GuardiaN: "LCS-like league might help"

The first interview of day two at ESL Pro League Winter 2014/15 Finals is with Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, whose Na`Vi made it to semi-finals at the expense of Copenhagen Wolves.

Na`Vi kicked the event off with a narrow loss to dignitas yesterday, but day two went much better for them, as they sent home and took a clean revenge on the Danes.

We got a hold of Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács to find out what went wrong on day one and what they improved on in the two matches today. Naturally, we also asked the star AWPer what his thoughts are on the changes, as well as some additional questions, which you can see in the timestamps below:

  • [00:10] - match, veto, VP's trouble on Terrorists sides
  • [01:25] - Is de_mirage the new home map of Na`Vi?
  • [02:00] - How has flamie adapted to the team's playstyle?
  • [02:30] - The difference in mindset between the two dignitas matches
  • [03:10] - Na`Vi's timeout at 0-7 on de_inferno versus dignitas
  • [03:45] - starix's role within the team
  • [04:15] - GuardiaN's take on the AWP changes
  • [04:50] - Na`Vi's ascending tendency for a double-AWP setup
  • [05:15] - Would GuardiaN like an LCS-like system in CS:GO?

We are hoping to get at least one more interview out by the end of the day, so keep up with to see what's new at the ESL TV studio in Cologne.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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damn son
2015-04-11 19:25
2015-04-11 19:26
2015-04-11 19:26
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
2015-04-11 20:48
2015-04-11 19:26
2015-04-11 19:26
World Onty 
2015-04-11 19:26
true dat
2015-04-11 19:26
United Kingdom Alth 
Yeah, because they get a big fat pay check. It might help them, it's not gonna help the diversity of the game.
2015-04-11 19:26
exactly THIS
2015-04-11 19:27
+1, can't blame them, since i'd accept too.
2015-04-11 19:35
2015-04-11 19:36
2015-04-11 20:29
+1, and yeah I also understand why he would say that but for the viewers it really isnt
2015-04-11 21:11
AnJ | 
Denmark devonBFD 
2015-04-11 21:16
Professional athletes are all part of monopolies, (NFL, MLB, NBA etc) why should they not be allowed to bring more structure And order to the medium?
2015-04-11 22:57
United Kingdom Alth 
Explain tennis to me then.
2015-04-11 23:10
Not all sports follow this code at least for american sports most seem to use this system, thier are still room for tier 2 teams (college, semi-pro) but it gives a clean regulated league for pros,
2015-04-12 03:57
Portugal antCB 
Rules <> monopoly
2015-04-12 19:00
hahahahahah wtf
2015-04-11 19:26
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
nice time stamps
2015-04-11 19:26
money whore
2015-04-11 19:26
They lost to Copenhagen Wolves? WAT *dignitas
2015-04-11 19:26
Oh god, thanks. Fixed now
2015-04-11 19:34
No problem :3
2015-04-11 19:40
Norway Crush<3 
Too many danes confirmed
2015-04-11 19:39
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
it's happening
2015-04-11 19:27
fuk u
2015-04-11 19:27
Nice interview :P
2015-04-11 19:27
what is the LCS-like system ?
2015-04-11 19:27
As Striker told below: "It's a League of Legends league played entirely offline over the span of +- 10 weeks in one split (we can call it a season for the sake of understanding). Every week there are 3 play days, where every team plays a few matches. Everyone plays each other twice etc., that's not too important. whats important is the offline thing and the fact that teams would need to move to a city where this league would be held. Those teams are also contracted to exclusivity deals by Riot Games, they basically cannot attend anything else non-related to riot."
2015-04-11 19:46
In LoL its basically like this: 10 best teams in each region compete each week for a spot at the major tournament, which is worlds. In this case there is the chinese LPL, LCK, NAlcs, EUlcs, etc. The 6 best teams with more points go to play-offs and the bottom ones can be relegated (they fight for a spot in the next split and might get kicked out of the league if they lose their games). There is 2 splits (the spring and the summer split) and the main goal is to end up being first in the split to guarantee a spot in worlds where you fight for a couple of million $. Each region has 3 spots guaranteed in the major and then there is the wildcard tournament where teams from tourkey, brazil, argentina, etc fight for the last spot in the tournament.
2015-04-11 19:48
