karrigan: "Now we can beat [anyone]"

Finn "karrigan" Andersen shared some thoughts on TSM's matches at FACEIT Finals, the team's mindset in determining who picks up the AWP and the grand final up ahead.

TSM beat Natus Vincere twice in completely identical best-of-threes map-wise, interved with their now-infamous de_overpass loss to Virtus.pro as the deciding map for first place in group B.

They made up for the mistakes in groups with a clean 2-0 sweep of fnatic though, and we got to talk to the team's in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen about all their matches and more.

Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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2015-05-03 19:08
2015-05-03 19:09
nice joke
2015-05-03 19:09
it's no joke tho, or did you miss the latest games where they beat fnatic? both in the final last weekend and now again here at the semis
2015-05-03 19:15
fnatic is a joke right now mad fanboy
2015-05-03 19:23
A joke that can beat anyone but TSM.
2015-05-03 19:26
thats why they lost to VP in final
2015-05-03 19:37
VP couldn't win over NiP. The team that fnatic ran over easily.
2015-05-03 19:45
chain logic doesn't work in GO, bud.
2015-05-03 19:55
Y r wrong, vp can win. And VP also have huge advantage in mappool. They have only 1 weak map while nip have only 2 strong map.
2015-05-03 19:55
Inferno nip>vp Cache nip>vp dust2 nip>vp cbble nip<vp overp nip<vp nuke nip>vp mirage nip<vp
2015-05-03 20:06
^ I agree totally.
2015-05-03 20:13
inferno nip > vp cache 50-50 dust2 VP always ban first cbbl nip < vp overpass nip < vp nuke 50-50 both teams don't practice anymore mirage nip < vp (or 50-50, but vp looks very good on mirage while nip struggle so much against fnatic) So only 1 map in favor of nip - inferno.
2015-05-03 20:23
dat logic ;D
2015-05-03 21:00
and nip insta ban cbbl/overpass so vp have 2 in favor (tho Nip won VP on lan on mirage with like 16-2 or something soooo...)
2015-05-03 21:19
Finland KaakaoHarakka 
2015-05-03 21:52
A joke that is the best team in the world? What?
2015-05-04 01:49
2015-05-03 19:09
inb4 lose to NiP
2015-05-03 19:09
vp beat them 2-1 and now they beat NiP so funny =D
2015-05-03 19:09
VP lucky against TSM nothing else.
2015-05-03 19:13
nt carrygan
2015-05-03 19:18
hes not carrygan, i am.
2015-05-03 19:34
2015-05-03 19:38
Denmark 3picanteater 
Haha xD
2015-05-03 20:52
2015-05-03 21:15
Poland deolic 
You should be carrygun.
2015-05-03 23:03
nope, i am carrygan
2015-05-04 00:13
if they loose against nip......:D
2015-05-03 19:09
we "CAN" beat anyone
2015-05-03 19:16
Denmark cabronnn 
T S M B O Y S <3 gogo
2015-05-03 19:10
Karrigan > JW cumfirmed
2015-05-03 19:10
karrigan from germany, polse
2015-05-03 19:11
Yeah, if a team can beat Fnatic, that team can beat everyone else :o
2015-05-03 19:11
Let's make every [title] like [this]
2015-05-03 19:11
they already do lel
2015-05-03 19:14
2015-05-03 19:11
Probably true. They can beat anyone... but they won't beat them every time. :_:
2015-05-03 19:12
2015-05-03 19:12
no you can´t LOL
2015-05-03 19:12
yea they can, jelious fanboy
2015-05-03 19:20
Probably in future, but right now ?? noway lol..
2015-05-03 19:16
2015-05-03 19:16
why these [] signs in every "news topic" oO
2015-05-03 19:18
2015-05-03 19:18
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
except for VP
2015-05-03 19:21
I aren't think that
2015-05-03 19:22
Nice choke, they have no power in fights with VP on lans, strong but not the best, never will be number 1
2015-05-03 19:22
Honestly if TSM wins this are we looking at a TSM dominated era? This is the second tournament in a row that they take fnatic out, and nip have been looking quite lackluster. The only reason nip is still top 3 is because vp has looked even more lackluster.
2015-05-03 19:24
World xhlr 
It's tempting to think like that. However, many thought the same about then-LDLC (current EnVyUs) when they made their dominating journey all up to DH Winter 2014 finals and keeping a strong momentum in the weeks after that. But we have all seen what happened to them now....the amount of those weeks was less than most of us expected. I'd say you're pretty right if TSM can keep this level all up to ESL Cologne in August. Not that they should win EVERY upcoming tournament up until Cologne, but if they maintain their current clout and can convince that they are able to consistently win from all tier 1 teams (with a few losses here and there but mostly winning), we might speak of a TSM dominated era. Until then: "Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell." (c) Red Alert
