Operation Bloodhound in new update

Valve have returned after a few weeks' hiatus with an update that launches a new Operation, titled Bloodhound, as well as other tweaks to the game.

Operation Vanguard ended late in March and left many casual fans who desired newer maps, missions and skins waiting expectantly for the next Operation's launch. 

Today's update brings forth Operation Bloodhound, which introduces or re-establishes six community-created maps—Agency, Resort, Zoo, Log, Rails and, most importantly, Season—to matchmaking servers.

In addition, the Operation brings with it a whole host of goodies, including the New Falchion Case and Knife, new in-game skin collections, the return of missions and a new feature which is Profile Ranks.

Casual-mode rulesets have been tweaked as well as a few UI fixes. There have been a number of Miscellaneous changes which appear intended to fix a variety of issues, as well as a game engine update.

And finally, de_cache, de_season and de_mirage have been patched to optimise the maps even further.

The full patch notes can be found below:


  • Launched Operation Bloodhound, available until September 30th, 2015.
  • Six community maps available for free to ALL CS:GO PLAYERS on official servers via the Operation Bloodhound map group: Agency, Resort, Zoo, Log, Rails, and Season – The Operation Bloodhound Access Pass is now available for purchase. It provides:
  • The upgradable Operation Bloodhound Challenge Coin, which can be displayed on your profile and in the scoreboard.
  • The Operation Bloodhound Journal, complete with Friends Leaderboards to track your Active Duty and Operation Competitive performance.
  • Two all-new campaigns, with 62 missions rewarding additional XP throughout the Operation.
  • Earned weapon drops will come from the Operation Bloodhound exclusive weapon collections: Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, and all-new collections Gods and Monsters, The Rising Sun, and Chop Shop.
  • Exclusive access to the Falchion Case, containing 16 community-designed weapon finishes and the all-new Falchion Knife.
  • Added two new Mission types, Assassination and Guardian Co-op which are playable via campaign missions in the Operation.


  • Introducing Profile Ranks, viewable in-game on your CS:GO profile.
  • Play on official servers to earn XP and rank up your CS:GO Profile Rank.
  • In Competitive Mode, your earned XP is determined by your rounds won.
  • In all other modes, your earned XP is determined by your score.
  • You can earn additional XP by completing Operation Bloodhound Missions.
  • In addition to increasing your CS:GO Profile Rank, your first Rank earned each week will reward you with an earned weapon drop. If you own an Operation Bloodhound Access Pass, your weapon will come from one of the exclusive Operation Bloodhound weapon collections.


  • Reduced Round timer from 3:00 to 2:15.
  • Increased warmup time from 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Disabled vote to restart match.
  • Vote to change level is disabled after a team has reached match point.


  • Fixed sometimes (but rarely) seeing health of players on the other team in the mini scoreboard.
  • Fixed the freeze panel sometimes getting stuck on and staying on even after the player is alive.


  • Added trace-based visibility checks to prevent networking invisible enemy players.
  • Updated CSGO engine to the latest Steam API SDK.
  • Improved support for integrated web browser MOTD popups.
  • Fixed several server-crashing exploits.
  • Fixed voice chat echo in lobby.
  • Re-enabled a bunch of player model variants including the much missed Balkan “Ido” model, otherwise known as tm_balkan_variantC.
  • Added a convar (sv_disable_immunity_alpha) that when set, allows mods to handle their own alpha on players.
  • Limited support for FBX in studiomdl.
  • Added sv_vote_to_changelevel_before_match_point (default 0, vote is never disallowed). When set to 1, the vote to change level is disabled after a team has reached match point.


  • Cache:
    • Fixed multiple bomb-stuck spots.
    • Fixed an issue where saving CTs could be seen on radar from outside spawn.
    • Fixed an annoying issue where grenades would collide with ground geometry map-wide.
    • Deleted a problematic glass pane in mid (thanks RoF Anders).
    • Ensured tarps on crates are actually spammable.
  • Season:
    • Reduced width of Upper B T-side and long A to their CS:Source dimensions.
    • Fixed every “white on white” corner to improve visibility (Thanks Shahzam).
    • Added a railing on catwalk to ensure that T’s don’t rush A site without potential punishment from pit.
    • Fixed an angle at B lower to ensure that defensive grenades can be bounced off a wall easily and properly, as was the case in CS:Source.
    • Made squeeky door louder.
    • Bug fix: fixed metal sounds being made on all surfaces throughout the map.
  • Mirage:
    • Fixed some spots where C4 could get stuck.
    • Fixed some spots where players could get stuck on walls.
United Kingdom dronee 
Bad knife sound, cluttered maps.
