2015-03-24 16:38
-daps +flowsick
2015-05-31 23:41
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