ESWC Nordic qualifier called off

ESWC tournament director Sylvain Maillard has revealed that the Nordic qualifier has been cancelled.

The qualifier was initially supposed to be hosted by LionSEK but, according to Maillard, the packed CS:GO tournament schedule until the end of the month has made it impossible to organise a tournament like this in time for the ESWC finals.

The spot that would go to the winner of the qualifier will instead by filled through an application process, whose form can be filled via ESWC's website.

Teams like dignitas will have to apply for a spot to attend ESWC 

fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas have already been invited to ESWC, while Team SoloMid recently declined their invitation due to family obligations and were replaced by Natus Vincere.

A total of $75,000 will be on offer at ESWC 2015, with a further $75,000 being distributed between the invited and the qualified teams in the form of travel and accommodation support.

CIS Ume 
good luck teams
2015-06-06 01:11
noooo rip
2015-06-06 01:12
2015-06-06 01:12
2015-06-06 01:12
Sweden kMh- 
wtf :/
2015-06-06 01:13
Norway kakkopp 
2015-06-06 01:13
Australia Turboblaze_  
2015-06-06 01:14
wait what the fuck?
2015-06-06 01:14
Afraid of the Nordic masterrace?
2015-06-06 01:15
So now dignitas will probably get a free pass to ESWC. Bullshit. At least have an online bo3 between dignitas and LGB
2015-06-06 01:15
Norway kakkopp 
no automtic in dignitas getting the spot, they have had some decent online form recent months but didnt manage to qual for either faceit or DH but for some reason gets invite for esea esl league.
2015-06-06 01:18
True. LGB was snubbed from the ESL ESEA League. Would be really pissed if i was LGB and they got snubbed from ESWC too.
2015-06-06 02:10
not surprised, eswc cant organize anything properly
2015-06-06 01:16
Sad to see .... Does the apply count for any team or just nordic onces is my question as if it doesn't we could see titan or a team like them pick it up
2015-06-06 01:17
2015-06-06 01:18
Some one is going to be screwed over... Bit does this mean that the team who would have participated in Nordic can now try in other qualifiers near their region?
2015-06-06 01:19
Norway kakkopp 
doubt it
2015-06-06 01:20
online qualifier please.. ex-Property, LGB, Dignitas
2015-06-06 01:34
ayaya | 
Ireland skend 
2015-06-06 01:34
Poland matblo 
I hope VP will play
2015-06-06 01:46
VP will play in euro qualification
2015-06-06 13:17
2015-06-06 02:11
2015-06-06 03:21
That's really unfair.
2015-06-06 04:59
I guess SK will get the spot
2015-06-06 05:08
Dignitas > SK retard
2015-06-06 05:36
I know but as org. SK>DiG
2015-06-07 04:59
How is that relevant to what team gets invited. Tournament invites should be based on skill, its not like Dig can't afford to send them anyways
2015-06-08 04:26
Acer imo /acer
2015-06-06 05:34
2015-06-06 15:03
Good luck
2015-06-06 06:24
team Acer deserves the spot
2015-06-06 07:17
bit sad that they couldn't even arrange a qualifier
2015-06-06 08:28
Rip underdogs
2015-06-06 09:24
titan plz ;(
2015-06-06 11:12
Sk/Dig/1337/LGB Guess that it will be a popularity contest :(
2015-06-06 11:51
75k$ lol. get your shit together, tournament organizers.
2015-06-06 13:08
Half a year to fix a qualifier, but hey, what can u expect from a norweigan organisation ^^
2015-06-06 13:16
Norway kakkopp 
They have done it several times before
2015-06-06 13:41
This is so weird. There is too many good teams with "names" and unknown teams in Nordic to have it as invite. Never ever let a Norwegian organization host a qualifier again.
2015-06-06 13:36
Norway kakkopp 
Cuz why? Cant u read?
2015-06-06 13:40
Excuse me? How is my statement invalid? There are like 6 teams with achievements and also like 40 teams that actually could win the qualifiers vs dignitas, sk, 1337, lgb etc so how cant i read? Its fcked up to have the nordic part as invite.
2015-06-06 14:03
Norway kakkopp 
dont blame the organizer, there where no time for a onlan qual cuz of tight scheduals
2015-06-07 06:45
they posted this information in like april. So Lions have hadd time to make this happen. If they akes faceit to do this for them it would have been done already.
2015-06-07 13:35
This is really retarded, imo.
2015-06-06 14:46
+1 why dont they just ask faceit to hold the nordic qualifier for eswc and actually give all the underdog teams a chance i mean there is easy 5 teams in each nordic country with the chance to qualify ^^
2015-06-06 15:14
ez for nerdrage
2015-06-06 15:14
This is almost unbelieveable, the strongest region in the world is not to have a qualifier. And a single invite spot for the region. Wow.
2015-06-06 20:50
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