adreN: "Weren't on the same page"

As our first interviewee of FACEIT League 2015 Stage 1 Finals, Eric "adreN" Hoag talked about their disastrous initial match in London, as well as the second edition of the North American shuffle.

Team Liquid had a disastrous start to FACEIT Finals following a 0-2 loss to fnatic in the initial round of group stage, where they only got four rounds in total.

We got a hold of Eric "adreN" Hoag to find out what went wrong in the match, why the team didn't join up with Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham and Spencer "Hiko" Martin in the end, and got an idea on what he thought about the shuffle as a whole.

United States Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham
No team
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Maps played:
United States Spencer 'Hiko' Martin
Spencer 'Hiko' Martin
No team
Rating 1.0:
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United States Eric 'adreN' Hoag
Eric 'adreN' Hoag
No team
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of course you werent
2015-05-01 18:18
AdreN -EZ-
2015-05-01 18:19
fake adren, nt hltv
2015-05-01 18:41
no this adren is my boy. although the other one could be too who knows.
2015-05-01 21:24
Hong Kong Z23 
This guy started out as adreNaline, AdreN was just AdreN.
2015-05-01 22:30
Andorra _TMP 
2015-05-01 18:18
United Kingdom L$D 
weren't on the same book more like
2015-05-01 18:18
World sauti 
nice try
2015-05-01 18:18
Russia Aonik 
2015-05-01 18:18
2015-05-01 18:19
Estonia 2026 
Cut Daps.
2015-05-01 18:19
Even if they were, fnatic is just a league above them..
2015-05-01 18:20
2015-05-01 18:20
Belarus Starvoid 
no shit
2015-05-01 18:20
weren't even same the universe more like. but nice try. gl
2015-05-01 18:21
daps is hideous
2015-05-01 18:23
NP AndreN No One Expected that you win this match anyways
2015-05-01 18:24
werent on the same page and never will...
2015-05-01 18:24
NA teams seems to lack something in praccs that euro teams does much better, they are always behind on stuff. not skillwise but tacwise. i hope NA teams can even there skills ingame with euro teams some day :(
2015-05-01 18:26
one obvious thing from watching the stream today, is that they lack patience. So many situations they could have won if they just let the opponent come to them, but instead they peek and get killed.
2015-05-01 23:36
Norway siGs 
n0thing is planned, n0thing is confirmed ^^ ( ^^ is the original kappa, u know)
2015-05-01 18:26
no strats in ur gun rounds what so ever or peeking like idiots when they can instead set up crossfires....
2015-05-01 18:30
Hiko failed on so many levels haha. He should have just joined Liquid with Ska. Now he is stuck with Semphis again. *gg*
2015-05-01 18:36
thank god for your professional opinion on this matter.
2015-05-01 18:38
Hiko and ska wouldnt have saved liquid.
2015-05-01 19:10
"stuck with semphis" He said on stream that he think the two work well together and is a good team, and has the same mentality towards the game. Don't think Hiko views it as being stuck with him.
2015-05-01 23:38
HLTV interviewer questions: 1. How...h-h-how... to what... how much... eh because of NA shuffle... ho-ho-how was your preparation? 2. Has that, has that... has that any any has that had any... affect, affect on the mindset... affect the mindsent going in to cobble? 3. So how do you.. how do you, how you think Cloud9 will do with Skadoodle? Seriously? Either improve your english or figure out what you're going to say before asking the actual questions. It's almost to the point where I don't want to listen to it.
2015-05-01 18:40
hahaha literally what i think everytime i hear this guy do an "interview". Same set of questions every time plus the stuttering makes it awkward. There has to be someone better suited for the job.
2015-05-01 18:42
2015-05-01 18:50
It's almost to the point where I don't want to listen to it. Dont maybe? Or go ahead,attend the events with your own money and take interviews and run a free site maybe? Kids whining all the fucking time..
2015-05-01 19:24
United States mah9 
Lol people have the right to complain when bad things are bad. You're right, everyone just ignore all the problems of the world, that's how things get better. I NEVER mention race on this site, but the irony of your Indian flag and your willingness to sweep problems under the rug seems so hilariously appropriate.
