Gfinity Masters reaches playoffs

The Gfinity Masters group stage has come to a conclusion, with a three-way tie occurring in Group B and a thrilling decider match between NiP and Na`Vi determining Group A's final advancing team.

This weekend has seen ten teams competing for a total of $50,000 at the Gfinity Spring Masters II at the company's eSports arena located in London. The tournament utilises a best-of-two round-robin system with five teams per group.

With a strange Group A taking place that featured numerous tied series, it was the Swedes of fnatic who first advanced to the playoffs after an interesting record of 1-3-0 in the group stage.

 Titan nudge past rivals nV in a three-way tie in Group B

Group B meanwhile saw an equally rare three-way tie take place among EnVyUs, Titan and However, it was the latter two who advanced after winning clean series against Cloud9 and Immunity respectively.

Unlike most tournament formats, Gfinity opted for an overall round differential count as opposed to a head-to-head round differential count. The total differential for Group B can be seen here:

Group B

# Team W T L RW RL Diff Points
1. France Titan 3 0 1 123 79 +44 9
2. Poland
3 0 1 110 73 +37 9
3. France EnVyUs
3 0 1 110 76 +34 9
4. United States Cloud9
1 0 3 78 104 -26 3
5. Australia Immunity 0 0 4 42 131 -89 0

Meanwhile, the final team to be decided as a playoff contender was left up to the results of the day's final match between NiP and Na`Vi. With NiP only needing to secure a 1-1 score in maps, Na`Vi would have to take both maps to upset the Ninjas.

Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács delivered a monstrous performance on the first map of de_dust2 to give the Russo-Slovak-Ukrainian collective a win of 16-12 over NiP. On the second map, Na`Vi continued to give a strong account of themselves and it was Egor "flamie" Vasilyev who particularly shone for the team on that map.

In the end, Na`Vi defeated NiP 16-9 on de_inferno, becoming the final team to make playoffs.

16th May 2015

Group A's final standings are as follows:

Group A

# Team W T L RW RL Diff Points
1. CIS Na`Vi 2 1 1 114 75 +39 7
2. Sweden fnatic
1 3 0 122 108 +14 6
3. Sweden NiP
1 2 1 118 92 +26 5
4. Australia Vox Eminor
1 2 1 86 107 -21 5
5. United States Liquid 0 2 2 58 116 -58 2

Tomorrow's semi-final match-ups can be found below:

13:00 Sweden fnatic vs. France Titan
16:00 Poland vs. CIS Na`Vi

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Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
nice go VP
2015-05-17 00:45
vp gonna suck
2015-05-17 10:29
Germany HLTV Minister 
I think envy is pissed now
2015-05-17 11:04
Yeah, this BO2 system with an overall round differential count is weird. I don't think this is a fair way to differentiate teams, since the maps played aren't the same. I would be really pissed in the place of nV. I hope no other tournament ever do the same system again...
2015-05-17 12:02
Just to let you know, on H2H Nv would still be knocked out.
2015-05-17 12:04
+1 hahaha
2015-05-17 12:15
My point isn't about nV. It's about the unfairness of using a BO2 system with an overall round differential count in a competitive game were the difficulty to win a round is impacted by the map that round is played on. If all team play the same map, I have no issue with it. But since it's not the case here, it's a bad system.
2015-05-17 19:10
for your info envy lost 2-0 vs VP so it doesnt matter
2015-05-17 12:55
2015-05-17 00:45
Canada dzr! 
2015-05-17 00:45
Nice :>
2015-05-17 00:45
lets go fnatic <3 wooo
2015-05-17 00:46
2015-05-17 00:46
Australia Turboblaze_  
Vox is love <3
2015-05-17 00:46
Sweden Slappy :) 
Vox is life
2015-05-17 03:20
Vox 4ever
2015-05-17 06:54
2015-05-17 08:52
gl teams
2015-05-17 00:46
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo 
No NiP in final, RIP.
2015-05-17 00:46
Rather ez for fnatic all the way
2015-05-17 00:46
Faroe Islands xE0s 
lol ye, rly "easy", 1 win 3 ties in groupstage, easy groupstage ez playoff...
2015-05-17 00:49
Go Titan!
2015-05-17 00:46
Germany 'ezpz 
2015-05-17 01:12
Probably the worst match by NiP so far in GO, specially on d2.
2015-05-17 00:47
sure.. the 16-0 against fnatic on d2 was better than this one today amirite
2015-05-17 00:49
He clearly only means on lan.
2015-05-17 05:21
Yeah it's so clear in his post right?
2015-05-17 07:47
that would be eswc 2014, the 16-1 loss against titan
2015-05-17 08:43
2015-05-17 00:48
Nicely thrown by fnatic vs Liquid, now they're gonna play vs Titan and not vs VP in semis. fnatic 80% Titan 20% Na`Vi 35% VP 65%
2015-05-17 00:49
Yes, they surely knew NaVi would win against NiP so this would be the playoffs. I think they can see into the future.
2015-05-17 00:53
Titan or VP, they would rather them both
2015-05-17 01:01
Brazil Pena 
yeah but envy cant
2015-05-17 01:09
I didn't talk about envy, i'm talking about the fact that Fnatic doesn't have nothing to throw cause they have nobody to fear in this event. If they really want to win they will do it easily
2015-05-17 01:12
yeah, good move by them, at least they have like 40% vs titan.
2015-05-17 01:01
Are you retarded? Fnatic beat VP way more often than they beat Titan.
2015-05-17 01:03
fnatic prefer playing VP over Titan, im pretty sure.
2015-05-17 01:05
No, Fnatic are much better against VP than Titan.
2015-05-17 05:22
New Zealand jdnz 
If I remember correctly, fnatic hate playing against Titan as they counter their style really well.
2015-05-17 08:04
Titan managed to beat fnatic in bo3 only a couple of times. 1st one was at DH Stockholm #2, when they played with KQLY. 2nd one was at ESEA Finals, when fnatic looked like boiled sausages, I guess the getlag fcked them more than it did to Titan, but the next day fnatic defeated Titan w/o any problems like 16-4 16-8 or something. I think it's only like showing respect. After fnatic picked olofm and krimz, they had no problems vs Titan.
2015-05-17 11:27
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
nip and nv both played terrible this tournament. didn't deserve to make playoffs. good to see titan and na'vi in there this time around.
2015-05-17 00:49
EnVyUs >>>>>>> VP
2015-05-17 00:49
"for sure" Virtus Pro 16:10 EnVyUs Virtus Pro 16:4 EnVyUs
2015-05-17 00:54
Ireland mnc 
Didn't you see the fanboism <3 smithzz? :)
2015-05-17 01:37
Poland LuKu85 
FiNAL: VP vs. fnatic
2015-05-17 00:49
Edward | 
United States kUcheRR 
GO NaVi !
2015-05-17 00:49
fnatic vs VP in final.
2015-05-17 00:50
gl navi! u r the best
2015-05-17 00:53
wp to NaVi and Titan
2015-05-17 00:53
I'd sing a who can say where the road goes song for envy but they got rekt by round difference system. vp vs fnatic in final?
2015-05-17 00:55
lmao, titan so lucky. they are only in semis cuz top1 world TSM is not that and NIP played like total silvers.
2015-05-17 00:55
[*] for NiP
2015-05-17 00:59
Rather a fine line there between VP and EnvyUs!
2015-05-17 00:59
Titan won on round difference even with the first game against immunity. Great play by them the rest of the tournament!
2015-05-17 01:04
Why didn't envy qualify?
2015-05-17 01:14
Please read the article before posting comments.
2015-05-17 01:18
Strong display by VOX in particular. Going 2-0 over Liquid aswell as 1-1 against each fnatic and NiP is really strong. 2bad they couldnt handle NaVi to get into playoffs. I hope that this doesnt screw their motivation, they are on the best way to do some damage at the next major and looks to be way ahead of their rival Immunity.
2015-05-17 01:17
Brazil cinking 
I believe go kennys let's teaches they how to play with the awp
2015-05-17 01:20
Russo-Slovak-Ukrainian :D
2015-05-17 01:20
possible it's the first time such a long national compound word has been used ^^
2015-05-17 01:22
maybe there is a possibility to just call them slavic :D
2015-05-17 08:30
Australia vamped 
Can we see group A standings?
2015-05-17 01:45
I'm debating adding them, only added Group B to illustrate the point of the three-way tie. Give me a minute.
2015-05-17 02:39
finally added!
2015-05-17 05:19
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Also, fnatic went 1-3-0, not 1-3-1 They didn't lose 2 games to any team.
2015-05-17 09:16
it's the little typos that get you ;';
2015-05-17 09:53
Australia vamped 
ty sir
2015-05-17 10:02
India anxF 
2015-05-17 04:20
No nip= normal they have been getting eliminated from tournaments for more than a year now and not qualifying for most.. Normal shit. Only reason nip played well last GFINITY was because they were no teams to beat lol. Vp had a stand in.
2015-05-17 07:25
2015-05-17 08:13
no Nip no skin lose!
2015-05-17 09:08
2015-05-17 11:30
Vox was amazing to follow, I love their play style and hope to see them at more international events :-)
2015-05-17 11:40
Also, it was great with round robin for once and not the stupid GSL group stage. Everyone meets each other and with BO2, there were nice possibility for upsets. I'm pretty sure that if we would have had the normal GSL system, we wouldn't have had the nice, intense matches of VOX etc. It also makes it worth for the underdogs to go far getting more than 2 stupid losses.
2015-05-17 11:44
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