Titan dismantle fnatic, to upper final

The final match of the day at ESEA Season 18 Global Finals at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Dallas, Texas saw two European titans facing off and fittingly the more aptly named French giant defeated its Swedish rival 2-0.

The ESEA Season 18 Global Finals represent one of the largest prize-pools of 2015, with $144,000 up for grabs in total, and a hefty $70,000 of that money going to the first place finisher.

Against such an illustrious backdrop, four European and four North American teams spent the first day of the finals battling it out in order to advance and avoid falling into the losers bracket.

Unfortunately, there was to be no red letter day for North American teams, with the continent conceding nine maps (including the All-Star game) to Europe and winning a total of zero.

The final match of the day was therefore to be the first all European match-up, with recent major champions fnatic taking on Titan, who have been notably on an upswing at tournaments of late.

Maniac has certainly found a new comfort zone in his play 

The first map was de_inferno and a shockingly strong T-side from Titan, as well as phenomenal play from supposed support player Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez, meant that the French squad went up 9:6 at the half.

With many viewers' shock far from ebbing, Titan wasted no time closing out the map and further impressing by taking seven CT rounds. Although the Swedes of fnatic showed promise, it was overall Titan who dazzled on the first map with dynamic and aggressive play.

The second map was de_cache and any chance of a comeback was promptly demolished by the Titan train, with Kenny "kennyS" Schrub taking a prominent role in yet another powerful T-sided half (11:4) for the Frenchmen.

In the second half, Titan gave the jetlagged-looking fnatic a final thrashing by taking pistol and the last gun round, closing the map out at 16:4.

