GeT_RiGhT with AMA on reddit

Ninjas in Pyjamas star Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund is hosting an AMA on reddit to answer questions from fans.

Over the next few days, Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund will be taking questions on reddit, where he has hosted an AMA, or "Ask me Anything", which allows the website's users to ask the Swedish player whatever they want.

NiP have just come off runners-up finishes at ESL One Katowice, Gfinity Spring Masters and StarSeries XII finals - the first three events they attended with Aleksi "allu" Jalli as their fifth player. 

GeT_RiGhT will be answering questions from fans on reddit 

The team's next event will be the CCS Kick-off Season offline finals, from April 24-26, for which they qualified on Sunday after defeating fnatic 3-1 in the last-chance qualifier.

To leave GeT_RiGhT a question, head over to the AMA thread on reddit.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
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Do one in HLTv, no one wants silver retards asking questions
2015-04-06 15:49
Well, get on Reddit and ask him non-silver questions then, wtf is the problem
2015-04-06 15:51
Reddit is the problem :(
2015-04-06 15:52
What's the big deal? It's just another website
2015-04-06 15:53
Full of retards tho o/
2015-04-06 16:04
just like hltv
2015-04-06 16:10
but hltv got better admins
2015-04-06 16:11
Better community, can still find serious discussions on serious topics
2015-04-06 16:12
2015-04-06 16:17
1/10000 Still possible compared to reddit
2015-04-06 16:28
Lithuania AioNw0w 
2015-04-08 14:04
2015-04-06 16:18
African Union wtbx 
2015-04-06 16:28
2015-04-07 04:02
United States 7hai 
yeah, cause hltv is the haven of intellactuals
2015-04-06 16:49
I just said its full of retards
2015-04-06 16:50
United States 7hai 
sorry i replied to the wrong guy. i'll show my way out.
2015-04-06 17:01
dw bro, we already know you are a retard... you're on hltv :D
2015-04-07 00:07
United States 7hai 
true that
2015-04-07 00:16
Probably same fucktards on both sites..
2015-04-07 03:02
you will get downvoted and no one will see your question
2015-04-06 15:52
don't ask a stupid question then
2015-04-06 15:53
Seems like you never used reddit, if you ask or say something different you get downvoted
2015-04-06 15:55
I've used it for over 4 years... and what do you mean by "different?"
2015-04-06 15:57
Something that disagrees with their circle jerk.
2015-04-06 15:59
Something not of mainstream opinion obviously
2015-04-06 15:59
Try to ask something controversial that people dont like to answer and you will see, insta downvotes, all they want is the most obvious shit ever.
2015-04-06 16:05
The problem with reddit is that people don't understand how voting should work. People downvote stuff they don't like, and upvote stuff they like/agree with. Instead, you should upvote quality content (regardless of whether you like it) and downvote poor quality content.
2015-04-06 23:41
Yeah and every silver there will try to be a smartass asking "good" questions but you can see theyre silvers
2015-04-06 15:54
Australia Tails  
like HLTV is much better.
2015-04-06 15:53
At least people here dont pretend to be geniuses with more CS knowledge tham GeT_RiGhT
2015-04-06 15:56
I think we're talking about different websites
2015-04-06 16:22
Clearly you dont visit reddit, all the videos and all the shit posted all those silver discussions.
2015-04-06 16:27
You're right, I don't. But it seemed as if you were describing hltv, people here pretending to be cs geniuses with all - + threads and top10 bullshit
2015-04-06 16:45
Look at it this way, if you visit HLTV for the first time you started playing CS you would notice that people are trolling and acting like retards, if you go on reddit however and read those discussions, you would say wow, these guys know everything theyre geniuses of CS but in reality theyre just silvers, HLTV just troll a lot, in reddit people actually believe that theyre amazing at CS.
2015-04-06 16:48
Fair enough, but both pretentious fucks and inbred trolls are cancerous
2015-04-06 16:53
Yeah HLTV is not prefect either, there are trolls everywhere
2015-04-06 16:57
hecker | 
World heck9r 
I agree.
2015-04-07 02:16
Reddit is way better IMO. At least not every discussion is calling russians idiots there.
2015-04-06 17:17
Denmark Baitvice 
if reddit has silver retards, hltv has just plain retards no matter the rank
2015-04-06 16:53
2015-04-07 00:22
There's no silver retards in HLTV... Kappa
2015-04-06 22:57