2015-05-27 04:01
new maps, new boosts to break the maps! :)
2015-05-27 04:02
all in all, this update was totally shit tbh. No gameplay or other important changes
2015-05-27 04:04
Updated CSGO engine to the latest Steam API SDK. if this means the hitboxes are fixed then its a pretty good update?
2015-05-27 04:33
but its not
2015-05-27 05:04
It's not related to hitboxes.
2015-05-27 05:11
Source Engine 2?
2015-05-27 09:17
When CS:GO or a new CS comes around in Source 2, it will be a COMPLETELY different game. breh.
2015-05-27 10:59
they can't release a new cs, atleast easily as they would have to convert all the skins to the new cs. Most likely the'll just upgrade the graphics over time.
2015-05-27 11:35
Why cant they? Its our fault for buying skins, they could just release a new CS as its own game and we would have to choose if we want to play it. What youre saying is that CoD cant make a new game unless they transfer the maps that people paid for over to the new one.
2015-05-27 13:14
Italy Sh0WN 
so now, go to tell to mortar2k that he had 30k $ of knives, and now his knives don't worth nothing, btw, there won't be a NEW Cs for quite a long time
2015-05-27 13:46
yeah.. its like telling someone who paid money for all the different characterskins in mortal kombat9 that he has to pay for them again in mortal kombat 10... totally would never happen... oh.. wait....
2015-05-28 02:49
Well we are talking about big amounts of money, there are people with inventories worth more than 70 000$. +They haven't released a new tf game, why not?
2015-05-28 15:06
because people still pay money to play the old game. i just tell you.. i wouldnt be surprised when they tell you "sorry we cant bring in the old skins" because they are not forced to do it. maybe they will .. maybe they wont... maybe there never will be a new csgo.
2015-05-29 18:10
Europe boboagrivs 
mate converting completed 3D models |skins| is not that hard to do :D and i don't know if it even needed to do between those 2 engines.
2015-05-27 15:10
hahahahahahah you think they wont release a new csgo and make you all pay again for new shiny skins on the new glorious source engine 2? hahah how blind are you? make sure you sell your old skins soon enough :)
2015-05-28 02:45
at least i wouldnt be surprised when they release a "new" game.. and ofc they wont transfer the skins.. just look at all the games out there.. they are selling you the same shit over and over again.
2015-05-28 02:48
It won't.
2015-05-27 19:33
It actually will.
2015-05-27 20:30
I actually totally misread your post and I agree with you upon reading it a second time. Though there won't be a new CS anytime soon.
2015-05-27 22:04
2015-05-27 23:54
2015-05-27 13:34
They force us play on 64 tick. What kind of shit is that?? Anyone that is playing on 128 tick will pass this operations..
2015-05-27 12:13
Yep 100% with you on this one... The update is just horrible. Don't know why but now cs doesn't feel the same to me. Everytime i launched cs i had that feeling "gonna pwn some noobs in comp" now it's like "meh, bad maps, no 128 tick update" just some useless updates.
2015-05-27 14:48
2015-05-27 04:11
Season... Fking season horrible map wtf? Give us mill redone, WELL REDONE.
2015-05-27 04:13
Germany eXfckn0 
This map is godlike
2015-05-27 07:35
you have access to hammer as well you can go and remake it yourself
2015-05-27 20:03
United Kingdom dronee 
The maps are already unsuitable for comp anyway, other than Season. =p
2015-05-27 04:14
Obviously in a competitive sense, but I've always been interested from maybe a "speedrunner's/puzzlesolver's" perspective in random boosts on maps, even if they're not useful. Just fun to find!
2015-05-27 04:20
yeah the boosts should help with faster gameplay and less camping.
2015-05-27 04:24
well ive played 2 missions so far, got me on rails and logs. and those maps were just awful! i enjoyed the occasional agency, was kinda like office and a good hostage map. but why cant we get like seaside for example back? i mean, thats not suitable for competitive either, but it was a well designed small map that was clear cut and similar to other cs maps. no cod like bullshit and no maze either...
2015-05-27 04:48
+1 i liked seaside so fucking much and i'm global
2015-05-27 07:24
Why would your skill group matter in this disgusion?
2015-05-29 12:19
Because silvers would totally say I loved/liked seaside, and people with higher ranks wouldn't say that since that map it's total shit for competitive play
2015-05-31 03:37
well, they definitely should remaked season to the old one, coz this one is shitty. im not even talking about tuscan. it should be in the list for sure.
2015-05-27 07:21
Belgium FMz; 
that knife animation is SWEET tho
2015-05-27 04:27
good for you in a little time it won't be worth much
2015-05-27 08:08
i just wanna say; i just love bad bitches
2015-05-27 06:31
2015-05-27 08:48
2015-05-27 12:32
hitboxes ? de_tuscan ? 128 tick ? No! just take some skins...gg volvo
2015-05-27 13:10
The day that never comes.
