ESL Pro League group draw

The group draw for the ESL Pro League finals has taken place, with the eight participants having been placed into two groups.

From April 10-12, ESL's TV studio, in Cologne, will host the offline finals of the first ESL Pro League season, featuring the top eight sides from the online stages.

The participants have been drawn into two groups of four teams, the top two of which will advance to the playoffs. All matches will be played in a best-of-three format, so there will be plenty of action to follow throughout the tournament.

Team SoloMid have been placed in a tough group

EnVyUs, who won the StarSeries XII trophy at the weekend, have once again been drawn in the same group as Titan, after the two French giants faced each other at ESL One Katowice a fortnight ago. 3DMAX and Copenhagen Wolves make up the rest of the group.

In the other group, Team SoloMid have been paired with Danish rivals dignitas, as well as with Polish giants and Ukraine-based side Natus Vincere.

Below you can find the draw in full:

Group A Group B
Denmark Team SoloMid France EnVyUs
Ukraine Natus Vincere France Titan
Denmark dignitas Finland 3DMAX
Poland Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
2015-03-30 17:43
2015-03-30 19:17
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
2015-03-31 17:50
Serbia R4ngO 
2015-04-09 20:59
2015-03-30 17:43
Seems awesome
2015-03-30 17:43
vp even don't pass the group stage
2015-03-30 17:44
someone lost some skins and is maaaaaaad :D
2015-03-30 18:05
2015-03-30 17:44
2015-03-30 17:44
2015-03-30 17:44
team solo chock
2015-03-30 17:46
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
Team shoko Mid
2015-03-30 18:02
Team Choking Mid
2015-04-08 19:59
RIP vp
2015-03-30 17:47
Spain Ayrr 
Na'Vi VP nV Titan
2015-03-30 17:48
VP are playing not so well , but I thint they will pass thru the group stage . But I think it would be : VP TSM nV Titan
2015-03-30 18:49
Spain Ayrr 
Flamie is on fire, gonna rule the world
2015-03-30 18:52
EnVy easiest group ever
2015-03-30 17:48
No, it's always tough to face domestic teams. Last time they faced on LAN with Titan it ended in 16-14, and last online result went Titan's way. But the two other opponents shouldn't give them a lot of trouble, yes.
2015-03-30 18:11
yeah ofc sometimes Titan plays good but still the 2 best of each group get further in the tournament so it doesn´t matter
2015-03-30 19:33
Yes, but it's not the easiest possible group for them. If Titan manages to get the map against them, only one bad surprise from the other two can get them out of groups. It's unlikely to happen of course, but still. We shall see ^^.
2015-04-06 21:50
Sure Titan will be tough, but 3DMAX and CPH Wolves are pushovers.
2015-04-06 20:50
envy will win the whole thing, confirmed
2015-03-30 17:48
Iceland bist 
gg vp, go home
2015-03-30 17:48
3dmax to beat Titan on LAN...again :P
2015-03-30 17:48
no allu no win m8
2015-03-30 18:00
No NiP this time, TSM have a shot at a final. I believe it would be their first international LAN final?
2015-03-30 17:49
VP gonna rekt them
2015-03-30 17:52
Even if they do, TSM still have a shot at the final.
2015-03-30 18:18
Fragbite masters
2015-03-30 18:03
Fragbite Masters 3 were won by fnatic over LDLC. Fragbite Masters 2014 were online. Is there a Fragbite Masters event I'm forgetting?
2015-03-30 18:17
I remember that fragbite masters was between dignitas and titan. Didnt follow the scene very closley then, I thought it was lan. But no they've never been to an international final.
2015-03-30 18:30
Denmark AndersR 
How much do you wanne bet they get paired with EnVy in the semi because they lose to either VP or Na'Vi in the group stage?
2015-03-30 18:37
That's why I said "a shot". But even if they fuck up their groupstage they can still upset nV, even if their chances are low.
2015-03-30 19:15
Denmark AndersR 
They can't beat anyone in a semi :D
2015-04-03 20:26
They can. But will they? That's another question.
2015-04-04 08:33
Denmark AndersR 
They haven't proven they could so far :D
2015-04-07 19:08
navi rekt tsm
2015-03-30 19:37
Even if it happens, it doesn't necessarily prevent them from reaching the final.
2015-04-06 21:45
Copenhagen Games Kappa
2015-04-06 20:51
2015-04-06 21:48
Poland zetq 
