karrigan: "It is my biggest win [ever]"

We got to talk to one of the winners of CCS Kick-off Season Finals, Finn "karrigan" Andersen, about TSM's triumph in Bucharest.

After breaking the top four curse for good yesterday, TSM went all the way in the final as well, and only dropped one map, while beating fnatic on both their picks for a 3-1 overall victory.

Here's the winning interview with Finn "karrigan" Andersen, where he talks about breaking the curse and getting to win again after nearly three years from his time in fnatic in Counter-Strike 1.6.

He went on to share his thoughts on the current meta, where everyone needs to bring frags to the table to be able to win tournaments, how his mid-round calls have been steadily improving throughout his time in TSM and more.

One more piece of our coverage is still missing before we conclude our content from Bucharest, Romania, which is a cherry on top in the form of Toby "TobiWan" Dawson and his eight-minute long interview.

Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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great games by TSM. win well deserved
2015-04-27 02:12
Austria DR!FT 
2015-04-27 13:35
Romania Cuntstantin 
it is your only win tho
2015-04-27 02:13
Denmark fyhn 
I believe he won quite a lot towards the end of 1.6 with fnatic.
2015-04-27 02:16
Romania Cuntstantin 
was meant to be a joke, no hate
2015-04-27 02:22
bad joke is bad.
2015-04-27 02:58
Nothing to add.
2015-04-28 07:14
Not his only win.
2015-04-27 02:16
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
newfag? DansGame
2015-04-27 02:16
Here's the winning interview with Finn "karrigan" Andersen, where he talks about breaking the curse and getting to win again after nearly three years from his time in fnatic in Counter-Strike 1.6.
2015-04-27 02:17
Last* win
2015-04-27 02:36
Denmark fujiYEEZY 
2015-04-27 16:56
yeah, on cs:go it is! :D
2015-04-27 10:50
In csgo, yes. 1.6 he won a few tournaments. Is it getting repetitive? Thats what you get for telling a bad "joke"
2015-04-27 11:02
no shit
2015-04-27 02:13
2015-04-27 02:15
gg tsm, called it 3-1 next step, major
2015-04-27 02:21
I had a boner watching the interview ;_;
2015-04-27 02:24
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
1 more good team in a form right now.. Gg tsm!more interesting games in cs go !
2015-04-27 02:24
Mutherfucker needs to slow down when he talks :P
2015-04-27 02:24
Algeria W0r 
fast to boy is so fast
2015-04-27 03:03
Algeria W0r 
2015-04-27 03:04
deserved xD
2015-04-27 02:29
Karrigan you have just peaked in your career
2015-04-27 02:34
baguette salty that french no longer the best
2015-04-28 03:33
<3 TSM
2015-04-27 02:39
he seems a nice guy, congratz
2015-04-27 03:11
This was totally faked by illuminati. Danes never won a title and it will not happen till 2036
2015-04-27 03:24
Dno where you are getting your sources from. But Denmark is probaly the country of "gaming". If you see how few people we are here. And i believe we have some CS Titles. You got to be pretty messed up if you don't know that. "Google > How Stupid Can I Be" You are welcome.
2015-04-28 07:18
country of gaming... Have you completely forgotten sweden??
2015-04-28 13:33
TSM gg
2015-04-27 03:26
Striker guy eat more food please ur so skinny man damn
2015-04-27 03:33
+1 lets do dis NA donate him cheeseburgers every months Sweden kebabs France duck Poland pirogi Italia pasta/pizza etc
2015-04-27 03:40
McDonald's or jack in the crack?
2015-04-27 08:50
Tim Hortons ofc
2015-04-28 00:38
ty mr skeltal
2015-04-27 07:54
kNgV- | 
Japan kayenji 
"It is my first win [ever]"
2015-04-27 04:00
EPS Summer 2013 1st with PlayinDucks
2015-04-27 07:19
And countless on 1.6 with Fnatic... this is shit
2015-04-27 10:21
Get some insides from Ave Karrigan and you won't have to break curses anymore.
2015-04-27 04:16
This interviewer is a dick "Your team isnt used to winning" Like wtf rude
2015-04-27 04:44
China Ava1ondraGon 
Thats true, but they didn't give up. So..Deserved
2015-04-27 04:50
The guy is the most awkward interviewer ever and not in a good (read funny) way.
2015-04-27 05:41
yeah but most people in esports are, so there's no one to replace him
2015-04-27 07:55
Russia Drinkins 
n1 guy and good IGL. wp, cs Ancelotti!
2015-04-27 05:49
Lol he was definitely one of the best cs1.6 players(top 5 IMO )
2015-04-27 06:09
2015-04-27 07:26
you've got to be joking. He was very good, sure. Always admired him, particularly because of his game sense. One of the rare breed of players who actually have brains inside their skull. But a top5 1.6 player? Come on...
2015-04-27 10:37
He was one of the very best, just like moddi was.
2015-04-27 11:23
All time top5 ofc not definately top5 post-2011.
2015-04-27 12:14
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