2015-05-27 13:33
h a aha :D
2015-05-27 18:17
made my day :))
2015-05-27 19:51
that was my point,glad you got it :-D
2015-05-27 20:35
Btw awesome song!
2015-05-27 20:37
valve doesnt own tuscan, brute does its up to him to release a playable version 128 tic discussion is so old its now considered a classic
2015-05-27 20:05
United States bfrank 
2015-05-27 04:01
yeah, finally we have XP and ranks. Fuck 128 tick rate server, those ranks are most important for players, who cares about servers quality...
2015-05-27 12:41
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
When are you going to realise that they are never implementing 128 tick servers
2015-05-27 16:59
let the idiots complain about it every patch theres a bunch of them crying for 128 tic when valve has said over and over they arent going to implement it
2015-05-27 20:09
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
people are dumb beyond words
2015-05-27 20:19
it annoys me much more than the constant tuscan spam ppl need to realize that brute own the rights to tuscan and valve cant do anything about it plus brute doesnt really seem to care about it since the last version he released was terrible for competitive play
2015-05-27 20:26
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
hes put it on the workshop as 'released' so valve can pick it up and put it in the game, with him receiving profits of operation pack purchases. i'm very surprised valve opted not to pick it up for this operation. was one of my biggest hopes for the games next content patch. seems slightly underwhelming yet again, just focusing on silly missions and more skins as apposed to useful gameplay changes and stuff people want for competitive play. no jump scout nerf? no running smg accuracy nerf? no tuscan which a vast majority of the competitive scene wants; instead some terrible casual maps? no update to the matchmaking system such as a ladder or team-based MM to actually make it worth playing? very disappointed.
2015-05-27 20:32
CIS lunii 
+1 Seasonal team-based MM ladders is something I would love to see, with skin or coin prizes, and setting up a secondary tab in the "WATCH" tab to spectate the ladder games. Gives teams that aren't playing professionally under an organization a chance to shine and become "public stars", perhaps even pick up an organization who knows. Also stops people who play matchmaking solo from being stomped by a team with good chemistry and strats etc. etc.
2015-05-28 11:13
Bad skins.
2015-05-27 04:01
bad operation name, no tuscan, no dust 2 night
2015-05-27 04:03
13 year old confirmed
2015-05-27 05:12
2015-05-27 06:17
2015-05-27 04:02
2015-05-27 04:02
i hope they will start to update the game some day
2015-05-27 04:02
+1 no fucking gameplay fixes
2015-05-27 07:39
just of curiosity,what kind of gameplayfixes are you talking about?
2015-05-27 13:34
For example m4a4/m4a1 balancing, jumping scout nerf, further tec-9 change, frag grenades are still fucked, updating the current matchmaking systems to match professional settings (shorter bomb time and round time), 128 tick MM.
2015-05-27 13:52
128 tick please
2015-05-27 15:20
lets face it, the 128 tick is never gonna happen :/
2015-05-27 17:44
face it is allready 128 tick m8 HUEHUE O:)
2015-05-27 18:17
altho i agree with the gun balancing issues id rather valve take their time the last time they implemented changes fast we ended up with an OP aug and OP tek9
2015-05-27 20:11
If you end up with 4 for whatever reason something similar to .need would be awesome. I can only imagine how many programming hours would go into something like that, but it would be great.
2015-05-27 17:52
inb4 QQing oh wait, too late new update = more money = more fixes and vac waves
2015-05-27 04:02
Or new update = more money = more update with cases, operations and new skins
2015-05-27 11:19
As if Valve doesnt have enough money from the cases released before ("__")
2015-05-27 14:39
americans are generally stupid and ignorant so just ignore him ;)
2015-05-27 17:40
shite update
2015-05-27 04:04
2015-05-27 04:04
Totally crap
2015-05-27 04:04
United States Comp1ex 
The real money is not in the retarded case... BUT in these LIMITED TIME COLLECTIONS :O Better stack up on AWP Medusas and MAC-10 FADES
2015-05-27 04:05
you had me going there :'(
2015-05-27 04:08
gut knife 2.0
2015-05-27 05:08
I call it kitchen knife.
2015-05-27 06:55
Reminds me of knife from cs1.5
2015-05-27 09:39
Ukraine Laemi 
2015-05-27 14:00
wtf nowhere near ._.
2015-05-27 19:58
i mean animation
2015-05-27 20:10
Why is everyone forgetting about the whole anit-WH thing, and saying that update is useless
2015-05-27 04:07
confirmation bias and belief bias
2015-05-27 04:11
also the majority of this website's userbase is, frankly, dumb. including myself.
