ESWC Montreal with $75,000

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) has announced that the upcoming event will give away $75,000 in cash prizes.

At the end of March, ESWC announced the first details about this year's world finals, scheduled to take place from July 9-12 in Montreal, Canada, as part of the Mondial des Jeux Loto Québec and Just for Laughs Festival.

Sixteen teams from around the globe will be competing in the male CS:GO tournament, which will have $75,000 up for grabs. An identical figure will be distributed among the participating teams in the form of travel support, bringing the total purse to $150,000.

ESWC Montreal will feature 16 teams 

fnatic, last year's champion, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team SoloMid and EnVyUs have received invitations to attend the event. Eight teams will be determined by qualifiers held in Europe, China, South Africa and North America, while the remaining four participants will be selected by ESWC after reviewing applications from teams all over the world.

Below you can find the teams confirmed so far for the event:

Sweden Fnatic - Defending champions
Sweden NiP - Invited
Denmark Team SoloMid - Invited
France EnVyUs - Invited 

The qualifying and the application process for ESWC Montreal is the following:


Europe Central Europe - CSGames
Europe Northern Europe - LionSEK
CIS Russia/CIS - CyberStadium
United States United States - CEVO
France France - Oxent
China China - 5eplay
Canada Canada - Mondial des Jeux
South Africa South Africa - Orena

Application spots:

Other Worldwide
Other North America
Other South America
Other Asia / Oceania 

Teams wishing to apply for one of these four places simply need to fill out the correct application form.

ESWC Montreal will be the second Counter-Strike championship hosted by the French company in North America, where it also organised an event in 2008. PGS.MYM, featuring duo Filip "NEO" Kubski and Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and team coach Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski, came out on top of the tournament after beating South Korean side eSTRO in the grand final.

fnatic won the 2014 edition of the ESWC world finals after beating LDLC in the grand final, this way taking home the big prize of $20,000.

Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski
Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynski
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Poland Filip 'NEO' Kubski
Filip 'NEO' Kubski
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
suNny | 
Finland m1skaa 
2015-05-06 22:00
2015-05-06 22:19
ESWC needs to step up
2015-05-06 22:24
this is bs, envyus is only there cuz french. also no vp who won like 4 eswc is also a bs.
2015-05-07 01:41
"Central Europe - CSGames" why even bother? ofc VP>g2>rest in central europe
2015-05-07 01:43
they just invited the last major winner (before fnatic, who was already invited as the title defender) and nip because is nip and tsm because of their recent form.
2015-05-07 03:10
dont bo fooled, wcg and eswc is all about money. i hope vp and navi ll boycott this shit.
2015-05-07 04:50
shox | 
Canada dB- 
"envyus is only there cuz french" never go full retard
2015-05-07 05:59
envyus is the second best team atm -.-
2015-05-07 12:45
ahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhaahah how much?
2015-05-07 12:51
2015-05-07 15:01
VP Cannot attend due to Taz getting married.
2015-05-12 17:14
this is bs yes ! Let's not invite the last year finalist !
2015-06-01 02:19
2015-05-06 23:17
>C9 Ayy
2015-05-07 01:40
Clown9 will get out in the groups again,but this time with 1 win instead of 1 loss :D
2015-05-07 03:43
2015-05-06 22:00
2015-05-06 22:00
2015-05-06 22:00
2015-05-06 22:00
2015-05-06 22:00
Latvia V1ENS 
2015-05-06 22:01
2015-05-06 22:01
tier 2 prize pool..
2015-05-06 22:01
2015-05-06 22:01
I cant fucking wait <333 its going to be the first Lan tournament i'll see in person :D
2015-05-06 22:01
Fake flagger?
2015-05-06 22:32
nah just living in Canada :P
2015-05-06 23:07
Brazil Collee 
mOE ez
2015-05-06 22:01
2015-05-06 22:02
maybe they didnt confirm it yet(i reply to myself because edit dont work for me)
2015-05-06 22:03
United Kingdom L$D 
they are not good enough to get an invite
2015-05-06 22:04
infused is better Kappa
2015-05-06 22:11
United Kingdom L$D 
2015-05-06 22:13
ez for smn
2015-05-06 22:02
Sway Gaming to comeback and take it all.
2015-05-06 22:03
Canada suL- 
2015-05-06 22:11
Canada suL- 
I will be there Will any ESEA staff be there?
2015-05-06 22:03
2015-05-06 22:03
United States BoLT- 
2015-05-06 22:03
lego fnatic
2015-05-06 22:04
8 Qualifiers then 4 slots for Application form. 2 North America, 1 for Asia/Oceania and 1 for Worldwide.
2015-05-06 22:05
2015-05-06 22:05
"as part of the Mondial des Jeux Loto Québec and Just for Laughs Festival." Guess they will be inviting clown9 then, HEHEHE TOP BANTER
2015-05-06 22:07
I see what u did there
2015-05-06 22:14
LETS GO USAAAAA. Oh i meamt canada ;)
2015-05-06 22:07
Invite Kinguin or riot!
2015-05-06 22:07
have they played any official matches yet?
2015-05-06 23:34
2015-05-06 23:41
then they can try the qualifier
2015-05-07 04:34
2015-05-06 22:07
2015-05-06 22:08
Argentina EnvyJ 
Go Argentina... Oh wait
2015-05-06 22:08
Sweden Trojka03 
I hope they invite Kinguin.
2015-05-06 22:08
2015-05-06 22:34
Brazil rFM 
ez Keyd
2015-05-06 22:09
Sweden Stag 
2015-05-06 22:10
United Kingdom L$D 
no one watching for kinguin u fool haha
2015-05-06 22:14
Unfortunately, people will be interested to see how an international team fares against the top teams, so you are wrong yet again.
2015-05-06 22:35
United Kingdom L$D 
unfortunatly everyone knows they will fail so its not interesting
2015-05-06 22:36
Agreed kinguin should go
2015-05-07 09:21
-Envy + VP or Na'Vi
2015-05-06 22:11
Europe Dan Zero 
2015-05-06 22:25
why the fuck is everything in canada hosted in montreal? toronto gets no love
2015-05-06 22:11
vancouver, one of the most, if not THE most, beautiful city gets no love.
2015-05-06 23:35
anywhere but montreal, it's not really even "Canada"
2015-05-07 02:02
Expect voxx there and either bravado or Heat.
2015-05-06 22:11
World Griw 
wuuuuuuuuuuuut n1
2015-05-06 22:13
2015-05-06 22:15
wheres VP?
2015-05-06 22:15
Russia bandband 
ez tsm
2015-05-06 22:16
Sweden Stag 
I remember multinational teams stopped being a thing because of this fucking ESWC. At least Scandinavian ones. Time to make up for the harm you've caused the CS scene and invite Kinguin.
2015-05-06 22:16
Finally a event I can go to
2015-05-06 22:22
So this how its gonna go guys! 4 invited professional teams (fnatic, NiP, TSM and enVyUS) 8 qualified teams (Central Europe via CSGAMES, Northern Europe via LIONSEK, Russia / CIS via CYBERSTADIUM, USA via CEVO, France via OXENT, China via 5ePLAY, Canada via MONDIAL DES JEUX and South-Africa via ORENA) 4 selected teams from the application forms(The open application forms are for 2 North American teams, 1 from Asia / Oceania and lastly 1 for worldwide) More can be found here
2015-05-06 22:23
Oops the 2 Open Application are for both North and South America so 1 each.
2015-05-06 22:27
Kinguin pls
2015-05-06 22:24
+ VP + Navi + Keyd + Team Kinguin + Titan + Penta + Mouz + cloud9 + Hellraisers + LGB
2015-05-06 22:26
2015-05-06 22:28
no clown9 now
2015-05-07 00:54
deal with 75k/4
2015-05-06 22:29
Hi, To clarify a bit regarding the Central European qualifier of ESWC. It is open also to European teams from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, UK, Netherlands etc. So all teams in Europe have a chance to qualify of course.
2015-05-06 22:31
Uhm, so can Northern European teams also attend this qualifier?
2015-05-06 22:52
No, there is a scandinavian one for you :) Same for teams from CIS countries which have their own qualifier.
2015-05-06 22:54
ehm, scandinavia to me is sweden, denmark, norway. Could you clarify the countries?
2015-05-07 00:14
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Island
2015-05-07 09:49
Canada suL- 
"Male CS:GO tournament" is that necessary?
2015-05-06 22:35
2015-05-06 22:40
nice !
2015-05-06 22:44
Except for CEVO qualifier, other qualifiers will have their playoffs offline, not online.
2015-05-06 22:45
South Africa xin. 
2015-05-06 22:48
montreal very nice
2015-05-06 22:49
Skyred from vietnam should the asia slot, they won all in asia.