18th April 2015

Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez
Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-04-18 05:43
+1 I LOL'D
2015-04-18 06:50
2015-04-18 14:30
2015-04-27 11:44
+9 days late.
2015-04-27 11:46
n1, gz french homies hard for fnatic cuz client and anticheat
2015-04-18 05:43
Sweden Kasidro 
Yeah that's why fnatic won the most secure event ever
2015-04-18 09:57
And can't beat Titan with double digits, who went out in the most 'secure event ever' in the groups
2015-04-18 10:21
wow i guess teams can't have bad days/run of form, right? Retards :D
2015-04-18 10:48
Europe Ark- 
How naive to think ESL admins did anything with mice and keyboard of the players after they were collected in the boxes.
2015-04-18 11:55
How naive to think they did not, when cheating amongst PRO scene was exposed..
2015-04-18 14:42
sure, they plugged all thoses devices then what genius?
2015-04-18 20:43
Not going to answer further retarded answers (Because you are obviously so retarded, you don't just get it..) All equipment or configurations used by any player, whether it is config files or mouses/keyboards were sent to inspection like three months in advance, and no other equipment that the one sent and reviewed could be used. Many config files were not editable and computers weren't connected to the internet, nor any of those players could use any USB stick or even mobile phone near the computer at the event... How the fuck do you think they would manage to inject cheats to the computers without anyone noticing, right? You are clueless retard...
2015-04-18 22:59
If they sent they mice and keyboard three months in advance how could they play the game during that time? This is retarded. It also have been confirmed there actually was internet access. How naive. Literally clueless.
2015-04-18 23:32
you think pros only have 1 keyboard and mouse? lol. Please don't talk about naivety again.
2015-04-19 03:52
if they did send one copy of their mice and keyboard 3 months before the tournament, why did the players had to put thoses devices in a boxes when they arrived? Hint: they never send their devices before the tourney.
2015-04-19 11:48
Laos 23^ 
dat picture ROFL
2015-04-18 05:43
Probably reading hltv topics about him.
2015-04-18 05:44
Xyp9x | 
Other GunnerL 
I see what you did there heh.
2015-04-18 09:42
2015-04-18 13:12
joelz on lan? hahahaha :D
2015-04-18 05:44
Laos 23^ 
i aren't think dat xD
2015-04-18 05:45
n1 gg
2015-04-18 05:43
That picture fits how Maniac is feeling about his haters right now.
2015-04-18 05:45
Sweden larsbananas 
Indeed :)
2015-04-18 11:59
hilarious photo
2015-04-18 05:45
Maniac in comfort zone lol
2015-04-18 05:46
maniac can thank hltv for his improvement, too bad shahzam can't be the same and turn negativity into positivity.
2015-04-18 05:48
I'm waiting for dazed to make another video about shazam sucking. Before anyone asks I only lost $4.
2015-04-18 06:09
i am so glad i was asleep. close call....
2015-04-18 07:09
Props to him for not choking due to all the hate to be honest. If I had Maniac's skill and the community shat on me like that I for one would crumble and I know a lot of others would to. To take all that hate and let it boil in your stomach and just get so much better is very respectable
2015-04-18 06:12
He is the only one responsible for his level of play. Not those stupid hltv kids, how can you be so arrogant ? If he fails he is bad and if he wins it is thanks to you ? Jump under a train pls.
2015-04-18 08:45
maniac can thank hltv for his improvement not sure if trolling or retarded
2015-04-18 09:16
jahahah dat pic
2015-04-18 05:48
bot maniac stronk
2015-04-18 05:48
enjoy now, because after ...
2015-04-18 05:51
2015-04-18 05:56
Maniac top10 2015 ez
2015-04-18 05:56
2015-04-18 05:57
Titan<3 Ex6TenZ<3
2015-04-18 06:05
Verygames <3 Ex6TenZ <3 *
2015-04-27 11:07
Titan era
2015-04-18 06:07
Epic Picture
2015-04-18 06:11
They don't deserve the rekt
2015-04-18 06:17
4Head EleGiggle
2015-04-18 06:18
maniac be like"Whos the bot now motherfuckers, hope you enjoy losing your precious skibs you fnatic fangrills!!"
2015-04-18 06:24
maniac has been quite strong all year, and he wasnt as bad as people made him before that. supposed support player? hes been their lurker for forever.
2015-04-18 06:32
I was just going off of how he was described on Titan's blog awhile back. Also for HLTVbrain, you ironically make incisive comments--what's going on here? ^^
2015-04-18 06:34
when maniac and ex6 frag, titan win
2015-04-18 06:43
France yvo 
2015-04-18 11:08
Nice to see titan playing as a team opposed to relying on a kennyS 30 bomb.
2015-04-18 06:51
New fnatic fanboy excuse please ? Old excuses : "Qualified for faceit" "Just won katowice" "Dont care about this tournament" "Were on Vacation"
2015-04-18 06:58
Outplayed is the only excuse. Praise the double-elimination tho. Hopefully they still win :>
2015-04-18 07:54
Well i salute sensible fans like you,but most of them were making lame excuses,as if fnatic can never be beaten by anyone.