2015-05-27 08:33
Taiwan SCVready 
2015-05-27 04:12
95% of it is useless then
2015-05-27 04:23
2015-05-27 05:16
This is pretty fucking huge for battling wallers, if it gets implemented properly wh is dead and won't be missed. Though it still works if you can get sound cues or your teammate can see the enemy.
2015-05-27 22:20
2015-05-27 04:08
talk to brute about that hes the one who own the rights to it
2015-05-27 20:12
expected shitty update
2015-05-27 04:11
Belarus Starvoid 
2015-05-27 04:13
Deleted a problematic glass pane in mid (thanks RoF Anders) Ahahaha rip theorycraft :D
2015-05-27 04:15
Updated CSGO engine to the latest Steam API SDK. Can anyone tell me what this means in layman's terms? To me this is the most interesting thing about the new update.
2015-05-27 04:15
it's do with map making not actually cs.
2015-05-27 12:06
128 tick? 1:45 per round and 35 bomb timer? tuscan? maybe revamped nuke beta? i am leaving mm for sure. I had serious hopes for this update, but this guys must be retarded. i'm out of this bullshit
2015-05-27 04:17
they are never going to change to 128 tick, nither change the round time nor the bomb time because they do not care about it that is why people pay for esea and stuff (besides the better anti-cheat service) and Valve just let those companies handle that stuff valve do not care to improve the game
2015-05-27 04:45
Because in MM people doesn't have to cooperation to make something happen in 1:45 and retake a site in 0:35
2015-05-27 06:38
If the timer is changed I guarantee the players will adapt and try to play more as a team.
2015-05-27 11:01
Gl with that
2015-05-27 13:13
are we playing different matchmaking games? its hard enough to get ppl to actually cover a spot and you expect them to retake in under 30s?
2015-05-27 20:13
At first it would be a pain it the ass, but players would adapt after a while. I'm sure of it.
2015-05-27 20:18
thats the only way people will learn, this is the most retarded part of mm, having 2min and 45sec is downright retarded
2015-05-27 12:07
2015-05-27 11:43
Updated CSGO engine to the latest Steam API SDK. The only good thing. A bunch of ugly ass skins and a few CoD maps. Seriously... what the hell?
2015-05-27 04:19
What does this mean? How does this affect the game? Can you explain it to me like I am 5. (Mentally I really am 5)
2015-05-27 04:22
+1 i have no idea had to ask my cheat coder friend if he knew srs
2015-05-27 04:29
basically means everyone should get a slight fps increase :)
2015-05-27 16:24
O M G DECODING FOR NOOBS . . . . . . . . . STEAM API ... DECODING ... . . . . . . . . . API - Application Programming Interface . . . DECODING . . . . . . . . . . . . INTERFACE Yes very good update
2015-05-27 04:45
Hahahahah, this is decoding for retards
2015-05-27 06:28
you're either trolling or really have no fucking clue what you're talking about...
2015-05-27 10:20
2015-05-27 04:27
2015-05-27 04:27
Nice idea with the XP. Now use it to prevent hackers and smurfs at higher levels. Certain amount of XP required to play matchmaking at LE or above something like that.
2015-05-27 04:32
Hope it goes in this direction
2015-05-27 05:22
"Certain amount of XP required to play matchmaking at LE or above something like that." That is smurfs paradise?
2015-05-27 07:04
shox | 
United Kingdom dezmondo 
This isn't how it works
2015-05-27 17:02
Why do they keep re-adding garbage maps and new ugly skins when the game still needs to be fixed? I mean if valve was low budget and decided to release this to fund what needed to be fixed then i can understand that. But theyre rich as fuck.
2015-05-27 04:36
Guys I need help! Just ranked up, having the pass, and I got a weapon which is not from the new collection :( Any idea why is that?
2015-05-27 04:41
do you own this operation bloodhound pass?
2015-05-27 10:19
"Just ranked up, having the pass"
2015-05-27 11:31
I believe it will also drop you weapons from the new 2 collections, not just the blooodhound case
2015-05-27 10:35
2015-05-27 04:41
the complaining after each update is funny lol
2015-05-27 04:46
new awp medusa looks like shit :( RIP dreams
2015-05-27 04:47
Taiwan SCVready 
looks like blue version of worm god
2015-05-27 05:16
oh damn fellow taiwanese
2015-05-27 06:34
more useless shit. gg.
2015-05-27 04:55
OMG its happening
2015-05-27 05:06
people are whinging about the skins. then don't fucking buy them? logic/10
2015-05-27 05:13
Anders, you have been heard! ---> youtube.com/watch?v=fxL9BXU1WQ4 :)
2015-05-27 05:20
bug hitboxes on ladders: not fixed bug hitboxes when planting bomb: not fixed bug bot steps: not fixed de_tuscan: not added elo sistem rank: not added operation 5,49€ for bullshit I don't have expected less from valve, nice.