2015-05-06 22:53
yes +1 chinese teams are bad
2015-05-07 00:17
Dont really fancy lions holding the northern europe qual, imo fragbite should have done it.
2015-05-06 22:55
gl hf
2015-05-06 23:02
so they invited TSM and NiP but they didn't invite 3rd and 4th team from last ESWC which is VP and Na`Vi fuck logic forgot it is baguette event
2015-05-06 23:06
Finland jayss 
Poles angry because VP is not invited.
2015-05-07 01:18
yy yeah? NiP didn't even go out of groups at last ESWC, dignitas lost to VP in quarters.
2015-05-07 01:58
2015-05-06 23:16
Probably nV cant attend. They need to do some GTA heists.
2015-05-06 23:19
2015-05-06 23:21
2015-05-06 23:25
Would be great if you could make a minor correction: Qualifiers: Russia/CIS <-- in fact, this will be "Russia/CIS/Baltics" since Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) will also have their own qualifier.
2015-05-06 23:35
no NaVi LOL + VP
2015-05-06 23:58
only top teams :)
2015-05-07 00:19
Then why do they invite envyus?
2015-05-07 00:37
Finland jayss 
Because this year alone they've won 3 tournaments and have placed top4 in every lan they've been in.
2015-05-07 01:19
It's past, they can't win anything now, even online they looks badly latetly. In the other hand NiP won nothing in this year.
2015-05-07 12:26
South African qualifiers - Watch this space :)
2015-05-07 00:18
2015-05-07 00:26
check me win the montreal qualifier
2015-05-07 00:54
Keyd and Dex
2015-05-07 01:46
Almost though Oceania didn't have a spot =\. At least there's a application spot but would've been cool if there were qualifiers here.
2015-05-07 01:50
Australia TotalEclipse 
It's better than being completely snubbed I suppose (which we have for every single ESWC CS:GO event).
2015-05-07 04:45
VOX will get the Asian/Oceanic spot so no need to worry
2015-05-07 09:28
There are plenty of good teams there, VoX yes but also Immunity
2015-05-07 09:51
I think one spot is enough for AUS atm
2015-05-07 10:46
No SA Qualifiers? fu
2015-05-07 02:47
good job 5EPLAY!
2015-05-07 03:11
NAF | 
Canada ozboz 
Tickets? Where do I buy tickets for ESWC Montreal!
2015-05-07 03:24
2015-05-07 03:48
China and South Africa get quals + applications, while Australia who have been active internationally only get to apply... Ok...
2015-05-07 04:36
Australia TotalEclipse 
I'm not sure what the issue is between the Oceanic scene and ESWC, it's almost like they personally do not like us. This is the first time we've actually been recognised at all, even though Vox started travelling to events on their own dime in late 2013.
2015-05-07 04:47
I know back in the day the ESWC quals were privately run of you bought the license. Surely this day and age it can happen in Australia. The ESWC, Kode5 and WCG quals were some of the best events. Plus, it truly guarantees that the best team at the time is being rewarded with the international slot.
2015-05-07 05:34
Each year we try to have as most national or regional qualifiers as we can. We don't snob any country. But this is hard to have a partner in all of them. And more, we can not welcome dozens and dozens of teams to Montreal. So we prefer to do when we can regional qualifiers to let a chance to more country at least. With 16 international teams it already should be one of the biggest of the year, like in 2014.
2015-05-07 09:54
Brazil woody77 
#InviteKeyd The team Keyd will be in the US playing the championship ESL ESEA, they deserve this Invite
2015-05-07 04:46
They will go through the application process. They got into ESWC 2014 by this method, will probably happen again.
2015-05-07 09:13
75K prize + 75K travelling support. I love this! Gives worse orgs also possibilities to join. I'm amazed!
2015-05-07 05:52
Qualifiers: Central Europe - Penta/mouz Northern Europe - dignitas/hopefully lgb Russia/CIS - NaVi United States - Liquid/elevate/clg/luminosity/whatever France - Titan China - ? Canada - ? South Africa - ? Application spots: Worldwide - VP North America - c9 South America - Keyd Asia / Oceania - Vox Eminor
2015-05-07 07:30
Kinguin can't participate in any of these qualifiers, am i right?
2015-05-07 09:35
well it will depend of the nationality of the company behind the team. When there isn't a clear majority of players with the same nationality, this is the nationality of the company which will serve to define its qualifier. Moreover, there is also application form for them.
2015-05-07 09:59
Yeah but the application spots are pretty much decided aren't they? VP will get the worldwide spot, KeyD the SA spot, C9 NA spot and Vox Oceania/asia spot.
2015-05-07 10:45
I don't know, maybe they will let VP qualify through the Central Europe qualifier but that would be unfair imo. Plus they have 3 players from Northern Europe, maybe they could participate in this one.
2015-05-07 13:33
2015-05-07 09:01
no qualifier for south east asia? they can apply for a seat directly?
2015-05-07 09:11
China has a qualifier and will get 1 team in the tournament. Other Asian teams can apply in the Asia/Oceania category, but that spot will most likely go to Vox Eminor
2015-05-07 09:36
obviously unfair to south east asia they should be allowed to join china qualifier
2015-05-07 10:59
2015-05-07 11:56
no east & south europe qualifiers :(
2015-05-07 09:42
imo, there should be 1 or more EU qualifiers
2015-05-07 09:47
North America Eckolog 
i qualified guys! cu @ eswc
2015-05-07 09:53
Northern europe, which countries are allowed to participate?
2015-05-07 12:24
Na'Vi take this
2015-05-07 12:31
Why LionSEK page claims its Norwegian quals? Imo Finland is northern country as well ;_;;
2015-05-07 14:50
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
Ok so.. if i want to try to qualify with my team, we have to go : Central Europe - CSGames and the amazing thing is that site is in polish, ONLY. gj.
2015-05-07 21:05
2015-05-08 19:53
please where is VP?
2015-05-11 23:52
2015-05-13 15:55
Application spots: Worldwide North America South America Asia / Oceania What's the criteria for this ? this sounds unnecessary.
2015-06-01 02:11
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