more like top at late scene when people actually noticed him so much more than before but all time no
2015-04-27 14:21
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
murican at his finest
2015-04-27 10:41
f0rest,markeloff,neo,potti,zet.I needed 3 seconds to name you 5 players who were better individually/had more impact on the scene/have won more than karrigan.Now let me know how da fuck was he top5?
2015-04-27 18:46
Because this guy was off his nuts on mirage, he won them that game
2015-04-27 07:16
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
2015-04-27 07:27
Gz jw
2015-04-27 07:57
Really? Biggest win? In a tournament with 4 teams?
2015-04-27 07:58
you should say the top 4 teams putin vodka pls
2015-04-27 09:26
You dont need 20 shit teams if you can do a top 4 teams tournament and not lose your live streaming shit games.
2015-04-27 09:53
United Kingdom Alth 
The elite teams are all that matters anyway. Lumping an extra 12 tier 2/3 teams in there doesn't make the competition harder.
2015-04-27 10:11
It makes the competition more exhausting. And that is a different competition. That would really show who is the boss in the house.
2015-04-27 13:19
Well there were plenty more teams who just didn't qualify.. This was the 'finals'
2015-04-27 14:25
Playing online from their houses, couple matches per day, that is different.
2015-04-27 19:28
Yo. Fall back and go drink your vodka bro.
2015-04-28 07:21
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Really enjoying watching TSM rise up and meet the vast expectations people have set for them. I would definitely put them on equal standing with VP and Na'Vi at this point. CSGO scene's competition is really starting to bloom now ... in EU at least :^)
2015-04-27 08:09
2015-04-27 08:43
Very nice :)
2015-04-27 09:29
ggwp BOT Karrigan :D
2015-04-27 09:54
if he's a bot what are you then ?
2015-04-27 12:49
Denmark ORD 
Its a joke, Karrigan said it himself in the interview.
2015-04-27 16:06
Well done dude. Enjoy your time now <3
2015-04-27 09:54
Georgia rowG 
Finally TSM, gl for the next major :)
2015-04-27 10:26
2015-04-27 10:28
Karrigan the t-side savior of TSM
2015-04-27 10:38
damn he talks fast :D kinda hard to understand him at times :D
2015-04-27 10:49
gg wp
2015-04-27 10:55
Germany Zure 
Am I the only one who missed text-interviews? :(
2015-04-27 11:13
Germany Zure 
2015-04-27 11:14
Karrigun is ein faggut
2015-04-27 11:28
nice silverlining by karringan, lol. he gives tsm more credits than they deserve.
2015-04-27 11:28
how much
2015-04-27 13:44
how much shit can you talk in every thread about tsm winning? How much did you lose kid?
2015-04-27 14:27
JW"s brother
2015-04-27 11:36
Xyp9x | 
Denmark DFTBA 
Omg haha best joke ever.
2015-04-27 14:08
Yes, it's a joke but still he look like JW hahah
2015-04-27 18:58
Xyp9x | 
Denmark DFTBA 
true acctually
2015-04-27 19:24
2015-04-27 11:42
he sounds like gtr o,0
2015-04-27 12:02
2015-04-27 12:03
Its your only win hahaha
2015-04-27 12:12
ZywOo | 
Netherlands EdddyyyY 
seems like a nice guy. ggwp tsm
2015-04-27 12:43
Norway Eek! 
biggest win in the smallest tournament
2015-04-27 13:25
With Top 3 teams participating. Imo this is nearly as good as an ESL One title.
2015-04-27 13:45
There were more teams that didn't qualify for the 'finals'. Get your facts straight first
2015-04-27 14:29
woops that was a reply to 90 ^^
2015-04-27 14:47
I cant really say that envy nip and fnatic are better than VP and Na VI at the moment.Still a great and deserved win for tsm :).
2015-04-27 18:49
World jorg 
It seems that TSM have won 3 majors in a row, they are acting like we are top 1 now...please it was a very minor tournament, jesus...
2015-04-27 13:46
obviously you dont follow them very much... they are doing an amazing campaign with great matches. They haven't won more jet because of the lag of experience or luck
2015-04-27 13:54
of the lag of experience or luck ' lag of experience '
2015-04-27 15:13
2015-04-27 13:51
Current meta LOL. In fnatics case that just = BUY BUY BUY.. What's that we have 1.5k BUYYYY.
2015-04-27 14:12
biggest win? well it's also the only win
2015-04-27 14:44
It was good by TSM but lets be honest. Fnatic are slumping hard right now just coming off a loss to VP at ESEA. If TSM DIDNT win than they would probably have never had another chance again.
2015-04-27 14:56
how much?
2015-04-27 15:16
I dont even play csgo let alone waste my time on skins. Also, "how much" isnt funny anymore.
2015-04-27 15:35
Wtf are you even want dude?
2015-04-27 15:54
Russia bandband 
gj, Mr. Andersen
2015-04-27 15:17
well deserved...beast awp on mirage
2015-04-27 15:48
+rep to karrigan
2015-04-27 18:27
u deserved dude, gz !
2015-04-27 20:24
2015-04-28 12:04
2015-04-28 13:27
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