2015-05-27 05:23
Brazil DUZ 
2015-05-27 05:32
Good tuscan didn't get in because it's fucking garbage compared to toscan.
2015-05-27 22:21
i dont understand... you guys were wanting another operation, but when it comes, you're all full of complaints.
2015-05-27 05:27
That's like comparing wanting a hot girl only to receive a psychotic, smelly, obese chick with more hair and a larger dick than you in bed with you the next morning (rip a certain streamer)
2015-05-27 06:50
nice try vavle
2015-05-27 13:23
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Those maps though .... /facepalm.
2015-05-27 05:31
u can actually see your opponents ranks in mm :)
2015-05-27 05:45
new knife = flip knife
2015-05-27 05:51
how much is the pass?
2015-05-27 05:57
2015-05-27 06:08
*uglier flip knife
2015-05-27 11:44
2015-05-27 05:57
Portugal dracø 
New knife sound is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd. But the new engine is fucking amazing, got an extra 70 fps :D TY TY gaben, shit pc still good now x)
2015-05-27 06:05
Its the same engine as before.
2015-05-27 13:16
Agency and season again <3 ,i like season played much but missed agency ,when i started csgo it was in last days [operation pheonix] ,a chance to play it again :D
2015-05-27 06:14
United States MadCl0wN 
Updated CSGO engine to the latest Steam API SDK whut? :D
2015-05-27 06:18
My fps increased quite a bit
2015-05-27 10:19
World 1663 
I like it!
2015-05-27 06:20
no gameplay changes, which is just mind boggeling, if they dont fix their shit on thursday the game is going to decline in users for the first time
2015-05-27 06:26
no 128 tick, fine, understandable. We have been asking for 1.45 and 35 sec for sooooooo long already. Just a few simple commands in the servers would do it at no cost. I really don't understand why Valve just cant do this T_T
2015-05-27 06:34
Because 1.45/35 sec is for more serious competitive play and has never been default in CS. Valve matchmaking is meant for everyone, from newbie to pro.
2015-05-27 07:02
well then, casual is there for a reason. If you want to make a competitive map, then be it so. Not the wannabe competitive but also partly casual. That sucks
2015-05-27 07:12
competitive mode* cant edit dunno why.
2015-05-27 07:13
Agency! Yay!!!
2015-05-27 06:37
piece of shit
2015-05-27 06:43
What does the profile rank do?
2015-05-27 06:48
You gain XP and you can receive skins.
2015-05-27 06:59
Poland enterq18 
2015-05-27 06:55
True for Volvo
2015-05-28 13:34
made me giggle
2015-05-27 09:39
no tuscan........disasppointed. very disappointed
2015-05-27 07:11
even 2 years didnt past... ''Fixed the freeze panel sometimes getting stuck on and staying on even after the player is alive.''
2015-05-27 07:15
The rates of cs with the new update have changed??
2015-05-27 07:18
money moneyyy omg GIVE TUSCAN waited for 2years
2015-05-27 07:21
In Competitive Mode, your earned XP is determined by your rounds won. In all other modes, your earned XP is determined by your score. shit, silvers in global inc. glhf
2015-05-27 07:25
XP is not the same as the MM ranking
2015-05-27 07:48
Giff de_tuscan please GabeN.
2015-05-27 07:31
I should go to school but ...
2015-05-27 07:34
Denmark Fr0nda 
volvo why i haff to make me dissapointed
2015-05-27 07:51
for $ valve for $
2015-05-27 08:06
nothing special tbh
2015-05-27 08:09
No fix for train ladders (when u jump on the ladder, hitboxes goes retarded and u cant hit the head of the standing target). Gj Volvo, u rock
2015-05-27 08:09
lately i dont even expect major updates to gameplay, but why on the earth did you reintroduce that shit looking, futuristic shit of a map called season when tuscan was already released? tweak it and replace season so noone should play that shit map again
2015-05-27 08:12
allu | 
Finland Fherrera 
2015-05-27 08:15
it's just me or resort looks like this cod aw map: nag.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/s1_..
2015-05-27 08:23
Uzbekistan d0N1NjA 
Does anyone have idea about this ranking system?
2015-05-27 08:28
I wasnt expecting much, nor was my expections misplaced. "Decent" I guess. I was really hoping that even the ladder hitboxes would be fixed as they saw the trouble of revamping train. Its kind a gamebraking. Ive given up the 102/128tick, 1:45/35sec long time ago, but every Operation update should come with actual gameplay updates. Even one, just take a problem and work on that if you have lack of resources. LIKE FIX THE GODDAM Hitboxes to be as good as they´ve been in 1.6/CS:S.