I haven't seen it, but making a LCS csgo thing would be stupid. If they would make it, then make it more open, so that they can go to lans and that stuff. LCS teams can't go to other tournaments, or atleast not all of them. I highly favor the way it is now. :)
2015-04-11 19:27
+1 would be boring and tournaments like dreamhack , cph games and stuff.. will be gone
2015-04-11 19:36
Yea, exactly.
2015-04-11 19:39
StarLadder, FACEIT, Fragbite, ESEA and more
2015-04-11 20:03
They don't even have to contractually tie them down. They have lots of matches in the league and get great money, sponsors are more than satisfied with them only participating in the "big thing". Why would those teams then attend other events? It's still effectively a monopolisation of the scene then. And that is not only traitorous and greedy as fuck from both the organisation and the player (essentially fucking over the entirety of the community that helped the sport and players get to where they are now, just abandoning all the people that invested time, money and effort) but in the long run will also kill the scene. CS has always been supporting itself from within the community, seperating the top layer of the competitive scene will hurt the mid and semi-pro tier and destroy next generations of players. Also, if you don't have the community funding the thing in various ways, either Valve starts throwing millions at the game or it won't survive. And then it also means that the CS lifespan is directly dependent on monetary support from Valve/ESL. Once they decide it's not worth that anymore, it stops. And then the players and teams will come crawling back, begging for events they abandoned earlier. We already saw that happening with CGS. One of the main reasons Source was doomed to forever stay a joke.
2015-04-11 19:46
So, you mean that it would be a bad idea to get LCS? Yea ofc it is, it is a horrible idea. Next time, don't make such a long comment. O_o
2015-04-11 19:53
It's not necessarily a horrible idea. Sure, you'd fuck over a bunch of people and be even less autonomous as a scene, but if Valve and ESL were to throw and keep throwing money at it, it could definitely work. So it's not self-explanatory. LoL is the biggest game out there, Riot is not stupid. LCS is a successful concept. I just don't think it fits CS very much is what I'm saying.
2015-04-11 20:19
Yea, it can work. But it would destroy the tier 2-3 teams. It would be fking borin to watch. Homecrowd? Katowice for poland, DreamHack winter for Sweden. That would be destroyed. Honestly, I don't think that the players would like it either.
2015-04-11 20:22
Yeah I'm totally with you, wasn't arguing against you in that long post. The players see the money and it would be sad if they screwed the whole scene just because someone winks with stacks of cash. Again, that's what happened with CGS as well and that took the last bit of life out of Source.
2015-04-11 20:27
I have no idea what CGS is, but I have to write this before I might die.¨ I've goon all in Titan, and if they lose, I might lose too. So if this is my last words, then volvo, plz don't make CSGO LCS.
2015-04-11 20:34
I only heard about that, but some people threw big money at Source and created a league where the big teams went. CGS died and left behind a wasteland. If Titan lose to 3DMAX they are confirmed out of TOP8. I will remember you.
2015-04-11 20:38
Thanks, I am still here! But yea, they probably learned by that mistake, so it hopefully won't happen again.
2015-04-11 21:02
Your giving him shit for your short attention span? He needs to make such a long explanation because otherwise the idiots who think this is a good idea wont understand why this is so horrible for cs.
2015-04-11 21:31
We are on the same side, lel. We both agreed on that LCS would be a bad idea, how's that a shitstorm?
2015-04-11 21:57
2015-04-11 19:28
Dignitas instead of CPH Wolves
2015-04-11 19:28
that t-shirt tho
2015-04-11 19:28
Fuck off
2015-04-11 19:29
NO it won't help smh
2015-04-11 19:29
2015-04-11 19:30
Can somebody explain me what is ''LCS league''. I read something about this from Reddit but i dont really know what that bascily means.
2015-04-11 19:33
It's a League of Legends league played entirely offline over the span of +- 10 weeks in one split (we can call it a season for the sake of understanding). Every week there are 3 play days, where every team plays a few matches. Everyone plays each other twice etc., that's not too important. whats important is the offline thing and the fact that teams would need to move to a city where this league would be held. Those teams are also contracted to exclusivity deals by Riot Games, they basically cannot attend anything else non-related to riot.