2015-05-01 21:30
What problem lol ? I dont see any "problems",might be "problematic" to you..."your willingness to sweep problems under the rug seems so hilariously appropriate." Cant believe an american just said that.^
2015-05-01 21:49
United States mah9 
Look at the state of America and the state of India, it isn't even a comparison. At least we have a police force that you know, at least pretends to enforce the law, and aren't just so thoroughly corrupt that 90% you are pulled over you can bribe your way out of a ticket.
2015-05-01 22:33
FYi, i Dont really care. you are actually taking this seriously.
2015-05-01 22:46
United States mah9 
FYI, you just got destroyed in an argument, and are backed into a corner with no logical escape.
2015-05-01 22:48
at least indian corruped police don't gun people down on a such massive scale. I would prefer corrupted police over your proud trigger happy pigs all day every day.
2015-05-02 00:54
About 5 kills against African Americans and American Police are trigger happy. It's honestly a blip on the radar if you consider the good they've done.
2015-05-02 06:34
2015-05-02 03:19
Frankie | 
United States lybrel 
Still better than James, the host.
2015-05-01 19:42
United States mah9 
It's actually shocking that this guy still is doing interviews. For everything HLTV does well they get the absolute worst interviews. Hideously awkward.
2015-05-01 21:29
maybe coz he uses his own money to go any possible event to do the interviews and get info for u ? U think is a company which has a profit every month to pay to its helpers ? When they just put an ads in the background to get money, u cried and talked shit about that. Srsly...u want an expert to go around and do interviews for FREE ?
2015-05-02 03:27
Of course they get paid to go there :D how dumb are you?
2015-05-02 03:59
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
sad but true
2015-05-02 07:02
ur bad kid
2015-05-01 18:43
Eric 'adreN' Hoag rider !
2015-05-01 18:49
Brazil 1kuNg 
don't mind the haters adreN, you guys surprised me, I was expecting it to be 16x0 but you guys managed to get some round, gj.
2015-05-01 18:49
same as brazil, didnt expect them to score a goal but they got one
2015-05-01 19:05
please forward this burn heal [-]
2015-05-01 20:22
another LAN another NA team with excuses.
2015-05-01 18:51
what a guy :) good luck
2015-05-01 18:53
rekt in pepperonis....even EU LEM's can beat this team
2015-05-01 19:39
You weren't in the same game more likely.
2015-05-01 20:13
So it was going to be skadoodle and hiko to liquid but Hiko backed out. God damn it Hiko...
2015-05-01 20:43
No, it was going to be Hiko and Skadoodle pulling 3 guys out of Liquid and into a new organization called Archon.
2015-05-01 22:24
Hiko made a terrible mistake if the thing Adren said is the true. I mean, what is exactly the problem of just joining Team Liquid? it would be -daps -Elige +Ska +Hiko I actually would prefer +Elige -fugly, but anyway...
2015-05-01 20:52
Portugal Cyborgy 
fugly>>>elige not even comparable hiko skadoodle adreN nitro fugly jiZaH
2015-05-01 23:38
no shit
2015-05-01 21:12
You weren't even playing the same game, you are retards for rejecting a move with hiko&skadoodle to play with dumbaps. Enjoy being nothing but a tier 2 online team.
2015-05-01 21:51
I think they played badly because they are confirmed to be changing rosters after the event, and some players probably dont give a fuck
2015-05-02 06:42
I honestly don't think so, not because they are decent or stable but there are no players left to pick up.
2015-05-02 13:28
That is also a true observation. Some player s may just be salty about the whole Hiko situation leading to them play badly as well
2015-05-02 13:32
2015-05-01 22:19
<3 adren
2015-05-01 22:19
At this point, perhaps eLevate and Nihilum are NA's best hopes.
2015-05-01 22:22
eLevate is kinda dead Liquid has potential but they need to change daps
2015-05-02 06:35
czech | 
Slovakia harek 
NA best hope is that guys from Keyd Stars will settle down in NA.
2015-05-02 07:12
Is "not on the same page" the American way of saying shit?
2015-05-02 14:10
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