2015-05-27 08:28
They are actually working on it. Probably they haven't found a good solution yet. Hope this new engine helps. They have been working on source 2 for quiet a long time now. Don't expect major bug fixes before GO is ported to source 2. It's an overheated that very few companies will be willing to take.
2015-05-27 10:39
I want you to be rigth from the bottom of my heart. I just dont see how hard it be to fix ladder hitboxes. They are too low ---> move then higher? Source 2 is coming out maybe this year, maybe in five years. I have found nothing definite to clarify tha timetable. I mean, CS:GO might not even be the "thing" when S2 actually comes out. The sad part is, that it really seem Valve is quite content with current GO.
2015-05-27 12:46
Seen some Reddit post where a Valve developer has confirmed to the user that they are working on hitboxes. Rest of all are just guess work. The word is CS2 will be released in source 2. But whether GO will be ported to S2 or not, nobody knows. Wish CS had someone like IceFrog who actually listens to the community :(
2015-05-27 14:05
Well thanks a lot, Anders! -_-
2015-05-27 08:37
Opened case. Got USP for 1$. Best update ever
2015-05-27 08:45
opening cases is for attention whore streamers and idiots if you want a certain skin just buy it off the market
2015-05-27 20:16
shox | 
Slovakia TweakZz1 
2015-05-27 08:46
Still no meaningful gameplay updates though...
2015-05-27 09:10
2015-05-27 09:19
and once again csgo devs fails to release an update that actually matters. xpeketed
2015-05-27 09:20
shit update again.. volvo just keep brining those fucking cases and useless other ranking system but lets NOT FIX THE REAL GAME PROBLEMS
2015-05-27 09:26
Where's Tuscan!?
2015-05-27 09:41
The new knife looks worst than Flip. Rip
2015-05-27 09:52
500 mb for this......
2015-05-27 09:59
United Kingdom vL- 
fu volvo for real? no tuscan..? cmon... fuk this operation...
2015-05-27 10:01
Europe skelteR 
What's with the profile ranks? Are these to replace the current ranks, LEM, Eagle etc? Or just a totally different thing?
2015-05-27 10:06
A totally different thing. You can see your "profile rank" over you "main rank", if you rankup, you'll get a weapon. It's like a drop rank.
2015-05-27 10:41
still downloading ...
2015-05-27 10:15
Baked beans.
2015-05-27 10:18
woah, no tuscan volvo not disapointing as usual
2015-05-27 10:21
pls de_tuscan pls plsssss What are u dooingggggggggggg!!!! Why not put this mapppp!!!!!!!
2015-05-27 10:24
Too many kids selling their skins for the new ones.
2015-05-27 10:26
Selling to buy new pass *
2015-05-27 10:44
Selling to open new cases *
2015-05-27 11:26
Where is my BLACKGOLD,insertion and overgrown :D i want those back!
2015-05-27 10:29
+1 Breakout best :(
2015-05-27 11:41
best was bravo :D
2015-05-27 12:45
both was good,lets just hate on vanguard together :D
2015-05-28 01:37
2015-05-29 11:40
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
No Tuscan? What a fucking joke, Valve literally have fuck all clue about the community
2015-05-27 10:31
Austria gex0r 
dude, even get_right said he thinks the tuscan available now won't work (too small, too buggy).
2015-05-27 11:49
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Woah GTRs opinion is gospel now? Even if it does have a few issues, it's better to get it in the pool, if people don't want to play it they can opt out of it, and Brute can fix the issues quicker if he is actually getting paid and has a lot more feedback.
2015-05-27 12:35
See news about CSGO update. Heads straight to comment box BAD UPDATE! SHIT UPDATE. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. CS players in a nutshell. Nothing will ever be good enough for some people.
2015-05-27 10:43
its a shit update though, instead of fixing shit they add skins
2015-05-27 10:49
*human nature in a nutshell
2015-05-27 12:12
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
of course it's a shitty update when there are _ZERO_ gameplay changes/updates.
2015-05-27 12:56
well what the fuck do you expect? theres still massive flaws in the gameplay - that should have been fixed 2 years ago and still, the last 5 "major" updates have included nothing except one or several of the following: * a new operation * new skins * new cases * case keys price increase (seriously, the prices have almost doubled in like a year) * new casual maps * chickens and pretty flowers
2015-05-27 13:05
Sweden Kasidro 
it takes 30 sec to skim the updates and conclude that it is a shitty update addressing ZERO of the urgent matters
2015-05-27 14:09
tell me what is good ?
