GameShow League 2 hits playoffs

The group stage of the GameShow League Season 2 has come to a close, with the top eight sides progressing to the knockout stages.

Only eight teams remain in contention in the GameShow League following the end of the group stage, which went according to script as all favourites were able to secure spots in the double-elimination playoffs.

The quarter-finals will feature a true clash of the titans as will go head to head with fnatic, with the winner of this match going on to face either 3DMAX or FlipSid3 in the last-four stage. to face fnatic in quarter-finals 

EnVyUs, who finished the group stage on a perfect 6-0 record, are widely expected to reach the semi-finals after being paired with dignitas, while Team SoloMid will have to lock horns with mousesports.

Below you can find the quarter-final match-ups in full:

France EnVyUs vs. Denmark dignitas
Denmark Team SoloMid vs. Germany mousesports
Poland vs. Sweden fnatic
Finland 3DMAX vs. Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics

The GameShow League's $30,000 prize purse will be distributed among the top four finishers as follows:

1. $16,000
2. $8,000 
3. $4,000
4. $2,000 

Poland hillock 
2015-04-16 23:25
Fnatic ez pz
2015-04-16 23:25
I expect TSM to come up with some heavy stuff in this one, tbh. And no, it's because I'm Dane.
2015-04-16 23:51
United States GeT_ReiCh 
TSM are the kings of choking
2015-04-17 23:58
This is a smaller prize pool, maybe they're not as nervous?
2015-04-22 16:19
Poland KaMoS 
ez fnatic
2015-04-16 23:25
First, btw Tsm to win
2015-04-16 23:26
wut 3dmax
2015-04-16 23:26
rip VP
2015-04-16 23:26
4 go to finals.VP can still make it...
2015-04-17 14:08
I dont understand why n1 comments get deleted but "nice" is ok. RiP #1. I was so lucky for 1sec, I even called my dad. Well anyway Nice
2015-04-16 23:27
-lucky +happy You cant even edit on newsposts anymore. HLTV why are you fucking me so hard
2015-04-16 23:29
gl ex-3dmax
2015-04-16 23:27
1. $16,000 2. $8,000 3. $4,000 2. $2,000? Should be 4
2015-04-16 23:28
10/10 in maths <3
2015-04-16 23:37
gl 3dmax
2015-04-16 23:29
is it an online tournament?
2015-04-16 23:30
Almost as boring as FaceIt finals are gonna be :D This has some potential doe.
2015-04-16 23:46
Finland Hunajaperse 
gl 3dmax
2015-04-16 23:46
Slovakia mkII 
when where
2015-04-16 23:54
yeah great article. those were the only things i was looking for.
2015-04-17 08:24
Australia Turboblaze_  
flipsid3 win w hackz ez
2015-04-17 00:05
3dmax ez
2015-04-17 00:11
2015-04-17 02:07
Ez Katowica KaPpA
2015-04-17 04:03
No navi, no nip.... bad tournament...
2015-04-17 12:11
when and where pls
2015-04-17 15:07
ez for encore
2015-06-07 23:12
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