VP, Na'Vi , ENVY CPH games
2015-03-30 17:49
so ez for envy
2015-03-30 17:50
Team SoloMid have been placed in a tough group ROFL.. RIP Na'Vi & dig <3 Titan & EnvyUS ez Play-offs : EnvyUS (1st group B) vs TSM/VP (2nd group A) Titan (2nd group B) vs TSM/VP (1st group A) EnvyUS vs TSM/VP final = ENVYUS 1st place Sorry for spoil..
2015-03-30 17:50
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
but there's the surprise factor ; i think that navi can surprise us and can beat vp so TSM&NAVI possible ; titan can surprise us again(even though this option would be more surprise for me vs these teams) ; nV&CPW/3DMax is possible too. and if a surprise won't come and if the matches would be tsm vs titan , nV vs VP ; i think that titan can beat tsm and if nV goes to final , Titan can win in this situation; but vp needs to stay away from titan :P no h8 m8s just my personal ideas :3
2015-03-31 17:59
yes VP are not performing lately.. Titan are sick too
2015-03-31 18:22
1. nv 2. navi 3. tsm 4. titan
2015-03-30 17:50
2015-03-30 18:42
Poland hillock 
no fnatic :/
2015-03-30 17:52
ayaya | 
Ireland skend 
rip tsm. going out in the groups
2015-03-30 17:52
TSM in a though group? Haha
2015-03-30 17:53
more money easy for nv
2015-03-30 17:53
These are shit groups tbh
2015-03-30 17:53
Group B is pretty easy to predict, but on the other hand we got group A with 3 pretty even teams like TSM,VP,NAVI. If this finals take place this weekend I definetely would say that VP will fail after their performance @ SLTV, but its still 2 weeks to this event so I believe polish guys will work hard during the time and show some more power. Also Im not sure if that is a good decision for them to participate in the CPH this week. Instead they should focus on preparations for ESL, because in the worst scenario they will fail on both tournaments. I think its sometimes better to miss one tournament to be well prepared for the next one than play like shit on both. But thats not of my business.
2015-03-30 17:53
A - Na'Vi B - nV
2015-03-30 17:54
so ez nv
2015-03-30 17:54
CPH wolves and dig should be switches
2015-03-30 17:54
1.nV 2.TSM 3.VP 4.Titan
2015-03-30 17:55
2015-03-30 17:56
rip group a :D wtf
2015-03-30 17:56
Sweden olo3 
so easy for envyus. if VP ll not win their group they really need to kick snax and byali and take michu and innocent.
2015-03-30 17:58
Snax? He's their carry
2015-03-30 18:01
Sweden olo3 
dude wake up, we r no longer in 2014. we have 2015 and snax is total shit. even he admits this in his fb.
2015-03-30 18:03
Sweden olo3 
lost match and low enemy
2015-03-30 18:21
2015-03-30 20:09
lmao always envy&titan in same group
2015-03-30 18:03
1. TSM 2. NaVi/TSM 4. Titan MVP: HUNDEN
2015-03-30 18:03
1. NV*
2015-03-30 18:04
EZ for EnvyUs once again. No fnatic No nip = WIN
2015-03-30 18:07
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
wtf is this group b? lol
2015-03-30 18:13
no fnatic again :(( 3 straight events without fnatic .
2015-03-30 18:21
No Fnatic no fun... But wait navi is there ,gl navi ;)
2015-03-30 18:25
3dmax lol
2015-03-30 18:29
Edward | 
United States kUcheRR 
NaVi - VP w0w
2015-03-30 18:31
Jesus fucking Christ Group A....
2015-03-30 18:34
f0rest | 
Vietnam ZeDD_V 
omfg group of death (A)
2015-03-30 18:36
s1mple | 
Turkey Hemta1 
EnVy ez pz lmns sqz.
2015-03-30 18:44
what's CPH Wolves Lineup right now? does anyone know?
2015-03-30 18:57
Navi can win this without a doubt, but French teams or like EnVyUs always give problems for Ukrainians...
2015-03-30 21:20
No Fnatic =D never liked those cocky assholes.
2015-03-30 22:38
chrisJ | 
Denmark cOcun9 
flamie had some insane games at starladder so now suddenly Na'Vi > all?
2015-03-31 03:00
Russia e1em3nt 
1. EnVyUs 2. TSM 3.
2015-03-31 10:07
1. EnVyUs 2. Na'Vi 3. Virtus Pro 4. TSM, choking as always on LAN
2015-04-08 20:01
go titan
2015-03-31 13:05
ez for 3dMAX
2015-03-31 13:53
suNny | 
Finland miksu191 
Guys 3DMAX is going to win sory for spoilers.
2015-03-31 16:26
ez money for nV
2015-04-07 00:03
s1mple | 
Turkey Hemta1 
EnVy ez.
2015-04-08 11:54
It's good that virtus lost a lot this week so the odds on lan are low and i make a lot of skinzzz
2015-04-08 11:56
how much u earned? Kappa
2015-04-12 11:11
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