2015-05-27 14:32
Guys, I never bought any operation, but this time I think I will. When should I buy it? I mean, when is the best time for that, cus right now its like 6.20 e which is a bit way too much for that kind of shiet.
2015-05-27 10:49
Well, if you buy it now and get a case early, you may get profit and your money returned.
2015-05-27 11:13
Please do something for players with low pcs :D
2015-05-27 10:50
they wont be able to gift you a new pc :|
2015-05-27 11:26
another update to make money. Simple.
2015-05-27 10:56
+1 indeed simple they just make a private rank system for no reason its just retarted I first thought it was normal rank how you can see when ranking up to motivate people playing but no its just to make you all buy stupid pass and make more money for more skins, when are they gonna update the fcking game decent and stop making it more call of duty and money wise
2015-05-27 10:57
2015-05-27 11:02
2015-05-27 11:10
AGENCY IS BACK <3333333333333
2015-05-27 11:15
allu | 
Finland Fherrera 
best map <3333 i played it so much back in operation phoenix (or bravo?)
2015-05-28 08:26
How much does the operation cost with all add ons?
2015-05-27 11:22
operation costs 5.99$ and there is no add ons to buy.
2015-05-27 12:00
No add-on yet ;) Don't you smell them coming?
2015-05-27 13:12
Sweden Kasidro 
Wonder when they will fix vac auth error, ladder hitbox, planting hitbox, 128 mm servers and multiple other game breaking aspects, buy hey we got a new knife
2015-05-27 11:30
Fixed the freeze panel sometimes getting stuck on and staying on even after the player is alive. finally...
2015-05-27 11:41
new maps whooo
2015-05-27 11:53
what about nuke?
2015-05-27 11:56
where is tuscan??
2015-05-27 11:56
New operation, old hacks... steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611981958.. report
2015-05-27 11:57
oohh.. shit update!! valve?? are u here??
2015-05-27 12:11
let's just beg valve not to add the tuscan and eventually, they will
2015-05-27 12:16
ugliest knife i ever seen
2015-05-27 12:23
And not a single fuck was given that day...
2015-05-27 12:29
A new update to get people consume more money for Valve. It's sad to see that skin updates (the income) > updates about the game itself.
2015-05-27 12:38
Good update since casual is now playable and Season is back.
2015-05-27 12:39
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I don't get this profile shit, how is someones total score in public games an indicator of their skill :/ They should add ranked match making with an additional AC and 128 tic servers or something, fuck this casual shit
2015-05-27 12:43
de_rails is rly good
2015-05-27 12:44
2015-05-27 12:58
1:45 matchmaking roundtime pls volvo
2015-05-27 13:15
Zoo best map :D
2015-05-27 13:18
awesome hitbox fix! thanks gaben
2015-05-27 13:43
call of duty: global offensive
2015-05-27 13:43
2015-05-27 13:50
thx for new maps !
2015-05-27 13:51
Romania rockNoob 
wonned lvl 1 got Aug Contractor battle scarred
2015-05-27 13:52
2015-05-27 13:54
Is it worth buying ?
2015-05-27 13:57
Sweden random swede 
tbh i don't like the knife sound
2015-05-27 14:02
Denmark cabronnn 
ALADDIN KNIFE > Falchion knife
2015-05-27 14:06
Poland adriannB 
Still no tuscan :(
2015-05-27 14:11
2015-05-27 14:15
always the same shit, dumb developers...
2015-05-27 14:16
worst. ever.
2015-05-27 14:18
well... im not buying this shit Valve
2015-05-27 14:30
no tuscan, no purchase. sry volvo. start listening to the community, holy f...... ...
2015-05-27 14:31
Reduce Casual round time but not Competitive? Release a new case for the third time in like 4 months? Listening to Shahzam? Sounds good, Valve. Keep up the good work. :^)
2015-05-27 14:32
Any clue what the maximum profile rank is that they introduced with the latest pach? Thanks!
2015-05-27 14:33
knife looks like a enhanced flip knife <3<3<3<3<3<3 I LOVE FLIP KNIVES
2015-05-27 14:43
knife sound, please give back old
2015-05-27 14:51
2015-05-27 15:33
too much kanker in the new sound
2015-05-27 18:48
what happens? after new update, first MM, show all ranks, opponents too, and next dont show anymore, only end game.
2015-05-27 14:58
It's 6$ now , should I wait for a week , will it's price drop? :p
2015-05-27 15:03
i dont think they will do discount on it, even if they will not earlier than 2months
2015-05-27 15:04
did they allowed custom guis again? or do i need to wait another year..
2015-05-27 15:07
Amazing skinnns *_*
2015-05-27 15:15
sweet skinss
2015-05-27 15:21
Serbia xfm 
someone wants to trade i have payday2 ?