2015-04-06 15:49
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
Why don't leave your gf for Smithzz ??? :D
2015-04-06 15:49
2015-04-06 15:50
2015-04-06 15:50
2015-04-06 15:50
cringe questions inc
2015-04-06 15:52
2015-04-06 15:53
2015-04-06 16:01
very good. Make soon news from answers , ty
2015-04-06 16:07
The Lord king how are u?
2015-04-06 16:10
It's so ugly when 1 person ask more questions in the same reply lol. Give other people a chance.
2015-04-06 16:12
What do you think about ScreaM? And ex6tenz
2015-04-06 16:13
what the hell is reddit?
2015-04-06 16:14
You know how 80% of people on HLTV say grills to try be cool, well I think 100% of reddit users say it. Question answered.
2015-04-06 16:25
I think 100% of nerdy virgins say it but w/e
2015-04-06 21:13
2015-04-07 03:35
Shitty circlejerk website gives me cancer when I even read the word reddit.
2015-04-06 16:17
never been to reddit, never will. I had friends that used to have their own inside jokes about shit about that site, made me hate them.. Never wanna turn in to someone that goes on that site.
2015-04-06 16:24
Thank God its blocked in my country I have some friends who uses vpn to disable the block and goes there often, guess what, he's also a retard
2015-04-06 16:30
They're also retards*
2015-04-06 16:30
is the site really bad ? at least there are some good places in it where you could ask questions and get help from them ?
2015-04-06 17:14
I think you're just being close-minded. Why don't you use it visit it for yourself and see what the community is like. Not just the CSGO subreddit, but the main site.
2015-04-06 18:47
Just like any other community reddit has it's retards, but overall it's one of the few communities where you can actually find mature, intelligent people to discuss various things with. I wouldn't know about the CSGO sub though.
2015-04-08 00:22
Nice was waiting for something like this to happen :D
2015-04-06 16:26
le reddit lelele le
2015-04-06 16:35
2015-04-06 16:55
Estonia 2026 
Both communities are rather retarded and reddit actually sometimes puts up decent stuff compared to HLTV where you only see shit. HLTV has way too many wannabe trolls and reddit doesn't accept criticism so they just downvote you cause they got issues and they upvote shit that's silver content most of the times.
2015-04-06 16:57
get right does an ama on reddit and the questions i see are: how do i put my hair like yours; or coca-cola or pepsi?... reddit in a nutshell
2015-04-06 17:06
Both sites have the same community, hltv users are also reddit users in the sub reddit for global offensive and vice versa. When you bash the reddit community your bashing your brothers here on HLTV when were all one big retarded community.
2015-04-06 17:09
At least HLTV has a sense of humor not like the reddit circle. Laughing at retards > talking to snobs
2015-04-06 17:14
how much costs a kebab in your city?
2015-04-06 17:18
I find it funny that that calls it ''the leading cs website in the world'' is announcing stuff on (probably) one of its competitors.
2015-04-06 17:24
And where do you think all those link of articles regarding cs that are posted on reddit leads to? That's right, hltv. Reddit is just an alternative to the hltv forums. In the news and live coverage part no one even tries to give hltv a fight.
2015-04-06 19:20
So you have never read a news post on any of the leading newspapers in your country saying "According to Marca/Mirror etc?"
2015-04-06 21:14
Those aren't competitors, those are sources. Big difference.
2015-04-06 21:16
push it like you would push your girlfriend
2015-04-06 17:50
Do you feel any presure because of you being considered the best player in the world?
2015-04-06 18:34
How much hard is way to be famous? What you done to be here where you are?
2015-04-06 20:07
2015-04-06 20:28
2015-04-06 20:51
2015-04-06 21:06
reddit is good but not best . hltv bset
2015-04-06 21:31
reddit -.-
2015-04-06 22:52
Terrible AMA, all he does is write the most politically correct thing he can think off. Not a single interesting answer, pure circlejerk.
2015-04-06 23:42
yeah, most disappointing ama since woody harrelson's trainwreck. the more i hear him speak or read his shit the more i think he's an empty shell with a fucked up bowel
2015-04-07 00:05
AMA TL;DR Question: xxxxxxxxxxx ? Answer: I dont know to be honest if you ask me! Time will tell!
2015-04-07 10:49
are those red bulls only for the commercials or can you actually drink them?
2015-04-07 00:17
reddit? not even once
2015-04-08 00:45
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