2015-04-18 08:57
Romania WOTAN 
Maniac or Apex said : "We can beat anyone and anyone can beat us." <= This applies to every CS team IMHO
2015-04-18 09:22
Said no fnatic fan ever.
2015-04-18 09:34
Romania WOTAN 
2015-04-18 09:35
Yea, well it's hard to argue with a 32-13 scoreline. And fnatic is just another team, we're all fans of one, and as Wotan said at #54, every top team can beat eachother. Fnatic has just been a bit stronger the last couple months, apparently it has changed with Titan and Na'Vi taking a step further making the top 6-7 extremely even, which is great for the coming events :>
2015-04-18 10:33
Sweden olo7 
2015-04-18 11:16
dktenso | 
Brazil lgzn 
vods anyone? Titan is so T oriented, must've been a amazing games.
2015-04-18 07:00
twitch.tv/esea/popout?videoId=a650933676 It was last game, starting around 10h30
2015-04-18 08:29
"supposed support player" lezgo maniac :D
2015-04-18 07:01
that picture LOL
2015-04-18 07:13
nice picture :D congratulations to titan
2015-04-18 07:33
2015-04-18 07:34
France cedd 
ayyyy ! fnatic in lower bracket, RIP na teams
2015-04-18 07:51
2015-04-18 12:45
Ex6TenZ best IGL
2015-04-18 08:05
should coach...
2015-04-18 10:11
2015-04-18 08:24
2015-04-18 08:54
BOT Maniac,Bot Shahzam....kappa
2015-04-18 09:01
Anybody have the stats for this game?
2015-04-18 09:13
2015-04-18 09:26
Kenny Swedish confirmed?
2015-04-18 16:47
wow rekt
2015-04-18 09:23
Flusha always fails at esea btw.
2015-04-18 09:35
Titan is good antycheat for fnatic XD
2015-04-18 09:39
United States ysl 
yeah, once in a half a year lol
2015-04-18 10:19
2015-04-18 09:44
"Unfortunately, there was to be no red letter day for North American teams." Aren't wins normally typed in green stich? Losses in red. :)
2015-04-18 10:16
youtube.com/watch?v=8bNZ02h9U7I who's gonna bury you body now ?????
2015-04-18 10:18
2015-04-18 10:18
Interviewer: Hello, community calls you BOT, what do you think? Maniac: static.hltv.org/images/galleries/6503-me.. Maniac at 3 LANs in the past month: Maps: 27 K/D: 1.14 Kills/round: 0.76 Deaths/round: 0.67 All the haters can hang themselves.
2015-04-18 10:18
Dude, don't even try. The stats are inflated since they mainly played tier 2-3 teams. Here's how good he really is: hltv.org/?pageid=247&playerid=823
2015-04-18 10:26
The stats are inflated since they mainly played tier 2-3 teams Muhaha, their matches (out of 27 mentioned): vs EnVyUs - 4 vs NiP - 2 vs Na`Vi - 5 vs TSM - 6 Dude, don't even try.
2015-04-18 10:39
And I forgot about 2 more matches vs "tier2-3" fnatic. EnVyUs, NiP, Na`Vi, TSM, fnatic - such tier2-3 teams, confirmed by Fr3de.
2015-04-18 10:51
nice try i guess you was in coma when he played vs better teams
2015-04-18 12:35
+1 anyways the haters were some stupid kids so no one gives a fuck abt them
2015-04-18 10:46
2015-04-18 10:23
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Titan played as if they were on drugs. Very solid performance! Hope fnatic step up their games tomorrow
2015-04-18 10:35
RpK at 3 LANs in the past month: Maps: 27 K/D: 0.97 Kills/round: 0.65 Deaths/round: 0.67 If compare him to ScreaM's online performance in EnVyUs on 6 maps, ScreaM was better thanks to his shining vs tier3 LGB on overpass, but Ex6 needed a player of a different style than ScreaM is, so replacing RpK with ScreaM is impossible. Thus, my dear ScreaM lovers, it's time to shut up. Or may be ask ScreaM to join LDLC White. There is no space for him in EnVyUs or Titan.
2015-04-18 10:41
Well, LDLC White is quite bad aswell.
2015-04-18 11:46
ex-Epsilon with mistou, GMX and Uzzziii wasn't much better, you know... It's about desire to play - you either want to play, or you don't. If you want to - you join a team that can pick you up.
2015-04-18 12:10
LGB t3?
2015-04-18 16:01
For me, teams of the same tier should be able to overcome each other in bo3. Then, tier1 is only fnatic, EnVyUs and NiP. Tier1.5 is TSM, Na`Vi and Virtus.Pro. They're able to challenge tier1 teams, but usually lose to them, being really close to the victory. I know there is no such a concept as tier1.5, but to call those 3 tier2 I also can't. Then we have Titan, that can sometimes win vs almost any of the abovementioned teams, but usually lose to them (except for jetlagging fnatic may be). This is tier2, a solid one. And then we have teams like PENTA, dignitas, LGB, HellRaisers, Property, Gamers2. They can win each other, but they can't win any of tier1-2 team in bo3. How can we call them, other than tier3? I hope you've cought my point.
2015-04-18 21:09
The last thing you saying is a good point my friend. The real tier system is like this: Tier 1: EnvyUs, Fnatic, NIP and VP/navi Tier 2: VP/navi, Titan, TSM,LGB/PENTA And then you have the challengers like HR, swedish teams, gamers2, CLG, cloud9, Keyd stars etc. A tier category must contain of 4 teams my friend. NavI, NIP or VP are very likely to beat fnatic or EnvyYs in a bo3, so they are ofc a tier 1 team.
2015-04-19 00:51
edit: forgot dignitas in challenger.
2015-04-19 00:52