2015-04-11 19:42
You become a slave of the thing you love working. Thats LCS for you, bullshit format. ESL is trying to monopolize the most profitable teams with big sponsors so they can squeeze more money for them.
2015-04-11 19:47
Russia refrain 
GuardiaN love you bro <3
2015-04-11 19:36
migth help your pocket and the pocket of the greedy old men. fuck this shit.
2015-04-11 19:37
CPH ~ Dignitas
2015-04-11 19:39
GuardiaN | 
Other Darge 
I like GuardiaN but please God no... But it's quite obvius than a team like Na'Vi, than doesn't like to go to as many events as other top teams could see some benefits on it
2015-04-11 19:42
help what, your back pocket?
2015-04-11 19:42
Self Interest at it's finest. Just like moe on twitter yesterday, don't realize it would be the end of his career if he's not on a top 8 team.
2015-04-11 19:44
LCS system pls. I wanna see Aussies, Asians, Europeans, and the Americans play on stream all the time. I think it would be badass. I hate these no name teams, I wanna see the best play all the time...
2015-04-11 20:10
retartet komment
2015-04-11 20:56
Portugal antCB 
That's why you don't ser Asians, and you only have an Australian team playing in CS:GO's majors. To see the best possible counter-strike
2015-04-12 19:04
Estonia 2026 
How can it help? Seriously are pro players stupid or what's happening? How can you whine that there are too many tournaments? Noone is telling you to attend every single one of them and that would actually be a good chance for lesser teams to show themselves if you wouldn't attend and cry about everything. Get your 5 fucking players and talk about what do you want to attend and what not cause this is just stupid what you said.
2015-04-11 20:12
hoping navi shows up tomo. gonna med bet if the odds stay the same, idt envy has looked that good as of late
2015-04-11 20:12
Would GuardiaN like an LCS-like system in CS:GO? Of course he and they would, but the question is another - could they live with this kind of system? I think no.
2015-04-11 20:22
France PouletFurtif 
pls no
2015-04-11 20:22
Deep analysis by GuardiaN
2015-04-11 20:22
He might be an good awper, but his opinion on this is shit.
2015-04-11 20:23
yes better listen to yours XDDD
2015-04-11 21:26
France JPK_ 
Guardian confirmed lazy fucker on hltv
2015-04-11 20:39
thx for time stamps
2015-04-11 21:17
WTF, GuardiaN, it wont help AT ALL, it will KILL the scene like CGS did. Riot themselves says that they lose money running the LCS, how would this improve the longevity of the scene? IT WONT, it will KILL IT! Jesus christ, why did the scene become so large so quick? BECAUSE OF TOURNAMENT DIVERSITY, FREE MARKET, OPEN CIRCUT. LCS is NOT GROWING like it used to, its arguably decaying. Less and less numbers overall, since teams play 15 useless games each over the timeline of 3 months. How boring will the CS scene be to watch? It will be boring, viewers will be turned off, the semi-pro scene will with CERTAINTY die. VALVE FOR GODS SAKE, KILL ESL!!! NOW!
2015-04-11 21:22
there will be a moment when morons will stop buying skins and will stop betting skins and go real money on real sports. what then? this game very foundation is based on kids stealing credit cards from parents and buying skins. this will stop at some point.
2015-04-11 21:26
Not going to lie, it does interest me a lot! Maybe this is something Valve wants and are just letting ESL take the reigns as they do with majors.
2015-04-11 21:45
they just all stared at the $18 million and thought, yep lets fuckin do it boyssssssss!!!!!!!!
2015-04-11 22:03
The thing is no single team lives in a gaming house, but LoL players do. They need to do more to make it more serious
2015-04-11 22:05
Thanks for timestamps!
2015-04-11 23:15
Sp|ke | 
Guatemala spike148 
If the LCS like league was about in the time before guardian joined na'vi, he wouldn't be there atm
2015-04-12 04:04
Guardian nicest personaliy ? you are ma bro
2015-04-12 04:28
A lot of hate when you try and monopolize an entire competitive scene but if they had more teams (maybe 20+ to not limit as much) as well still put on the biggest scene like Spodek Arena and the Cologne's venue they'll use 20k stadium this summmer. As Guardian said it is too hard to prepare for random tournaments and different setups for each one. Maybe it could add an edge, as well I would hate to see Valve's contribution and packages eliminated.
2015-04-12 15:46
Why not model csgo tournaments like how tennis does theirs?
2015-04-14 00:02
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