2015-05-27 15:38
nitr0 | 
United Kingdom TTHump 
2015-05-27 15:52
Still no option to auto join a full server when theres a slot ._. More skins tho.
2015-05-27 15:59
2015-05-27 16:06
2015-05-27 16:10
this is the only operation where the maps are fun to playxD I like it
2015-05-27 16:29
breakout had best maps.
2015-05-27 19:37
Can you bet these new dropped items?
2015-05-27 16:48
Killer update! Thanks Valve! And by the way, I am not a shitty little 14 year old who won't ever be satisfied with anything. I actually dig some of the maps and skins. They aren't all for me, but I think some are killer! Thanks!
2015-05-27 17:25
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
volvo pls
2015-05-27 17:26
[PROFILE RANKS] very good
2015-05-27 17:47
2015-05-27 17:50
operation KEK no seaside no tuscan fuckoff
2015-05-27 17:53
2015-05-27 18:42
How can i buy it?
2015-05-27 18:02
2015-05-27 18:16
2015-05-27 18:36
"Fixed every “white on white” corner to improve visibility (Thanks Shahzam)." lol, Shazzy got tired of TKing everyone on his team xD
2015-05-27 18:50
Germany sleezy 
they hype was so big, yet we got disappointed hard again..only 15yo silver newbs who dont know what else to do with their money are happy about this.
2015-05-27 18:58
where is de_tuscan?
2015-05-27 19:07
Brazil woody77 
de_tuscan/cpl_mil/cpl_fire Tuscan was the best map of 1.6, please return valve.
2015-05-27 19:45
Brazil woody77 
There are 5 things that should be adjusted to the csgo finally dominate everything: - Address hitbox errors. - Balancer rank again. - Distribute a percentage of the sale of any item of the market be directed championship awards. - Launch the map de_tuscan and puts it as official. - Anti-Cheater better.
2015-05-27 19:46
2015-05-27 19:52
there's way more broken shit in the game that needs to be fixed than what you listed... Also de_tuscan is shit ("__")
2015-05-27 19:54
2015-05-27 20:17
de_tuscan please!
2015-05-27 19:50
they should've added: De_Contra, De_Tuscan, De_mill, De_Russka, De_cpl_Strike, De_seaside, and De_Bazaar. On top of that for all that time they shouldve made about 10 skin different collections.
2015-05-27 19:52
tuscan and mill are the same thing, and cpl_strike is mirage.
2015-05-28 10:45
fix knife sound plz
2015-05-27 19:57
Does somebody know what the level cap is?
2015-05-27 20:45
un-noted update: Inferno B Site New Box colour turned in to white-ish
2015-05-27 23:06
horrible piece of shit. expected though.
2015-05-27 23:20
Has anyone noticed a difference in general sounds? Had to turn the volume up but it still feels they lowered it somehow.
2015-05-27 23:21
they would surely fix whatever's wrong with the game currently IF THEY KNEW HOW LOL
2015-05-28 01:05
Counter Strike: Global Expensive
2015-05-28 04:23
Russia Itz Nuthin 
i was waiting Seaside and Favela =\... only Season and Resort good in this operation for MM..
2015-05-28 08:06
So, I've just tested my fps after the update, and I can 100% confirm, that the fps boost, reported by some, is bullshit, my fps are the same, if not lower than before.
2015-05-28 11:30
Fps is strange after update. I have +50-70 fps on 64tick, but lower fps on 128tick servers
2015-05-28 12:16
70 fps = rip eyes
2015-05-28 19:20
Valve grab your money? Just 6$. I earned 5$ in first operation day on skins and cases. What a problem with that price? Buy another one assassin's creed for 60 bucks and get nothing for that.
2015-05-28 12:14
Fixed sometimes (but rarely) seeing health of players on the other team in the mini scoreboard. Fixed the freeze panel sometimes getting stuck on and staying on even after the player is alive. Fixed voice chat echo in lobby. noice
2015-05-28 18:52
Things, skins, excitement! Game is just pure cancer at this point.
2015-05-28 19:10
It's getting worse with every operation they send out.
2015-05-28 19:16
2015-05-28 21:04
so do u get drops on idle servers now or is it like dota2 where u really gotta play to get some shitty drop?
2015-05-29 21:20
I startet getting 300+ for every won competitive,, now i only get around 80-85ish how come?? :s
2015-05-30 16:32
Literally the worst fucking Operation to come to CS:GO. Let's have all the retarded missions in "active Duty Maps' AKA Dust 2. What a fucking joke. All the missions you are basically doing them on Dust 2 and only Dust 2 because Dust 2 is a new map in Operation Garbage
2015-06-04 10:13
Operation Dust 2
2015-06-04 10:14
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