Are LGB/PENTA able to overcome VP/Na`Vi, Titan, TSM in bo3? If no, then how can they be of the same tier?
2015-04-19 13:04
they have a low chance at beating VP or NAVI in a bo3, that`s why I have put vp/navi in tier1, I can`t say who is the better team, vp or navi. But Penta and lgb are very likely to beat tsm or titan in a bo3, yes.
2015-04-19 22:03
Penta and lgb are very likely to beat tsm or titan in a bo3 Share your weed with me, my friend.
2015-04-19 23:55
Lmao, both penta LGB and PENTA will never ever beat both TSM and Titan in bo3 on LAN.
2015-04-27 11:11
both LGB and PENTA*
2015-04-27 11:12
obv dont know how inconsistent titan and tsm is. They can for sure be beaten by lgb or penta..lmao
2015-04-27 11:42
Aim BOT Maniac
2015-04-18 10:42
cant edit comment, but nice to see maniac elevate his play level recent times
2015-04-18 10:44
"Titan gave the jetlagged-looking fnatic a final thrashing" Is it confirmed that they had jetlag? In any case is it okei to suggest that this is the reason Titan won? Cause it seems so. Personally I think its poor journalism.
2015-04-18 10:44
Yeah, I aswell think this comment is quite stupid from hltv. In any case, Titan comes from Europe as well so if there is a jetlag problem it should go for both team. And the fact that european teams destroyed american ones might shoz that jetlag was not too much of a problem to play counter strike....
2015-04-18 11:12
Titan came one day earlier if I have understood right, but still, quite useless comment there.
2015-04-18 11:34
Fnatic probably threw for skins...
2015-04-18 11:00
Poland Redrumowy 
how much
2015-04-18 11:08
Sweden olo7 
lol, fnatic not even top8
2015-04-18 11:14
Sweden olo7 
esea client this time so no cheats? will they risk later?
2015-04-18 11:27
Damn I was going to bet this but thought that kennyS has been bad lately so I didn't xd
2015-04-18 11:34
Maybe next time esea finals should come to Europe because NA teams suck balls so hard- 8-0 in 1 round against EU teams? Even mousports won. And they are currently tier 2 or tier 3 team in EU. That show the real power of NA csgo scene.
2015-04-18 11:40
Ireland mnc 
I wouldn't be surprised if they won with VP tonight (today for NA)...
2015-04-18 11:43
I wont be surprised- VP isn't in top shape but still I think that NA team on their home soil should show something. And they didn't. It will be huge success if some NA team will be in consolidation final of lower bracket.
2015-04-18 17:30
jetlagged? can you come up with a better exuse...rape
2015-04-18 11:57
Europe Ark- 
this photo of Maniac reminds me of this : 1d4chan.org/wiki/Lelf
2015-04-18 11:58
Wtf happend with Maniac, hes fragging like a maniac atm:D Hes in good shape. Keep up the good work Maniac.
2015-04-18 12:01
"awp nerf will crush titan" nice try hltv crykids
2015-04-18 12:24
easiest skins of my life
2015-04-18 12:28
You heard of the HUGE VAC BAN WAVE? reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/32.. I bet fnatic did!
2015-04-18 12:38
retard alert
2015-04-18 13:52
2015-04-18 12:40
World Ayr 
Fnatic on lower bracket?, RiP your hopes NA :D
2015-04-18 12:56
Estonia rYm 
just 1 match :) "RbK you will be always #2" (c) f0rpi
2015-04-18 12:59
Fnatic will step up their game and win this event regardless. This was just TITAN IGL antistrating Fnatic hard.
2015-04-18 13:02
Poland Redrumowy 
80/20 odds for fnatic after their recent results and history of struggling with Titan is just stupid. Your skins are delicious.
2015-04-18 13:47
pics or stfu
2015-04-18 13:54
Poland Redrumowy 
2015-04-18 13:57
#bottomscoreboard #justflushathings #doyouevenlift
2015-04-18 14:51
i think that if fnatic loses they still have a chance to get through by the lower brackets which means that by losing this game it will make it easier for them than going against vp and such. Now fnatic has collected strats from titan these games high value ofc for the next matchup im pretty sure fnatic takes it cause of gathered tacts. So maybe this was all a set strat so that they can claim the thophy in the easier possible way but this is just my speculation.
2015-04-18 15:08
Titan is life ;)
2015-04-18 15:10
lol maniac
2015-04-18 15:12
why fnatic always sucks at esea?
2015-04-18 16:10
anyone else think it's suspicious after Maniac gets repeatedly called out for his play, all of a sudden he goes God Tier? I know there isn't any proof of him cheating, but it is pretty suspicious to me.
2015-04-18 16:10
in these days you cant improve, confirmed by hltv.
2015-04-18 16:18
Is ex6tenz cheating as well?
2015-04-18 17:02
Good to see Titan doing well :)
2015-04-18 16:16
fnatic. on client.
2015-04-18 17:50
2015-04-18 18:31
Greece her-1g 
they nerfed titan after the update they said. to me they seem pretty buffed the last 15-20 days
2015-04-18 19:49
its cuz they've been more focused and practiced than ever and any team. All the teams decided to chill after Kotowice. But after Titans failure there they decided its time to get back up on their feets.
2015-04-19 03:58
Greece her-1g 
oh that happened?
2015-04-19 14:24
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