TSM win Alienware Area 51 Cup #2

Team SoloMid won the Alienware Area 51 Cup #2 after seeing off Team Kinguin 2-1 (16-9 on de_mirage, 14-16 on de_overpass and 16-8 on de_cache.

The second edition of the Alienware Area 51 Cup, hosted by Curse together with ESEA, saw a last-minute change to the list of participants as dignitas stepped in for mousesports, who withdrew from the tournament.

The four-team cup kicked off with an all-Danish clash between Team SoloMid and dignitas, with the CCS champions confirming their status as heavy favorites as they moved past their fellow countrymen by a 2-1 scoreline. The other semi-final had a surprising outcome as Team Kinguin, who have been struggling to get the basics right, beat Virtus.pro on two maps.

TSM continue their hot streak

A flying start from TSM in the grand final on de_mirage saw the Danes string several rounds together, but that did little in the way of impressing Kinguin, who picked themselves up and finished the half up 8-7. As CT, however, Finn "karrigan" Andersen's men were simply far too hot to handle as they dropped just one round before sealing a 16-9 victory.

The map that followed was de_overpass, where Kinguin were in the driving seat during the first half as they stormed to a 14-1 lead. Viewers who expected Alexander "SKYTTEN" Carlsson's men to quickly wrap things up were surprised to see TSM close the gap little by little, but the Danes ended up falling short in the final round.

The decider map was de_cache, and here TSM were in control for most of the game as they quickly claimed a 16-8 success after picking up 11 rounds on the CT side.

29th May 2015

Alienware Area 51 Cup #2 final standings:

1. Denmark Team SoloMid - $7,000
2. Europe Team Kinguin - $3,000 
3-4. Denmark dignitas
3-4. Poland Virtus.pro 

Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Alexander 'SKYTTEN' Carlsson
Alexander 'SKYTTEN' Carlsson
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2015-05-30 01:40
2015-05-30 02:09
Gratz guys! Fully deserved.
2015-05-30 01:40
Danish powerhouse <3
2015-05-30 01:59
SKÅÅL, gutta!
2015-05-30 02:17
2015-05-30 02:21
Norge, Norge, Norge!!
2015-05-30 06:44
2015-05-30 11:16
I don't know what SKÅÅL means but I will agree since I'm a TSM fanboy But in all honesty, TSM has to be at the top #1-3 teams now, if not at the very top (they are at the top as far as I'm concerned, they've been the most consistent by a longshot)
2015-05-31 18:42
Skål basiccally mean cheers :D
2015-05-31 20:07
2015-05-30 01:40
ayaya | 
Ireland skend 
2015-05-30 01:40
Europe Pear_ 
That's a pretty damn good prize for a one-day tournament
2015-05-30 01:40
Kinguin performed good! I expect more good stuff from them :D
2015-05-30 01:40
Sweden nETEX 
weow gj TSM! kinguin second nice
2015-05-30 01:41
f0rest | 
Brazil flytwNiP 
kinguin need work your T side sooooooooooooooooooo much
2015-05-30 01:42
They performed above everyone's expectations. If they come good in T in the future like they were in CT, Kinguin easily will go for Top10 :D
2015-05-30 01:44
nt fox
2015-05-30 12:35
Because I'm fox :\
2015-05-30 12:43
I didnt have enough time to prac T side on all maps. So far you can see that overpass is one of their best maps.
2015-05-30 13:07
gg boyz
2015-05-30 01:43
Well played, keep it up kinguin!
2015-05-30 01:44
very decent from Kinguin I have to say!
2015-05-30 01:47
Representing Antarctic
2015-05-30 01:48
2015-05-30 02:00
the CUMback was real boyz, dat overpass was insane. loveit TSM <3
2015-05-30 02:00
Kinguin getting scary ;o
2015-05-30 02:07
Congrats on them. I hope can make more wins
2015-05-30 02:08
Team Kinguin, not bad!
2015-05-30 02:47
Australia SUNSPY 
2015-05-30 06:48
First good games from Kinguin and against top teams. Give them a summer time to train and they're fine till autumn.
2015-05-30 06:54
TSM new winner DH :D
2015-05-30 07:45
Good performance kinguin, keep it up!
2015-05-30 08:26
2015-05-30 10:41
GG Team Kinguin !!! nice Performance
2015-05-30 10:54
United Kingdom ecu 
Wp kinguin
2015-05-30 11:13
Kinguin improving every week, really nice to see that!
2015-05-30 12:16
The first $3,000 are always the hardest, they say. GJ Kinguin. Congratz TSM.
2015-05-30 12:17
2015-05-30 12:21
Disban kinguin tier 3
2015-05-30 13:07
nice b8 m8
2015-05-30 13:13
Slovenia juzh 
salty polak lol. But is true, kinguin tier 3.5 at best
2015-05-30 13:31
GuardiaN | 
Other Darge 
It seems you're salty as the mad polak
2015-05-30 13:37
For a recent team, the Kinguin stay in 2st is very good, Kinguin win the virtus pro is very good ... I think the Kinguin to Go be in TOP 5 2015 teams but if they continue to work as it has worked ... gg Kinguin gg TSM
2015-05-30 14:45
i though brazil and russia had the worst english in the world Your post makes me think different.
2015-05-31 21:08
I have watched all the matches of Kinguin vs TSM and i have noticed that fox misses a lot of easy shots (I am not saying that i am better). I really like the kinguin team, and i would like to see maikelele with the AWP and fox with the rifle. It`s just my opinion,and by the way, they need to work/practise a lot on maps like cache. Congratulations for TSM. Good Game from the Kinguin Team :)))
2015-05-30 16:52
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
fox with awp > fox with riffle
2015-05-31 20:09
Fox with the rifle,it`s better.
2015-05-31 20:12
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