2015-05-03 20:33
Ya not every tourney has to be a win, but if they can constantly go past semis and occasionally win finals, we can at least say choknitas/ teamsolochoke era is over, and of they keep playing like this no doubt they will take vp and nips spot and be new #3 team, if not higher up. All in all Very interesting season of csgo so far, sadokist did a good job pointing out that every top 6 team has won a final this year. Ive never seen csgo so competitive before that top 6 teams can all take a title on a good day.
2015-05-03 22:28
carrygan <3
2015-05-03 19:24
karrigan is such an amazing guy
2015-05-03 19:25
yes i know
2015-05-03 19:36
cocky as f...
2015-05-03 19:27
except for VP nt
2015-05-03 19:34
People saying he is delusional and saying they can't just look at the facts, last 2 maps TSM played NiP they won both, they beat fnatic 2-0 they just won grandfinal at CCS, they almost beat NiP at dreamhack pre winning streak, the teams i think can beat TSM is VP/Na'Vi because of their map pools and the playstyle is almost the same teamplay based and kinda slow.
2015-05-03 19:34
+1 about navi ,I wish I could see navi vs VP/Fnatic /nip on lan but ..
2015-05-03 19:46
Karrigan.. say that again in the next major?
2015-05-03 19:35
n0thing | 
Finland no_man 
2015-05-03 19:42
he means that now they capable of winning against big teams .
2015-05-03 19:36
where's your books karrigan? oh wait they are filmed not in school? xD
2015-05-03 19:38
wantz | 
Denmark zwank 
Hahahahaha that was so funny. xD
2015-05-03 21:14
too confident that's why they will lose [the final]
2015-05-03 19:42
lol expected, their skill curve went up the last month any guys, take it as it is, there is no clear number 1 atm in csgo... about 4-5 teams can beat anyone anytime
2015-05-03 19:46
"beating NiP makes feel like Now we can beat any team" 7:55 on the video . Re-phrasing has no point :> .
2015-05-03 19:51
Denmark Ahandii89 
I thought my screen was dirty
2015-05-03 20:01
Who's [anyone]?
2015-05-03 20:01
3:30 sounds abit like the monster from MIB when he just took on the human skin and pranced around..
2015-05-03 20:01
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Good luck KARRiGAN-dA-KiNGbOb~ & TSM against NiP!
2015-05-03 20:04
"now we can beat [box]"
2015-05-03 20:08
that joke :'D
2015-05-03 20:32
Nice, I like them way more than the other pro teams because they were like underdogs & now they can finally win a lot of games. Go tsm!!!
2015-05-03 20:59
Canada Nyne 
Chain logic solves nothing, Fnatic asides winning major a few months ago havent dont much, envyus are not at many tournaments when they are they lose, NiP hasnt won shit in forever, only team consistantly winning ATM is TSM Terrorist Side Meta.
2015-05-03 22:06
Portugal Cyborgy 
tsm won one tournament , "only team consistently winning atm is TSM" /hltv.org/logic
2015-05-03 22:57
shox | 
Poland BiNd! 
Too much optimism, it's bad.
2015-05-03 22:08
People are so salty that they can only be fanboys or haters. karrigan is not saying they will beat every team every time, but that TSM are able to, which is a fact.
2015-05-03 22:12
not nip.
2015-05-03 22:41
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
Cool story, bro 16:1 vs. NIP. wtf?
2015-05-03 22:53
Not even even with BOT Allu missing 90% of OP shots kek.
2015-05-03 22:55
fucking top kek lmao ("__")
2015-05-03 22:56
2015-05-03 22:56
RiP in NiP Carrygan. Though I do feel TSM would have had a better chance without the delays as NiP had just had a long and grueling match vs VP with 45min break. Hoping that D2 will be a good showing from TSM
2015-05-03 22:56
kool story 16-1
2015-05-03 22:56
expected hahha xD
2015-05-03 22:57
Karrigan KAPPA
2015-05-03 22:57
HAHAHH This retard karrigan,weaker point in team said it........HAHAHHA
2015-05-03 22:58
I disagree with him being the "weaker point in team". He is consistently fragging even when the rest of his team isnt on form. And to be an IGL too is great.
2015-05-03 23:00
Poland deolic 
He carried whole TSM many times in last weeks.
2015-05-03 23:01
carried? lol. He have had great games, but he never carried them. Its dupreeh & device who are carrying this team.
2015-05-03 23:03
yes 2 matches sum up 3 weeks that u said? And in these statistics, its not even carry lol.
2015-05-03 23:19
you lie to me , now RIP my SKINS !!:(
2015-05-30 19:48
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